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Friday, May 17th

Altin Gun "Gece" CD (ATO) 
Now available on CD.

Andrews, Courtney Marie "May Your Kindness Remain (Acoustic)" 12" (Fat Possum) 
After breaking through with a batch of restless, itinerant songs on Honest Life in 2016, Courtney Marie Andrews longs for something more permanent on the follow-up. The Seattle singer spends much of May Your Kindness Remain exploring ideas of home and what it means to have roots, on 10 new tunes that are lusher and more expansive while leaving plenty of room to showcase her astonishing voice.

Bondy, A.A. "Enderness" LP/CD (Fat Possum)
A.A. Bondy's first album in eight years was finished the day before the California wildfires burned his house down. He recorded and played everything on the ten track collection himself. The Fat Possum Release serves as the long-awaited follow up to 2011's Believers and is ushered in by the hazy lead single, "Images of Love."

Bonney, Simon "Past, Present, Future" LP (Mute) 
Compilation from the Crime and the City Solution founder including songs from his last two albums Forever (1992) and Everyman (1994) as well as six previously unreleased tracks, including his cover of Scott Walker's "Duchess".

Capaldi, Lewis "Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent" CD (Capitol) 
Debut album from Lewis Capaldi.

Combo Chimbita "Ahomale" LP (ANTI) 
Through her folkloric mystique, otherworldly psychedelia, and a dash of enigmatic punk, Ahomale by Combo Chimbita catapults the sacred knowledge of our forebears into the future. Their second studio album and Anti- Records debut sees the visionary quartet drawing from ancestral mythologies and musical enlightenment to unearth the awareness of Ahomale, the album's cosmic muse.

Death Valley Girls "Glow In The Dark" LP (Burger) 
Limited green colored vinyl LP pressing. At the core of Death Valley Girls, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Bonnie Bloomgarden and guitarist Larry Schemel channel a modern spin on Funhouse's sonic exorcisms, ZZ Top's desert-blasted riffage, and Sabbath's occult menace. On their third album Darkness Rains, Death Valley Girls churn out the hyper-charged scuzzy rock every generation yearns for, but there is a more subversive force percolating beneath the surface that imbues the band with an exhilarating cosmic energy.

Dream Syndicate "These Times" CD (Anti) 
They were leaders of the Paisley Underground scene in '80s L.A.-but we're gonna have to come up with a new designation for the Dream Syndicate now, since they've been hard to pin down (yet still easy to love) since re-forming in 2012. Their new album rocks with moods ranging from mellow to swaggering to outright explosive.

Endless Boogie "Vol I, II" LP/CD (No Quarter) 
Endless Boogie had been a band for six years when they were invited by Slint to play the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in the UK. Up to that point, they had been perfectly content existing only at their weekly Lower East Side rehearsals (and the occasional New York City show). They figured if they were leaving the country to play a show, they should have something to sell, so they pulled some recordings from their rehearsal tape archive, ran two small pressings, hand stamped some sleeves, and the Endless Boogie story officially began. The records (often referred to as "black" and "white") have long fetched high prices on the secondary market. They're back in print here and packaged together as a double CD / double LP set.

Head and the Heart "Living Mirage" LP (Reprise) 
Early last year, The Head And The Heart came together in the Mojave Desert's Joshua Tree where they decided to shed old skin before writing their fourth album, Living Mirage, a sweeping, artful expansion of the earthy folk rock that once defined them.

Herndon, Holly "PROTO" LP/CD (4AD) 
Holly's third full-length album PROTO isn't about A.I., but much of it was created in collaboration with her own A.I.'baby', Spawn. For the record, she assembled a contemporary ensemble of vocalists, developers and an inhuman intelligence housed in a DIY souped-up gaming PC to create a record that encompasses live vocal processing and timeless folk singing, and places an emphasis on alien song craft and new forms of communion.

Interpol "A Fine Mess" 12"/CD (4AD) 
Interpol's recent upstate New York sessions with producer Dave Fridmann emerged as a body of work with a cohesive and compelling flow and narrative unto itself. Those tracks (which then received further production and mixing) come together here on the band's new EP on CD or vinyl: "Fine Mess," "No Big Deal," "Real Life," "The Weekend" and "Thrones." This is quite a ride, from the bracing and angular to the soulful and cathartic!

Kukangendai "Palm" LP (Ideologic Organ) 
Kyoto rock trio Kukangendai release Palm on Ideologic Organ. "They reminded me of James Brown on a heavy binge of Bastro, there's a deep current of both archaic musical tastes and the human desire for articulating that archaism in there, but you shake your ass and get the shouting in... in a punk basement... 13th century version of Breadwinner, the bare soul version." --Stephen O'Malley

Lahey, Alex "The Best of Luck Club" LP/CD (Dead Oceans) 
On her sophomore LP, The Best of Luck Club, 26-year-old Alex Lahey navigates the pangs of generational ennui with the pint half-full and a spot cleared on the bar stool next to her. Self-doubt, burn out, break-ups, mental health, moving in with her girlfriend, vibrators: The Best of Luck Club showcases the universal language of Lahey's sharp songwriting, her propensity for taking the minute details of the personal and flipping it public through anthemic pop-punk.

Lucette "Deluxe Hotel Room" CD (Rock Creek Music) 
Eclectic Canadian artist Lucette's sophomore album. Produced by Sturgill Simpson, Deluxe Hotel Room takes the traditional roots sound showcased on her 2014 debut (produced by Dave Cobb) with which she captured the attention of critics and fans alike with her breakout track 'Bobby Reid'. Taking the first album sound for Deluxe Hotel she amplifies it by adding ethereal ambiance and emotive resonance to a foundation of R&B, pop and soul. Lucette's cutting, honest lyrics are informed by life experiences in love, loss and battling inner demons as she comes into her own both personally and artistically.

Minor Poet "The Good News" LP (Sub Pop) 
Minor Poet's second album, The Good News, is a six-song collection that expands the boundaries of what constitutes the band's sound. In just twenty-two minutes, the songs take apart the standard formulas of guitar-based rock and infuse them with vibrance and energy.

National, The "I Am Easy To Find" 3xLP/LP/CD (4AD) 
Their eighth studio album and the follow-up to 2017's GRAMMY®-award winning release Sleep Well Beast.

Olden Yolk "Living Theatre" LP (Trouble In Mind) 
The musical duo of Shane Butler & Caity Shaffer released their debut album as Olden Yolk last year, an alluring concoction of hypnagogic folk & kosmiche rhythms, expanding & refining Butler's work in his former band Quilt toward a more focused direction. The songs on "Living Theatre" were written & recorded during a heavy time of transition & upheaval for the duo, with personal tragedies and a big move from their NYC home to a warmer climate in Los Angeles coloring the album's inception. Musically, the duo's songwriting has gelled into a unified front, relying more on the subtle shifts of melody & rhythm than a barrage of chord changes; Living Theatre's hooks lap at your feet like a babbling brook, rather than bowl you over like violent waves.

Pregnant Women "Soft Features" LP (Ghost Ramp) 
Soft Features is the debut LP from Pregnant Women, the solo project of So Stressed frontman Morgan Fox. Trading in spastic, violent noise-rock for electronic-driven pop music, Fox has carved out a gorgeous collection of love songs. Drawing inspiration from Aphex Twin, Passion Pit, and a new relationship, Pregnant Women enters a hazy dream-world of love and longing.

Raconteurs "Consolers Of The Lonely" LP (Third Man Records) 
Before surprise releases were common, The Raconteurs ambushed the world with the sudden, unannounced release of Consolers of the Lonely on March 25th, 2008, a time when coordinating a worldwide physical and digital surprise release was even less easily accomplished than it is today. Consolers finds The Raconteurs at their mightiest, exploring what it means to be a contemporary rock band in a classic sense, full-on bombastic horn arrangements and gut-wrenching murder ballads sit side-by-side while the swagger and confidence of riffs and licks for days firmly establish this album as one of the pre-eminent releases of the 2000s. Stoughton gatefold LP jacket, 180g vinyl.

Ryan Pollie "s/t" CD (ANTI) 
Inspired by the warm, inviting sounds of '70s singer-songwriters like Jackson Browne and Graham Nash, Ryan Pollie wanted to make the most personal music of his career. He had released two albums as Los Angeles Police Department, and now he was ready to shed the protective barrier of his old band name - to make music, simply, as himself.

Southern Avenue "Keep On" LP (Concord Music Group) 
Named after the street that led to Soulsville, USA, Memphis-bred rock and blues outfit Southern Avenue burst onto the scene with their acclaimed debut in 2017. The boundary-breaking combo sparked a one-band musical revolution, embodying an effortlessly organic blues/soul/R&B fusion that reflects the band's international roots. On their album Keep On, the band does exactly that, never letting up with a churning blend of horns, gospel-tinged harmonies and rhythm section.

Studio Mule "BGM" LP (Studio Mule) 
Mule Musiq's sub-label Studio Mule has formed a group of shifting members and are now releasing a debut album with eight tracks of reworked, obscure Japanese gems. BGM contains the three singles the group released so far, featuring Miyako Koda of the experimental pop band Dip In The Pool - whose On Retinae was reissued by Music From Memory to great acclaim - on vocals and Mule Musiq staple Kuniyuki on production with direction by label head Toshiya Kawasaki.

Thee Oh Sees "Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion" LP (Castle Face) 
Reissue on colored vinyl. Featuring live performances filmed and recorded, not on stages, but at a variety of scenic sites in and around San Francisco. The film is also studded with dozens of stories, jokes and whatnots filmed during their four-day filming adventure. 

Valley Queen "Supergiant" LP (Roll Call Records) 
Debut album from LA's Valley Queen.

Weezer "Teal Album" LP (Crush) 
2019 covers album from the alt-rock favorites.

v/a "Alert!" LP (Alter) 
ALERT! dredges the depths of grimy UK bedroom studios, old computer hard-drives, and budget lager-soaked gallery sonics in search of presenting a unifying vision of a particular brand of the here and now. Features NAAAHHHH, Chain Of Flowers, Teresa Winter Mosquitoes, Mumdance, Tomaga, and more. 

Bowie, David "Clareville Grove Demos" 3x7" (Rhino) 
Recorded in January of 1969 in Bowie's flat in Clareville Grove, London, this live to tape demo session features him performing as a duo with John "Hutch" Hutchinson following the end of the Feathers trio which featured Bowie's then girlfriend Hermione Farthingale. The photography that adorns the box's cover and the print inside is by Bowie's then manager Ken Pitt and was taken in the Clareville Grove flat he had shared with Farthingale. Bowie's short haired look was due to him filming his role in the movie The Virgin Soldiers and is reminiscent of the "Berlin era" look 10 years later. As with the Spying Through A Keyhole vinyl singles boxed set, the design of each single label is presented to reflect the way Bowie sent many of his demos to publishers and record companies, featuring his own handwritten song titles on EMIDISC acetate labels. The singles themselves are all mono and play at 45 r.p.m.

Cher "3614 Jackson Highway' 2xLP (Run Out Groove) 
Reissue of Cher's 6th studio album, originally released in 1969. In 1968-69, Cher recorded songs for an album with a tentative release in 1970. For unknown reasons the album was cancelled and five of the tracks were issued as singles. The remaining tracks went unreleased until Rhino issued a limited edition CD of the album including the mono tracks as bonus. ROG is reissuing 3614 Jackson Highway on vinyl for the first time since original release in the U.S. and expanding it to include the entire 1970 unreleased mono album/singles that would be making their debut on vinyl.

Vaughan, Jimmie "Baby, Please Come Home" LP/CD (Last Music Company) 
Grammy winner Jimmie Vaughan's unwavering interpretation of the blues since his teenage years is undiminished and in full evidence on his first studio album since 2012, "Baby, Please Come Home."

Zappa, Frank & the Mothers of Invention "Live New Year's Eve 1973" LP (Keyhole) 
Compiled by Frank Zappa for broadcast on WLIR-FM in Garden City, New York on New Year's Eve 1973. A cross-section of his then recent live performances with the Mothers Of Invention. The entire WLIR-FM set is presented here, digitally remastered, together with background notes and images.

v/a "Sad About The Times" LP (Anthology) 
Anthology Recordings' latest compilation, curated by Mikey Young (Total Control / Eddy Suppression Ring) and Keith Abrahamsson (Founder / Head of A&R at Anthology Recordings), is a set of North American 70s jammers. These songs came in the wake of the psychedelic sixties after high-flying idealism ran its course, and singer-songwriters were ascendant.

Weston, George "Thirteenth Child" LP (Morning Dew) 
Compilation of obscure rockabilly tracks from George Weston.

v/a "Girls in the Garage Volume 7" LP (Past & Present) 
The seventh volume of a series of garage rock compilations focusing on female artists. Features The Nightingales, Tammy & The Bachelors, Nai Bonet, Jacqueline Taieb, and more. 180 gram green vinyl; Edition of 1000 (hand-numbered).

Popol Vuh "Essential Collection Vol. 1" 6xLP (BMG UK) 
Popol Vuh was founded in 1970 by mastermind Florian Fricke in Munich and is regarded as the pioneer among the electronic and precursor of the ambient and trance music of the 90s. As one of the first musicians in Germany, Florian Fricke worked with a Moog III, an instrument that conjured up a very special world of sound, which until then had not existed in electronics and made the first album "Monkey Lesson" a milestone of new music. In 1975, Fricke and Popol Vuh began a long-term creative partnership with renowned German filmmaker Werner Herzog, who produced epic movie soundtracks, including "Aguirre - The Wrath of God", "Fitzcarraldo", "Nosferatu", "Heart of Glass" and "Cobra Verde "with the consequence that Popol Vuh's music was nominated three times for the Oscar. The name and the book Popol Vuh comes from the mythology of the Inca cultures and is the memory of the history of becoming humanity.

v/a "Tokyo Flashback: Psychedelic Speed Freaks" 4xLP (Black Editions) 
4xLP compilation focusing on Hideo Ikeezumi's P.S.F Record selected by Ghost's Masaki Batoh. A primer of Ikeezumi's curation: a kaleidoscopic collection of previously unreleased gems from the Japanese underground. The most original voices in the avant garde, psychedelia, folk, free jazz, and rock all found a home with P.S.F. Records. Features Kim Doo Soo, Go Hirano, Overhang Party, High Rise, and more. Includes essays by Masaki Batoh and Alan Cummings along with artist profiles, all in English and Japanese. Deluxe triple gatefold, heavy tip-on edition with metallic inks and spot finishes. Includes printed inner sleeves. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI; Digital download included.

Conflict "Standard Issue 82-87" LP (Beat Generation) 
Originally released in 1989, Standard Issue 82-87 presents British anarcho punks Conflict at their most fierce and confrontational, with a complete overview of the band´s classic early stages. 13 blasts total of raging, original and strongly political UK hardcore, the ideal soundtrack to a world falling again into a pit of nationalism and fascist stupidity.

Cowboys "The Bottom of a Rotten Flower" LP (Feel It!) 
"The fourth album by the Cowboys (from Bloomington, Indiana) is kinda like a modern Midwestern version of The Who Sell Out or Something Else by the Kinks -- a basic R&R band stretching its wings to embrace more varied musical elements and dig into deeper subject matter. ... For anybody into garage-rock or power-pop, this has gotta be an instant CLASSIC! But I'm just gonna call it rock'n'roll." --Eddie Flowers, Vulcher Magazine/The Gizmos

Fried Egg "Square One" LP (Feel It!) 
Years in the making, Fried Egg strike hot with their debut album, following EPs on Beach Impediment and Negative Jazz, and a Beat Session cassette. The Central Virginia group spent their time honing these nine tracks, which make up one of the most vital and hard hitting hardcore punk albums of recent vintage. While firmly rooted in the golden era HC punk footprint, Fried Egg have shifted things clearly left-of-center on Square One, incorporating elements of discordant rock that could have found a home in the post '83 Touch And Go catalog. Fried Egg have crafted a concise and unnerving album - one that echoes the anxiety, tension, and disenchantment running rampant through modern day America. Recorded direct to tape at Montrose Recording in Richmond, VA. Artwork by Kohei Urakami and Jason Lee. Packaged with a printed inner sleeve and download code.

Fury "Failed Entertainment" LP (Run For Cover) 
Second full-length effort from Orange County's Fury. Failed Entertainment takes the band's talent for soundtracking the human condition to a new, elevated plane - examining vast, philosophical inquiries throughout it's eleven tracks. Rather than the short, intense bursts of energy that Paramount delivered, songs here are given more space to contort in strange new shapes. Yet even as the band's songs are more expansive than they've ever been, these questions are answered in hyperspecific, conversational narratives that often feel like stream-of-consciousness thoughts - statements are repeated, reworded, contradicted, dismissed, and reaffirmed all within moments.

Institute "Readjusting the Locks" LP/CD (Sacred Bones) 
Readjusting the Locks is the first Institute album written across the country, with half the band relocating from Texas to NYC. The band has seamlessly incorporated more '77 rock n' roll into their sound, some songs feeling like they could've been a Stiff Records single. This sound is emphasized by Ben Greenberg's (Uniform) expert production - crisp but still blown out and dirty. Lyrically, Readjusting the Locks moves away from the traditionally personal words of frontman Moses Brown. Rather than attacking the internal workings of his brain or it's socialization, as on previous records, this album attempts to address the societal atmosphere in which his agita exists.

Protruders "Poison Future" LP (Feel It!) 
"After four self-released cassettes, Montréal's premier art-punk/neo-proto-punk band Protruders makes its vinyl debut with a 25-minute 12-inch of very groovy sounds. The sound is a bit clearer and maybe a little beefier-some of the noise gives way to a more relaxed and expansive approach. The psych quotient is higher. But the heart of the band is still beating for the sort of raw open-minded non-generic punk that once came from the likes of Rocket From The Tombs, Swell Maps, Dead Moon, Dancing Cigarettes, etc." -Eddie Flowers (Vulcher Magazine/The Gizmos)

U.K. Subs "Endangered Species" LP (Beat Generation) 
Reissue, originally released in 1982. The Subs' fourth studio album is considered by many of the band´s fans their finest moments. With Endangered Species, the legendary UK punk outfit proved their songwriting skills were extremely sharpened and ready to cut!

Aseethe "Throes" LP (Thrill Jockey) 
Aseethes Throes is a work of corrosive beauty and colossal weight. Minutely selected textures built on simplistic, repetitive motifs become mountainous. With each cycle of repetition, their towering riffs, bludgeoning drums, and inhuman howls become increasingly hypnotic and reveal subtle intricacies.

Black Label Society "Sonic Brew 20th Anniversary Blend 5.99 - 5.19" LP (eOne) 
Zakk Wylde and crew were careful not to mess with the magic captured on the long lost two-inch tape. Instead, they blessed the master with some note-for-note enhancement, spicing up Sonic Brew with a perfected recipe. "I don't want to hear Led Zeppelin II redone, with the band just replaying the whole record," notes the charismatic frontman and gregarious guitar icon. "The performances and everything is a snapshot in time. We just added on top of what was already there on the original recordings. It's like we went in and did surgery on this thing. We took the original CD master and added things that made it stronger."

Craft "Fuck the Universe" CD (Season of Mist) 
2005 album from Swedish black metal group.

Craft "Void" CD (Season of Mist) 
After a decade of delivering three successive black metal classics, Craft's 2011 effort Void was eagerly anticipated for good reason. With it, the Swedish misanthropes delivered another slab of their signature nihilism. No longer content to just simply smash everything in their way, the album delivers a more measured and methodical beating shrouded in a sinister ambiance.

Full of Hell "Weeping Choir" LP/CD (Relapse) 
Dynamic, pissed, and wholly urgent, the highly anticipated Weeping Choir is a definitive statement of intent by one of the underground's most dynamic and virulent entities. Full of Hell have once again culled the extreme elements from hardcore, metal, and power electronics to redefine darkness and sheer brutality.

Nocturnus AD "Paradox" LP/CD (Profound Lore) 
Resurrected from the ashes of one of the most influential death metal bands of all time-Nocturnus-Nocturnus AD was initiated by founder / mastermind / death metal legend Mike Browning (also co-founder of Morbid Angel) to continue the path that was laid down, twenty-eight years later, by the legendary Florida death metal band's seminal 1990 album The Key, an album recognized as one of the most important death metal albums of all time. Entitled Paradox, this debut album is the direct and proper follow-up to that album, musically and thematically, with the story and themes vocalist / drummer Browning laid out then continuing on through the lens of the occult.

Rammstein "s/t" CD (Island) 
Latest from the industrial metal band.

Saint Vitus "s/t" (2019) CD (Season of Mist) 
Seven years after their epic comeback album, Lillie: F-65 (2012), legendary doom metal trailblazers Saint Vitus are back with their eponymous new album. The release sees the return of the band's original vocalist, Scott Reagers, as well as the addition of new bassist Pat Bruders (Down, Crowbar), who join long-time drummer Henry Vasquez and founder/guitarist Dave Chandler. As if in a time machine, the seasoned quartet pick up where their 1985 classic Hallows Victim left off, delivering nothing less than the truest and most enduring representation of original and fundamental doom metal.

Tulus "Mysterion" LP (Soulseller)
Tulus "Pure Black Energy" LP (Soulseller) 
Reissue of these 90s black metal classics .

Vale Of Pnath "Accursed" LP (Willowtip) 
The band's second EP following two acclaimed full-lengths (2011's The Prodigal Empire and 2016's II), Accursed is fueled with Tech Death adrenaline and shrouded in black metal's iniquitous aura. The picture painted is a bleak one, the intensity unleashed nothing short of devastating to the nervous system and traumatic to the psyche.

Vale Of Pnath "II" LP (Willowtip) 
The band's second EP following two acclaimed full-lengths (2011's The Prodigal Empire and 2016's II), Accursed is fueled with Tech Death adrenaline and shrouded in black metal's iniquitous aura. The picture painted is a bleak one, the intensity unleashed nothing short of devastating to the nervous system and traumatic to the psyche.

Cherry, Don / Ed Blackwell "El Corazon" CD (ECM) 
Reissue, originally released in 1982.

Kawashima, Makoto "Homo Sacer" LP (Black Editions) 
Reissue, originally released in 2015. It was Kawashima's second solo release and his first full-length album. It was also the final release by P.S.F. Records. Recorded live during a heavy rainstorm at the gallery and café Yamanekoken in Iruma, Saitama. Housed in a heavy tip-on jacket featuring metallic printing and gloss film-laminate finish. Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI; Digital download included.

Sharrock, Sonny "Ask the Ages" LP (Hive Mind) 
First vinyl issue, originally released on CD in 1991. Sonny's classic final album swings between deep, lyrical melodicism and passages of pure fire music. Features jazz legends Pharoah Sanders on tenor saxophone and Elvin Jones, member of the John Coltrane Quartet, on drums. 45rpm, double 12" edition.

Tapscott, Horace with the Pan-Afrikan People's Arkestra "Flight 17" LP (Outernational Sounds) 
A cornerstone document from the Los Angeles jazz underground, Flight 17 -- the first appearance on record of the legendary Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, led by their founder and mastermind, Horace Tapscott. Horace Tapscott's Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra (P.A.P.A.) was one of the most transformative, forward-thinking and straight-up heavy big bands to have played jazz in the 1960s and 1970s. Contains two tracks previously only available on the 1997 CD edition: "Coltrane Medley" and "Village Dance", recorded live at the Immanuel United Church of Christ. 180 gram vinyl pressing by Pallas. Fully licensed from Nimbus West founder Tom Albach.

Zorn, John "Pellucidar - A Dreamers Fantabula" LP (Tzadik) 
A beautiful vinyl pressing of Zorns most delightful and popular instrumental unit The Dreamers performing nine compositions inspired by the imaginary worlds of fantasy literature. Featuring some of Zorns catchiest hooks and plenty of fiery solos from Ribot, Saft and Wollesen, Pellucidar blends soul, surf, jazz, minimalism, rumba, tango, samba, exotica and more in classic Dreamers style.

Canalon de Timbiqui "De Mar Y Rio" LP (Llorona) 
Canalón de Timbiquí, Nidia Góngora's legendary folklore ensemble, brought together three generations of the finest marimba de chonta music families of the Pacific Coast of Colombia for these unique recordings. Nidia Góngora has gained international reputation for her work with Quantic and projects such as Ondatrópica. Deep enchanting choir vocals and heavy percussion delight from the Pacific Coast jungle of Colombia.

Oliveros, Pauline "Crone Music" CD (Lovely Music) 
2019 repress on CD; 1990 release. Commissioned by Mabou Mines, the experimental theater group from New York, for their interpretation of King Lear, Pauline Oliveros's Crone Music is a subtle and haunting electronic music endeavor. Oliveros interfaces an abundance of digital delay processors, reverb effects, and foot pedals with her one-of-a-kind expanded accordion.

Com Truise "Persuasion System" LP/CD (Ghostly International) 
For nearly a decade the story of Com Truise has relied on science fiction and abstract fact. Seth Haley's singular style of melodic beat music subsists as hazy machinist nostalgia, a mainframe downloaded cosmology. With mini-LP Persuasion System, Haley leaves the past narrative behind, settling into a new period marked by change - on this planet, in the present - putting forth his most grounded and visceral work to date.

Sote "Parallel Persia" LP (Diagonal) 
First in series of releases from Ata Ebtekar, aka Sote, for Powell's Diagonal. In Parallel Persia, Sote's focus turns from percussion to tonal relationships, combining various synthesis techniques and instrumental recordings at the service of a holistic voice and "locked timbre". Next level, innovative electro-acoustic fusions of trad Iranian instruments and modular synth. RIYL: Dariush Dolat-Shahi, Marcus Schmickler, Florian Hecker, Parsa. Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering. Edition of 500.

"Galaxy Quest" by David Newman LP (Real Gone Music) 
Soundtrack to the sci-fi comedy.

"Godzilla" by Akira Ifukube LP (Doxy) 
Akira Ifukube's mighty score to the legendary monster movie that started it all, Godzilla! Ifukube's visionary music is super dark reflecting the horror of Ishiro Honda's film. Edition of 500. 

"High Life" by Stuart A. Staples LP (Milan) 
Soundtrack to Claire Denis' 2019 sci-fi film.

"Never Look Away" by Max Ricther 2xLP (Deutsche Grammophon) 
Soundtrack to the 2018 drama.

Carter, Chris "Disobedient" LP (Mute) 
As a founding member of Throbbing Gristle alongside Cosey Fanni Tutti, Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Chris Carter has had a significant role in the development of electronic music - a journey which has continued through his releases as one half of Chris & Cosey and Carter Tutti and a third of Carter Tutti Void - as well as with his own solo and collaborative releases. He is also credited with the invention and production of groundbreaking electronics - from the legendary Gristleizer self-built effects unit through to the Dirty Carter Experimental Sound Generating Instrument and the sold-out TG One Eurorack module and the Future Sound Systems Gristleizer modules - Carter has created the means to make sounds as well as making the sounds themselves. Disobedient is a solo album that was recorded live on the Blast First, Disobey Tour in 1985. The tracks were compiled from performances in London, Manchester and Vienna. Originally released in 1998, the album includes the new track ("Disobedient Redux") and is now available as part of the Mute x Chris Carter reissue series.

Carter, Chris "Mondo Beat" LP (Mute) 
Mondo Beat was originally recorded from March to July 1984 at S47 Studio, London but not released until February 1985. This is one of Carter's most commercially accessible albums and is a favorite of classic goth and industrial fans.

Carter, Chris "Small Moon" LP (Mute) 
Small Moon was originally released in 1999 on Conspiracy International. This reissue includes the bonus track "Small Moon Redux".

Dal Forno, Carla "So Much Better" 7" (Kallista) 
Carla dal Forno launches her own label, Kallista Records, with her first original single in over a year, So Much Better. This two-track 7-inch record begins a bold year for dal Forno, who takes her lone kosmische misanthropy onto fertile new ground. RIYL: Anna Domino, Young Marble Giants, Antena, Maximum Joy.

Harry Pussy "Ride a Dove" LP (Palilalia) 
Reissue, originally released on Siltbreeze in 1996. Adris Hoyos - drums; Bill Orcutt - guitar; Mark Feehan - guitar. "Everyone expected the sophomore Harry Pussy LP would be more of the same, a logical next step, a synapse-melting punk orgasm that would shatter the coke-bottle spectacles of noise stoners, record store clerks, and college radio DJs across the USA. Instead, we got Ride A Dove: a 30-minute, tempo-less, musique concrète collage of feedback, whiny Sonic Youth fans, overdriven room tone, hijacked jungle beats, unhinged screaming, and the near-constant squall of the self-oscillating low-pass filter on Orcutt's Korg MS-20." --Tom Carter

Hecker, Tim "Anoyo" LP/CD (Kranky) 
Anoyo ("the world over there") draws from the same sessions which led to the 2018 work Konoyo but rendered starker, solemn, and stripped back, with more of a naturalist tint. Tim Hecker's processing here moves in veiled ways, soft refractions and whispered shrouds woven within improvisational sessions of traditional gagaku interplay, evoking a sense of vaulted space, temples at dawn, shredded silk fluttering in the rafters.

Jazz and Cocktails: Rethinking Race and the Sound of Film Noir by Jans B. Wager BK 
Jazz and Cocktails explores the use of jazz in film noir, from its early function as a signifier of danger, sexuality, and otherness to the complex role it plays in film scores in which jazz invites the spectator into the narrative while simultaneously transcending the film and reminding viewers of the world outside the movie theater. Jans B. Wager looks at the work of jazz composers such as Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, Chico Hamilton, and John Lewis as she analyzes films including Sweet Smell of Success, Elevator to the Gallows, Anatomy of a Murder, Odds Against Tomorrow, and considers the neonoir American Hustle. Wager demonstrates how the evolving role of jazz in film noir reflected cultural changes instigated by black social activism during and after World War II and altered Hollywood representations of race and music.

Revenge of the She-Punks: A Feminist Music History from Poly Styrene to Pussy Riot by Vivien Goldman BK (UT Press) 
With her visceral style, Goldman blends interviews, history, and her personal experience as one of Britain's first female music writers in a book that reads like a vivid documentary of a genre defined by dismantling boundaries. A discussion of the Patti Smith song "Free Money," for example, opens with Goldman on a shopping spree with Smith. Tamar-Kali, whose name pays homage to a Hindu goddess, describes the influence of her Gullah ancestors on her music, while the late Poly Styrene's daughter reflects on why her Somali-Scots-Irish mother wrote the 1978 punk anthem "Identity," with the refrain "Identity is the crisis you can't see." Other strands feature artists from farther afield (including in Colombia and Indonesia) and genre-busting revolutionaries such as Grace Jones, who wasn't exclusively punk but clearly influenced the movement while absorbing its liberating audacity. From punk's Euro origins to its international reach, this is an exhilarating world tour.

Friday, May 10th

Ainsworth, Lydia "Phantom Forest" CD (Zombie Cat Records) 
On 'Phantom Forest' Lydia Ainsworth introduces a lush, complex dream world that she created and inhabits largely on her own. It's a beautiful, vast collection of art pop with hooks about the search for personal connections in the midst of apocalypse and technology.

Anderson, Matt "Halfway Home By Morning" CD (True North Records) 
Recorded live off the floor in Nashville, Tennessee, celebrated songwriter Matt Andersen's tenth album collects all the essential elements for a down-home ramble and shoots them through with enough electrifying energy to drive the rock 'n' roll faithful to simmer, shimmy, and shake. Over it's lucky 13 tracks, he explores every facet of his sound-sweat-soaked soul, incendiary rhythm and blues, heartbroken folk, and gritty Americana-and binds them together with palpable heart, as the band leaves everything they've got on the sweet old hardwood of the Southern Ground studio, in the same spot that legends like Neil  Young, Emmylou Harris, and Jerry Lee Lewis turned up the volume 'til it couldn't go up anymore. Halfway Home by Morning is the sound of an artist doing what he was born to do.

Black Belt Eagle Scout "Loss & Relax b/w Half Colored Hair" 7" (Saddle Creek) 
Katherine Paul, aka Black Belt Eagle Scout, returns with two new tracks on the Loss & Relax b/w Half Colored Hair 7-inch, recorded after the recording of last year's Mother of My Children album.

Charly Bliss "Young Enough" LP/CD/CS (Barsuk) 
Charly Bliss are back with their sophomore album Young Enough. Produced by Joe Chiccarelli (U2, Beck, Alanis, The Strokes, The Killers, My Morning Jacket, Cage The Elephant), the album finds the band exploring both the darker and poppier side of their sound while expanding on what made their debut album Guppy a critically acclaimed success by outlets such as NPR, Stereogum, Pitchfork, FADER, The Ringer and more.

Cotton Jones "Paranoid Cocoon" LP (Suicide Squeeze Records) 
Paranoid Cocoon is an album full of quiet, wooden psychedelia reflecting Cotton Jones' casual pursuit of comfort and freedom. Under the mountains of Cumberland, Maryland, where creeks zigzag in the lonesome dark of the forest and a red moon hangs overhead, these songs were born of leaving, of dreams both good and bad, sung from surroundings the band has known their whole lives. Paranoid Cocoon is simple, understated perfection: they sound timeless from singing together forever.

Death And Vanilla "Are You A Dreamer?" LP (Fire) 
Super Swedes Death and Vanilla return for their first album since 2015's To Where The Wild Things Are. The group peddle a lovingly retro form of synth and dream pop which has drawn comparisons to Broadcast, Cocteau Twins and is heavily influenced by library music, German Krautrock and 60s psych.

Demarco, Mac "Here Comes the Cowboy" LP/CD (Mac DeMarco, LLC) 
"This one is my cowboy record. Cowboy is a term of endearment to me, I use it often when referring to people in my life. Where I grew up there are many people that sincerely wear cowboy hats and do cowboy activities. These aren't the people I'm referring to." - Mac Demarco

Drahla "A Compact Cassette" CS (Captured Tracks) 
Glimpse inside the machine, Drahla, with the paper bits 'n' pieces crafted by the band in quiet moments between recording, sealed with love in a plastic casing. Limited to 100!

Drahla "Third Article" LP 
Blending wiry, dark post-punk with unpredictable art-rock, Drahla have established themselves as a formidable and distinctive band across their two sold out 7" singles and the 2017 Third Article EP. Formed in late 2015, Drahla quickly found their identity in Yorkshire's fertile music scene with their minimal yet robust bass-heavy sound. Their Third Article EP was released at the end of 2017 on the band's own Blank Ad label followed by their first European tour supporting Metz. Third Article finds the band at their most captivating, with track 'Silk Spirit' exhibiting Luciel's mesmerizing spoken drawl, paired with the steady unrelenting wall of sound from Rob Riggs on bass, and Mike Ainsley on drums.

Drahla "Useless Coordinates" LP (Captured Tracks) 
Three years after forming, the Leeds band have defined their own vital subset of art-rock with Useless Coordinates, a debut album that's as fearless as it is enthralling. In-between a headline tour, support slots with Ought and METZ, and multiple festival appearances, singer/guitarist Luciel Brown, bassist Rob Riggs and Wakefield-based drummer Mike Ainsley managed 10 days in the studio in total. The result is an uncompromising but deeply rewarding debut where the internal and external, cerebral and visceral coalesce to quite startling effect.

Dreamers "Launch, Fly Land" CD (Hollywood Records) 
New album from NYC rock band.

Drums, The "Brutalism" LP (ANTI) 
Brutalism is quite possibly the best collection of songs in The Drums' ten-year career. The album is defined by growth, transformation and questions, but it doesn't provide all the answers. Brutalism is rooted in an emotional rawness but its layers are soft, intricate and warm, full of frivolous and exquisitely crafted pop songs that blast sunlight and high energy in the face of anxiety, solitude and crippling self-doubt.

Fat White Family "Serfs Up!" LP (Domino) 
Third album from British band.

Foxygen "Seeing Other People" CS (Jagjaguwar) 
Cassette version now available.  Curiously positioned as Foxygen's most recent last-ever album. With every album the band dies; with every album the band is reborn. But unlike the last-ever Foxygen albums before it, this one seems to have a self-effacing bittersweetness to it that signifies some sort of passing; some sort of white flag. But it sounds in no way like a band giving up.

Get Up Kids, The "Problems" LP/CD (Polyvinyl)
After releasing their highly anticipated Kicker EP in the summer of 2018, The Get Up Kids have returned with an invigorating new full-length album, Problems. Produced by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Sharon Van Etten), Problems sees the band expanding on the unmatched energy and emotion found on Kicker and channeling it into a fresh collection of songs that showcases the highly developed songwriting characteristics and impeccable use of melody we've come to expect from the Kansas 5-piece. Standouts like "Satellite" and "The Problem Is Me" make it clear the band has come full circle while continuing to evolve.

Gigi "Illuminated Audio" LP (Time Capsule) 
Reissue of Bill Laswell's 2003 reworking of the Ethiopian singer's self-titled album from 2001.

Greys "Age Hasn't Spoiled You" CD (Carpark Records) 
On their new album, the Toronto post-punks eschew their trademark frenzy for a more cerebral and cinematic affair. What results is a richly textured experience that draws influence from krautrock, industrial, hip hop, dub, jazz, ambient, drone and more, sometimes within the same song. That their blend of disparate sounds never obscures the album's sharp focus is a testament to the group's mastery of both songwriting and production.

Guerilla Welfare "The Nature of Human Nature" LP (Musique Plastique) 
Compilation of work from the group, spanning 1986 to 1991.. Dub infused experimental tunes here. Politico dub-collage practitioners Guerilla Welfare came from Edmonton, Alberta, coincidentally the birthplace of prophetic media sage Marshall McLuhan. Armed with vanguard ideas taken from Steve Reich, Fela Kuti, Robert Fripp and Material, the duo of Curtis Ruptash and Brian Schultze adopted the "studio as instrument" mindset of Eno and King Tubby creating complex textural and polyrhythmic sonic insurgencies. The Nature of Human Nature captures Guerilla Welfare's most formidable output, compiling tracks selected from their entire discography, all originally self-released from 1986 to 1991.

Haelos "Any Random Kindness" LP (Infectious Music) 
New album examines the search for connection in an increasingly fractured world. It speaks of the different facets that affect the modern world - the isolating nature of technology and social media, looming climate change, and corrupt politics. Following the release and touring cycle of their debut album Full Circle, the trio (Lotti Benardout, Arthur Delaney and Dom Goldsmith) returned home to London and immediately enlisted touring guitarist Daniel Vildósola as a full-time member of the band. He became a neutralizing force when tempers become frayed, and his classical background and technical prowess brought a new level of musicality to the band.

Kivel, Matt "Last Night in America" LP/CD (Cascine) 
Matt Kivel is a singer/songwriter currently living in New York. Matt began his music career as a member of indie band Princeton, but pivoted to focus on his own material around 2013. For his new album, Matt went back to basics, reconnecting with the purest elements in his music. He produced the album entirely from his temporary home in Austin, Texas, playing all the instruments himself and focusing on minimalist arrangements. The result is a soft-spoken portrait of contemporary Americana, illustrated with brushstrokes of warm guitar, textural synths and evocative lyrics, both dark and full of hope.

Menuck, Efrim Manuel & Kevin Doria "are SING SINCK, SING" LP (Constellation) 
Efrim Manuel Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mt. Zion) and Kevin Doria (Growing, Total Life) are now officially a duo and offer up this new set of whirling maximalist antifa electronics, shot through with Menuck's trademark incantatory vocals awash in plaintive distortion and hope.

Moore, Steve "Beloved Exile" LP/CD (Temporary Residence Ltd.) 
Beloved Exile is the new studio full-length by Steve Moore, his first non-soundtrack album in over five years. A prevalent figure of the modern synth era, Moore cofounded the influential synthprog duo, Zombi, and has scored more than a dozen feature films and TV shows, including The Guest, Crunch Time, and Mayhem. Composed and produced by Steve Moore in his home studio in upstate New York, Beloved Exile is a collaboration with internationally-renowned Tunisian singer-songwriter Emel Mathlouthi, visionary harpist Mary Lattimore, and veteran percussionist Jeff Gretz. Drawing influences from vintage ambient synth libraries, New Age/spiritual music, and menacing horror film canon, Beloved Exile proves to be simultaneously exquisite and deceptively unsettling.

Mystery Lights, The "Too Much Tension!" LP/CD (Wick / Daptone) 
The Mystery Lights's sophomore album on Daptone's rock subsidiary, Wick Records, finds the group digging deeper into their well of eclectic influences, enriching their sound without echoing the past. It mixes the eerie, insistent synth sounds of groups like The Normal and Suicide, the energy and swagger of punks golden age, the pop sensibility of The Kinks, and the stark, deliberate execution of Television. The Mystery Lights are taking their idiosyncratic brand of rock and roll to dizzying new heights.

Nadler, Marissa & Stephen Brodsky "Droneflower" CD (Sacred Bones Records) 
The new collaboration between Marissa Nadler and Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man), is a sprawling and expansive exercise in contrasts. It is the sound of the war between the brutal and the ethereal, the dark and the light, the past and the present, and the real and imagined.

Olivia Neutron-John "s/t" 12" (Sister Polygon Records) 
Olivia Neutron-John's self-titled debut full length is the first O N-J recorded output since 2014. Finally emerging with this album is a sound that is similarly transcendent and meticulous, but with a newly articulated focus and even bolder minimalism. A. Nasty returns on keyboards and voice, now writing sinewy bass lines against the steady pulse of a drum machine. Lyrically it is sparse, but laden with meaning. A. Nasty's vocals are psychedelic yet straightforward, confident but desperate, calculated and unhinged all at the same time.

Ona "Full Moon, Heavy Light" CD (Hickman Holler Records) 
With a true brotherhood that comes from growing up together, indie rock band Ona merge all their musical history for their second album, Full Moon, Heavy Light. The band shares it's name with a small town just outside of their home base of Huntington, West Virginia. All five band members of Ona were raised in the area, with a couple of guys knowing each other since grade school. Recorded at various intervals over the course of 18 months, their sound stands apart from the country and bluegrass heritage that the West Viriginian state is known for.

Protomartyr "No Passion All Technique" LP/CD (Domino)
Reissue. Out of print since shortly after its original release on Urinal Cake Records in 2012.

Pure Bathing Culture "Night Pass" LP (ATO Records) 
Night Pass, the highly anticipated third studio album from Pure Bathing Culture is the most distinguished demonstration of this Portland duo's intensely unique musical identity to date. Over the course of their young but eventful career, vocalist Sarah Versprille and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Hindman have done more than establish a sound; they've honed a sonic virtue.

Purple Mountains "All My Happiness is Gone" 12" (Drag City) 
David Berman, the man behind the Silver Jews, has been rather quiet since disbanding the band a decade ago. He has recorded some new music under the name Purple Mountains, but it seems he's still keeping it rather quiet. All we know about this has come from Pavement and Silver Jews sideman Bob Nastanovich. The new music comes in the form of a 12" single called All My Happiness Is Gone.

Schornikow, Jo "Secret Weapon" LP/CD (Keeled Scales) 
Australian songwriter Jo Schornikow (and keyboardist in Phosphorescent)'s stunning label debut. It's a devastatingly beautiful indie-pop album that eddies into dreamy nooks, while staying firmly rooted in strong melodies. It's a quiet record, adorned with subtle swells of synths and shimmering washes of guitars. Jo's calm, assured voice is that of a touring musician who's spent much of the past 10 years on the road in Phosphorescent and The Shivers and is now very much at home in this world. She's been the secret weapon to other songwriters, but now she's stepping out and sharing these gorgeous songs.

Songs: Ohia "Love & Work: The Lioness Sessions" CD (Secretly Canadian) 
The Lioness is the first Jason Molina project to fully turn away from the battlefield folk and deconstructed Americana of earlier Songs: Ohia recordings. At the dawn of the 21st century, the album felt modern. It aligned Molina with a new set of peers - Low, Gastr del Sol, Red House Painters and, most importantly, the influential Scottish band Arab Strap, whose producer and members were crucial in the creation of The Lioness. This box set reissue will serve as the seminal log of the era, complete with lost songs, photos, drawings, and essays from those who knew Molina best.

Toth "Practice Magic And Seek Professional Help When Necessary" CD (Northern Spy) 
Toth is a new project of Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist songwriter Alex Toth, known for collaborating and writing with Kimbra, Alexander F, Rubblebucket, Cuddle Magic and others. As Toth, he presents his most vulnerable songs and performances yet, often sung in a style reminiscent of Arthur Russell, while also adding trumpet and guitar.

VR Sex "Human Traffic Jam" LP (DAIS Records) 
VR SEX are audio/visual provocateurs who transpose the identifiers of death rock, synth punk, post-punk, ambient, and ethereal soundscapes into an audit on technology and its imprint on our collective psyche. Comprised of visionary mercenaries Noel Skum (Andrew Clinco of Drab Majesty), Z. Oro (Aaron Montaigne of Antioch Arrow/Heroin/DBC) on vocals and drums, and Mico Frost (Brian Tarney) on synths and electric bass. Thematically condensed into an eight song album, Human Traffic Jam was written and demoed by Skum in a flat in Athens, Greece during the winter of 2017. During a rigorous week long session at Figure 8 studios with experimental and dimensional production extraordinaire Ben Greenberg (Uniform/The Men), Skum solely committed all the instrumentation present on the album.

Woods, Jamila "Legacy! Legacy!" LP/CD (Jagjaguwar) 
Jamila Woods has a voice and lyrical sensibility that transcends generations, and so it makes sense to have this lush and layered album that bounces seamlessly from one sonic aesthetic to another. This was the case on 2016's HEAVN, which found Woods hopeful and exploratory, looking along the edges resilience and exhaustion for some measures of joy. Her new album, Legacy! Legacy! is the logical conclusion to that looking. From the airy boom-bap of "Giovanni" to the psychedelic flourishes of "Sonia," the instrument which ties the musical threads together is the ability of Woods to find her pockets in the waves of instrumentation, stretching syllables and vowels over the harmony of noise until each puzzle piece has a home.

v/a "Plastic Dance 2: Domestic Synth Pop & Patchbay Punk" compiled by Andy Votel & Doug Shipton LP (Cache Cache) 
Ten more cuts of unacquainted and elusive synth squat-pop, angular funk, metallic jazz, and fraudulent disco from the self-propelled imprints and global co-ops. This elasticised series combines rare, unknown, and untraveled wax nuggets of night club punk, art school Zeuhl, and quasi-political pop united by soldering irons, C-60s, and sarcastic synth tones. The second volume in the Plastic Dance series compiled by Andy Votel and Doug Shipton. 

Ohbliv "Give Thanks" LP/CS (Fat Beats) 
Ohbliv has caught recent looks for his hugely prolific output, a fiery catalogue of 50 Bandcamp releases, celebrated collabs, and an entry on Fat Beats' prestigious Baker's Dozen series. Not a bad ascendant for someone who started in the late '90s emulating past masters through making pause-tapes. His new album is a woozy pastiche of eclectic samples chopped to bits with the aid of an SP-4O4, PT01 turntable, and digi-recorder. While Ohbliv does use an MPC 2000 here and then, the 404-SX is his main weapon of choice.

All Saved Freak Band "Brainwashed" LP (Old Bear Records) 
Reissued In the fall of 1968, a small radio station in Ashtabula, Ohio unleashed a whole new genre of music upon their listeners when they aired the All Saved Freak Band's first recorded songs. It was the very first time anyone had heard the idiom of rock music being used to convey the message of the gospel (This was pre- Larry Norman and a full 5 years prior to the term Contemporary Christian Music being coined!) The All Saved Freak Band's unique sound stemmed from it's ensemble of 12 members skilled in rock, folk, blues, psychedelia, and classical music. ASFB blended those genres and sounds together to deliver straight, unvarnished, lyrical truth which countered the hedonism purveyed by much of rock n roll. Old Bear will be reissuing multiple records from ASFB, the first such release being the 1976 LP 'Brainwashed'.

Naphta "Unlimited" LP (Spittle) 
Naphta was born in 1978 but differently from the most of other bands from Bologna at that time, they came up with a very peculiar jazz-rock formula mixed up with elements from the almost "out of time" progressive genre. The result was unsettling; their music was mostly improvised with no apparent distinctions between rhythm section and soloists, in fact everybody in the group could have taken a solo at any time but in close relation with the others. All members in the group were classically-trained musicians who were in full control of their actions, all except the singer Marco "Cigaro" Cigarini, whose vocal work and his nonsense lyrics were the most far out aspect and possibly the most fascinating element in the mix. Such music was probably too demanding for the general audience's attitude of the time and the band disappeared not so long after the release of their excellent, self-titled tape (1979).

Popol Vuh "Affenstunde" CD (BMG UK) 
Popol Vuh "Aguirre" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) CD (BMG UK)
Popol Vuh"Einsjäger Siebenjäger"CD (BMG UK)
Popol Vuh "Hosianna Mantra" CD (BMG UK)
Popol Vuh "Nosferatu" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) CD (BMG UK)
Five classic Popol Vuh albums, newly remastered by former member Guido Hieronymus. Each includes a detailed booklet with photos and liner notes, with bonus tracks on Affenstunde, Einsjäger Siebenjäger, and 'Hosianna Mantra'.
Soft Machine, The "Live In London In The Early Sixties" LP (DBQP) 
Live In London In The Early Sixties features the early mythical Soft Machine in the trio line-up of Kevin Ayers, Mike Ratledge, and Robert Wyatt, captured live in the full swinging London atmosphere. These were the band's psychedelic days, when their original magic potion was composed of unconventional songs and freaky organ, bass and drums improvisations. The group was exploding throughout the London club scene, delivering one of the most innovative and influential sounds of that musically and culturally fertile era.

Velvet Underground, The "Live At End Of Cole Avenue In Dallas, Texas, 28th Of October 1969" LP (DBQP) 
Live At End Of Cole Avenue In Dallas, Texas, 28th Of October 1969 is a fascinating snapshot of The Velvet Underground live in Dallas, Texas in 1969, the same year of their classic 1969 Velvet Underground Live With Lou Reed (1974). This was when the New York-based band with Doug Yule, Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, and Maureen Tucker was at the top of their game with their primitive yet unprecedented form of rock 'n' roll. This performance features a set list full of provocative hits such as "I'm Waiting for my Man", "I'll Be Your Mirror", "Ocean" and "Heroin"; an essential purchase for Velvet fans and completists.

Defeater "s/t" CD (Epitaph) 
Massachusetts hardcore band Defeater's new self-titled album serves as their fifth full-length release overall and first in four years. Lead single, "Mothers' Sons" features blistering guitars that take the song into something chaotic and beautiful. Defeater was produced with Will Yip (Quicksand, La Dispute, Blacklisted, Lauryn Hill) whose enthusiasm and talent pushed the songs to their fullest potential. Defeater showcases the band at their most devastating and sonically arresting to date. It is as pummeling as it is atmospheric.

Show Me The Body "Dog Whistle" LP (Loma Vista) 
"This album is for those who are no longer with us. It is about coping with the loss of friends, family, and mentors, while building a new community in their wake. 'When I meet someone that's good I want to die with them, dead friends I still want to say good bye to them.' In the midst of losing friends we strive to create a stronger community, dedicated to fight, survive, and thrive in their memory and spirit. A lot of people have said to us this is a perfect time to make a Punk record. We are disgusted by this prompt. This album and our music does not belong to a political party. No authority, political movement, or side may claim the function of our music in this society. This album is personal. It is about and for the disenfranchised youth of this city, of this country, and of this earth. It is for our community and anyone who may find shelter within it." -- Show Me The Body

Zounds "Can't Cheat Karma: Singles" LP (Sealed Records) 
13-track round-up of the first five singles by Zounds. Their debut single from 1980, Can't Cheat Karma was released on Crass Records and 39 years later still stands as one of the finest singles both politically and musically. For the next three singles, Zounds worked with Rough Trade Records, who also released their debut album The Curse of Zounds (1981). 1981's Demystification was a tense and stark masterpiece; it was followed by the haunting Mikey Dread-produced Dancing and then the more straight-up pop of More Trouble Coming Everyday (both 1982). The final single here is La Vache Qui Rit, released on Belgian label Not So Brave in 1983. It was originally supposed to be a split single with The Mob but ended up being two scratchy studio tracks and two rough and raw live tracks recorded in Holland in 1982. Every home should have these essential Zounds recordings.

v/a "Fast Beats in a Slow Town Vol II" LP (TFC)
Comes with a bonus 7" copy of the first volume of the "Fast Beats in a Slow Town" series.

American Sharks "11:11" LP/CD (The End) 
Features Roky Moon (lead vocals, bass), Nick Cornetti (drums) and Will Ellis (guitar). Recorded and self-produced with Jason Buntz and Jack Control at Enormous Door handling the mixing and mastering.

Kreator "Cause For Conflict" CD (Noise Records) 
One of the "big four" of Teutonic thrash metal along with Destruction, Sodom and Tankard, Essen's Kreator helped pioneer death metal and black metal as we know it but are best known and beloved for their classic thrash metal style. They were one of the first group's to sign to a major label and have gone on to sell over two million albums to date making them one of the best-selling German thrash metal bands of all time. Noise Records continues their Kreator reissue campaign with a new remastered and expanded colored double vinyl pressing of the group's seventh album, Cause For Conflict, originally released in 1995. While not entirely abandoning the experimental nuances which had been so crucial to it predecessor, there was somewhat of a return to familiar territory here. "Lost" and "Isolation" were released as singles and the passage of time has seen Cause for Conflict come to be regarded as one of Kreator's underrated hidden gems.

Motorhead "Hammered" LP (Sanctuary) 
On 9th April 2002 Motörhead released their 16th studio album, Hammered. This was the third album recorded by the trio of Lemmy, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee. Lyrically the album took on darker subject matter and had a reflective tone, the band quoting that it was influenced by the 9/11 terror attacks.

Motorhead "Inferno" LP (Sanctuary) 
Inferno is the 17th album by Motörhead and was originally released on 22nd June 2004. The first of many of the bands albums to be produced by Cameron Webb, Inferno became Motörhead's heaviest album in years. Although the final song on the album, 'Whorehouse Blues' was something of a departure with it's country blues style and Lemmy on harmonica. The album was heralded as their best in a decade.

Motorhead "Kiss Of Death" LP (Sanctuary) 
Motörhead's string of stellar albums not only continued with this 2006 release, but these new songs and pile-driving performances could easily have passed for album tracks on the band's classic early releases: "Sucker," "One Night Stand," "Christine," "Under the Gun," "Going Down," "God Was Never on Your Side" and more!

Motorhead "Motörizer" LP (BMG) 
Motörhead's 19th studio album, Motörizer was originally released on 26th August 2008 and was their third to be produced by Cameron Webb. Motörizer was the first album for the band to chart in the USA, debuting at number 82, it also reached number 5 in Germany. The albums lead single 'Rock Out' was featured as the official theme song to WWE Unforgiven.

Nitro "O.F.R. (Out Fucking Rageous)" LP (Real Gone Music) 
Nitro was the kind of band that sparked a lot of legends. Like the one that Rampage Records signed them after lead singer Jim Gillette shattered three wine glasses with his voice. Or the one that Gillette and guitarist Michael Angelo Batio (he of the "crossed sword" quadruple axe) recruited drummer Bobby Rock by telling him at a beach party that they "wanted to record the most over-the-top, in-your-face metal record ever." That they succeeded in this pursuit is beyond any doubt. 1989's O.F.R. is a frenetic assault of double floor toms, lightning guitar licks and notes sung so superhumanly high that various parts of one's anatomy clench instinctively at the sound.

Possessed "Revelations of Oblivion" CD (Nuclear Blast) 
There was a time in which genuine power was felt erupting from the sonic landscape that is now referred to as "old school" death metal. It's genesis was filled with a fresh and vibrant energy and it was the mighty Possessed who initially breathed life into this new and exciting genre. With writing that started in 1982, the first official death metal band created the now classic record "Seven Churches" and established the face of the genre permanently. Sadly, like with many artistic pioneers, it was very early on in Possessed's existence that a grand tragedy struck which would put the band on hiatus for almost two decades.

Wasp "Inside the Electric Circus" CD 
Blackie Lawless launched W.A.S.P. on the unsuspecting world in 1983 and before long tales of their outrageous music and intense stage shows were legendary. By the time W.A.S.P. released their third studio album 'Inside the Electric Circus' in 1986, their none-more-decadent drive towards world domination was surging forward at full power. Travelling the world and behaving in the most debauched rock'n'roll manner imaginable and as a result, their lives had turned into an insane and unreal travelling circus, and thus the title for the band's third full-length was born. The album contains the vicious, raging power they had become known for, with tracks "9.5 - N.A.S.T.Y." and "Shoot From the Hip", and a display of their matured and thoughtful side.

Wasp "The Last Command" CD 
Reissue of their 1985 album.

Ellington, Duke & his Orchestra "Stomps, Rags & The Blues I Love To Sing" LP (Down at Dawn)
Collecting some of his most important recordings, this is Duke Ellington and his Orchestra in late 1927 and early 1928, at the peak of their "roaring '20s" popularity. This was also at the beginning of the Ellington Orchestra's famed run at Harlem's Cotton Club, a legendary jazz club and host to some of the biggest names in the history of the music. Featuring the beautiful voice of Adelaide Hall, this collection includes some of his most highly regarded compositions and titles such as "The Blues I Love To Sing", "Jubilee Stomp", "Washington Wabble", and "Creole Love Call". In a career that spanned decades and countless accolades, these might be the finest recordings Ellington ever made.

Glasper, Robert "Canvas" LP (Blue Note) 
On his acclaimed 2005 Blue Note debut Canvas, pianist and composer Robert Glasper proved he had jazz chops in abundance with his acoustic trio featuring bassist Vicente Archer and drummer Damion Reid, while a hip hop sub-context lay just beneath the surface in the album's skittering beats, hinting at future directions that Glasper would take on albums like the Grammy-winning Black Radio years later. The album featured special guests Mark Turner on tenor saxophone plus vocalist Bilal, and presented Glasper's signature sound on 9 original tunes as well as a nod to one of his biggest influences Herbie Hancock with a version of "Riot."

Gordon, Dexter "At the Subway Club 1973" LP (Elemental Music) 
Elemental Music presents a complete previously unissued quartet performance by the great Dexter Gordon. This fascinating concert finds Gordon at the Subway jazz club in Köln, Germany, on September 11, 1973, playing along Irv Rochlin on piano, Henk Haverhoek on bass, and Tony Inzalaco on drums. Vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket that contains rare photographs and special essays by famed jazz producer Michael Cuscuna and by Dexter's widow, Maxine Gordon. Live archive release.

Gordon, Dexter "Doin' Allright" LP (Blue Note) 
Though he first recorded in the late-1940s, Dexter Gordon's Blue Note debut Doin' Allright-recorded and released in 1961-marked a rebirth for the great tenor saxophonist after a decade in which drug addiction and legal troubles limited his output. But his Blue Note years put him back on top with a run of essential albums that stand as classics of the jazz canon. Doin' Allright featured a top flight quintet with trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, pianist Horace Parlan, bassist George Tucker, and drummer Al Harewood on a set that presented bluesy hard bop originals like "Society Red" and highlighted Gordon's stunning balladry on the standard "You've Changed." Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing.

Hancock, Herbie "Takin' Off" LP 
On his debut album Takin' Off - recorded and released in 1962 - jazz legend Herbie Hancock arrived fully formed at the helm of an impressive quintet with trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon, bassist Butch Warren, and drummer Billy Higgins. Though rooted firmly in hard bop, the brilliant pianist and composer presented his own strikingly original voice on this 6-song album consisting entirely of his own compositions from the funky hit "Watermelon Man" to the timeless ballad "Alone and I." Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing.

Jordan, Clifford "Glass Bead Games" LP (Pure Pleasure) 
Fifth part of the Strata-East Dolphy Series, Glass Bead Games is arguably the crown jewel of the Strata East movement, an amorphous genre that treads an unusual path between post-bop, 70's avant-garde and spiritual jazz, with a groove. Glass Bead Games is full of revelations at many levels. This is brilliant music-making by a Coltrane- influenced successor who feels no obligation to mime the predecessor. It may be the most significant saxophone performance on record since Coltrane and, providing the listener stays with it for any length of time, the most deeply satisfying. Jordan's game-so effortless, unforced, and "level"-erases distinctions between composed and improvised, soloist and ensemble, narrator and narrative, the dancer and the dance. It seems incapable of wearing out its welcome.

Mingus, Charles "Town Hall Concert 1962" LP (Down at Dawn) 
Charles Mingus brought together an amazing lineup spanning the totality of the nation's jazz scene with such luminaries as Eric Dolphy, Buddy Collette, Clark Terry, Zoot Sims, Pepper Adams, Jaki Byard, Grady Tate, and more. Brought together to perform new Mingus compositions for the first time in public, the recording was initially considered weak due to limited rehearsal time but the years have been kind to this recording and it's a fantastic set of Mingus compositions, including the powerful "Freedom" which rivals the works on Mingus Ah-Um (1959) for its strength of purpose and message, in a similar vein to Max Roach's legendary We Insist! album (1960). Mingus is one of the most important figures in 20th century music and this live recording documents his compositional and arranging prowess as well as sheer swinging joy.

Sanders, Pharoah & Idris Muhammad "Africa" LP (Tidal Waves Music) 
On this album from 1987, Sanders plays with an all-star line-up consisting of Idris Muhammad, John Hicks and Curtis Lundy. Muhammad brings his trademark tight sense of timekeeping, but with a looseness that we love - and Lundy's warm soulful bass does more than enough to give the set a sound bottom- all this while Hicks' free lyrical piano works nicely with Sanders' spiritual horn. The brilliant 'Africa sessions' features the quartet at their best... soulful but also searching for a strong groove at the same time.

Spalding, Esperanza "12 Little Spells" LP/CD (Concord Music Group) 
New album finds Spalding conjuring in the medium of musical creation, through an exploration of the body, human energy and healing. Esperanza released one new spell per day on her website and social platforms as well as a "Liner Notes Live" hosted on Facebook all resulting in over 3.1 million views. The spells come in the form of new music, which was crafted by Spalding at a castle in Italy last month, and then recorded in sessions completed in Brooklyn. Each spell will be presented with song-specific imagery and video spells.

Texier, Henri "Varech" LP (Friends and Family) 
Like his double bass, Henri Texier is a pillar, a landmark in jazz and music in general. After an early career at the end of the 1960s, along with American bebop giants such as Bud Powell, Donald Byrd, Dexter Gordon and Kenny Clarke, Henri Texier stands out for his originality at the forefront of world music well before the term. The proof is in his first two recordings made on the label 'JMS' - Amir (1975) and Varech (1977) reissued here to satisfy requests coming from the four the likes of Bonobo, Chinese Man, Be Svendsen and many others. Amir, Le Piroguier, Les "là-bas", l'Elephant, Quand le Blues s'en ira and many more of his songs are considered today to be true classics.

Tolliver, Charles "All Stars" LP (Pure Pleasure) 
This was Charles Tolliver's first album as a leader. The setting is unique only because his second Freedom-Black Lion album "The Ringer" and all of his subsequent albums on Strata-East featured his quartet Music Inc. with pianist Stanley Cowell. Here he is surrounded in quartet and quintet formats with a truly stellar cast of the leading players on the New York jazz scene. Charles plays the role of leader, composer and trumpeter. But it is surely that last role that deserves the most attention. The trumpet is a brass instrument that leans toward a hard sound and staccato phrasing. Yet Tolliver is the quintessence of fluidity. While it may be undeniable that he has learned from his musical heritage and past trumpet masters, a trumpeter of such flow, tone, control, lyricism and creativity is, by definition, a major musician.

Smith, Carlton Jumel "1634 Lexington Avenue" LP (Timmion) After hitting hard in the soul circles with his deep Timmion debut single "I Can't Love You No More" and following it with "This Is What  Love Looks Like", Carlton Jumel Smith is back at it with an album full of contemporary soul gold. The material mined here is none other than the vintage groove troves of classic 1970's r&b, something the Cold Diamond & Mink crew brews up effortlessly. The songwriting and expression by Carlton carry strong echoes of Curtom productions, Memphis soul and naturally Motown. We're talking about musical traditions he's incorporated into his expression since witnessing James Brown at the Apollo as an 8-year old.

Younge, Adrian "Produced By Adrian Younge" 12" (Linear Labs) Previously only available on Amazon Music, "Produced By" pairs producers with a collection of some of today's top artists across various genres to create exclusive, new recordings featuring Black Thought, Estelle, Gallant, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Terrace Martin. Adrian Younge has carved out an incomparable niche in the music community. He's served as a producer, composer, studio head of Linear Labs, and owner of The Artform Studio in Highland Park, CA. Adrian, along with his production partner Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest), is best known of late for work on the stellar score to the Netflix/Marvel series Luke Cage. Over the years, the versatile Younge has collaborated with artists including Jay-Z, Wu Tang Clan, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Ceelo, Raphael Saadiq, and more.

v/a "Stax Does The Beatles" LP 
Compilation featuring Beatles hits as recorded by various Stax artists, never before available on vinyl. Includes tracks by Otis Redding, Booker T. & the MG's, Carla Thomas, Isaac Hayes, The Bar-Kays, David Porter, Steve Cropper, The Mar-Keys, Reggie Milner, and John Gary Williams. 

Ambolley, Gyedu-Blay "Ambolley" LP (Mr. Bongo) 
Extremely hard-to-obtain LP from the Ghanaian master composer, producer and musician. Originally released in 1982 by the WEA International label and then again in Germany in 1985 by Ambolley himself; this is one of his finest albums. Ambolley' fuses Highlife, disco and boogie sonics perfectly and features the anthemic club cut, 'Highlife', that we have spinning for a while - always does the job! Gyedu Blay Ambolley is still actively touring today, keeping these vibes alive.

Blintch, N'Draman "Cosmic Sounds" LP (Hot Mule / Secousse) 
Recorded in 1980 in both Lagos and London with some of the best session musicians from that era. Inspired by soul, funk, boogie and disco as much as Juju and traditional music, this 4 track album features 10 minute long psychedelic songs full of insane synth action, drum breaks and afro-militant lyrics. The original vinyl was pressed in a small quantity at the time and is nearly impossible to find these days. Beloved by the finest connoisseurs of the genre, 'Cosmic Sounds' is a true piece of art that sounds like nothing else ever recorded before and after.

Exile One "s/t" LP (Tidal Waves) 
In 1973, successful 'Caribbean Soul' singer Gordon Henderson decided to start his own band. Mixing funk, reggae, calypso and Afro-Caribbean fusion in their set, Exile One performed a popular repertoire that was deeply influenced by Sixties soul music and bands like Osibisa & Earth, Wind and Fire. Because French Antillean audiences wanted to dance instead of just watch a concert, the band "Creolized" their repertoire by introducing a mix of Haitian and Calypso music styles in combination with a full horn section and modern instruments like synths. The bands' fusion of the traditional with the contemporary would turn into a new style which became a turning point in World Music. Cadence-Lypso was born and it was a huge success.

Golden Hands "s/t" LP (Sdban) 
First vinyl release of Golden Hands' only album, released in 1978 on cassette by Moroccan label Disques Gam. During the seventies, the Kingdom of Morocco was not spared by the rock and funk wave that went through the world. From Casablanca to Tangier, from Marrakesh to Rabat, nightclubs and other concert halls have seen a good number of small groups, more or less amateur and definitely DIY, some of which have been catapulted onto the international stage like Golden Hands. Founded in 1969 by two brothers and a friend, this cult band brought their rock and funk topped with a Moroccan sauce to Europe after having experienced success in their homeland. Includes the cult classic "Take Me Back".

Makeba, Miriam "The World Of Miriam Makeba" LP (Down at Dawn) 
Reissue, originally released in 1963. The brilliant South African singer Miriam Makeba first found international recognition after being "discovered" in America by the wonderful Harry Belafonte who inspired her move to NYC and championed her talent to anyone who would listen. A subsequent recording contract began her half-century long career of international stardom. Combining Afro-pop with jazz and western pop music influences, Makeba created a sound that was uniquely her own and inspired generations of singers to come. With conducting assistance from the legendary South African trumpeter, Hugh Masekela, this is Makeba's third album, originally released in 1963, and a stunning example of her modern Afro-pop sound.

Malaki, Jules-Henry "Makiyaj / Tes Idées" 12" (Secousse) 
Secousse Radio proudly presents an official vinyl re-isse of two long lost Zouk bangers from Jules-Henry Malak. Originally released in the early 90's. 

Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band "21st Century Molam" LP (Studio Lam) 
Born out of the legendary Paradise Bangkok sessions run by DJs Maft Sai and Chris Menist in Thailand, the Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band play vintage molam music from the North-East of Thailand, with a 21st century twist. This, the band's first album (released in 2014), was recorded in Bangkok and mixed by Nick Manasseh in London, who also contributed a masterful dub to the band's debut single 'Roob Lor Pu Thai'.

Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band "Planet Lam" LP (Studio Lam) 
Inspiration for this, the Bangkok-based band's second LP (released in 2016) came from label co-owner Maft Sai's club of the same name, a vibrant and unique live venue that has become a musical focal point for the city of Bangkok and thus, inevitably, had a large impact on the band. Late night jamming, copious amounts of homemade ya-dong, run-ins with the police, and the constant back-and-forth of creative ideas between like-minded local musicians and artists have all fed into the creative process, as well as regular sets from international artists and DJs such as Andrew Ashong, Miles Cleret, Rabih Beaini, Macka B, Awesome Tapes From Africa and Hugo Mendez, who have all passed through the city in the last two years.

Ze, Tom "Estudando O Samba" LP (Mr Bongo) 
One of Ze's finest albums, originally released in 1976. 'Estudando do Samba' (or 'Studying The Samba') is a post-Tropicalia studio experimentation laden with layers of hypnotic percussion, effects & samples that deconstructs the 'samba' form. David Byrne found the record in Rio in the late 90's and included several songs on his Tom Ze collection for Luaka Bop a few years later. At that time Tom was not recording or touring much; playing low-key shows in Sao Paulo and contemplating a move back to Irara´ to work at a service station owned by one of his cousins. Byrne's project helped to reignite his career and he hasn't looked back since.

Alpha & Omega "Dubplate Selection Vol. 1" LP (Mania Dub) 
Alpha & Omega's Dubplate Selection Volume 1 first appeared on A&O Records in 1997. This is vintage killer addictive electronic reggae and dub selection by UK pioneers Alpha & Omega, a heavyweight vintage UK dub sound-system classic!

Alpha & Omega "Dubplate Selection Vol. 2" LP (Mania Dub) 
Alpha & Omega's Dubplate Selection Volume 2 first appeared on A&O Records in 1997. This is vintage killer addictive electronic reggae and dub selection by UK pioneers Alpha & Omega, a heavyweight vintage UK dub sound-system classic!

v/a "Fashion Records: Style & Fashion" LP (Soul Jazz) 
Soul Jazz Records are proud to present this new collection of music from the great Fashion Records, one of the most important and iconic independent reggae labels to come out of the UK, and which ran from 1980 for nearly 20 years. In that time Fashion released hundreds of records that successfully reflected, and indeed set, the changing styles and perspectives of reggae music in the UK from UK dancehall and lovers rock in the 1980s through to the mighty rise of jungle in the second half of the 1990s.

Cress, Curt "Dschung Tek EP" 12" (Music From Memory) 
Since the early 1970s, German drummer Cress has worked with a number of high profile German bands such as Passport, Atlantis and Snowball as well as on cult Disco records with studio groups such as Tender Aggression and Chime. Working tirelessly as a session musician for countless German and International Jazz, Rock and Pop acts, Cress has also worked extensively as a Producer, most notably for Nina Hagen. Cress would also record a number of records as a solo artist, with his unique sensibility as a drummer given centre stage. This 12" features three deep percussive workouts from his 1983 solo album 'Avanti', with the tracks 'Power Vein' and 'Sundance' now finally available on a loud 12" pressing. The EP also features two direct detours into House music by Curt with alternate versions of the forward thinking drum track 'Dschung Tek' from 1991.

Leon, Craig "Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon" LP/CD (RVNG INTL.) 
Craig Leon revisits the extraterrestrial origins of civilization in Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon. Picking up where the pioneering electronic albums Nommos and Visiting (Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1) left off, The Canon traces the imparted knowledge of alien visitors as it spread from Africa across the ancient world. Co-produced and featuring vocals by Cassell Webb, the pair engage a sonic pallet familiar from Vol. 1, updated with ecstatic contemporary sound and synthesis, creating a propulsive, exploratory album of cosmic lore and speculative anthropology.

Meitei "Komachi" LP (Metron) 
Debut album from Japanese composer Meitei. Haunting and delicate, distant and timeless, Komachi is awash with white noise, complex field recordings and the hypnotic sounds of flowing water. Though confidently contemporary, like a bucolic J-Dilla, Komachi's lineage can be traced back to the floating worlds of Ukiyo-e and Gagaku via the prism of 80s Japanese ambient pioneers, and 90s pastoral sample-based artists such as Susumu Yokota and Nobukazu Takemura. Composed as individual sonic dioramas, each of the twelve tracks have been crafted to not only evoke feelings of nostalgia but to also explore the dichotomy of ancient and new in modern Japanese society.

Nash, Jonny "Make a Wilderness" LP (Music From Memory) 
This album was created over the course of 2017-2018 and is heavily influenced by descriptions of landscape and environment in the work of authors Shusaku Endo, J.G. Ballard and Cormac McCarthy. Fragments from a land that is a largely silent place. An ancient place. A non-place. A wilderness.

O'Shea, Michael "s/t" LP (Allchival) 
Having sold his instruments to fund a nomadic 1970s lifestyle, eccentric Irish experimentalist Michael O'Shea was forced to create his own handmade answer to the sitars and zelochords he'd become accustomed to playing on his travels around the globe. Using an old door, 17 strings, chopsticks and combining them with phasers, echo units and amplification, the new device was to become his signature sound, mixing Irish folk influences with Asian and North African sounds in a mesmerising and soulful new way that brought him to the attention of the leading improvisers of his day - Alice Coltrane, Ravi Shankar, Don Cherry and more. A logical follow up to AllChival's recent reissue of Stano's debut LP, Michael O'Shea's self titled LP was originally released on Wire's Dome Imprint in 1982.

Saiz, Suso "Nothing is Objective" 2xLP (Music From Memory) 
New album from Spanish ambient composer was recorded in Madrid in 2018 during a period of transcendental change and creative awakening for Suso. It captures the composer as he develops a renewed relationship with his instruments and craft, channeling a dialogue between the meticulous use of technology and the outer reaches of human expression. Released in a gatefold 2xLP it features collaborations with Austrian guitarist Christian Fennesz, liner notes by John Gómez, and music dedicated to Suso's friend, the late Mexican musician Jorge Reyes.

Grauzone "Eisbar" 12" (WRWTFWW) 
Official reissue of Grauzone's essential 1981 maxi-single with timeless classic "Eisbär", proto-techno beast "FILM 2", and romantic synth ballad "Ich Lieb Sie", just in time for the 40th anniversary of the Swiss band's formation. "Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein" written by Martin Eicher after a nightmare in which he saw talking polar bears on the walls, and with music by the Grauzone crew consisting of Martin and his brother Stephan Eicher, Marco Repetto, Christian "GT" Trüssel, and Claudine Chirac (on saxophone), "Eisbär" is the most recognizable title from the band, a sublime mix of ingredients reflecting the transitional era it comes from -- the raw energy of punk music still palpable, combined with the audacity of early electronics, the warm groove of a disco gem, beautifully fragile lyrics, and one of the best basslines ever.

G36 "No Escape/Black Mass" 12" (Hotline) 
"No Escape" rings off natty Sleng Teng memories via Blade Runner futurism and 10tonne bassbin war cries. "Black Mass" is the lonesome street sweeper post nuclear war -- no mercy, no survivors. Design by Studio Tape-Echo. Mastered and cut by Stefan Betke at scape Mastering; Pressed at Optimal. Printed in reverse board sleeve; Edition of 500.

Hayashi, Yoshinori "Ambivalence" 2xLP (Smalltown Supersound) 
Debut album; previous work by the Tokyo-based producer has been called "a complex patchwork of studio gear, live instruments, dusty jazz records and smartly cut library sounds, whose textures are soft and inviting. But its arrangements are constantly ruffled, squeezed, brushed and pinched - which is to say, nothing stays still for long" (Resident Advisor). Hayashi presents his self-described "collage expression" throughout Ambivalence, which he produced and played in its entirety. Album opener, "Overflow," is a club track inspired by Cecil Taylor. Its freeform nature sets the tone for the album's cosmic, hypnotic, and almost ritualistic approach.

Iacobucci, Ivan "Logic Solution" 12" (Perlon) 
Four magic excursions through unknown territories by Ivan Iacobucci.

Livansky, Kedr "Your Need" LP (2MR) 
New album is a celebration of life and rebirth. It's about a fighter's spirit, and if you will, a little audacity and courage. DJ'ing and early forms of dance music inspired a furious burst of creative energy after months of melancholy, sadness and reflection to record the album in only a matter of weeks. After her breakout album, Ariadna (2017), which put her on the forefront of Russia's burgeoning electronic scene, Kedr felt lost with her identity and was searching for the direction of her next chapter. For a while she felt trapped by her own image and needed quite some time to resolve this internal dissonance - to grow, to evolve. DJ'ing was the main catalyst to pull her out of this rut.

Mills, Jeff "The Director's Cut Chapter 2" 12" (Axis) 
"Looking back in hindsight to the activity and accomplishments of Axis is with much pride -- to witness the relationship between the music and listener evolving to this point. The Director's Cut reissue project is about manicuring detail. It's about a rare opportunity to enhance what we've done so that the relationship strengthens for the long term." --Jeff Mills

Ossia "Devil's Dance" 2xLP (Blackest Ever Black) 
Heavy-weather, beyond-good-and-evil sound  system poetics, channeling raw and rootical techno, isolationist abstraction, and dub at its most turbulent and raw-nerved and space-time-warping. New worlds ahead... Equal parts tuff, tail-thrashing dancehall pressure -- see "Hell Dub" -- and art-of-darkness ambience and introspection, culminating in the slow-burning, third-eye-opening 23-minute dream weapon, "Vertigo". Part of the Young Echo crew, Ossia embodies the best tradition of Bristol underground music in that he doesn't pay much mind to tradition, just does his own thing.

Sekine, Mari "Beginning" 12" (Em) 
"Beginning" is, appropriately enough, the world-wide solo debut by Japanese percussionist Mari Sekine. She has been active since 2000 with numerous groups and artists, as well as providing music for the theatre. This latter experience is particularly in evidence throughout this piece, with its dramatic shifts and changing scenery, forming a very visual and evocative music with over fifteen percussion instruments entering and leaving the stage in their various roles. Sekine' s voice also takes a turn as a hauntingly benevolent melodic ghost. Fans of Midori Takada will find much to enjoy here, and her use of a wide range of instruments evokes Nana Vasconcelos. The propulsive rhythms and melodies will please admirers of Balearic grooves, Steve Reich and Roland P. Young.

"Kes" by John Cameron LP (Trunk) 
This is pastoral British jazz film music at its very best. Includes sleeve notes by Jarvis Cocker. Kes by Ken Loach is one of the greatest British films of all time. It also has one of the finest soundtracks of the period. Put together by the incredibly talented John Cameron (the arranger for Donovan and great film score composer in his own right) this score sums up beautifully the freedom, innocence, and tragedy put across in the film. With a crack British jazz line-up, including flute legend Harold McNair, Ronnie Ross (bass clarinet), Tony Carr (drums), Danny Moss (clarinet), and David Snell (harp), this score not only appeals to the soundtrack collectors but also followers of the classic British jazz sound.

"The Blob" Michael Hoenig LP (One Way Static) 
Original soundtrack to the 1988 motion picture composed by Michael Hoenig, who was part of the burgeoning progressive kraut and kosmische rock scene in Berlin where he was a member of the band Agitation Free in 1971. Over the course of multiple decades, Emmy award nominee Michael Hoenig has composed a diverse and extensive catalog of material that includes Class Of 1999 (1990) and The Gate (1987). Michael's music for The Blob is classic top shelf synth-driven electronica that fits the film like a glove.

"Doki Doki Literature Club" by Dan Salvato LP (iam8bit) 
The soundtrack to Doki Doki Literature Club transforms and morphs as much as the game itself. The music is so directly evocative of an entire genre - the Japanese Dating Simulation - with its resoundingly quirky and upbeat tone, while also veering into territory that is almost impossible to encapsulate. In moments, those pastel notes of sunshine and cuteness turn into somber, emotional and deeply-wrought darkness/weirdness/something else. Therein lies the secret to this album's success - it is a brilliant exercise in the complete surrender of your soul. Very few soundtracks achieve such a feat, whereas Doki Doki does it with surprising and striking success.

"Florence" by Kevin Penkin LP (iam8bit) 
There's a lot to be said for first love... and no better way to say it than with Kevin Penkin's gentle, charming and emotional score to Florence. It's one of those rare soundtracks that takes on a new life outside of the game's narrative, because once spinning on your living room turntable, its lush and bittersweet aurality will harken your own memories of firsts - first sight, first kiss, first fight, first makeup, and so on. This album is as universally poignant as they come, made all the more cozy by its existence on wax.

Funk, Terry "Tougher Than Shoe Leather" LP (Flannelgraph) 
It seems like more and more you are hearing people say that Terry Funk is their favorite professional wrestler of all time. From his first match in 1965 to his last match in 2017, he has devoted his life to making every fan really feel something when they see him in an arena or on their television. He has made audiences scream, laugh, cry, and even actually stab him with knives (multiple times)! For years, we dreamed of releasing a vinyl record of Terry Funk telling stories and it has finally happened! Recorded in his home office in Amarillo, Texas, Tougher Than Shoe Leather is 40 minutes of national treasure Terry Funk speaking about his entire incredible life - growing up in Amarillo, winning the world heavyweight championship, becoming a true Japanese hero, retiring and returning dozens of times - all while having the endless support of a loving family.

P-Orridge, Genesis Breyer & Carl Abrahamsson "Loyalty Does Not End With Death" LP (Ideal)
The first vinyl release between Carl Abrahamsson and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Loyalty Does Not End With Death is the final part of a spoken word trilogy initiated in 1990 with the Psychick TV & White Stains side At Stockholm, and proceeded by their Wordship album (2004) as Thee Majesty & Cotton Ferox electing to use their own names for this final part of a 30 year wide series, the duo intend Loyalty Does Not End With Death to be received without the connotations of their other projects. It's the sound of two cosmically-traveled minds crossing paths after a long time to chew over the bare essentials -- love and magick -- via vibrant poetry and beautifully charged forms of ambient music. In nine parts they conjure a warmly meditative music, where Abrahamsson's characteristic, playful tones, cut-up electronics, and gentle rhythms comfortably lay the bed for Genesis, who inhabits and enlivens the pristine scenes like an observant dark interpreter, translating the incomprehensible and revealing the divine through their psychedelic prism.

The Nightcomers BluRay (KL Studio Classics) 
Two orphans become fixated on the intense, clandestine love affair between their governess and their gardener. A prequel to Henry James' The Turn of the Screw. Starring Marlon Brando, Stephanie Beacham, and Thora Hird and directed by Michael Winner.

Friday, May 3rd

AJR "Neotheater" CD (S-Curve Records) 
Neotheater is AJR's highly anticipated follow up album to The Click (2017). AJR is comprised of multi-instrumentalist brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met. The band is a DIY pop group who write, produce and mix their own material in the living room of their Chelsea apartment. Their music style has been described as "electric", combining elements of pop, doo-wop, electronic, and dubstep.

Altin Gun "Gece" LP (ATO) 
Sophomore album from the Turkish psych-folk band. Altin Gün are easy to fall in love with. The band, which hails from Amsterdam but comes from various backgrounds (Turkish, Indonesian, Dutch) create music that opens doors between traditional Turkish folk songs and psych. With Gece, the band continue to experiment, opening sonic portals previously unexplored between genres. The traditional folk songs Altin Gün has re-worked for Gece become nearly unrecognizable in their talented hands, as they deftly change time signatures, adding new sounds and layers to each track. The result is a sparkling album that is guaranteed to lift the mood of any room it is played in.

Bailen "Thrilled To Be Here" CD (Fantasy) 
Bailen's musicality springs from a very deep well, in fact, it's in their DNA. Raised in New York City by their classically trained parents, siblings Daniel, David and Julia Bailen immersed themselves in a record collection that included Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Carole King and The Band. Produced by Grammy-Award winner John Congleton (St. Vincent, The War on Drugs) the transcendent harmonies, striking arrangements and meticulous songcraft of Bailen's debut album, Thrilled To Be Here, are rooted in the young group's unusual self-assurance, preternatural insight and potent lyrical bite.

Baird, Bill "Arthur King Presents Bill Baird: Owl" LP (Dangerbird) 
The latest installment in the ongoing 'Arthur King Presents' experimental album series has arrived. This one comes from the incredibly prolific Bill Baird and pushes his sound further into overtly psychedelic and pleasingly Krautrock-esque zones.

Band Of Skulls "Love Is All You Love" CD (Silva Screen Records) 
Fifth studio album by British rock band Band of Skulls, released on 12 April 2019 through SO Recordings and Silva Screen Records. It was produced by Richard X and is the band's first album without drummer Matt Hayward, who left in 2017.

Barrie "Happy To Be Here'" LP/CD/CS (Winspear) 
Inclusivity is at the heart of Barrie, the Brooklyn five-piece made of Barrie Lindsay, Dominic Apa, Spurge Carter, Sabine Holler and Noah Prebish. And on their debut LP Happy To Be Here, their multidimensional take on classic pop sounds awake and present, like a group that's daydreaming but firmly there with one another. Barrie, the band, is primarily her project; on the record, which she co-produced with Jake Aron (Snail Mail, Solange, Grizzly Bear), Lindsay plays guitar, piano, synth and bass. But still, Barrie is distinctly not a solo project, and this album is very much a full band record.

Beths, The "Warm Blood" LP (Carpark) 
On vinyl for the first time, The Beths' 2016 EP is a strong contender for the catchiest record you've never heard. Formed when four jazz students at the University of Auckland bonded over their shared love of the pop-punk sounds of their youth, The Beths bring new energy to the genre. This 5-song debut EP, a deliriously pleasurable statement of purpose, comes crammed with enough blissful hooks to carry through most bands' careers.

Big Thief "U.F.O.F" LP/CD (4AD) 
U.F.O.F., F standing for 'Friend', is the name of the highly anticipated third record by Big Thief, set to be released by 4AD on May 3rd. The New York-based band, featuring Adrianne Lenker (guitar, vocals), Buck Meek (guitar), Max Oleartchik (bass), and James Krivchenia (drums), has spent the last 4 years on an incessant world tour, winning the devotion of an enthusiastic and rapidly expanding audience. Their songs represent an emotional bravery and realness that weaves intimate relationships with the listener, a phenomenon that has made them one of the most widely-respected bands of the current era. Their first two back-to-back releases, Masterpiece (2016) and Capacity (2017), have been analysed, wept to, danced to, critically applauded, imitated, hummed idly, and shouted out loud. They have soundtracked crowded restaurants, difficult conversations, cowboy bars, yoga classes, night drives, and lonely bedrooms.

Catfish and The Bottlemen "The Balance" CD (Capitol) 
Audiences from Manchester to Melbourne, London to Los Angeles, Newcastle to New York, and everywhere in between have been engulfed by the swell of eager sentiment propelled from a vociferous fanbase. Catfish and the Bottlemen possess a magnetic and dynamic focal point in Ryan McCann, renowned for posing everyday, easily identifiable observations through his lyrics.

Chills, The "Single-Burger" CS (Burger) 
Singles collection from one of New Zealand's most iconic bands.

Coathangers "The Devil You Know" LP (Suicide Squeeze Records) 
In their early years, Atlanta trio The Coathangers were very much of the classic punk ethos -- the band was a live entity, and the records were a document of the charisma and chaos projected from stage. This new album takes their established takes on vitriolic punk, playful house-party anthems, and heartworn ballads and melds them into a new sound that retains all their former live show glories while revealing a new level of songwriting and nuance.

Combo Chimbita "Ahomale" CD (ANTI) 
Through folkloric mystique, otherworldly psychedelia and a dash of enigmatic punk, the new album Ahomale by Combo Chimbita catapults the sacred knowledge of our forebears into the future. The band's second studio album sees the visionary quartet drawing from ancestral mythologies and musical enlightenment to unearth the awareness of Ahomale, the album's cosmic muse.

Copeland, Eric "Trogg Modal Vol. 1" 12" (DFA) 
After the success of last year's Mixbone EP, we once again invite four dance music experimentalists to remix Eric Copeland. Includes remixes by Parris (Trilogy Tapes, Hemlock), RAMZi (RVNG, 12th Isle), Lokier (Days Of Being Wild, Spirits) and Gerry Read (Aus, Accidental Jnr).

Cranberries, The "In The End" LP (BMG) 
On Monday 15th January this year Dolores O'Riordan died in London. Two days later she was due to come into BMG and play us the song demos for a new Cranberries album. At this point none of us believed there would be another studio album from the band. A couple of months later the remaining band members (Noel, Fergal & Mike) listened through to the vocals with producer Stephen Street and with the full support of Dolores's family the decision was taken to take the vocal tracks and for the band to complete the recording of the album. This was a direct reaction to the strength of the material Dolores had left as her legacy. The end result is a euphoric alternative rock album on a par with the band's best work, and together with the striking album artwork (by original band photographer Andy Earl and original sleeve designer Cally Calloman), celebrates vitality and optimism albeit tinged with tremendous poignancy.

Damned Things, The "High Crimes" CD (Nuclear Blast) 
Nine years ago, Scott Ian - guitarist and co-founder of the legendary thrash metal outfit, Anthrax - took a meeting with Joe Trohman (guitarist and co-founder of Fall Out Boy). Sharing a love for Thin Lizzy and catchy, dirty rock 'n' roll, Joe and Scott hit it off and started making songs together. With the help of drummer Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy) and the sensual yet sardonically irreverent vocals of Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die) The Damned Things were formed. The band's well-received debut album Ironiclast was issued in 2010. Cut to nine years later and the band (now with the Alkaline Trio's Dan Andriano on bass) returns with it's Jay Ruson-produced follow-up High Crimes.

Deadbeat & Camara "Trinity Thirty" LP/CD (Constellation)
Trinity Thirty is a reinterpretation of the beloved Cowboy Junkies classic The Trinity Session, on the occasion of the album's 30th anniversary. Berlin-based Canadian producers Deadbeat and Fatima Camara bonded over a shared love of this iconic album (and their shared small-town Ontario roots) and embarked on their first-ever collaboration. The Trinity Session is legendary for it's naturalistic, languorous covers of classic tunes and traditional work songs - and for being recorded with a single microphone in single takes at a church in Toronto.

DeVille, Smith "Pop Americana" CD (Visionary Noise) 
A dozen originals from Houston Americana duo - songs that cover a range of sounds and concepts, that make for a must-have on the playlist for any American road trip, for a party, or simply hanging out at the beach, the park, or the house.

Fat White Family "Serfs Up!" CD (Domino) 
New album from the psychedelic group.

Felice Brothers, The "Undress" LP/CD (Yep Roc Records)
Cut live to tape with very little overdubbing, Undress was recorded in the late summer of 2018 in Germantown, New York. Band members Ian Felice, James Felice, Will Lawrence (drums) and Jesske Hume (bass) teamed up with producer Jeremy Backofen to record their most personal and reflective album to date. 'Many of the songs on the new album are motivated by a shift from private to public concerns,' says songwriter Ian Felice. 'It isn't hard to find worthwhile things to write about these days, there are a lot of storms blooming on the horizon and a lot of chaos that permeates our lives. The hard part is finding simple and direct ways to address them.'

Filthy Friends "Emerald Valley" LP/CD (Kill Rock Stars)
Emerald Valley is the sophomore effort from supergroup Filthy Friends, out on Kill Rock Stars. This album finds Corin Tucker, Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Kurt Bloch, and new drummer Linda Pitmon flexing their muscles both sonically and thematically: the music contains more surprises and sophistication, while the lyrics take on the current state of our planet and our people.

Finn, Craig "I Need A New War" LP/CD (Partisan)
Third installment of Craig Finn's solo trilogy, following We All Want the Same Things (2017) and Faith In The Future (2015). The three albums together look at the same people, but from different angles. I Need a New War is about people trying to respond to modern times, trying to keep pace with a world that might be moving faster than they are. The characters in these songs put forth varying responses to the change happening around them. They deal with the inevitability of getting older, while trying not to get left behind.

Fire Theft, The "Fire Theft" 2xLP (Run Out Groove) 
Worldwide debut of The Fire Theft on vinyl, with music spread across a 2xLP set that also includes brand-new artwork.The Fire Theft was an alternative rock band from Seattle formed in 2001 by vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Enigk, bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith; all previous members of Sunny Day Real Estate. Mendel plays bass for the Foo Fighters and Goldsmith drummed for them between 1995 and 1997. Similar to Sunny Day Real Estate's last album, The Rising Tide, The Fire Theft released their self-titled debut album on Rykodisc on September 23, 2003. A tour promoting the album followed the release. There have been on and off discussions between band members about reactivating The Fire Theft but the band has been on hiatus since 2004, with no official announcement of a break up.

Fontaine, Claude "s/t" LP (Innovative Leisure) 
Debut album from American singer-songwriter who combines elements of bossa nova, psych-pop, and reggae.

Foxygen "Seeing Other People" LP/2xLP/CD (Jagjaguwar) 
Curiously positioned as Foxygen's most recent last-ever album. With every album the band dies; with every album the band is reborn. But unlike the last-ever Foxygen albums before it, this one seems to have a self-effacing bittersweetness to it that signifies some sort of passing; some sort of white flag. But it SOUNDS in no way like a band giving up. The deluxe version features gatefold, alternate art, pink LPs, and an additional LP of demos.

Frankie & the Witch Fingers "ZAM" CS (Burger) 
New album bleeds beyond borders and boundaries. It's opening preternatural sounds bubble up out of the primordial soup, spilling into our world, invading the inner recesses of the listener's mind. Like a two-headed snake wrapped around the skull, the album pendulates between winding instrumentals and dancey riffs that pop like supernovas out of the black void.

Harding, Aldous "Designer" LP/CD (4AD) 
New album finds Harding hitting her creative stride. After Party, Harding came off a 100-date tour and went straight into the studio with a collection of songs written on the road. Reuniting with John Parish, producer of Party, Harding spent 15 days recording and 10 days mixing at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth and Bristol's J&J Studio and Playpen. From the bold strokes of opening track "Fixture Picture," there is an overriding sense of an enigmatic artist confident in their work, with contributions from Huw Evans (H. Hawkline), Stephen Black (Sweet Baboo), drummer Gwion Llewelyn and violinist Clare Mactaggart broadening and complimenting Harding's rich and timeless songwriting.

Helms Alee "Noctiluca" LP/CD (Sargent House)
Helms Alee's fifth album Noctiluca continues their tradition of blending girthy sludge riffs, deceptively clever compositions, lush instrumentation, and transcendental melodies into a potent standalone sound.

Hembree "House on Fire" CD (Oread Records) 
Inspired by the boundary-pushing production, rhythm, and pastiche of hip-hop, classic beat-infused rock like Talking Heads, Blondie, and The Police, and danceable indie music like Gorillaz and St. Vincent, HOUSE ON FIRE is the debut album from Kansas City's Hembree. One of NPR's Spotlight Artists to Watch and Rolling Stone's "Best Artists We Saw at SXSW."

Imagine Dragons "Night Visions" LP (KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records) 
This 2012 album from the Las Vegas-based Alt-Rock quartet Imagine Dragons has enjoyed double-platinum sales in the US and UK and become a global smash. Night Visions contains many moods and tones. The song "Radioactive" blends a throbbing backbeat with delicate acoustic guitars and deals lyrically with facing the apocalypse. Meanwhile, the delicacy of tracks like "Demons" balances the album's expansiveness with a sense of human intimacy.

Jett, Joan & The Blackhearts "Greatest Hits" CD (SMG) 
2019 collection by the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Includes "Bad Reputation," "Crimson and Clover," "I Hate Myself For Loving You," and "I Love Rock 'n' Roll."

Joseph, Kathryn "From When I Wake The Want Is" LP (Rock Action) 
The follow up to 2015's acclaimed debut Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I've Spilled, which was named the Scottish Album of the Year, this album is a captivating set that documents both life's traumas and their resolutions.

Judah & the Lion "Pep Talks" CD (Judah the Lion) 
Judah & the Lion return with their third album, Pep Talks, following their widely successful Folk Hop n' Roll and their breakout hit, "Take It All Back." The album is a mature step for the band, and blends uplifting, powerful anthems with more contemplative and emotional tracks. The album includes "Over my head" and "Quarter-Life Crisis" and features Kacey Musgraves and Jon Bellion.

Jurado, Damien "In The Shape Of A Storm" LP (Mama Bird) 
Fourteenth album from the American singer-songwriter.

Kid Millions & Jim Sauter "Safe & Sane" LP (Astral Spirits / Family Vinyard) 
Outrageous. Rabid. Explosive. #WTF? Whatever words you throw at Borbetomagus saxophonist Jim Sauter and Oneida / Man Forever drummer Kid Millions, they'll chomp 'em up and respond with a gargantuan roar to erase all notions of what a horn and skins can do. The duo's prior albums were built of tightly, clustered bursts and barbed assaults. On Safe & Sane, Sauter and Millions eschew brevity for ultra-endurance.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard "Fishing For Fishies" LP (ATO)
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard return with Fishing for Fishies, perhaps their most perfectly-realized album to date. FfF is a blues-infused blast of sonic boogie that struts & shimmies through several moods & terrains. King Gizz are no longer just a band, they're a youth movement, a cult, an exploration, a double-drumming trip, a cottage vinyl industry.

Kudo, Reiko "Rice Field Silently Riping In The Night" LP (Tal) 
Second album under her own name features Tori Kudo as well as Saya and Takashi Ueno (Tenniscoats) on various instruments. The recordings took place in 2000 at Reiko and Tori's house in the rural surroundings of Shikoku Island. All recorded music on this album sounds like it originates in a parallel dimension where time and key signatures simply don't exist. There is nothing accidental or forced here, this is simply music created in a very different way.

Lafawndah "Ancestor Boy" LP (CONCORDIA) 
The debut full- length album from Lafawndah is a bracing statement of intent, heralding an artist unbound in scope, scale, and intensity. Crafted with the aid of fellow travelers Nick Weiss, ADR, and L-Vis 1990, Ancestor Boy's maximalism - its overflow of detail, of feeling, of ideas - serves to amplify a frequent lyrical motif: the sensation that one body, one lifetime, isn't big enough for what you're feeling.

LCD Soundsystem / Paperclip People "Throw" 12" (Planet E / DFA) 
'Throw' by Paperclip People is reissued, accompanied by LCD Soundsystem's sublime and inventive cover on the flip. Perhaps the best-known release from Carl Craig's long-running alias, 'Throw' is instantly recognizable to the day; a joyous distillation of Craig's house, techno and disco nous, as a chugging, organ-led bassline leads to a sensational breakdown. Once a favorite of LCD Soundsystem's live set, the flip of the record captures the now Grammy-winning US group performing a studio-recorded cover, one that instantly, naturally captures the original solid groove, while adding shades of their post-punk approach.

Local Natives "Violet Street" LP (Loma Vista) 
I f you distilled California into soundwaves and vibrations, it might resemble the sonic and spiritual interplay of the Los Angeles quintet Local Natives. Violet Street revels in its stylistic eclecticism ranging from kinetic and propulsive pop ("When Am I Gonna Lose You") to sun-drenched grooves ("Cafe Amarillo") and stark emotive ballads ("Tap Dancer"). Produced by Shawn Everett (Kacey Musgraves, War On Drugs, Alabama Shakes), their 4th full length album proves to be their most diverse and mature set of tunes, from production through song writing.

M83 "Knife + Heart" LP/CD (Mute) 
On his third outing composing music for film, Anthony Gonzalez breaks from his own soundtracking habits with a welcome sense of playfulness.

MARINA "Love + Fear" 2xLP (Atlantic) 
Love+Fear is an album set split into two eight-song collections and lands as Marina's fourth full-length record since she released her critically-acclaimed third album, Froot, in 2015. Love+Fear are both lush, vibrant and powerful representations of the two main emotional driving forces behind human responses. Love is filled with a longing to enjoy life and a desire to unite and empower, while Fear sees Marina delve into matters of purpose and insecurity, also touching on conversations surrounding gender inequality and more broadly, the abuse of power.

Metric "Fantasies" LP (Metric Music International) 
Short-listed for the 2009 Polaris Music Prize, Metric's fourth studio album Fantasies was written mostly in exile in Argentina with only a piano and guitar, recorded mainly at the band's own Giant Studio in Toronto and mixed at the legendary Electric Lady in NYC. It's gilded surfaces and textured density - a heady amalgam of psychedelia, electro and rock - evoke a certain dreamlike quality.

Moon King "Voice of Lovers" CS (Arbutus Records) 
Daniel Benjamin's first full-length release as Moon King since his embrace of underground disco and synthpop, recorded between Toronto & Detroit following the release of "In & Out", his 2017 debut track for Montreal label Arbutus Records (Tops, Sean Nicholas Savage) There are a lot of quick cuts and transitions and the songs are pretty short; it's meant to feel a bit breathless or disorienting, like driving around and dropping in at a few different clubs in a night.

Morby, Kevin "Oh My God" 2xLP/CD/CS (Dead Oceans) 
Throughout his four solo albums and myriad records of various collaboration, Kevin Morby has recognized in his work the ubiquity of an apparent religious theme. Though not identifying as "religious" in the slightest, Morby-the globetrotting son of Kansas City who has made music while living on both coasts before recently returning to his Midwestern stomping grounds-recognizes in himself a somewhat spiritual being with a secular attitude towards the soulful. And so, in an effort to tackle that notion head-on and once-and-for-all, he sat down in his form of church-on planes and in beds-and wrote what would become his first true concept-album: the lavish, resplendent, career-best double LP Oh My God.

Mountain Goats "In League With Dragons" 2xLP+7"/CD (Merge) 
Double LP on yellow & green marbled vinyl in double gatefold jacket, housed in debossed dragon scale pattern slipcase. Bonus 7-inch (same as peak version, black vinyl) & collectible Dragon League membership card inside packaging. Includes coupon for full download. Indie Only. Limited Edition

Murder Capital, The "Feeling Fades" 7" (Human Seasons) 
New release from Dublin based punk group.

Murray, Sequoyah "Penalties of Love" LP (Thrill Jockey) 
Penalties Of Love is the debut 12" from 21-year-old vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Sequoyah Murray. It is a remarkable debut, striking in its maturity and originality. Writing deeply confessional lyrics and creating abstract textured song structures, Sequoyah is a product of his time, place and borderless generation, making music that is both wildly experimental and unforgettably accessible, his lyrics proudly recasting his vulnerabilities as strengths.

Nadler, Marissa & Stephen Brodsky "Droneflower" LP (Sacred Bones Records) 
The new collaboration between Marissa Nadler and Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man), is a sprawling and expansive exercise in contrasts. It is the sound of the war between the brutal and the ethereal, the dark and the light, the past and the present, and the real and imagined.

National, The "You Had Your Soul With You" 7" (4AD) 
New single from their forthcoming album with b-side "Hairpin Turns".

Ohrn, Josefin & The Liberation "Sacred Dreams" LP (Rocket Recordings) 
The third full-length by the far-out psychedelic collective from Sweden contains a hefty amalgamation of reverb-drenched space-rock and retro-centric electronics.

Pile "Green and Gray" LP/CD (Exploding In Sound) 
Since Pile's original formation eight years ago, the Boston rock band has released over five critically acclaimed albums, a compilation of rarities and live record. Green and Gray is the bands latest and undeniably most dynamic record, exploring just how heavy and soft they can get within the span of an album. Recorded with Kevin McMahon (Swans, Real Estate), Pile have created a record focused on the personal self and the idea of aging within the confines of a rock band.

Prince "Rave In2 To The Joy Fantastic" LP (Legacy) 
One of the first full releases for Prince's innovative online subscription service The NPG Music Club, was this remixed version of Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic; highlights include a remix of Hot Wit U that incorporates elements of the Prince-penned Vanity 6 hit Nasty Girl and the previously unreleased "Beautiful Strange."

Prince "Rave Un2 To The Joy Fantastic" 2xLP (Legacy)
Limited edition purple vinyl. Prince had taken quite the ownership of the year 1999, so it was no surprise that the last year of the millennium was one of The Artist's biggest. The album was his only release for Arista Records and the last to be released under his unpronounceable symbol. It features a surprising amount of guest artists (Chuck D, Eve, Gwen Stefani, Shery Crow) and a clutch of radio-friendly tracks ("The Greatest Romance Ever Sold," "So Far," "So Pleased," "Hot Wit U," a cover of Crow's "Everyday Is a Winding Road").

Prince "Ultimate Rave" 2xCD+DVD (Legacy) 
A 3-disc bundle of the artist's pivotal new millennium pop party dance music, Ultimate Rave brings together CDs of 1999's "Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic" and its 2001 remix "Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic" alongside a DVD containing the full-length performance version of Rave Un2 the Year 2000, Prince's epic 1999 New Year's Eve party, originally captured for on-demand pay-per-view airing during the dawning of Y2K.

Reigning Sound "Abdication...for Your Love" LP/CD (Merge Records) 
Produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and Reigning Sound frontman Greg Cartwright, Abdication... For Your Love was originally available solely as a promotional giveaway. This 2019 reissue marks the first wide release of the record.

Reo, Emily "Only You Can See It" CD (Carpark) 
Devastatingly beautiful collection of prismatic pop songs reckoning with the complexity of self-possession. Following the release of her acclaimed 2013 full-length Olive Juice, Reo spent five years writing, recording, arranging, producing and mixing these ten songs-at her apartment in Brooklyn, and at various studios and friends' homes around New York. It's her most intricate web of poetry yet, with prismacolor melodies winding through a vast pop vision.

Reptaliens "VALIS" LP (Captured Tracks) 
When Bambi and Cole Browning started writing the songs that would be become Reptaliens' 2017 debut LP, FM-2030, they had no intention of starting a band. Focusing at first on creating music and art on a purely personal level, the project soon took off when the duo brought on Julian Kowalski (guitar) and Tyler Verigin (drums) to form a live band. The four-piece swiftly delved into songwriting inspired by sci-fi art and literature, cult mentalities, and deep connections. The result is the band's self-defined genre of "dreamwave," which connected musical influences ranging from Gary Wilson-inspired jazzy lounge music, the warmth of Broadcast's recording production, to Todd Rundgren's outer space synth sounds.

Ritter, Josh "Fever Breaks" LP/CD (Pytheas Recordings/Thirty Tigers) 
The tenth studio album from acclaimed singer, songwriter and performer Josh Ritter, will be released April 26 via Pytheas Recordings/Thirty Tigers. Produced by Grammy Award-winning musician Jason Isbell, the 10-song record was recorded at Nashville's historic RCA Studio A and features Isbell's band, the 400 Unit.

Rodrigo y Gabriela "Mettavolution" CD (ATO) 
This Mexican acoustic rock guitar duo already have a remarkable 20-year career under their belts, and now they're ready to embark on the next chapter. They express ruminations on human evolution and the Buddhist faith across these tracks, using just two acoustic guitars: "Mettavolution," "Terracentric," "Cumbé," "Electric Soul," "Echoes" and more.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever "In the Capital b/w Read My Mind" 7" (Sub Pop) 
After a landmark 12 months for Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, who released their debut album Hope Downs to worldwide critical acclaim in June 2018 - Sub Pop is excited to reveal new music from the Melbourne band in the form of single, "In the Capital."

Sad Lovers & Giants "Epic Garden Music" LP (Radiation Deluxe Series) 
Reissue of Sad Lovers And Giants' Epic Garden Music, originally released in 1982. The best-kept secrets of the '80s; chiming guitars meet with atmospheric keyboards, and the haunting, emotive vocals of the enigmatic Garce. Includes six bonus tracks from early singles. Limited edition splatter vinyl LP, numbered.

Shannon and the Clams "Onion" CS (Burger) 
Onion, produced by The Black Keys front man Dan Auerbach at his Nashville studio, finds a finely tuned and tour-tested band stretching out from the '60s-inspired, surf inflected rock that has defined their previous releases, and delves into genres including soul and psychedelic pop. On Onion, the band explores themes of origin and self-determination, loss and recovery, and the power of community to heal after tragedy.

Shaw, Shannon "Shannon In Nashville" CS (Burger) 
Shannon Shaw, the captivating vocalist, bassist, and founder of Shannon & the Clams, strikes out on her own for her first solo album. Produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach at his Nashville studio, Easy Eye Sound, the album features a cast of revered old-school session musicians which have breathed life into notable records by Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson, and John Prine, to name just a few.

SOAK "Grim Town" LP/CD (Rough Trade) 
Soak returns after four years with a new album, bringing with her four years worth of growth, introspection and understanding. The result is Grim Town, the follow-up to her Mercury Music Prize-nominated debut Before We Forgot How To Dream, which saw her win the prestigious Choice Music Prize for Album of the Year, the Northern Irish Music Prize, and the European Border Breaker Award, in addition to being shortlisted for a Q Award.

Spotlights "Love & Decay" CD (ipecac Recordings) 
Third full-length finds the Brooklyn, NY-based group further canvasing new territory. Whether it be the hummable guitar lead peeking through trudging grooves on "Until The Bleeding Stops" or the ghostly pop chorus of "Particle Noise," they ascend to a tipping point between volumetric riffing and blissful melodies. "Xerox" bears a sense of delicate intimacy within the delivery. Meanwhile, the first single "The Age of Decay" crescendos towards an emotionally charged harmony colored by shimmering keys and bright guitars before off-kilter riffs seesaw back-and-forth on the bridge.

Starflyer 59 "Silver" CD (Tooth & Nail) 
Reissue of the band's 1994 debut.

Stereolab "Mars Audiac Quintet" 3xLP/CD (Duophonic)
Stereolab "Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements" 3xLP/CD (Duophonic) 
May 3, 2019 sees the start of Stereolab's seven album reissue campaign when 1993's 'Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements' and 1994's 'Mars Audiac Quintet' are reissued, via Warp Records and Duophonic UHF Disks, as expanded and re-mastered editions on vinyl and compact disc. Each album has been re-mastered from the original 1/2" tapes by Bo Kondren at Calyx Mastering and overseen by Tim Gane. Bonus material will include alternate takes, 4 track demos and unreleased mixes. These initial vinyl editions will be pressed onto triple clear numbered vinyl with a poster / insert containing sleeve notes by Tim. They will also include a lottery style scratch card - all winners will receive a limited edition 12" EP.

SYML "s/t" CD (Nettwerk) 
Brian Fennell is a student of simplicity. As SYML (pronounced "simmel"), which translates to "simple" in Welsh, Fennell writes emotive songs that capture the ethos of his musical persona. Ultimately his songs are a kind and truthful depiction of emotion grounded by his gut-wrenching vocal delivery. This is SYML's debut album.

Tacocat "This Mess is a Place" LP/CD/CS (Sub Pop) 
When Seattle band Tacocat - vocalist Emily Nokes, bassist Bree McKenna, guitarist Eric Randall, and drummer Lelah Maupin - first started in 2007, the world they were responding to was vastly different from the current Seattle scene of diverse voices they've helped foster. It was a world of house shows, booking DIY tours on MySpace, and writing funny, deliriously catchy feminist pop-punk songs when feminism was the quickest way to alienate yourself from the then-en vogue garage-rock bros. Their lyrical honesty, humor, and hit-making sensibilities have built the band a fiercely devoted fanbase over the years, one that has followed them from basements to dive bars to sold-out shows at the Showbox.

Thrice "Artist In The Ambulance" LP/DLX LP (Srcvinyl) 
New vinyl reissue. Thrice's emotionally resonate, pulverizing breakout third record and major label debut followed-up 2002's The Illusion Of Safety and found the band incorporating a punchy, strongly melodic pop sensibility, galloping metal rhythms and fiercely intelligent lyrics into their muscular sound. The watershed release peaked at No. 16 on the Billboard 200 and yielded the trio of singles "All That's Left," "Under A Killing Moon" and "Stare at the Sun." Deluxe edition is pressed on 180g black vinyl and includes art book.

Vampire Weekend "Father of the Bride" 2xLP/CD/CS (Columbia) 
2019 release from the alt-rock favorites. Father of the Bride is the highly anticipated album from Vampire Weekend, and is the band's fourth full length release. It is the follow up to 2013's Modern Vampires of the City, which won the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album in 2014. Father of the Bride is produced by founding band member Ezra Koenig, and Ariel Rechtshaid (Adele, Madonna, Charli XCX, Usher, HAIM, Solange, and others). The album features 18 songs, including "Harmony Hall," "Big Blue," "2021," and "Sunflower."

Versing "10000" LP/CD/CS (Hardly Art) 
Versing have risen through Seattle's competitive rock ecosphere with nonchalant élan. They cheekily titled a previous album Nirvana, but never mind the bleach: Versing isn't emulating Sub Pop's most famous artist. Rather, these four twentysomething aesthetes are forging an exciting sound that finds a golden mean between lustrous noise and ebullient melody. Versing's freewheeling attitude has paradoxically resulted in 10000, an engrossing album that's impossible to feel ambivalent about.

Viagra Boys "Street Worms" LP (Year0001) 
This is an album about illusions of realness, the absurdity of existence and the joke of humanity. Street Worms is Viagra Boys debut studio album, a debut that instantly let them occupy their absolute own space in music history. Produced by Daniel Fagerström (Skull Defekts, Chronic Heist) and Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Fireside, The Hives).

Wavves / Beach Fossils 7" (Ghost Ramp) 
Brand new split 7" between SoCal rockers WAVVES and lo-fi NYC trio Beach Fossils. Features "Enter Still", a brand new, previously unheard track from WAVVES on side A, and the Beach Fossils single "Silver Tongue" on side B

Williams, Joy "Front Porch" CD (Sensibility Recordings) 
Joy Williams is a singer-songwriter from Santa Cruz, CA who now lovingly calls Nashville, TN home. Formerly of four-time Grammy Award-winning Folk, Country and Americana duo The Civil Wars, Joy recorded Front Porch with producer Kenneth Pattengale of The Milk Carton Kids. The album features twelve songs and represents a new chapter in Williams' career, who recorded the album in Nashville during the pregnancy of her second child.

v/a "Fragments du Monde Flottant" LP (Bongo Joe) 
Devendra Banhart presents a very unique & precious compilation featuring his best friends never heard before demos. Among them some of the yesterday and today's most talented musicians and singers of the folk-pop-experimental scene. This handprinted album comes randomly in six different colored cardboard jackets featuring one of six Devendra's drawing.

Dope Knife "Things Got Worse" LP/CD (Brick Records) 

Ghostemane "N/O/I/S/E" LP (Triple B) 
Florida-bred rapper Ghostemane and Triple B Records have teamed up to release the artist's groundbreaking 2018 album N/O/I/S/E ("No One Is Safe from Evil") on vinyl for the first time. It features contributions from Arthur Rizk (Code Orange, Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy), guitarist Mark Bronzino (Iron Reagan, Mammoth Grinder) and drummer Cayle Sain (Twitching Tongues, Mizery, Downpresser). Ghostemane's merging of rap and metal gained him popularity on SoundCloud, amongst other underground artists such as Scarlxrd, Bones and Suicideboys. N/O/I/S/E was originally issued in October - the release was highly anticipated in the underground due to it's heavy influence from industrial and nu metal groups. Includes gatefold packaging.

Madlib & Freddie Gibbs "Flat Tummy Tea" 12" (Madlib Invazion)

Pete Rock "Return of the SP-1200" CD (Tru Soul)

ScHoolboy Q "CrasH Talk" CD 
ScHoolboy Q's third official studio album is the follow up album to his 2016 album Blank Face which peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 and Oxymoron (2014) which peaked at #1.

Tank and the Bangas "Green Balloon" CD (Verve) 
Hailing from New Orleans, Tank and the Bangas formed in 2013 and bubbled into national consciousness after appearing on and winning NPR's wildly popular Tiny Desk Concert contest in 2017.

Byrds "Mr. Tambourine Man" LP (Sundazed) 
The Byrds burst upon an already fertile pop/rock music scene in the spring of 1965 with a stunning retooling of Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man" that changed everything. The debut album of the same name that followed, featuring mind blowing folk-rock gems like "The Bells Of Rhymney," "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better" and "Chimes Of Freedom," was so aromatically intoxicating it even lit a fire under the Beatles across the Atlantic, working on Rubber Soul. The Mr. Tambourine Man longplayer is so bountiful it almost doubles as a Byrds greatest hits, volume one. "Here Without You" and "I Knew I'd Want You" weave a sense of mystery into the Byrds' eerie harmonic tapestry. And "All I Want To Do," along with "Spanish Harlem Incident," once again, connect Dylan's magic to the pop charts in a way only McGuinn, Crosby, Clark, Hillman and Clarke could pull off.

Cale, J.J. "Stay Around" CD (Because Music/Caroline) 
For the first time in a decade, listeners will be moved by a new collection of unreleased Cale songs, a feat that's possible due to Cale's modus operandi: often Cale would reserve outtakes from one album for later release on another. In compiling Stay Around, wife Christine Lakeland pored over songs, both studio and home recordings, that the public had never heard. The result is an album mixed and produced by Cale himself, left nearly untouched to leave, in Christine's words, the "Cale Factor." The only song not written by Cale is Christine's "My Baby Blues," the first song she and Cale cut as a four-piece combo in Bradley's Barn studio in 1977, the year they met.

Hendrix, Jimi "Live at Woodstock" CD (SMG) 
CD reissue. Live at Woodstock is a posthumous live album by Jimi Hendrix. The album documents most of Hendrix's performance with his band Gypsy Sun and Rainbows at Woodstock Festival on August 18, 1969.

Legendary Pink Dots, The "Malachi (Shadow Weaver Part 2)" LP (Metropolis) 
The Legendary Pink Dots' classic Malachai (Shadow Weaver part 2) is now presented in a 2018 Remastered version. "Malachai" is the second half of the "Shadow Weaver" project, recorded simultaneously with Shadow Weaver. Special guest for this one was Steve Stapleton (Nurse With Wound, Current 93). A tripped out, challenging dive into experimentalism and a favorite for fans of The Legendary Pink Dots.

Legendary Pink Dots, The "The Golden Age" LP (Metropolis) 
Legendary Pink Dots' classic The Golden Age is now presented in a 2018 Remastered version. 1988. Half of the 6 piece Legendary Pink Dots had quit after a long tour. Edward Kaspel & The Silverman were living in a caravan. It was never going to be a happy album, yet it remains a personal favorite for the 2 survivors of LPDs class of '88. A masterful set of avant-garde, experimentalist melancholia.

Agitation Free "2nd" LP (Made in Germany) 
When the band Agitation Free came together in 1967 as a result of the merging of two Berlin rock groups, one of the most interesting groups in a dawning independent German music scene was created. With their improvisations between rock, jazz and new music, Agitation Free - soon relegated to the not so flattering category of 'krautrock' - made musical forays into areas that few of their fellow German musicians had ever penetrated.

Dwarfs Of East Agouza / Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt "Electric Smog" LP (Unrock) 
The next installment in Unrock's ongoing Saraswati series. Again an intercontinental output, this is a dangerous, electric brew filled with exotic aroma from Cairo's sound guerilla, Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls), Maurice Louca (Karkhana), and Sam Shalabi (Land of Kush, Karkhana). The always-changing face of Dwarfs Of East Agouza shows them in a feverish mode with an adrenalin rush; massive eruptions fight a genuine flow. Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt manage to sound like a tonal cyclone consisting of 156 musicians, blowing heads and minds away. Out of the blue they suddenly manage to change mode and develop mild, calm, and elegant/fragile melodies. Interplay between early Baker and Clapton in Cream's looser frequencies seems sometimes just a stone's throw away. Electric Smog is meant to be a twin release to Sir Richard Bishop and David Oliphant/Karkhana with Nadah El Shazly's Carte Blanche.

Nehls, Tom "I Always Catch The Third Second Of A Yellow Light" CD (Now Again Reserve)

Bad Religion "Age Of Unreason" CD (Epitaph) 
Age of Unreason can be described as "a musical manifesto on the current political landscape." In a world still brimming with rampant anti-intellectualism, inequality and oppression, the band's signature brand of sonically charged humanist dissent seems as relevant as ever.

Briefs, The "Platinum Rats" LP/CS (Burger) 
The Briefs burst onto the scene like a neutron bomb with  the audaciously titled Hit After Hit and the punk rock landscape was changed forever. Their 77-style pop punk is loud, raucous and fierce, yet cohesive and hooky and hilarious.

Chai "Punk" LP/CS (Burger)
Chai is an adventure where all-things are Pink, a sound that fuses the likings of Basement Jaxx, CSS, and Tom Tom Club, lyrics catered to self-empowerment and re-defining the definition of "kawaii" or cute, and indescribably fun visuals that'll surely absorb you whole. The 4-piece band from Nagoya, Japan consists of identical twins Mana (voc/keys), Kana (gt/cho), Yuuki (ba/cho), and Yuna (dr/cho) bound together in 2015. Chai's concept of "NEOkawaii", or new-cute, derived from personal experiences where they simply did not fit into society's standard of "cute." This concept has drawn in audiences world-wide and can be best described in their hit single, "N.E.O.", from their 1 st album PINK. This adventure would lead them to US indie label Burger Records who released PINK in February 2018 followed by their "We Are CHAI" Tour, their first US tour with performances throughout California as well as several stages at SXSW.

Slits "Cut" LP (Universal Uk) 
Cut is the 1979 debut album by English post-punk band The Slits. It was recorded at Ridge Farm Studios in Rusper and produced by reggae legend Dennis Bovell. The album reached #30 on the UK album charts at the time. Cut is included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain listed the song "Typical Girls" in his top 50 favorite recordings of all time.

After The Burial "Evergreen" CD (Sumerian Records) 
New album from metalcore group.

Amon Amarth "Berserker" LP/CD (Metal Blade) 
The 11th full length release from Swedish death metal band Amon Amarth. The album - their first in three years - was produced by Jay Ruston. This marks the first album by the band to feature drummer Jocke Wallgren who joined the band in 2016.

Body, The & Full of Hell "Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light" LP (Thrill Jockey) 
Despite their obvious differences in songwriting, The Body and Full of Hell are unified by their shared aesthetic, catharsis through the manipulation of emotions transformed by visceral noise and fueled by an inescapable sense of dread. They have returned to collaborate again not because of their commonalities but because of their differences and what those differences yield in performance.

Body, The "No One Deserves Happiness" LP (Thrill Jockey) 
The Body set out to make the grossest pop album of all time. The album themes of despair and isolation are delivered by the unlikely pairing of their signature heaviness and 80s dance tracks. The Body can emote pain like no other band, and their ability to move between the often strict confines of the metal world and the electronic music sphere is on full display throughout No One Deserves Happiness, an album that eludes categorization.

Craft "Fuck the Universe" LP (Season of Mist) 
2005 album from Swedish black metal group.

Craft "Void" LP (Season of Mist) 
After a decade of delivering three successive black metal classics, Craft's 2011 effort Void was eagerly anticipated for good reason. With it, the Swedish misanthropes delivered another slab of their signature nihilism. No longer content to just simply smash everything in their way, the album delivers a more measured and methodical beating shrouded in a sinister ambiance.

El Dios Malo "Necessary Evils" CD (Visionary Noise) 
Debut album from from the heavy metal band based in Ohio. The relentless vortex of screaming fury and rolling thunder is about to be unleashed nationwide.

Eternal / Thy Grief / Lord of Putrefaction "Pre Electric Wizard" CD (Rise Above) 
Reissue of the 2006 comp featuring three pre-Electric Wizard bands fronted by Jus Oborn.

Lamb of God "Ashes Of The Wake" LP (Legacy) 
Double vinyl LP pressing including digital download. To commemorate the 15th Anniversary of Lamb of God's classic Ashes Of The Wake, the album is now being released on double-vinyl with four non-LP tracks, including the B-Side "Another Nail For Your Coffin" and previously unreleased demos.

Obsessed "Lunar Womb" LP (High Roller) 
Limited colored vinyl LP including poster. Digitally remastered. Lunar Womb is the second studio album by the heavy metal band The Obsessed. It was released in 1991 by Hellhound Records. The Obsessed is a heavy metal band from Maryland led by Scott "Wino" Weinrich which combines elements of doom metal, stoner rock and punk rock. Formed in 1980, they recorded a few demos and played a handful of live shows until they first split up in 1986 when Weinrich joined as lead vocalist for Saint Vitus, but reformed four years later.

Spirit Adrift "Divided By Darkness" LP (20 Buck Spin) 
Lazily labelled "doom" by some, the band is in fact the true representation of what modern heavy metal should be, a direct descendent of the widely-appealing arena-filling superstars of the '80s and '90s without a whiff of anachronistic cosplay fantasies.

Sunn O)) "Life Metal" LP (Southern Lord) 
Sunn O))) co-founders Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson began working on new music in early 2018. Following an initial pre-production session at Dave Grohl's 606 Studios in California, they made their way to Chicago to record at Albini's Electrical Audio. Oining the band on Life Metal is composer and frequent live collaborator Hildur Guðnadóttir, who adds vocals, electric cello, and haldorophone to the track "Novae". Additionally, Tim Midyett plays aluminium neck bass and baritone guitars throughout the album, while Anthony Pateras contributes pipe organ to "Troubled Air".

Townsend, Devin "Empath" LP (Century Media) 
Empath is the eighteenth studio album by Canadian metal musician Devin Townsend, released on his own label HevyDevy Records. It is his first solo album since Dark Matters, which was a part of the 2014 double album Z², and his first release to act solely as a solo album since 2007's Ziltoid the Omniscient.

Ashby, Dorothy & Frank Wess "In A Minor Groove" LP (Real Gone Music) 
One of two albums the jazz harpist made in 1958 with flautist/saxophonist Frank Wess, is a marvel; backed by fellow Detroit native Herman Wright on bass and the great Roy Haynes on drums, she and Wess weave mesmerizing melodic threads through standards like "Alone Together" and "Yesterdays." But perhaps the most amazing track is "Bohemia After Dark," which displays Ashby's uncanny ability to turn her harp into a rhythm guitar! First-ever domestic vinyl reissue using the original mono sources-not the rechanneled stereo and jumbled track listing that showed up on Prestige's later repackaging called "Dorothy Ashby Plays for Beautiful People". Limited to 1000 copies on neon green vinyl.

Benson, George "Walking to New Orleans" CD (Mascot Label Group) 
Here's something different from a guitarist and vocalist we typically associate with jazz virtuosity and R&B/jazz-flavored pop. George pays loving tribute to Chuck Berry and Fats Domino-two artists he greatly admires-on his first recording since 2013. It's like Benson is "walking to New Orleans" from St. Louis-and then back again-as you hear his inspired renditions of "Havana Moon," "Ain't That a Shame," "You Can't Catch Me," "Blue Monday," "Nadine," the title tune and more.

Bird Curtis Quintet "Needs B" LP (Jazzaggression) 
The critically acclaimed quintet is back with their second album. Finally available for the first time 
after it was recorded 50 years ago. 'Needs B' is a beautifully crafted set with one traditional and 9 original songs, filed under the classic British jazz sound blending modernism and bop with a strong focus on melody. With a top line-up of London musicians Ian Bird on tenor and alto-sax, John Curtis on trumpet, Ray Shea on piano, Daryl Runswick on bass and Tim Woolley on drums. Comes with new CD inside sleeve and new liner-notes by Daryl Runswick.

Bird Curtis Quintet "s/t" LP (Jazzaggression) 
This very rare British Jazz album from 1968 (private press of 100 copies) gets the Jazzagression reissue treatment with improved sound, new liner notes and additional CD and digital download. Limited to 1000 copies.

Coltrane, Alice "Eternity" LP (Antarctica Starts Here) 
Released in 1976, Eternity was Alice Coltrane's first album for Warner Bros. after eight wondrous records on Impulse! Combining the drones and textures of India, the gospel and R&B of her Detroit youth and the dissonance of modern classical composition, Coltrane's music in the '70s would become increasingly difficult to categorize. Having moved a few years earlier to California (where she founded the Vedantic Center, an Ashram for spiritual studies), Coltrane stretches out on Eternity-incorporating various musical styles, including a stirring adaptation of Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring-and the results are dazzling, both in sonic scope and emotional range. While Coltrane would delve deeper into her spiritual journeys and continue to expand her musical interests on subsequent LPs, Eternity remains a vivid and compelling display of her unique vision, myriad talents and passions.

Coltrane, Alice "Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtana" LP (Antarctica Starts Here) 
Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtana was the first of two albums Alice Coltrane released in 1977 (the other being Transcendence). Coltrane's music during this period grew out of an epiphany in which she would renounce secular life and don the orange robes of a swamini (spiritual teacher in the Hindu tradition). Musically, this meant leaving jazz behind (at least partially) and embracing the chants and rhythms of devotional music. The first half of Radha-Krsna is mostly filled with simple arrangements of bhajans (Hindu devotional songs) and features the singing of students from the Vedantic Center, the Ashram that Coltrane founded in 1975. The group bounces with the joy of a gospel choir (not coincidentally, some had backgrounds in Southern Baptist churches).

Coltrane, Alice "Transcendence" LP (Antarctica Starts Here) 
Transcendence was not only Alice Coltrane's last studio album for Warner Bros., it would also be her last studio work for nearly three decades. While Eternity and Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtana followed the composer's muse through an exciting range of musical styles and influences, Transcendence is perhaps the most fully realized of the three LPs, synthesizing the best elements of each into a monumental whole. Side one consists of intimate compositions with Alice's pointillist harp enhanced by intricate string arrangements. At times, the emotional climaxes in "Radhe Shyam" and the title track sound like the score to an epic film. This would be the closest Coltrane ever came to chamber music, yet rendered with her uniquely spiritual tint. Side two moves into celestial territory with uplifting chants, light handclaps and bluesy organ. These call-and-response chants, featuring members from her Ashram, completely embody both African-American gospel and Hindu devotional traditions, an uncanny fusion that is transformed through Alice's pure spirit. What runs through the album's two musical halves is a powerful sense of devotion and discovery. At this point in her life, Coltrane was on a journey toward truth through sound, and Transcendence gives the listener a front row seat to this quest.

Coltrane, Alice "Transfiguration" LP (Antarctica Starts Here) 
By the late '70s, Alice Coltrane had largely gravitated away from jazz, incorporating Hindu chants and hymns into her music to reflect a newfound sense of creative omnipotence. However, in April 1978, she would return to her roots, performing at University of California, Los Angeles to make her first and only live album. Transfiguration, featuring drummer Roy Haynes and bassist Reggie Workman, showcases Alice's many compositional talents and fierce improvisatory abilities. Throughout this double LP set, her playing evokes the time spent in her late husband John Coltrane's band and the avant-garde music of her earlier years. Alice Coltrane would not revisit jazz on record for another 26 years, turning instead to spiritual music made with students at her Vedantic Center and self-releasing a series of cassettes under her Sanskrit name, Turiyasangitananda. It is hard to imagine a better farewell than the intense and spellbinding Transfiguration.

Erik Andresen Quartet "Gip" LP (Jazzaggression) 
Reissue of 1970's Norwegian Post-Bop gem. Contains the Helsinki Jazz dance classic 'Cordon Bleu' and probably the finest version of 'Footprints' ever recorded. Recorded in 1970 and released on Arne Bendiksen's Flower label in 1971, this Norwegian post-bop gem has today become a highly priced collectors item. Featuring Erik Andresen on Alto-Sax, Roy Hellvin on Piano, Tore Nordlie double bass and Svein Christiansen on drums. This reissue comes with with CD inside sleeve, improved sound, new liner-notes and one bonus track.

Evans, Gil "New Bottle, Old Wine" LP (Blue Note) 
1958 album by Gil Evans, one of the most innovative arrangers in jazz. Evans' orchestra on this session is packed with a superb set of players, including Cannonball Adderley, Art Blakey, Paul Chambers and Johnny Coles. Sourced from a previously unknown analog stereo master, the incredible session comes in the highest fidelity on this Tone Poet LP.

Henderson, Joe "State of the Tenor, Vol. 2" LP (Blue Note) 
Joe Henderson on tenor saxophone, Ron Carter on bass, and Al Foster on drums captured live in 1985 playing at the peak of their respective powers at NYC's historic jazz shrine, The Village Vanguard.

Rushton, Ruby "Ironside" LP (22A) 
The 4th studio album from the Tenderlonious-led jazz quartet - Ruby Rushton. 'Ironside' sees the band continuing to push boundaries, and lead the way, with this new genre defying recording. The quartet's fresh, high energy sound is rooted in the spiritual concepts of John Coltrane and Yusef Lateef, paying homage to The Headhunters and Weather Report heyday, whilst still adopting influences from hip hop, Afrobeat and the UK underground culture.

Sami Linna Quartet "Mode For Tomorrow b/w Umoya" 7" (Timmion) 
Led by guitarist Linna, this international group of elite players paves way for their full length album with the single release "Mode For Tomorrow" b/w "Umoya". The single hints to what's to come with a deep modal tune referencing 1970's spiritual jazz on the A-side, and groovy soul jazz on the flip. You can immediately hear that these compositions have been crafted with thorough understanding of the tradition, but with passion and capability to breath them to life in this modern age. Both tracks get a single edit treatment here and the full length versions will be available on the coming album. This is not jazz for the faint-hearted, but the real deal meant for real people.

Smith, Paris - Kenneth Hill "The Paris Smith - Kenneth Hill Quartets" LP (Jazzaggression) 
Top drawer moody laden basement bebop led by Chicago Vibist Paris Smith and Tenor saxophone player Kenneth Hill. The Quartets album, Paris Smith and Kenneth Hill's first album together with original material. A truly remarkable underground jazz album that sounds like it was recorded 10 years earlier, top feeling and very much alive. Paris Smith - vibes, Kenneth Hill - sax, Michael Smith & Donnell Lambert - Bass, Usama - Drums. Comes with new picture, new liner notes and remastered sound. Limited to 500!

Stitt, Sonny "Lone Wolf: The Roost Alternates" LP (Run Out Groove) 
Sonny Stitt was a true improviser and his solos on these alternate takes differ substantially from the later takes chosen to be the masters. Some of them were uncovered by Teddy Reig in 1986 for an LP titled Symphony Hall Swing. The rest were first released on the 2001 Mosaic CD collection The Complete Roost Sonny Stitt Studio Sessions, but have yet to appear on the vinyl format.

Trible, Dwight "Mothership" LP (Gearbox) 
The godfather of the LA sound, and possibly the World's greatest living Jazz Vocalist, returns with his masterpiece. Recorded at LA's Sunset Sound, and backed by a band of legendary musicians (including Kamasi Washington), this is a work of true beauty, a tour de force that reveals Dwight's kinship with Spiritualism, a timeless collection of songs performed, recorded, mixed and mastered in a fashion faithful to its heritage.

Whitfield, Barrence Soul Savage Arkestra, The "Songs From The Sun Ra Cosmos" LP (Modern Harmonic) 
Garage and soul screamer Barrence Whitfield channels the Saturnian ruler of the omniverse with a soul-tripping exploration of Sun Ra favorites - from the explosive "Nuclear War" to the shimmering exotica of "Love In Outer Space" to the Funkadelicized "Everything Is Space." Since the '70s, lucky concert goers have witnessed the adrenaline mainlined madness that is a Barrence Whitfield performance. That brand of madness has been captured on hundreds of feet of magnetic tape and mutated into this studio recording over 25 years in the making - which somehow manages to be at times mellow, and at others completely explosive. Whitfield has channeled the late Sun Ra and delivers what we can best assume Ra would sound like if he had amphetamines kicking up his synaptic dopamine and norepinephrine concentrations in his striatum.

Brown, James Band "Sho Is Funky Down Here" CD (Now-Again)

Finnigan, Kelly "The Tales People Tell" LP/CD/CS
Kelly Finnigan's debut solo album for Colemine Records represents the culmination of his 15 years of experience - in the studio as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, producer - and touring the US and Europe as a singer, musician, and band-leader. The content within reflects his dedication to expression through the rich American music traditions of soul, gospel, doo-wop, and R&B.

Grodeck Whipperjenny, The "s/t" CD (Now-Again)

Hector, Karl & The Malcouns "Non Ex Orbis" LP/CD (Now Again)

Johnson, Syl "Is it Because I'm Black" LP (Numero Group) 
Coming hot on the heels of his first full length, the self-proclaimed "most sampled artist of all time"released the groundbreaking black concept LP Is It Because I'm Black a full 13 months before Marvin Gaye asked What's Going On? Rumbling hard past any notion of a sophomore jinx, Syl delivered a bracing, inspiring, and politically charged R&B document. "The 'lost' voice that cut the deepest, burned the hardest, and kept the best pace with the hall-of-famers." - Jonathan Lethem

Oroza, Bobby "This Love" LP (Big Crown Records) 
When Bobby Oroza and the Cold Diamond & Mink production duo first got together in the studio they cut "This Love". That turned out to be a hell of a start. Since they originally released it in 2016 the tune has become somewhat of an underground hit. From the heavy air play at car shows and swap meets in the South West to being featured in numerous movies and tv shows, it even made it's way to an Earl Sweatshirt mixtape. All of this has lead to a lot anticipation for Bobby Oroza's debut full length which is appropriately named after the tune that started it all.

v/a "Backstreet Brit Funk Vol. 1 - Compiled by Joey Negro" 2xLP (Z Records) 
First ever reissue and remaster of 2010 release. A collection of rare and very sought-after underground British disco, funk and soul tracks avoiding the obvious hits that have been on a million CD's already. Many of these tracks never went beyond a very small local release but have since become very collectible - buying this lot would set you back somewhere in the four figures.

v/a "Greg Belson's Divine Disco v.2: Obscure Gospel Disco 1979 to 1987" CD (Cultures of Soul) 

Rogers, Randy Band "Hellbent" CD (Tommy Jackson Records) 
The Texas-based Randy Rogers Band has kept it's lineup intact since 2002, and the group has reached the Top 5 of Billboard's country albums chart with each of it's last three studio releases, including 2016's Nothing Shines Like Neon. Hellbent was recorded at Nashville's historic RCA Studio A with Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson).

Koang, Gordon "Mal Mi Goa b/w Salaam" 12" (Music in Exile) 
Gordon Koang Duoth is a Neur speaker and musician hailing from the Upper Nile region of what is now South Sudan. Accompanied by his cousin Paul Biel, Gordon performs a blend of traditional Neur rhythms and original compositions in English, Arabic, and his native language.

Madalitso Band "Wasalala" LP (Bongo Joe) 
Intuitive, authentic, and full of ruthless rhythms, Malawian Madalitso Band has taken Europe by storm. Madalitso will make you clap, dance, smile, and rethink everything you thought you knew about African sound and instrumentation. Madalitso is authentic to the core and coming to Europe once again after demand from clubs and festivals everywhere.

Massamba, Sammy "Propriété Privée" LP (Secousse) 
Propriété Privée is the pinnacle of Sammy Massamba's style, a successful fusion of African and American music heritage, halfway between Franco and Otis Redding, Fela and Wilson Picket, King Sunny Ade and Aretha Franklin. A one man band army, exploding with charisma and adventure.

v/a " Light & Sound Of Mogadishu" LP (Afro7) 
A compilation of songs from the seventies scene in Mogadishu, Somalia.

v/a "Soothing Songs for Babies (Berceuses du Monde)" LP (Mental Groove) 
An inspiring collection of carefully chosen lullabies from all over the world, that will please both young parents and their children, as well as (world) music enthusiasts looking for a peaceful and captivating listening.

Congos, The "Back in the Black Ark" LP (Utopia) 
More than thirty years after the fabulous " Heart of the Congos ", classified among ten better albums reggae of every time, The Congos, Cedric Myton, Ashanti Roy and Watty Burnett, find again Lee " Scratch " Perry in Jamaica to record their last album very exactly named " Back in the Black Ark ".

Bartlett, Martin "Anecdotal Electronics: Live Experiments & Other Recordings" LP (Arc Light Editions) 
Martin Bartlett was an inspiring and original thinker, composer, writer, performer, and organizer. His preoccupation with building aleatoric elements into electronic music distinguishes his work. He devised elegant and open interactions for instrumental performers and computer-controlled synthesizers which included building his own electronic devices and extensive work on the Buchla 400. He worked with or studied under Pauline Oliveros, John Cage, and David Tudor, and collaborated extensively with Don Buchla, and some of their live performances are included on the LP Anecdotal Electronics.

Hayman, Rip "Dreams of India & China" LP (Recital) 
Dreams of India & China is the first retrospective LP of artist and sailor, Rip Hayman. Recorded from 1975-1986, the two side-long works were collaged from a dozen hours of tape recordings which laid dormant for over 30 years. It ebbs as the tides; pulsing from one location to the next in a faint stupor, Dreams turns to be an autobiographical sound map. Audio capsules of Hayman's installation performances, private experiments, and every ethnographic voyage in between are charted. Outdoor recordings canopy over indoor recordings, thatching surreality. Tonal quilts lap over "Dreamwaves" on the first side: an all-night sleep concert hosted by Rip as the sandman. Whispers of recounted dreams, birds and trees, organ waves. The second side traverses more saturated memories: bicycle spokes ripping against half-speed piano, bleeding cymbal dances over saxophone gusts, the tumbling of Rip's body affixed with bells and metal.

Homler, Anna "Deliquium in C" LP (Prasens Editionen) 
American performance and improv artist Anna Homler is best known for her early work as "Breadwoman," originally released in the mid-80s. For Deliquium in C, Homler worked together with four extraordinary artists moving in the domain of electronic music in its broadest sense: Gang of Ducks' Alessio Capovilla, Mark Davies alias The Pylon King (who, together with Homler, forms the duo Voices of Kwahn), PAN-affiliate Steven Warwick aka Heatsick, and the late Steve Moshier, who produced the original Breadwoman tape. These collaborations emphasize once more just how versatile Homler is-as a singer and as a master of her toys.

Naqvi, Qasim "Teenages" LP (Erased Tapes) 
'Teenages' captures the sound of electronics living, breathing and mutating of their own accord - almost autonomously - with only subtle, sparing but perfectly-judged and masterful guidance.

Sullivan, Matthew "Matthew" LP (Recital) 
"Matthew is nailed together with driftwood from around the world. The waters of Italy, the pubs of London, birds of Japan, a phone call in Los Angeles. Sullivan moved from California to London in 2016. Living in London was a pivotal time for Matt, as I see it. This record digests that time. Each sound on Matthew means something specific to the artist. Locales and memories focus to mind as passages rise and sink. Us listeners cannot know what transpires across the speakers, however. Our own narrative is quietly built." -- Sean McCann

Cardinal & Nun "s/t" 12" (L.I.E.S.) 
Cardinal & Nun from Marseille, France delivers his debut ep for L.I.E.S. with a four track no holds barred synth punk assault. Injecting energy into the dead, channeling chaos and turmoil into his music, he rips through four tracks with a rough yet somehow elegant approach...raw to the bone yet flawlessly arranged. Synths that sound like guitars, guitars that sound like synths, metallic drum machines with a human touch and deranged vocals fuel this record til the end. Think Screamers meet Chrome meet Liasions with a healthy dose of southern California gutter punks on meth and you're in the right place. Marseille is where it is all happening right now and this is a documented confirmation of it.

Connection Machine, The "Painless " 2xLP (Down Low Music) 
The Connection Machine is Natasja Hagemeier and Jeroen Brandjes. The CD-only original release from 2004 has been re-mastered and features nine tracks for this first-time vinyl version of the album. The Down Low label is a vital US resource for deeply personal electronic music that works both in bedrooms and DJ booths. It's a label that put out celebrated albums and EPs by the likes of Convexion, E.R.P and Dan Curtin, and played a key role during its first lifetime. Ten years after their last release they return with this double 180g vinyl version of the Painless album by The Connection Machine. It is an album made up of material made in the nineties that never saw the light of day and is full of achingly deep moods, dreamy acid house, down tempo electronics, ambient, and Detroit techno, all of which make it a lost classic from the Dutch techno scene. This is a vital reissue that not only re-introduces this forgotten classic to a whole new audience, but also the Down Low Music label itself.

Deadbeat "Waking Life" 2xLP (BLKRTZ) 
"Expertly made dub techno for the dance floor. Scott Monteith's last album, Wax Poetic For This Our Great Resolve, was both a lament and a message of hope for a world in turmoil. On that record, the Canadian artist embedded speech in an often instrumental form. On his latest LP, he's less poetic, reflecting not on the world around him but on a festival he played last year: Waking Life in Portugal. In the process, he's made some of his most straightforward dub techno in recent memory." -- Resident Advisor

Duran, Kelman "1804 Kids" LP (Hundebiss) 
Upfront reggaeton bumpers from LA-based Dominican Kelman Duran. Revolving themes as diverse as unrequited love and the Haitian revolution, delivered in pitched-up autotuned vocals by NYC's Mess Kid on Solos (based on Dominican-Puerto Rican singer Ozuna's No Quiere Enamorarse) for example, the set expresses a sort of patriotism from an outsider perspective - both from the position of a Black guy in the Dominican Republic, and as a Dominican in the "sanctuary" city of LA during the Trump era.

Fret "s/t" 12" (L.I.E.S.) 
Mick Harris (Napalm Death, Scorn) is back on L.I.E.S. with his second ep under his FRET moniker. Harris who has arguably pioneered the template for industrial techno and dubstep genres again shows us why he is the boss with this ep. Fusing ultra heavy blasted broken drum programming with mutant dubstyle mixing desk techniques, Harris once again creates a sonic black hole which there is no return from. Brief moments of tranquility give way to crushing bursts of metal on metal screams and tortured frequency abuse, as the buried voices try to rise from the wreckage. Once again, this is controlled chaos executed by a master, remorseless electronic music with zero compromise, plain and simple.

Holt, Daniel "Demonic City" 12" (L.I.E.S.) 
One half of the group Vault, Daniel Holt makes his solo 12-inch debut on L.I.E.S. with a killer three tracker. Holt immediately locks in on the a-side with the massive 11:00 minute electro-wave groover "Demonic City", think heavy fm synth bass, graveyard strings, and Alesis drum machines all coming together creating a sullen and hypnotic gothic-funk cut, yes that's right, gothic funk (you heard it right). Turn to the b-side for two more wave style jams, top production on both...exploring the realms of downbeat electronics throughout. Huge debut by this up and coming American artist.

It's Thinking "Afterglow" 12" (Frame of Mind) 
After the acclaimed release of Nature Boy's Ruff Disco Volume One, Frame Of Mind is back with another re-issue of a 25 year old record. Gerd's very first house release called Afterglow, produced under the alias of It's Thinking together with two of his (highschool) friends Mark and Dirk-Jan, was picked up by John Acquaviva for release on the short lived Plus 8 subsidiary called Malego back in 1992. The EP features five warm and atmospheric house tracks recorded at a dark attic room somewhere in the west of Holland in 1991. These days Afterglow is quite a sought after record that rarely turns up cheap on discogs. We are proud to be able to offer you limited copies of this re-mastered package.

It's Thinking "Hyperion" 12" (Frame of Mind) 
Hyperion became a cult hit in the underground scene during the last two years. The combination of warm melodies, grooving bassline and loud breakbeat is spot on and proves to provide for a timeless feel. That's why the record became more and more sought after and is going for big money on cogs, if one pops up that is. Gerd had to go through 500+ DAT tapes to retrieve original masters of the 4 tracks off this second It's Thinking EP he produced with two high school friends, Dirk & Mark, in the early 90's. It took us a while to prepare this package but finally here it is: remastered and sounding better than ever!

Kendrick, Jodey "Electric Dance Music 1" 2x12" (Djak-Up-Bitch) 
Keep your ears clean and listen out for highlights in the likes of his strange garage-techno groove and ohrwurming vocal on 'Deep Mum', the subaquatic electro functions of 'Dyna 4' and the deliciously dissonant, Drexciyan-style pneumatic pump of 'TBS1' and 'Sister Ruth III'.

Lakker "Epoca" LP (R&S Record) 
Época is a bracing return to form, combining caustic electronics with fresh inspiration from the prepared piano of John Cage, plaintive folk melodies, the explorative label Sublime Frequencies and the raw rhythms of Kampala's Nyege Nyege Tapes.

Laswell, Bill "City of Light" LP (Sub Rosa) 
First time ever on vinyl, re-released in our Sub Rosa Blackcore series. City of Light is the sixth solo album by American composer Bill Laswell, released on July 29, 1997. While it may appear an anachronism in his catalog, fans of Bill Laswell will find City of Light an extension of ideas he has explored throughout his career. His strong interest in Eastern music and religion resulted in this 1997 collaboration with Janet Rienstra. Part sacred, spoken word, part meditative soundscape, City of Light takes as its inspiration the holy region of Banaras, India.

TV.OUT "s/t" 12" (L.I.E.S.)
Hard hitting duo TV.OUT return to L.I.E.S. with their 2nd EP for the label. Clocking in with four tracks, these guys move with ease from classic Franfurt style New Beat to teeth grindin, lower bpm EBM and Hague style electro, all tracks suited for the club! Head right to the opener XTC for an immediate 8 minute expansive modern day lesson in dancefloor drama- strings and claps perfectly placed as the bassline drives you insane. Fast forward to "Black Out" for a slower paced harder 
hitting beating, air raid sirens scream as the metalworks clang on. TV.OUT at the top of their game with this one.

Yokota, Susumu "Acid Mt. Fuji" 2xLP (Midgar) 
Reissued on White Vinyl

Jesus & The Brides of Dracula "Turning Teeth / To Sir with Love" (From "Under the Silver Lake") 7" (Milan) 
Under the Silver Lake features the original song "Turning Teeth". Written by Disasterpeace and performed by the in-film group Jesus & The Brides of Dracula, the recording is actually preformed by Silversun Pickups. Ltd to 500 copies.

"Liquid Sky" by Slava Tsukerman LP (Death Waltz) 
Liquid Sky is the cult film to end all cult movies! Set in 1982, Microscopic aliens arrive on earth to feed on the endorphins of heroin addicts in the hip club scene of Downtown New York City. The aliens land on the roof of an apartment block and soon realize they get a better lunch when feeding off orgasms. The music is as wild as the premise of the film. Composed by director Slava Tsukerman himself using an array of early analog synthesizers and samplers, he mixes original compositions with electronic versions of symphonic classics to striking effect. 

"Under the Silver Lake" by Disasterpeace LP (Milan) 
From the dazzling imagination of writer-director David Robert Mitchell, who brought you It Follows, comes a delirious neo-noir fever dream about one man's search for the truth behind the mysterious crimes, murders, and disappearances in his East L.A. neighborhood. Sam (Andrew Garfield) is a disenchanted 33-year-old who discovers a mysterious woman, Sarah (Riley Keough), frolicking in his apartment's swimming pool. When she vanishes, Sam embarks on a surreal quest across Los Angeles to decode the secret behind her disappearance, leading him into the murkiest depths of mystery, scandal, and conspiracy in the City of Angels. The lush symphonic original soundtrack comes courtesy of It Follows composer Disasterpeace (aka Rich Vreeland) and takes inspiration from the legendary scores of Franz Waxman and Bernard Hermann.

"La stagione dei sensi" by Ennio Morricone LP (Vinyl Magic) 
Pressed on colored vinyl & limited to 500 "La stagione dei sensi" (also known as "Season of the senses") is a 1969 film directed by Massimo Franciosa, perfect son its time: a pop-coloured cauldron, - whose screenplay had also been written by Dario Argento - which mixes mystery, sensuality, eroticism and morbid atmospheres in an exotic and fascinating context, inside of a castle on an island in the middle of the sea. Ennio Morricone's soundtrack is very varied and, in some ways, atypical; in fact, there are five sung tracks instead of the usual single one used for the main titles: three beat/pop songs by Patrick Samson ("Gloria", "Tell me tell me", "Laila Laila"), and two lounge/symphonic compositions by Edda Dell'Orso ("A voice in the mirror", "Suspend the time"). The full picture is completed by "Sytar", with oriental and romantic atmospheres, the dramatic and gloomy improvised "Dinamica per 5 + 1" and the waltz of "In tre quarti".

Vannier, Jean-Claude "La Bete Noire" 7" (Finders Keepers) 
Music from an obscure French thriller movie from 1983! Get ready for a strange exploration of free jazz, totally frenzied batucadas and a fair dose of cyclic carousel psychedelia.

"Symphonic Suite Space Pirate Captain Harlock" by Seiji  Yokoyama   LP (Survival Research)
Space Pirate Captain Harlock was originally a manga comic series created and illustrated by Leiji Matsumoto, which debuted in 1977. The comic was adapted into an anime television series in 1978 directed by Rintaro and produced by Toei Animation. The soundtrack to this series was composed by Seiji Yokoyama and is perhaps his best-known work. Symphonic and tense, the music perfectly complements the show, where Captain Harlock denies defeat and leads an outlaw crew aboard his starship Arcadia to undertake daring raids against Earth's oppressors during a low time for Earth's population, in the future of 2977 AD. A great and rare anime soundtrack, highly sought after by collectors both of anime and Japanese electronics/symphonic music.

"LSD Revamped" by Osamu Sato 3xLP (Ship-To-Shore) 
The vinyl debut of Osamu Sato's LSD Revamped. Created in honor of the 20th anniversary of the cult hit Playstation game LSD Dream Emulator, LSD Revamped finds Mr. Sato revisiting his work, as well as enlisting a myriad of artists to produce remixes of the tracks. One of the most experimental and fascinating games and soundtracks of all time, this album should have a place on any serious collectors shelf!

Connors, Loren & Daniel Carter "The Departing of a Dream Vol. VII" LP (Family Vineyard) 
Debut collaboration between two giants of the New York avant-garde: guitarist Loren Connors and  saxophonist/trumpeter Daniel Carter. It's a gorgeous, languorous soundscape distilled from the darkest reaches of blues and jazz. For nearly 17 years Connors has used the Departing series to continue his meditation on Miles Davis' epic "He Loved Him Madly" and expand his efforts to create disappearing music. The duo does just that; vanishing behind decaying trumpet drones and choral-like sheets of electric strings. The album, mixed and mastered by Jim O'Rouke, ends like the distant shimmers of a black crystal.

De Fabriek "Made in Spain" LP (B.F.E.) 
Official reissue of this experimental industrial electronic classic originally released by Discos Esplendor Geométrico in 1987.

Lundvall, Tor "A Strangeness in Motion" LP (DAIS Records) 
Rescued from ambient composer Tor Lundvall's old DAT tapes, A Strangeness In Motion: Early Pop Recordings 1989-1999 are some of the artist's earliest completed synth pop works which have remained unreleased until now. While the collection has the recognizable ambient bones and sensibilities he's refined throughout his career, many of the tracks call back to the synth-driven pop of mid-late'80s Wire, Nine Circles, and New Order's Movement, with the common thread being the sparse density and mood created by compression, depression, and the impulse to twist convention, not rip it up and repurpose it.

Nocturnal Emissions "Viral Shedding" LP (Mannequin) 
Mannequin Records start a series of re-presses dedicated to the legendary Nocturnal Emissions, one of the best kept secrets of the industrial genre since the 1970s. Led by Nigel Ayers and Caroline K, the band was one of the first to use tape cutting, avant-garde art, and underground video works to create a stage experience that was being cultivated by like-minded artists like Throbbing Gristle, SPK, and Cabaret Voltaire. Originally released on Illuminated Records in 1983, Viral Shedding is surely one of the most important references for the industrial/funk dance music. Between pure noise and electronic beats, Viral Shedding is creating a twisted and percussive rhythmic urge, a funky disco sound permeated by digital industrial beats.

v/a "Material Electrico Vol. III" LP (B.F.E.) 
Third volume of the series, a compilation of international mutant electronic underground. It's a tour around experimental electronics covering abstract rhythms (Santiago, Black Zone Myth Chant), industrial new EBM beat (Celldöd, Klack, Violet Poison, Bässt), minimal wave (Circa Tapes, Sam De La Rosa), and the great collaboration between Sam De La Rosa & Kyle Dixon (Survive, Stranger Things soundtrack). Edition of 260.

WURVE "Memory Bleach" LP (Yippee Ki Yay) 
Memory Bleach is the debut album from the four-piece band WURVE of Austin, Texas consisting of Alex (Guitar/Vox) . Dwelling somewhere between bright and dark, features a colorful spectrum of hard hitting feel-good rhythms punctuated by spiraling melodies, heady vocals, heavy guitar tonalities, and swells of reverb channeling Jesus and Mary Chain noise-pop sensibilities with experimental elements gleaned from Austins rich homegrown history of psychedelia.

Peachfuzz Zine Volume 6 Issue 2 
"For our October 2018 issue, we hopped over to Lockhart, Texas to shoot in the very cool Big Dog Neon shop with photographer Mackenzie Smith and babe galore Ashlee P. We talked to Annie Sprinkle about the history of printed smut in what is, perhaps, the coolest interview we've ever done. Emma McNairy talks about her Saturn Return. Poetry and short fiction from Jessica Brown, Bronte Treat, Rachel Lewis Curry, Betty Vine, Colleen Rothman and Ela Canyon. Paintings and illustrations from Daniel Audet, Bailey Dieckman, Lilah Nguyen and Adrienne Rivers. X by X by our friend and babe Emily Alben (and her babe of a partner, Robbie)."

Friday, April 19th

Big Stick "Drag Racing" 7" 
To announce the launch of their own label Drag Racing Underground, Big Stick are reissuing their first single from 1985. All four original tracks remastered, recut and packaged in repro sleeves. RSD 2019 release.

Bjork, Brant "Jacoozzi" LP (Heavy Psych Sounds) 
In December of 2010, Bjork layered improvised guitars, bass, and percussion over his own drum tracks, essentially jamming by himself. Jacoozzi collects these jam tracks. LP versions available in black vinyl or limited edition splatter vinyl.

Bjork, Brant "Keep Your Cool" LP (Heavy Psych Sounds) 
Reissue, originally released in 2003. Keep Your Cool is easily one of Brant Bjork's most accessible and catchiest albums. A good head-banger, a soulful ballad, a relaxing, acoustic guitar piece: Keep Your Cool has all of them.

Broderick, Heather Woods "Invitation" LP (Western Vinyl) 
Heather Woods Broderick's new album Invitation is about rediscovering the everyday magic and healing potential found in nature. HWB's last album Glider was called "ethereal and perfect" by NPR, "exquisitely beautiful" by Mojo, and "Stunning" by The Sunday Times. Since its release she has toured with Alela Diane, and Lisa Hanigan, and has done one-off shows with The War on Drugs, Laura Gibson, and others, in addition to continuing her role in Sharon Van Etten's band.

Cage The Elephant "Social Cues" LP/CD (RCA) 
The fifth studio album by rock band Cage the Elephant.

Care Of The Cow "Dogs' Ears Are Stupid" LP (Mental Experience) 
Mental Experience presents a reissue of Care Of The Cow's Dogs' Ears Are Stupid, originally released only on cassette in 1983. A trio formed by Victor Sanders, X Baczewska, and Sher Doruff, they had a very unique and eclectic sound, experimental yet very melodic, mixing psychedelic folk-rock with art-rock and DIY/post-punk. The album is a fascinating blend of psychedelic folk, minimal electronics and post-punk weirdness. Remastered from the master tapes, includes insert with liner notes by Krakow and photos. LP version includes download.

Diane Coffee "Internet Arms" LP (Polyvinyl) 
The ever-evolving spectacle that is Diane Coffee-the gender and genre-bending alter ego of Shaun Fleming-returns with Internet Arms, a swan dive into a lush, digital glam wonderland.

Field Medic "Fade Into the Dawn" LP (Run For Cover) 
Lo-fi bedroom folk. Features ten sparse, acoustic tracks that reckon with our perceptions of success and self as they face down the inevitable complications that arise from realizing any hard-won dream.

Guided By Voices "Warp and Woof" LP/CD (GBV Inc) 
Following Guided By Voice's sprawling double-album Zeppelin Over China, Robert Pollard has written and recorded another full-length in record-breaking time. It's Warp And Woof, exuberantly barreling through twenty-four songs in just thirty-seven minutes with a brevity similar to mid-90s GBV albums Alien Lanes and Vampire On Titus. GBV kicked this one out in a flash, recorded in studios, club soundchecks, hotel rooms and even in the tour van.

Hansard, Glen "This Wild Willing" LP (Anti) 
This Wild Willing is Glen Hansard's fourth solo album.

Hosono, Haruomi, Takahiko Ishikawa & Masataka Matsutoya "The Aegean Sea" LP (Victory)
Reissue, originally released in 1979. The album is somewhat of a companion piece to the previous year's Pacific. A beautiful piece of Japanese smooth fusion-jazz with elements of traditional Greek music and Balearic grooves, it's one of Hosono's cleanest and most focused works to date. Essential Japanese jazz fusion.

Johnnyswim "Moonlight" LP (BMG) 
Critically acclaimed Los Angeles band JOHNNYSWIM-led by husband-and-wife Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano-unveil their third full-length album.

Kilgour, Hamish "Franklestein" LP (Ba Da Bing!) 
The Finklestein Universe expands! Upon releasing Finklestein last year, a theme album about a fictitious kingdom, Hamish Kilgour simultaneously put out Funklestein which saw two side-long tracks that delved deeper into Kilgour's fairytale world. Now, the fairytale grows even more nuaced, as Ba Da Bing presents Franklestein-a series of radical remixes which use the Finklestein sessions as a starting point but, being "frank," are new compositions. Each track is an orchestra in a teacup, sounding like the best Velvet Underground boots suffused with dance beats, allowing unexpected room for autoharp, vibraphone and glockenspiel.

LostBoyCrow "Santa Fe" LP (Orchard Enterprises) 
Lostboycrow is an idea that pays homage to new beginnings and a poignant heritage - best described as a pop minded vocalists dark love affair with the world of modern R+B.

Nanami Ozone "NO" LP (Tiny Engines) 
Like the cool, mysterious person in the corner of a dimly lit bar that you cant figure out, a romantic shadow hangs over Nanami Ozone's NO. The band's sophomore LP pairs sincere lyricism with hazy guitar-driven rock creating a feeling of deep passion...not love though. Nanami Ozone does not make music for love but rather the complexities which accompany love: lust, confusion, desire, fixation, hurt. Perfect for midsummer sunsets as well as introspective winter evenings at home, NO is equal parts solicitous and pensive.

Reggie And The Full Effect "Greatest Hits 1984-1987" LP (Reggie Records) 
Reggie and the Full Effect's not-at-all accurately titled debut album Greatest Hits '84 - '87 makes a triumphant return to vinyl after nearly two decades out-of-print!

Reo, Emily "Only You Can See It" LP (Carpark) 
Only You Can See It is a devastatingly beautiful collection of prismatic pop songs reckoning with the complexity of self-possession. Following the release of her acclaimed 2013 full-length Olive Juice, Reo spent five years writing, recording, arranging, producing and mixing these ten songs-at her apartment in Brooklyn, and at various studios and friends' homes around New York. It's her most intricate web of poetry yet, with prismacolor melodies winding through a vast pop vision.

Resonars, The "No Exit" LP (Trouble In Mind) 
Tucson, Arizona's Matt Rendon has certainly done his homework. Over the course of 22 years and six albums as The Resonars, Rendon's musical vision has remained unwavering; a paean to a lost-era of analog recording, whip-smart, dynamic songwriting, and soul-stirring anthems to ignite generations.

Richman, Jonathan "SA" LP (Blue Arrow) 
A new album from Jonathan Richman. SA, the root note in Indian Ragas was what Ramakrishna, the much beloved mystic, told his spiritual students to search for underneath all things of this world. Richman co-produced the record alongside wife Nicole Montalbano and former Modern Lovers and Talking Heads member Jerry Harrison.

Sad Planets "Akron, Ohio" LP/CD (Tee Pee) 
Debut album by Sad Planets, featuring members of Black Keys, Cobra Verde, Sweet Apple. Sad Planets - John Petkovic and Patrick Carney - rolls out it's brand of "psychedelic trash" - a mix of psych, pop, garage and experimental rock that pairs hook-heavy songwriting with Eno-esque synths and layers of guitars. Dinosaur Jr's J Mascis (who plays guitar with Petkovic in Sweet Apple) adds guitar to the album. Available on limited edition metallic-silver vinyl and compact disc.

Shovels & Rope "By Blood" LP/CD (Dualtone) 
Lacing their acoustic blends of country and bluegrass with a tough indie-rock edge, Shovels & Rope (a.k.a. Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent) have been dazzling with their albums and hittin' the road hard the past seven years or so.

Sundowners "Ancient Cares" 7" (Sea Note) 
New 7" from the Will Oldham / Bill Callahan group.

Test Pattern "s/t" 7" (Drag City) 
In season 2 of IFC's Documentary Now!, the episode "Test Pattern-Final Transmission" parodied/paid tribute to Jonathan Demme's Stop Making Sense, a concert documentary of the Talking Heads. In order to get the same feel and sound, the directors organized a live performance of Test Pattern in San Gabriel, California. Fred Armisen and Bill Hader put together a band that onstage would tell the chronological story of Test Pattern, by adding band members, song by song. It starts with Fred Armisen and a guitar ("This Is My Street"), then a trio with Bill Hader on bass and Jon Wurster on drums ("Art + Student = Poor"), and then Jon Spurney on keyboards and Maya Rudolph on vocals and synth.

TR/ST "The Destroyer-1" LP/CD (House Arrest) 
Robert Alfons says that accepting a radical change of pace was key in making The Destroyer, his new album under the moniker TR/ST. In the five years since releasing Joyland, TR/ST's last full-length album, Alfons wrote and recorded songs in a farmhouse in southern Ontario and in Los Angeles-where he has relocated-and worked with an all-star cast of collaborators. Maya Postepski, Alfon's collaborator on the 2012 Juno Award-nominated debut TRST, co- wrote and co-produced six of the album's songs, and Alfons worked with co-producers Lars Stalfors and Damian Taylor to refine the album's sound. But he found the key ingredient to creating the driving, anthemic songs on the album-which will be released in two parts; the first on April 19, 2019 and the second in November, 2019-was patience. Indeed, the first part of The Destroyer, which is comprised of eight songs, highlights industrial and dream pop influences on songs like Colossal and Gone, where Alfons' knack for shimmering sounds and powerful vocals are on display. The second part reveals a more mellow, intimate side of the artist.

Wand "Laughing Matter" LP/CD/CS (Drag City) 
A little less than two years on from 2016's Plum, Californian scrap polymorphs Wand return with their fifth long playing record, Laughing Matter.

Anderson.Paak "Ventura" CD (Aftermath/12 Tone Music) 
Only five months after Oxnard's release, Anderson .Paak's latest project Ventura switches gears to soul from the grit and urgency that Oxnard brought acting as a juxtaposition to the two towns where .Paak grew up.

Bodikhuu "Rio / Bodianova" LP (Farsi) 
Bodikhuu is a producer and hip-hop obsessive from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the world's coldest capital city. He works as a crane operator and dreams of Brazil. When winter came and it got too cold to work construction, Bodikhuu made "Rio." The album is lush and tropical -- scratchy bossa nova, street noise, internet ephemera, fat drums, subtle turns, and the guiding hands of Bodikhuu's favorite artists, Dilla and Damu the Fudgemunk. Composed on a battered MPC in a Soviet-era housing block on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, "Rio/Bodianova" is a love letter to Brazil, a place Bodikhuu knows only through music and his imagination.

Renegade Force "Renegade Force" 12" (Snow Dog / Heavenly Star) 
RSD 2019 release. Previously unreleased six-track demo by forgotten NYC-area band Renegade Force. There is no background information about this recording, a salvaged demo by unknown musicians seeing collaborative release between Snow Dog and Heavenly Star Records (Clyde Alexander & Sanction, Margo's Kool Out Crew, Cloud One). The group's dead-on execution of Zulu Nation/Wild Style-era "live hip-hop band" vibe recalls Positive Force, Doug Wimbish, Planet Patrol, Pumpkin & Friends, and The Harlem Underground Band. The recording's origin is murky, the equipment/instrumentation (all analog by the sound of it) fits the early 1980s NYC landscape, with the influence of the emerging popularity of drum machines evident on "School Disco".

80s ROCK & POP
Bananarama "s/t" LP+CD (London Music Stream) 
Reissue, originally released in 1984. Bananarama's second album cemented the band as International pop superstars -- with no less than five hit singles and a Top 10 with "Cruel Summer" in both the UK & USA. They were the girl group that defined the '80s with their run of pop hits which sound tracked the lives of fans around the world. LP version comes on purple vinyl; printed inner-sleeve.

Bananarama "True Confessions" LP+CD (London Music Stream) 
Bananarama's third album True Confessions features the smash hit "Venus", which hit the top spot in the US on Billboard Hot 100. The album also includes the singles: "A Trick Of The Night", "Do Not Disturb", and "More Than Physical". LP version on green vinyl in single sleeve with 3mm spine, printed inner; includes CD.

Bananarama "Wow" LP+CD (London Music Stream) 
Reissue of Bananarama's fourth album, originally released in 1987. Wow! was entirely produced and co-written with Stock Aiken Waterman and was certified gold in the UK. LP version comes on red vinyl; printed inner-sleeve

Tear Garden, The "Tired Eyes Slowly Burning" LP (Nettwerk) 
Tired Eyes Slowly Burning is the debut album of the Canadian band The Tear Garden (formed by Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots and cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy). Think Pink Floyd on a scary electronic acid trip and you're getting close.

40 Watt Banana, The "Peeled" LP (Pharaway Sounds) 
The 40 Watt Banana, formed in 1968, was a unique band in New Zealand, the only group that ventured into the esoteric realm of Indo-Afro psychedelic music. Formed by Kevin Clark and Dave Parsons, initially as a jazz combo playing in restaurants, they soon incorporated elements of Indian and African music to their sound. Peeled includes their sought-after 45 from 1971 (the sitar-psych-dancer "Nirvana") plus previously unreleased recordings full of sitar, tabla, sarod, tanpura, trumpet, recorder, effects, and tape echo. Includes insert with photos and liner notes by band member Kevin Clark (now a renowned world/jazz/fusion music artist).

Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. "Hallelujah Mystic Garden Part Two" LP (Important Records) 
Hallelujah Mystic Garden Part Two contains a new deep-pocket groove disco version of fan favorite "Pink Lady Lemonade". Side two is a slick kosmiche-electro-disco number that unfurls over a period of 20 minutes and is periodically punctuated by Makoto Kawabata's unruly soloing.

Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. "Invisible Eyes And Phantom Cathedral" LP (Bam Balam) 
One of the greatest Japanese psychedelic bands, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Invisible Eyes And Phantom Cathedral is in another league from the others. There's a distinct Gong/Can feel about it, with everything that you'd hope from AMT.

Apple "An Apple a Day" LP (Trading Places) 
Reissue, originally released in 1969. British psychedelic band Apple was formed in the industrial powerhouse of Cardiff, north Wales, in 1968 by guitarist Robbo Ingram and bassist Jeff Harrad. Their debut album An Apple A Day... was cut with producer Caleb Quaye. Apple's mixture of pop, psychedelia and heavy blues was ahead of its time. 180 gram, picture vinyl.

Pinhas, Richard "Live at Bam Balam" LP (Bam Balam) 
R ichard Pinhas, the founder of '70s legends Heldon, is one of France's best-known experimental musicians and is a key figure in development of rock music fusing with electronic music. Live At Bam Balam is solo guitar and processing as well as drone electronics with the use of a Metatronic Delays system: no re-recording.

Sandy Coast "Shipwreck" LP (Trading Places) 
Reissue, originally released in 1969. Pioneering Dutch quartet Sandy Coast formed in the town of Voorburg, near Den Haag, in 1961. Their sophomore album Shipwreck, is an early concept album focusing on a lengthy suite that recounted a doomed voyage, captained by one Derrick Holmes in 1779. Much of the rest of the album recalls the spacey sounds of King Crimson, but there is also raw blues, psychedelic pop-rock, and an individual reading of Paul McCartney's "Eleanor Rigby". 180 gram vinyl; gatefold sleeve.

Young Scientist "Results, Not Answers" LP (Bureau B) 
Reissue, originally released in 1979. Young Scientist, the trio of Marc Barreca, James Husted, and Roland Barker, was the most prominent synthesizer acts in Seattle's alternative music scene in the 1970s. The Results, Not Answers album presents Young Scientist in full flow through four tracks, forty minutes of hypnotic and/or rhythmic soundscapes.

Zior "s/t" LP (Trading Places) 
Reissue, originally released in 1971. British blues-rock quartet Zior had their roots in the bourgeoning R&B scene that arose during the late 1960s in the southeast coastal city of Southend. Zior were clearly influenced by the emergent hard rock/heavy metal scene of the West Midlands, drawing from Black Sabbath's discordant riffs and occult influences, along with shrill vocal attacks in Led Zeppelin mode. Album design from Keith McMillan, responsible for Black Sabbath's debut cover too (1970). 180 gram vinyl; gatefold sleeve.

Suicide "Dream Baby Dream" 12" (Mute) 
The classic Suicide Dream Baby Dream single (originally released 1979) is re-issued exclusively for Record Store Day 2019.

X "More Fun in the New World" LP/CD (Fat Possum)
X "Under the Big Black Sun" LP/CD (Fat Possum)
Remastered editions.

Iced Earth "Enter the Realm" EP (Century Media) 
Digitally remastered edition of this 1989 EP from the Tampa, Florida-based heavy metal band.

Incantation "Upon the Throne of Apocalypse" LP/CD (Relapse) 
Inaugural remastered audio of Death Metal legends Incantation's Upon the Throne of Apocalypse, the original rough mix of the recording that became the infamous full-length album Mortal Throne of Nazarene. Dynamic-yet-raw, brutal-yet-atmospheric, and death-yet-doomy, Upon the Throne of Apocalypse remaster features the original artwork by Wes Benscoter (Slayer, Nile, Cattle Decapitation).

Malevolent Creation "Joe Black" LP (Metal Bastard) 
Malevolent Creation are one of the pioneers of Death metal along with bands like Morbid Angel, Obituary, Venom and Massacre. The Joe Black album features rare remixes, songs and cover versions.

Mayhem "Live in Sarpsborg" CD (Peaceville) 
The first official release of Mayhem's 1990 appearance in Sarpsborg, featuring Dead, Euronymous, Necrobutcher and Hellhammer.

Monolord "Fairies Wear Boots" LP (Riding Easy) 
Monolord's enveloping, syrupy sludge is a vibe, it's a state of mind. Not riffs for riffs sake, but a collective buzzing, rattling and rumbling that's more total environment than collection of songs. Together, guitarist/vocalist Thomas Jäger, drummer Esben Willems and bassist Mika Häkki create a massive, dynamic sound with ultra-low frequencies serving as its fourth member.

Opeth "My Arms Your Hearse" LP (Candlelight) 
The classic Opeth album reissued on 140g 2LP Gatefold, blue/yellow block color vinyl.

Paysage D'Hiver "Die Festung" LP (Kunsthall Produktionen) 
Long-awaited vinyl re-release of another Paysage D'Hiver classic.

Periphery "IV: Hail Stan" LP (eOne) 
Periphery represents the vanguard of addictive, chaotic, challenging and cathartically inviting heavy music for the modern era. The triple-guitar attack and rhythmic dexterity of Periphery has won them devoted adherents across underground subcultures, regardless of whether those fans were weaned on the passion-fueled sounds of the Vans Warped Tour or the progressive rock of Rush.

The Well "Death and Consolation" LP (Riding Easy) 
Death And Consolation is without a doubt a weighty album title. And, Austin, TX trio The Well is among the heaviest heavy psych bands in existence. So when Riding Easy says that there's even more darkness and intensity to the band's third album than previous efforts, take heed. It's a deep sea diving bell of enveloping heaviness and longing.

Capon, Jean-Charles "L'Univers-Solitude" LP (Souffle Continu) 
First ever vinyl reissue, originally released in 1972. Jean-Charles Capon is a French virtuoso on the cello. His name is linked to different cult groups (Confluence, Perception, Speed Limit), but also with (free) jazz musicians, including David S. Ware, Philippe Maté, André Jaume, or Joe McPhee, among others. L'Univers-Solitude, Capon's first album, sees him in the company of Swiss percussionist Pierre Favre. The fluidity of the phrasing, timbral research, complex rhythmic combinations and rare sense of improvisation make this one of the best modern jazz recordings on the Saravah label in the 1970s. Gatefold sleeve; Obi strip; Edition of 500.

Frisell, Bill / Thomas Morgan "Epistrophy" 2xLP (ECM) 
Like their acclaimed ECM release Small Town, Epistrophy was recorded at New York City's hallowed Village Vanguard, once again capturing the rare empathy these two players achieve together in this intimate environment. The pieces are culled from Frisell's beloved Americana songbook together with the duo's poetic interpretations of pieces by Paul Motian, Billy Strayhorn, Thelonious Monk and another James Bond film theme.

Roques, Michel "Chorus" LP (Souffle Continu) 
First ever vinyl reissue, originally released in 1972. Chorus is one of the key albums mixing free jazz and spoken word "à la française". The album owes much to the unusual "augmented" rhythm section, the inner structure of which is none other than that used in the Parisian trio of pianist Mal Waldron at the end of the 1960s: namely Patrice Caratini on bass (completed by the cello of the amazing Jean-Charles Capon) and Franco Manzecchi on drums (seconded by the percussion of Humberto Canto). Gatefold sleeve; obi strip; Edition of 500.

Cloud One "Spaced Out: The Very Best of Cloud One" LP (P&P) 
Produced by the legendary Patrick Adams, the studio-bound disco unit Cloud One made its debut in 1975 with the spectacular Atmosphere Strut and throughout the seventies, became the centerpiece for P&P, Queen Constance, Golden Flamingo, Heavenly Star, and Sound of New York, all labels ran by Peter Brown & Patricia Gilyard. At a time when most music was recorded with a full army of studio musicians, Cloud One records were mostly played, arranged and mixed in their entirety by Patrick Adams himself. The ability to "work on his own" allowed the music to feel more experimental than the work he did on major labels at the time. Spread across 2xLPs, Spaced Out is not only a good addition to fans of the P&P Catalog, but also the perfect introduction to the work of Legendary Disco Producer Patrick Adams.

Khidja "In The Middle of the Night" 12" (DFA) 
These four tracks are deep, spooky heaters - think John Carpenter in the club, with industrial bass lines, frenetic melodies careening a bit out of control, and vocals echoing from the corners of the room.

Lady Wray "Piece Of Me b/e Come On In" 7" (Big Crown) 
Last year, a month before Nicole gave birth to her first child, she visited Leon Michels in upstate NY and cooked up two of the toughest and most moving songs we've heard from her to date. Side A,"Piece Of Me", sounds like a lost Dilla beat that sampled a lost David Porter song. Guaranteed to have heads nodding from the first snare crack, Nicole sings a tune about the difficulties of dealing with family and friends who need more than you can provide. Side B "Come On In" finds Lady Wray tapping into her early years singing in church. With only three instruments and Nicole's voice, "Come On In" is a masterclass in the craft of singing, the sound of soul, and the power of restraint.

Thomas, Irma "In Between Tears" LP (Trading Places) 
Reissue, originally released in 1973. Known as the "Soul Queen of New Orleans", Irma Thomas was born Irma Lee in the town of Ponchatoula, Louisiana, in 1941. Jerry Williams Junior, aka Swamp Dogg, brought Thomas to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to record the album that would eventually surface as In Between Tears, but the collapse of Canyon delayed its release until 1973, when Williams issued it on his Fungus label. Includes four bonus tracks. 180 gram vinyl.

Haggard, Merle "I Am What I Am" LP (Craft Recordings) 
2010 album from the Country legend. I Am What I Am bristles with all the arresting qualities for which this unrivaled artist is prized. Every song is imbued with the near alchemical power of his dazzling vocal performances, and Haggard's interpretive mastery and unmatched phrasing continues to bring on impressive measures of sensitivity, candor and authority. Never conventional, often confrontational, always outspoken, the 72 year old Haggard remains as aggressively bent on revealing unspoken truths as ever.

Haggard, Merle "Working In Tennessee" LP (Craft Recordings) 
Haggard's second Vanguard album (his first was 2010's remarkable I Am What I Am) introduces a set of stellar new originals, revisits some Johnny Cash classics and puts on a new spin on his own 'Working Man Blues' featuring Willie Nelson and Merle's son Ben. That one joins 'Cocaine Blues,' 'What I Hate', 'Laugh It Off', 'Jackson', 'Under the Bridge', and more from the enduring country icon.

Minyo Crusaders "Echoes of Japan" LP (Mais Um) 
Minyo Crusaders rework historic Japanese folk songs (min'yo) with Latin, African, Caribbean, and Asian rhythms for their debut album Echoes of Japan. Wild blend of Japanese folk music with cumbia, boogaloo, Ethio jazz, Afro funk, and more. Minyo Crusaders feature veterans of the Tokyo roots music scene, with members from Ska Flames, J.J. Session, Cubatumb, and more. For fans of: Haruomi Hosono, Soundway Records, Analog Africa, Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band. Double LP version comes in glossy gatefold sleeve; Includes insert with Japanese lyrics and English translations.

Sete, Bola "Aqui Esta O Bola Sete..." LP (Cornbread) 
Reissue, originally released in 1957. Sete spent time in Italy and also absorbed jazz influences as he was an avid fan of Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt. These influences, along with the local samba and bossa nova flavor he was absorbing on a daily basis in Brazil form the foundation of his sound. Aqui Esta O Bola Sete combines those influences beautifully in a perfect jazz samba setting, showcasing a fully-formed artist.

v/a "Bulawayo Blue Yodel" LP (Mississippi) 
High lonesome sounds from Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa, 1948-1959: Gorgeous fingerpicked guitar ballads, yodeling, slide guitar, and haunting travel-weary songs by troubadours with a penchant for the fabled American cowboy lifestyle. A stunning fusion of neo-traditional African melodies and early American country-western music. 14 lost classics by George Sibanda, Josaya Hadebe, Sabelo Mathe, Sammy Ngaku, and more, all reissued for the first time from original 78 rpm discs. Co-released with Olvido Records. Includes liner notes with lyrics and old school tip-on covers.

v/a "Malam Minggu: A Saturday Night in Sunda" LP (Akuphone) 
This collection immerses us in the vibes of Sundanese nights at the turn of the 1980s. During the post-independence climate of the 1960s, Presidents Sukarno and Suharto encouraged artists to renew and innovate traditional Indonesian art forms in an attempt to limit and control the spread of Western music - which was banned from broadcasting in 1961. This policy saw a revival of traditional musical styles like gamelan degung, and the emergence of Indonesian singing genres: jaipong and pop sunda. Recorded between 1978 and 1985, this unique and surprising selection presents some of the most popular artists of the time, such as Nano S. and Tati Saleh. It is richly documented by Southeast Asian music specialist Edouard Degay Delpeuch. Also features: Group Gentra Madya, Tati Saleh & Marriza Group, and Mang Memed Group.

Alpha & Omega "Dubplate Selection Vol. 2" LP (Mania Dub) 
RSD 2019 release. Vintage killer addictive electronic reggae and dub selection by UK pioneers Alpha & Omega. These are dub-plate mixes of tracks from various Alpha & Omega albums. Volume 2 was originally released on CD in 1997. It's presented here for the first time on a limited color vinyl. Includes download; Edition of 500 copies (numbered).

Cocoa Tea "Music Is Our Business" LP (VP) 
Music  Is Our Business is a premium blend of the very best of Cocoa Tea's non-album sides recorded for Bobby Dixon's Digital B label, plus a gold leaf selection of previously unreleased nuggets, all recorded between 1985 and 1996. The tracks gathered together for Music is Our Business are amongst the most loved tunes in Cocoa Tea's illustrious catalog and this collection is sure to please his many fans both old and new. 

McKay, Freddie / Earl Sixteen "Another Weekend" 12" (Greensleeves) 
Reissue of Freddie McKay's Another Weekend, originally released in 1981. Available here as an Indie Exclusive 12" European pressing limited to 1000 units, on black vinyl housed in a reproduction of the original packaging.

Stalawa "Stalawa In East Africa" 12" (Scotch Bonnet) 
RSD 2019 release. French-born, Glasgow-based producer Stalawa has voiced a talented selection of East African vocalists to thrilling effect, over his heftiest roots rub-a-dub rhythms. Features Blessed San, Delroy Melody, C Wyne Nalukalala, and Nazizi.

v/a "The Dreads At King Tubby's" LP (Kingston Sounds) 
Rastafarianism came to prominence in the late 1960s/1970s and had a huge influence on the musical culture in Jamaica. At the heart of this musical explosion was again Bunny "Striker" Lee a man who was always at the heart of the action and many times in his career ahead of the musical game. All great "Dread" tunes that were cut or voiced at King Tubby's giving them that extra shine. Features Cornell Campbell, Dennis Brown, Linval Thompson, and more.

Alizadeh, Saba "Scattered Memories" LP (Karlrecords) 
Scattered Memories is the debut album by composer, musician, and true master on the Iranian spike fiddle kamancheh, Saba Alizadeh. Alizadeh blends his instrumental virtuosity with spherical electronics, samples of Persian music instruments and field recordings from his hometown Tehran. Over the course of ten tracks, Alizadeh melts his two musical worlds into one: tradition meets modernism, eastern sounds meet western production, folklore meets contemporary electronics. Originally self-released on CD in Iran, Scattered Memories is now given a worldwide vinyl release. 180 gram vinyl; Includes download code.

Amacher, Maryanne "Petra" LP (Blank Forms) 
Maryanne Amacher (1938-2009) was a composer of large-scale fixed-duration sound installations and a highly original thinker in the areas of perception, sound spatialization, creative intelligence, and aural architecture. This publication of Amacher's 1991 piece Petra marks her first commercially available instrumental work. Petra is a sweeping, durational work based on both Amacher's impressions of the church at Boswil and science-fiction writer Greg Bear's short story of the same name. This solemn interpretation was recorded at its 2017 American premiere at New York's St. Peter's Episcopal Church with pianists Marianne Schroeder and Stefan Tcherepnin. This marks the first time Amacher's music has ever been available on vinyl.

Burr, Anthony & Charles Curtis "Chamber Music: Alvin Lucier & Morton Feldman" CD (Important Records) 
Anthony Burr and Charles Curtis present a collection of curated compositions from Alvin Lucier and Morton Feldman. Two Lucier pieces, "August Moon" and "Trio For Clarinet, Cello & Tuba" are presented here for the first time. Liner notes are excerpted from a lecture on Morton Feldman given by Alvin Lucier.

Houben, Eva-Maria "Erwartung 1 und 2" LP (Second Editions) 
Second Editions present Erwartung 1 und 2 by Eva-Maria Houben. Eva-Maria Houben's music has somehow always been about perspective. These two new pieces, one for piano and one for organ, are once again prime examples. The title is borrowed from Arnold Schönberg's one-act monodrama Erwartung Op.17, in which a woman wanders through the night in search of her (dead) lover. Includes download code. Edition of 300.

Lucier, Alvin "Orpheus Variations" CD (Important Records) 
Orpheus Variations is a new composition by Alvin Lucier for solo cello and seven wind instruments. It is based on a particular sonority from the first movement of Igor Stravinsky's ballet score, Orpheus; a sonority that has haunted Lucier for decades. Orpheus Variations is one of eight large-scale compositions made expressly for Charles Curtis by Alvin Lucier in the last 15 years. This performance was conducted by Petr Kotik, with Charles Curtis playing solo cello alongside members of the SEM Ensemble.

Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas "Lexachast" LP (Pan) 
Lexachast is an ongoing collaborative work by Amnesia Scanner, Bill Kouligas, and Harm van den Dorpel. Initially birthed as a joint, improvised performance between Amnesia Scanner and Kouligas at the ICA, London in 2015, it was later recreated and extended with visual artist van den Dorpel into a 15-minute online-only audiovisual work -- known simply as Lexachast. Whilst broadly inspired by the experience derived from and exposure to algorithmic patterns as generated by visual artist Harm van den Dorpel's specially-devised program, the work is a sonic reference to the fallouts of avant-EDM and cyberdrone. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

Proem "Until Here for Years" LP/CD (n5MD) 
11th studio album from the IDM producer.

"Mr. Peters' Pets" by Nicholas Carras LP+DVD (Modern Harmonic) A jazzy romp through the titillating 60s. On Mr. Peters Pets, composer Nicholas Carras ventures deep into the bongo-crazed percussion world of exotica! This is a jubilant jazz record with serious swagger. The film on the other hand, is a low-budget adult comedy (a genre quaintly called a Nudie Cutie) from 1962. Its possibly the silliest, dumbest, most ridiculous Nudie Cutie movie ever made! Follow Mr. Peters as he turns into various household pets for the sole purpose of getting a close and personal view of their well endowed owners. Included here is a zine-style insert with a voluptuous set of notes and a DVD of the full feature film, with a special Modern Harmonic edit made to sync with your LP.

"The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis LP (Mute) 
Soundtrack by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis re-mastered and available on limited edition whiskey colored vinyl with a gatefold sleeve.

Alberich "Quantized Angel" LP/CD (Hospital Productions) 
Alberich has become a powerful force of modern industrial music since 2010's masterful NATO-Uniformen album. Over the course of the album's eight tracks, Alberich demonstrates a vision of ruthless existential -electronics, a sound both commanding yet questioning in introspective spirit. LP version includes large format poster.

Davies, Rhodri / David Sylvian / Mark Wastell "There is No Love" 12" (Confront) 
RSD 2019 release. White vinyl. Personnel: Rhodri Davies -- lap harp, table harp, vibraphone, radio; David Sylvian -- voice, vocal treatments, electronics; Mark Wastell -- tam tam, cracked ride cymbal, chimes, Indian temple bells, singing bowls, metal chain, tubular bell, concert bass drum. 

Fennesz "Agora" CD (Touch) 
Agora is Christian Fennesz's first solo album since 2014. Fennesz uses guitar and computer to create shimmering, swirling electronic sound of enormous range and complex musicality. His lush and luminous compositions resemble sensitive, telescopic recordings of rainforest insect life or natural atmospheric occurrences, an inherent naturalism permeating each piece. Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye.

Guttersnipe "My Mother the Vent" LP (Upset the Rhythm) 
The eagerly-awaited debut from Guttersnipe, the UK's most out-there band. The brawler drums and slinky guitar constructions on My Mother The Vent are a genuine treat. Innovation here is a firm commitment to the flow-motive polyrhythm undergirding the seared, nay fried, tonal rainbow and de-reasoned vocals. 180 gram vinyl, edition of 500.

La 1919 "Ars srA" LP+CD (Spittle) 
Definitive reissue of the long out-of-print first album from Italian experimental-rock band LA 1919, Ars srA, originally released in 1987 by ADN, the Italian Recommended Records branch. Ars srA was an early example of a long-distance collaboration album as result of a virtuosic exchange of tapes between the Milan-based duo and the legendary American guitarist Henry Kaiser and Canadian maverick sound artist John Oswald. An eclectic mix of "Frith"-oriented guitars, cold synthetic sounds, and programmed drum machine beats. The LP comes with updated graphics and contents including unpublished pictures and various memorabilia; Includes CD with extra tracks.

Magazzini Criminali "Crollo Nervoso" LP+CD (Spittle) 
Reissue, originally released in 1980. Magazzini Criminali can be considered one of the most important experiences in Italian post-avant-garde theatre of the '70s and the '80s. Crollo Nervoso was a real post-modern opera, a complex and multi-layered work based on the transfer between different art languages and aesthetics. A deep mixture of avant rock, Burroughs's cut up, science fiction, body art, glamor, and a hint of porno

Mesange "Gypsy Moth" LP (God Unknown) 
Mésange is a collaboration between composer/violinist Agathe Max and composer/musician Luke Mawdsley (Cavalier Song). Their second release, Gypsy Moth, anticipates the forces of nature, creation and rebirth. Minimalism, drone, and ambient are washed in dense electric skies, exposing signs that flutter and flare in dark elegance.

Friday, April 12th

Associates, The "Club Country" 12" (Union Square) 
The classic 1982 Associates (Billy Mackenzie & Alan Rankine) 'Club Country' single is re-issued exclusively for Record Store Day 2019. Released on 12" limited edition white vinyl the single was re-mastered from the original master tapes and includes the original b-sides, 'A.G it's you again' and 'Ulcragyceptemol' plus a rare demo version of 'Club Country' available for the first time on vinyl. The single originally charted at number 13 in the UK charts.

Bibio "Ribbons" LP/CD (Warp)
"This album has been made very much in admiration of nature yet through a tinted window of manmade escapism. Spending more time in the British countryside walking, photographing, listening and recording has certainly affected how I've been thinking and expressing myself in the studio - recalling the beauty in nature and the sadness of seeing it spoiled." - Bibio.

Big Business "The Beast You Are" LP/CD (Joyful Noise Recordings) 
New album from L.A.'s Big Business, delivers 10 doses of uncategorizably heavy rock music. From the ominous death march of "The Moor You Know" to the soaring "Let Them Grind" to the delicate, ethereal "Under Everest," the band continues to defy listeners' expectations. There are hints of Melvins, Torche, and Tad, but drummer Coady Willis (Murder City Devils) and bassist/vocalist Jared Warren (Karp) bring their own offkilter sensibilities to the genre.

Burnett, T Bone / Jay Bellerose / Keefus Ciancia "The Invisible Light: Acoustic Space" CD (Verve)
First installment in The Invisible Light trilogy helmed by Grammy- and Oscar-winning producer T Bone Burnett in collaboration with Jay Bellerose and Keefus Ciancia. Burnett describes the trilogy "as an experimental song cycle" which consists of a single piece of poetry broken down into distinct songs. The albums explore the idea that society has been subject to over a century of electronic programming, a "programming epidemic," which is causing us to lose our ability to differentiate fact from fiction. The Invisible Light is a fusion of trance, electronic, folk, tribal and global music, providing the listener with the unique opportunity to stretch their mind and attention span.

Cocteau Twins "Four-Calendar Cafe" LP (Universal UK) 
Four-Calendar Café is the seventh album by Scottish band Cocteau Twins. It was originally released on 18 October 1993 on Fontana. The album distinguished itself from the rest of the Twins' catalogue in two major areas: The sound was much more pop-oriented and less ambient than previous works, and Liz Fraser's lyrics were much more intelligible than usual.

Cocteau Twins "Milk & Kisses" LP (Universal UK) 
Milk & Kisses is the eighth and final studio album by Cocteau Twins, issued by Fontana Records in March 1996. It proved to be their last. The song 'Rilkean Heart' was a homage to Jeff Buckley, who was a lifelong lover of the work of poet Rainer Maria Rilke.

Crispy Ambulance "Plateau Phase" 2xLP (Factory Benelux) 
Factory Benelux presents a remastered edition of The Plateau Phase, the debut by Manchester postpunk group Crispy Ambulance. Originally issued by Factory Benelux in March 1982, the album is now reissued in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies in clear vinyl.

Cults "Offering B Sides and Remixes" LP (Sinderlyn) 
New York City duo Cults to release Offering B-Sides & Remixes, a companion release to 2017's LP Offering that includes 3 previously unreleased songs and a new remix of "Recovery" by famed producer John Fryer.

Culture "Nighthawk Recordings" CD (Omnivore) 
Culture was truly in their prime when they recorded the material included on this album. The first three tracks were recorded in 1981 with backing by the Roots Radics. The remaining tracks were taped in 1983 with backup by The Wailers band. -Leroy Jodie Pierson "Calling Rastafari," "Dem A Payaka," and "This Time" were all originally included on the 1982 Nighthawk compilation album, Calling Rastafari. Most of the tracks released on the classic, roots reggae compilation, were recorded during a three-day session in 1981 at the Harry J studio in Jamaica.

Durutti Column "Obey the Time" 2xLP (Factory Benelux) 
Largely self-produced, and entirely instrumental, Obey the Time saw DC mainman Vini Reilly further develop his interest in electronic music, and even embracing house and techno stylings. Released in December 1990, Obey the Time would be the last Durutti Column album on Factory before the labelled collapsed beneath a mountain of debt. Factory Benelux presents an expanded double vinyl edition of Obey the Time, the eighth studio album by Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column. Originally released by Factory Records in 1990, just 800 copies have been pressed in coloured vinyl (purple and yellow). Disc 2 features extracts from a previously unreleased live performance at Manchester University Whitworth Hall on 23 June 1990 (opportunistically billed as 'The Acid Guitar'), on which Reilly and Mitchell are joined by guests Andy Connell, Liu Sola and Rob Gray. Original cover art by 8vo. The remastered vinyl set is housed in a striking gatefold sleeve printed in pantone colours on white matte board. The bold primary colors are mirrored by the colored vinyl - purple for Disc 1, and yellow for Disc 2.

Durutti Column "Obey the Time" 3xCD (Factory Benelux) The multitude of studio extras spread across Discs 1 and 2 include single and remix tracks The Together Mix and Kiss of Def, rare compilation cuts such as The New Fidelity, The Awards Show and Times Like These, and several extracts from two unreleased Factory albums recorded during the same 1989/90 period: Guitar One: House (Fact 254) and Guitar Two: Acoustic (Fact 264). Disc 3 features 11 live tracks from a previously unreleased performance at Manchester University Whitworth Hall on 23 June 1990 (opportunistically billed as 'The Acid Guitar'), on which Reilly and Mitchell are joined by guests Andy Connell, Liu Sola and Rob Gray. Original cover art by 8vo. The remastered set is housed in a clamshell card box, with individual inner sleeves and liner notes.

Etheridge, Melissa "The Medicine Show" CD (Concord) 
For this album, her 15th studio recording, Melissa was reunited with celebrated producer John Shanks (Keith Urban, Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson), and was recorded largely live in studio, capturing the raw emotion of the material. - The Medicine Show deals with universal themes of renewal, reconciliation, reckoning, compassion and, most profoundly, healing.

Forsyth, Chris "All Time Present" LP (No Quarter) 
Rightfully but somewhat reductively known as a guitar player par excellence, one listen to Forsyth's latest double album, All Time Present, reveals that while his dazzling musicianship can always be taken for granted, it's hardly the whole story. Forsyth's albums-presented with his Solar Motel Band or nominally solo, as here-have always been evidence of a musical mind brimming with ideas. Indeed, one of Forsyth's greatest strengths as a composer and bandleader is his consistent ability to sustain interest even when at his most brazenly improvisational: he drifts, but he never meanders. On All Time Present, Forsyth's particular drift is like that of a proverbial wall flower with a sudden surge of unselfconscious courage: toward the dance floor.

Frights, The "Live at the Observatory" CD (Epitaph) 
Live At The Observatory was recorded on 9/8/18 at the sold out kick-off show for the band's Hypochondriac album tour. The San Diego based band will be supporting the live album with performances at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival (Indio, CA) in April, and additional tour dates to follow. The live record features tracks from the band's entire catalog including five tracks from their 2018 album Hypochondriac.

Hansard, Glen "This Wild Willing" CD (Anti) 
This Wild Willing is Glen Hansard's fourth solo album. Written and created in Paris, France with a band of brothers; new friends and old, more than 24 musicians collaborating on the album. From his partners in The Frames (Joe Doyle) and Swell Season (Marketa Irglova & Joe Doyle), to his touring family of players, to three Iranian brothers he met in Paris (the Kroshravesh brothers), Glen brought together a group of global talents who each left an indelible mark on this recording.

Hornsby, Bruce "Absolute Zero" CD (Zappo Productions) 
New album produced by Hornsby - Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and Brad Cook co-produced "Cast Off" and Bruce Hornsby and Tony Berg, co-produced "Meds". Featured guest artists - yMusic, Jack Dejohnette, Blake Mills, Justin Vernon, The Staves, Sean Carey (Bon Iver), Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra - University of Miami, among others including Bruce's band The Noisemakers.

Jones, Norah "Begin Again" LP/CD (Blue Note) 
Collection of singles that gathers seven eclectic songs that Jones has recorded over the past year with collaborators including Jeff Tweedy and Thomas Bartlett. Features the new song "Just a Little Bit," which was produced by Jones and features her on vocals, piano, and organ along with Brian Blade on drums.

Jurado, Damien "In The Shape Of A Storm" LP/CD (Mama Bird) 
The latest release for the now Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter.

Lang Lang "The Piano Book" CD (Verve) 
With this collection, Lang Lang goes back to his first love - to the pieces that made him want to become a musician in the first place. Rediscovering the most popular and accessible pieces written for learners and lovers of the piano, this album is a journey; of inspiration, of discovery, fantasy and learning. It is a moment for Lang Lang to illuminate these classic pieces as the masterworks they truly are. It is also a reflection on the music that influenced him most during his early childhood.

Mourn and Chastity "Sun" 7" (Captured Tracks) 
Following their 2018 tour, MOURN and Chastity come together again to release a limited edition 7" featuring live session cuts, and a new version of MOURN's track "Sun" (off 2018's Sorpresa Familia) featuring Chastity and recorded while on the road together this past summer.

Nirvana "Live at the Paramount" 2xLP (Geffen) 
Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Includes a 12 x 24" poster insert and a cloth sticky VIP pass replica plus digital download. The band dive headlong into key cuts from across their discography: the grunge-rock shot heard 'round the world, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," plus "Aneurysm," "Drain You," "School," "About a Girl," "Polly," "Breed," "Silver," "Love Buzz," "Lithium," "Negative Creep," "Rape Me," "Territorial Pissings," "Endless, Nameless," "Floyd the Barber," "Blew" and more.

Nude Party, The "The Nude Party" LP (New West) 
One of 2018's most groovy and dynamic rock records was produced by Oakley Munson of The Black Lips and recorded in Woodstock, NY at Dreamland Recording Studios, the circa-1896 former St. John's Church. The self-titled album finds that formidable music machine cranked all the way to cosmic. Maybe it's the electric waters of Lake Norman, NC where the band spent a primordial summer, or the upstate New York vibes that have beckoned American spiritualists and storytellers for a dozen generations, but something gives these cats a glow.

Odonis Odonis "Reaction EP" 12" (Felte) 
Toronto trio merges pulsing electronics and foreboding textures to create a palpable sense of doom. Drawing on EBM and industrial influences, Reaction finds the band further refining the sound they carved out on 2017's No Pop LP. Noisy synths saturate the sonic space, cut with sharp, bruising rhythms. The band offers up club fare with the throbbing four-on-the-floor "Insect" lashed with whip-cracking drum breaks.

Pet Shop Boys "Inner Sanctum" CD (x2 Recordings/AWAL) 
CD of their show 'Inner Sanctum', filmed at London's Royal Opera House during a sold-out run last summer.

Reed, Eli Paperboy "99 Cent Dreams" CD (Yep Roc Records) 
With the release of his new record, Reed begins his second decade as an artist much in the same way he began his first: in love with soul music. Reed is ten years wiser this time around, writing with the kind of freewheeling confidence. The result is the finest of his career. Cut at the legendary Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, TN, and produced by Matt Ross-Spang (Jason Isbell, Margo Price), 99 Cent Dreams is exuberant, a celebration of life delivered by an ecstatic messenger.

Rhye "Blood Remixed" 2xLP (Loma Vista) 
Rhye's sophomore LP Blood is getting the remix treatment. Blood Remixed finds over a dozen artists and producers reworking tracks from the original album, including Moon Boots, Jacques Greene, Channel Tres, Little Dragon, Jeff Samuel, and more.

Rugged Nuggets "Rugged Walk" 7" (Colemine Records) 
Recorded in the San Fernando Valley just a stones throw away from the infamous Van Nuys Blvd. cruising scene, it's no wonder from beat one "Rugged Walk" hits hard and demands to be turned up loud with the windows rolled down. On the flip side RN delivers west-coast cool at it's finest. With swooning strings, breezy guitars and tough as nails drums "Take Me With You" is the epitome of mellow mood.

Seaside Lovers "Memories in the Beach House" LP (Ship To Shore) 
Originally released in 1983 and never reissued on vinyl, Ship to Shore PhonoCo is proud to present the jazz fusion masterpiece that is Memories in Beach House. With music by legends Akira Inoue, Hiroshi Sato and Masataka Matsutoya (performing under the name Seaside Lovers), the album weaves a tapestry of island beats and rhythms that will transport you to another place and another time. From the lush production of Lovers Paradise to the emotionally stirring strings of Blue Memories, if you close your eyes and listen very closely, we're sure you're bound to hear a wave or two in the background. This release includes an LP on blue vinyl and a 24''x 24'' foldout poster.

Silkworm "Italian Premium" LP (Touch and Go Records) 
Reissue of their 2002 album.

Simo, J.D. "Off At 11" CD (Crows Feet Records) 
The Chicago-born, Nashville-based recording artist channels classic sounds from acid rock, traditional blues, folk, soul, to free form jazz, reinvigorating them into a kaleidoscope of sound for a new generation of music lovers.

Soul Scratch "America" 7" (Colemine Records) LA's Soul Scratch is dropping their first new material since their breakout LP Pushing Fire and they're coming out with a bang! "America" is a tune that is driving by design because Soul Scratch is trying to drive the message clearly to the listener from the first lyric, "Hold up!

Sun Kil Moon "I Also Want to Die in New Orleans" CD (Caldo Verde) 
Recorded at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, February 2018 through August 2018. Music by Jim White, Donny McCaslin, Mark Kozelek. Vocals by Mark Kozelek.

White, John Paul "The Hurting Kind" CD (Single Lock) 
You'll hear songs about enduring love, fading memories and unraveling relationships on the new album by this four-time Grammy winner, who evokes the lushly orchestrated sound of '60s Nashville here. John Paul prizes the drama of the torch song this time around, with "The Good Old Days," "Wish I Could Write You a Song," "Heart Like a Kite," "Yesterday's Love," "This Isn't Gonna End Well" (with Lee Ann Womack) and more!

Widespread Panic "'Til The Medicine Takes" LP (Widespread Panic) 
First time on vinyl for the 1999 CD release. Vinyl has added bonus live tracks (side D 'Dyin' Man' and 'The Waker'). Initial run of 3,500 copies.

Odd Nosdam "Mirrors" LP (Alien Transistor) 
Acclaimed abstract hip-hop producer and cofounder of Anticon Records, Odd Nosdam, presets Mirrors, a new LP via Alien Transistor. Composed entirely of found sounds, most of them sourced from rare and private press vinyl, Mirrors' instrumental beats and sound collages pulse with a sense of exploration and rediscovery that has been Nosdam's calling card since the turn of this past century. Its every track presents a treasure trove of unique aural gems, each nestled in atmospheric textures that swirl like a cloud of dust just blown off of some once-overlooked heirloom.

Ta-Ku "25 Nights For Nujabes" LP (Jakarta) 
Ta-Ku might be the modern-day renaissance man. Haven risen to prominence as one of Australia's most in-demand beatmakers, the Perth-based artist has found himself curator of a rapidly expanding, multi-disciplinary creative empire. Borne from a late-night sideline to his day job shilling health insurance, Ta-Ku's music has quickly become a global, full-time concern. Drawing inspiration from the likes of D'Angelo, James Blake and J Dilla, Matt McWaters fuses modern electronic production with soul and indie undertones. A love for smooth basslines, soulful keys and catchy melodies allows him to carry out his vision with every track.

Byrds, The "Live At Royal Albert Hall 1971" LP (Sundazed) 
From their earliest days as 12-string-wielding folk-rockers, to the thrilling psychedelic excursions of their raga-rock period to their 1968 birthing of country-rock, The Byrds were always accorded a hero's welcome in England. What better place to record founding Byrds member guitarist singer Roger McGuinn's new version of the band. Pressed on clear vinyl.

Sensations' Fix "s/t" LP (Vinyl Magic) 
"Sensations' Fix" is one of the three titles published in 1974, a collection of short psychedelic compositions, in which glimpses of 'cosmic' music can already be noticed; those elements would soon become a trademark in the group's repertoire. The twelve compositions present here were part of demos that bandleader Franco Falsini had sold to the record company, which decided to publish them in the form of a not-for-sale LP, which had "music especially recorded for radio and television" written on the back cover.

Soft Machine "Volume Two" LP (Sundazed) 
Mastered from the original analog tapes and pressed on pristine high-definition vinyl. Their second album from 1969 . A retooled Soft Machine lineup, with Wyatt and Ratledge joined by bassist Hugh Hopper, an old Canterbury friend who had guested on the first album

Allin, GG "Brutality and Bloodshed for All" LP (Alive) 
The punkest man alive (at the time) G.G. Allin's last studio album, Brutality and Bloodshed for All, released posthumously in 1993 months after his death in New York City from a heroin overdose at 36 years old. Featuring his final backing band The Murder Junkies, all of the decadent and depraved songs were written while Allin was prison serving time for assault. Recorded and mixed at Don Fury's NYC, April 1993.

Bad Brains "Black Dots" LP (Wax/UMG) 
The first official studio recording for the seminal punk rock artists. This is the first official reissue in over 20 years, presented by Wax Audio Group and Think Indie via Universal Music Group Special Markets. Cut for vinyl by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Mastering, Print and Packaging from Pirates Press. Pressed at RTI. First pressing: One time world wide pressing of 1500 units on WHITE VINYL.

Fall, The "Medicine for the Masses: The Rough Trade 7" Singles" 5x7" BOX (Sanctuary) 
This box set showcases the four classic 7" singles that The Fall released on the Rough Trade label in the early 1980s, all of which characterised their abrasive, repetitive guitar-driven sound, tense bass and drum rhythms and Smith' s caustic lyrics.

Weirdos "Destroy All Music" LP (Bomp) 
Now in stock on vinyl.

Dead To A Dying World "Elegy" LP/CD (Profound Lore)
Texas based elemental dark metal ensemble Dead To A Dying World have completed work on their poignant new epoch, Elegy. Following up 2015's ambitious Litany, this latest sees the septet take their creative spirit to a new apotheosis, resulting in the collective's most focused and moving opus yet. The band craft their vast aural landscape with a flourish consisting of seamless sonic textures guided by apocalyptic dark metal, doom, and epic cinematic post rock, consisting of three monolithic central tracks reinforced by three stirring interval segments.

Iced Earth "Enter the Realm" CD (Century Media) 
CD reissue of this 1989 EP from the Tampa, Florida-based heavy metal band. On April 12th, 1989 US metal institution Iced Earth entered the worldwide metal scene by storm with the release of their first and only demo, Enter the Realm. Now, exactly 30 years after it's original release, Iced Earth reissues this very fine example of real and uncompromising US metal.

Inter Arma "Sulphur English" LP (Relapse) 
Richmond's INTER ARMA, reigning masters of the slow build, continue to trace a distinctly ambitious trajectory through modern metal. Their impulses tend toward the epic, but never bloat; they meld several styles - doom, sludge, and hard psych - without coming off like dilettantes. This newest full-length, Sulphur English, finds them mining deeper in the proggy organic doom fields that made both Paradise Gallows and Sky Burial so thrilling while expanding further the on the psych-folk strain that made those albums' peaks seem so lofty.

Doctor Umezu Diva "Diva" LP (Studio Mule) 
Reissue, originally released in 1988. Japanese sax player Kazutoki Umezu's one-off project with legendary marimba player Midori Takada and vocalist, pianist, and half of Japanese new wave band Colored Music, Ichiko Hashimoto. A unique mixture of modern classical sound and avant-garde jazz, which is kind of similar with Strata East or Nimbus.

Hubbard, Freddie Quintet "1973: Live in Zonderschot" LP (Cortizona) 
Previously unreleased live recordings of the Freddie Hubbard Quintet, recorded in 1973. Liner notes by Gilles Peterson and Peter Anthonissen. 180 gram vinyl; Includes insert and postcard. Edition of 500.

Sami, Abdullah "Peace Of Time" LP (Spiritmuse) 
In recent years, in the world of esoteric, deep, spiritual jazz, the phrase 'holy grail' has often been over-used and applied to a myriad of jazz re-issues irrespective of merit. Once in a while though the phrase is truly justified and the first time re-issue of Abdullah Sami - Peace Of Time really does live up to any hyperbole one could throw around. Recorded in New York in August 1977 and released in 1978 on Sami's own label imprint, only 300 copies were ever pressed, each cover individually hand-made with different covers photocopied and pasted onto different colored paper while some copies were adorned with Sami's own hand-drawn art (in much the same way as some of the rarest albums by Sun Ra). Forty years later, the fabled, rarely seen artefact has garnered mythical status amongst spiritual Jazz seekers.

Tapscott, Horace conducting the Pan-Afrikan People's Arkestra "The Call" LP (Outernational Sounds) 
Available on vinyl for the first time in 40 years, Outernational Sounds presents Horace Tapscott's burning, spiritualized 1978 set, The Call. One of the unsung giants of jazz music, the composer, bandleader, arranger, pianist and community activist Tapscott was the undisputed keystone of the grassroots Los Angeles jazz scene. The Call was put together from two studio sessions in April 1978, one at Hollywood Sage and Sound, and one at United Western -- the latter session had the addition of a string section, who can be heard on the moody Cal Massey composition "Nakatini Suite" and Jesse Sharp's swinging modal trip, "Peyote Song No. III." Vinyl-only release, 180 gram pressing by Pallas, fully licensed from Nimbus West founder Tom Albach.

Tapscott, Horace with the Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra "Live At I.U.C.C." 3xLP (Outernational Sounds) 
Live At I.U.C.C. sees the Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra at their most together, stretching out on home turf in 1979, with the legendary Horace Tapscott at the helm. As a culturally radical, communal big band with a visionary approach to American Black music, Tapscott's Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra is second only to the other famous Arkestra, that of Sun Ra. In full flow, and at the height of their powers, the group features original UGMA members Linda Hill, David Bryant, and Alan Hines, alongside a new generation including Jesse Sharps, Sabir Mateen, and Adele Sebastian. Limited, vinyl-only triple LP, 180g pressing by Pallas. Fully licensed from Nimbus West founder Tom Albach.

Budos Band, The "V" LP/CD (Daptone) 
As menacing and unhinged as ever, the pride of Staten Island is back with their fifth full-length offering, V. Raw and absent of the modern technological trappings, the Budos pick up where they left off with 2014's Burnt Offering, and finds the Budos expanding on the brooding, fuzz-fueled riffs, whilst harkening back to the Ethiopian inspired rhythms and percussive proclivity that put Budos Band on the map.

Najor, Jake "High Costa Living" 7" (Colemine Records) 
A little two-sided mean machine here! Jake Najor (drummer of The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble) brings two heaters! Both sides features members of SFSE, but the A is graced by none other than west coast funk legend Mixmaster Wolf (Breakestra) and man is it a deadly combo! The B is just a funky, nasty, mean, dark instrumental with some insanely pocket drums and a killer fuzzed our chorus. DJs need doubles!

Rush, Otis "Mourning In The Morning" LP (Sundazed) 
For his 1969 album debut on Atlantic Records, southpaw blues guitar legend Otis Rush journeyed from his Chicago home to Fame Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama - a burg best known for seminal soul platters. Backed by a horn-powered band that included a young Duane Allman on rhythm guitar, Otis' slashing axe and anguished vocals glowed on the tortured "You're Killing My Love," remakes of his Cobra Records classics "My Love Will Never Die" and "It Takes Time," and a stunning revival of B.B. King's "Gambler's Blues." Half the set consisted of new compositions from producers Mike Bloomfield and Nick Gravenites, and Rush's mile-wide string bending on a shimmering instrumental version of Aretha Franklin's "Baby I Love You" is utterly breathtaking.

Amada, Kohei and Sugai Ken "Kyogokuryu-sokyoku Shinshunfu" 10" (Em Records) 
Features a piece composed in the mid-1950s, and a 2018 re-working of that same piece. The original was composed by Kohei Amada and played by an ensemble in which the Japanese traditional instruments koto, sho and taiko fuse perfectly with the Irish harp. The composition itself also melds Amada's traditional, classical sensibilities and his knowledge of the deepest roots of Japanese music with his appreciation of new developments in both Japanese and Western music. Another element to consider here is the role of Amada's voice and lyrics, fusing noh and other traditional elements with a modernity foreshadowing the rise of the singer-songwriter, melding high tradition with folk impulses. This theme of gradation and infusion continues in the other piece of music on this release, Sugai Ken's revision of the original, with its puzzling amalgamation of analog/digital, acoustic/electric, and performed/programmed, with the various temporal and geographical elements of Amada's music melted and melded into the 21st century.

Ando, Umeko "Battaki (Joe Claussell Remix)" LP (Volkuta) 
Ando is known as the master of Upopo (song) and Mukkuri (mouth harp) and also known as one of the successors of the Ainu tribal culture of Hokkaido's Obihiro district. Ando has been sending the Ainu music all over the world with her unafraid style, adopting the music for new generations but at the same time respecting the original which has been followed since ancient times. For this release, three songs are selected from the album Infuke, while Joe Claussell has remixed a 14-minute version of "Battaki" giving a jazz essence to Ando's original.

Nilovic, Janko "Rythmes Contemporains" LP (Rythmes Contemporains) 
Rythmes Contemporains is a masterpiece of Janko Nilovic's work, recorded in 1972 with about forty musicians composing the cream of the studio orchestras of the time. First released as an album under the title Giant, it was later renamed under the current title to become a legendary Sound Illustration.

v/a "BBC Radiophonic Music" LP (Silva Screen) 
The reissue of the 1968 BBC Radiophonic Workshop's hugely influential 10th anniversary album, featuring remastered early electronic works of John Baker, David Cain and Delia Derbyshire. Widely regarded as a major influence on the development of electronic music worldwide, BBC Radiophonic Music is a compilation of short works, often composed as intros to various radio or television programs. Conceived in a time when analogue sampling meant hours of slicing tape with razor blades, BBC Radiophonic Music is brimming with zippy themes, unsettling atmospherics, riffs, loops, clicks and beeps. Insanely catchy yet deeply sinister, this is 'collage music', produced, according to Desmond Briscoe of BBC Radiophonic Workshop, "with the intention of entertaining rather than  informing".

v/a "Noises" LP (Cortizona) 
Cortizona present the first time LP reissue of Noises, a originally released on the very short-lived label Kamikaze in 1977. An amazing Belgian compilation still oscillating 40 years later into the pop waves. Features Marc Moulin, Ariel Kalma, Michel Moers, Ilona Chale (Cos), Eric Chale, Daniel Plasschaert, Robert Altaber, Thibet Marpa. 180 gram vinyl. Contains two new postcards as an insert, including liner notes by Michel Moers and the original lyrics of "Aman" and drawing by Ariel Kalma.

Chemical Brothers "No Geography" LP/CD (Astralwerks) 
Ninth studio album by electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers. It is their first album in four years, with their previous being Born in the Echoes (2015). The album was supported by the singles "Free Yourself", "MAH" and "Got to Keep On".

Desaever, Dirk / White House White "Collected 1984-1989 (Extended Play)" 12" (Musique Pour La Danse) 
Side A is a reissue of the highly sought-after Disdain EP from 1988 by White House White. While it's the most straightforward new beat/EBM section of Musique Pour La Danse's collections, Dirk Desaever's sense of dramaturgy, his sound design, rhythmic patterns, and use of film samples create a dark and mysterious ambiance at odds with the smiley atmosphere prevalent in most contemporary new beat productions. On Side B, three previously unreleased tracks in a similar spirit to WHW's sound with a dark and sleazy atmosphere, elegant arrangements.

Desaever, Dirk / White House White "Collected 1984-1989 (Long Play)" LP (Musique Pour La Danse) 
What was initially supposed to be a simple reissue soon turned into a wider project, as Desaever shared heaps of amazing unreleased material; it seemed more interesting to shed light on the dark side of this producer's body of work, rather than to focus on content already reissued elsewhere. Some tunes can be imagined within a New Beat context, but it's clear they were not created with clubs in mind; most of the material here is actually closer to minimal wave, synth wave and dark wave. After seeing the bigger picture, it will become clear for listeners how truly unique this producer sounds, even compared with other Belgians from the '80s.

Iglooghost "Clear Tamei / Steel Mogu" LP (Brainfeeder) 
This is a 12" release of two EPs that Iglooghost released digitally in 2018. Hence the vinyl version has two front covers - one representing Clear Tamei and the other representing Steel Mogu. There are 5 tracks on each side so 10 tracks in total.

Low Jack "Breizh" CD (Hospital Productions) 
Low Jack produces Breizh, a highly articulate hybrid mix CD edited from an Editions Gravats showcase, showing his strange meeting of industrial cut-up dancehall and organic artificial intelligence. As always, Phillipe Hallais' sophisticated and cryptic art deals with the sociopolitical contradictions and passions of the region of Brittany, which is ripe for dissection near and far. FAN MCD in slimline case, edition of 500.

Mills, Jeff "The Director's Cut Chapter 1" LP (Axis) 
"Looking back in hindsight to the activity and accomplishments of Axis is with much pride -- to witness the relationship between the music and listener evolving to this point. The Director's Cut reissue project is about manicuring detail. It's about a rare opportunity to enhance what we've done so that the relationship strengthens for the long term." --Jeff Mills

"Music of Game of Thrones" by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra 2xLP (Diggers Factory) 
In 2011 composer Ramin Djawadi was first asked to score a new TV series called Game of Thrones. In its first season much of the music was written for a small string ensemble, and filled out with synthetic pads and percussion. Over the course of the next six seasons the music budget got bigger and bigger to match the ever-increasing viewing figures the show was enjoying. This release celebrates the rich tapestry of music over the six series with the full firepower of an 80-piece symphony orchestra and choir.

"Space Thing" by v/a LP (Modern Harmonic) 
Limited silver colored LP pressing. In 1968 A.D., years before (and possibly inspiring?) the Star Wars franchise David Friedman pounded out this "science friction" that takes place in the year 2069. The "film" borrows greatly (and literally) from Star Trek, cleverly repurposing the USS Enterprise into the SS Supreme Erection simply by making it fly backwards and upside down. Speaking of repurposing, the music was upcycled from Friedman's She Freak by adding space sounds and space moans and groans! This is the first ever soundtrack for this first ever color sci-fi flick for mature audiences. The package features sounds of space, spy tension, Hammond freakouts, a zine with extensive liners from Lisa "Something Weird" Petrucci, supersonic colored vinyl LP and a DVD of the entire excursion.

"The Air Seller (1967)" by Victor Vlasov LP (Shukai) 
Shukai presents its debut release -- music for television film The Air Seller by Victor Vlasov, which has never been released before. Recorded in 1967, the same year as the film was broadcasted on Soviet television. Shukai focuses on bringing back to life the lost tapes from '60s to '90s -- soviet music for films, television, library music.

"Silent Hill 2" 2xLP (Mondo) 
Silent Hill 2 is psychological horror by way of David Lynch, evoking the more surreal and supernatural elements of Twin Peaks while telling the story of one man's journey into a hell of his own creation. Like the geographical differences between the maps of the two games, musically Silent Hill 2 feels like somewhere you've been before but mysteriously different and unique. It's haunting and beautiful at one moment, tense and spine-tingling the next.

New Blockaders, The "Live At Sonic City" CD+DVD (Cold Spring Records) 
Live At Sonic City includes an audio/visual document of The New Blockader's last ever live performance which took place at the Thurston Moore-curated Sonic City festival in Kortrijk, Belgium in 2017. TNB served as a major influence on legendary noise pioneers such as Merzbow and their influence on the current crop of popular crossover noise artists, such as Wolf Eyes, is immeasurable. TNB's performance at Sonic City can best be described as a noise symphony: metal-bashing and grinding, hammering, eviscerating microphone feedback, torrents of glorious mangle and harsh electronics all skillfully blended with a collage of manifold sounds and dynamics. DVD is PAL format, region free.

Ghost Feather "Like the Sea" CD (Self Released) 
This is a debut indie record that draws inspiration from 90's rock music, existentialism, Christianity, and love. It is best to listen to this album while driving late at night during the Spring and Summer months of the year. Enjoy.

Urban Styles: Graffiti In New York by Freddy Alva BOOK+7" (Radio Raheem) 
The first book from author Freddy Alva is a subterranean adventure back to a time when subcultures and underground movements blended seamlessly and went largely unnoticed by the mainstream world. Urban Styles deftly straddles the seemingly in congruent worlds of graffiti culture and the hardcore punk scene of the 1980s to tell the story of a unique moment in time when crossover between the two outlaw cultures was a common, if not heralded, occurrence.

Friday, April 5th

Bareilles, Sara "Amidst The Chaos" CD (Epic Records) 
The sixth studio album from singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles. Includes the singles 'Armor' and "Fire," plus "No Such Thing," "Eyes on You," "Wicked Love," "Orpheus" and more. The album was produced by T Bone Burnett. Bareilles has sold over one million albums and over nine million singles and downloads in the United States alone and has earned seven Grammy Award nominations, including one Album of the Year nomination for her album The Blessed Unrest.

Big Eyes "Streets Of The Lost" CD (Greenway Records) 
Since their inception in late 2009, Big Eyes has been a musical chimera. Their distinctive heavy sound glides between punk, power-pop, and hard rock, while their songwriting retains an unwavering classic pop refinement. On their latest album Streets of the Lost, Kait Eldridge, the bandleader and songwriter behind Big Eyes, combines straight shooting New York punk sensibilities with moody, brooding pacific northwest undertones, evoking a sense of both places the band has called home. Big Eyes' sound has never felt richer, darker, and more lived-in.

Blake Babies "Innocence and Experience" LP (American Laundromat) 
Reissue of a compilation album originally released in 1993. Perched right on the edge of genuine stardom thanks to the critical adoration of 1990's Sunburn  and the general sea change heralded by the commercial success of  Nirvana  and other alt rockers, the Blake Babies chose instead to break up. It was nothing personal;  John P. Strohm  and Freda Boner were homesick for Indiana and Juliana Hatfield didn't want to leave Boston. That sort of casualness typified the band throughout their brief existence, and indeed, it's a huge part of their charm. Coyly taking their name from the most famous book of poetry by their name's inspiration, Innocence and Experience  is a similarly off-the-cuff collection. Less a full-career overview than a collection of rarities, favorite tracks, and demos, the 14-track collection hits all of the group's releases, paying particular attention to Sunburn  and its immediate predecessor, 1989's Earwig .

Cameron, Alex "Live in San Francisco" LP (Castle Face) 
The final entry in the Live In San Francisco series: an intimate evening with Alex Cameron and his indispensable sax man, Roy Molloy, performing at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco, a very classy and lovingly maintained venue originally built in 1907 on Market Street.

Chesworth, David "Layer on Layer" LP (Chapter Music) After his revered 1979 debut 50 Synthesizer Greats (reissued by Chapter in 2017), David swapped the solo home-recorded synths for something very different - infectious, percussive art-funk weirdness. Aged 21, David recorded nights and weekends at the studio in his university's music department, building Layer On Layer from the ground up, using non-instruments like telephone directories, cardboard boxes and car parts. He created an art-damaged sound world, driven by irresistible rhythms but emphasizing chance and experimentation.

Circa Waves "What's It Like Over There" CD (PIAS America) 
Recorded in just one month, and renewing their blossoming co-producing relationship with Alan Moulder (Foals, The Killers), What's It Like Over There? is an album that's creatively unshackled and refuses to stay still. It fuses the visceral thrill of rock music with a slick pop sound, its themes of modern ennui, emotional fragility and all the inside-outs and upside-downs of relationships making it a record that could only have been made now. Whilst the anthemic 'Movies' will appeal to the band's long-standing fan base, the likes of 'Sorry I'm Yours' and 'Be Somebody Good' see Circa Waves experiment with a new progressive sound that will surprise and delight in equal measure.

Cleveland, Shana "Night of the Worm Moon" LP/CD/CS (Hardly Art) 
Shana Cleveland has been beguiling listeners for years in her role as the superlative frontwoman for elastic surf rockers La Luz. Now Cleveland is evolving her sound on the new solo full-length Night of the Worm Moon, a serene album that flows like a warm current while simultaneously wresting open a portal to another dimension. As much a work of California sci-fi as Octavia Butler's Parable novels, Night of the Worm Moon incorporates everything from alternate realities to divine celestial bodies. Inspired in part by one of her musical idols, the Afro-futurist visionary Sun Ra (the album's title is a tip of the hat to his 1970 release Night of the Purple Moon), the record blends pastoral folk with cosmic concerns.

Don the Tiger "Matanzas" LP (Crammed Disc) 
Don the Tiger is the solo project of Adrián de Alfonso, the nomadic guitarist who has played with the likes of Lydia Lunch, Robert Forster and Carla Bozulich. An ubiquitous presence in Barcelona's underground until recently, having relocated to Berlin, Don The Tiger now takes inspiration from everything he misses in that city - be it bolero, MPB, baroque fantasy, guabina, flamenco or Fania Records- and mixes it with musique concrète and video game music, delivering it all in a way that owes more to primitive rock'n'roll than to anything else.

Drums, The "Brutalism" CD (ANTI) 
Brutalism is quite possibly the best collection of songs in The Drums' ten-year career. The album is defined by growth, transformation and questions, but it doesn't provide all the answers. Brutalism is a form of simplistic architecture defined by blocks of raw concrete. Brutalism is rooted in an emotional rawness but it's layers are soft, intricate and warm, full of frivolous and exquisitely crafted pop songs that blast sunlight and high energy in the face of anxiety, solitude and crippling self-doubt.

Foodman "Moriyama" LP (Palto Flats) 
First release on Palto Flats by Nagoya-based experimental producer Foodman. A 5 track 12" focused on deep, tactile rhythmic and offbeat tracks, Moriyama tilts on some of the producer's most dance-friendly work. "Mizuboro," (meaning water bath) elicits the feeling of soaking in a tub of warm bassy synth pads, metronomic patterns of woodwinds and skittering percussion suitable for latenight winds. Elsewhere, on "Soudesu," Foodman experiments with traditional instrumentation & vocal forms to create a special post-ambient/dance hybrid of familiar sounds reconfigured. Named after the district he lives in, Moriyama represents some of Foodman's most direct, accessible work - a full helping.

Gika, Ioanna "Thalassa" LP (Sargent House) 
Thalassa, the debut solo album from Ioanna Gika, takes it's name from the primeval spirit of the sea, a nod to the singer's Greek heritage and a thematic touchstone for the self-produced 10 song set. Written in Greece during a period of familial grief and romantic dissolution, Thalassa documents an unanchored soul facing nature at it's most unforgiving. Gika's unique voice is laid bare, a beacon above the black water of dense, looming production that lies beneath.

Jai Wolf "The Cure To Loneliness" LP (Mom + Pop) 
Debut album from the electronic producer.
Mercury Rev "Deserter's Songs" LP (Excelsior Melodies) Reissue. Fully cementing Mercury Rev's rebirth as purveyors of a cosmic brand of the popular American songbook, Deserter's Songs is an album of grandiose proportions. Merging jazz, folk, sweeping orchestration, and a dose of 60's rock, the album was intended as the band's swan song and therefore made with utter abandon. However, it became the band's most acclaimed platter and remains one of the essential records of the past 30 years.

Mr Twin Sister "Salt" LP (Twin Group) 
NYC cult heroes Mr Twin Sister return with their typically fascinating mix of worldly electronica, dancefloor pop, dub, and funk of all kinds. Lead vocalist Andrea Estella - and her marionette, also named Salt - take center stage like never before, with themes including: the limiting nature of appearances; the difficulty of connecting with those around us; the simultaneous longing for change and fear of what change will bring.

Murlocs "Manic Candid Episode" LP (ATO)
Murlocs "Old Locomotive" LP (ATO)
Murlocs "Young Blindness" LP (ATO) 
Reissues of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th albums from The Murlocs, a tight-knit rhythm & blues garage outfit from Melbourne, Australia. The band has been steadily working on a new record in-between Ambrose and Cookies touring commitments with King Gizzard.

Nilsson, Molly "History" LP (Night School) 
Long overdue reissue of this Molly Nilsson early release (her fourth), now repackaged and reissued via Night School / DSA. By the time Molly Nilsson released History, she had already established a fledgling cult status built on homemade YouTube videos and home-burnt CDRs. Writing from a distance, it's clear that this is the first classic album in her canon and arguably a classic of the 21st Century underground music panorama.

Ostrar. Adam "The Worried Coat" CD (Super Secret Records) 
This is Ostrar's second solo album, the follow-up to 2017's Brawls In the Briar. Before that, he led the early 2000 shag-carpet art-punk of Manishevitz, an early Jagjaguwar band that toured with The Mountain Goats and Edith Frost before the Internet kept track of these things. When he isn't stressing out, you can find him teaching guitar and Ubering to gigs in Austin, Texas. Some days he has a beard, some days he doesn't. The Worried Coat is Ostrar at his best even though 2018 wasn't the best year.

Plain, Rozi "What a Boost" LP/CD (Memphis Industries) 
The ten-track album was self-produced with the help of a long list of musical friends including Kate Stables, Jamie Whitby Coles, Neil Smith (all This is the Kit), Chris Cohen, Joel Wästberg (Sir Was) and Sam Amidon.

Priests "The Seduction of Kansas" LP (Sister Polygon Records) 
With fireworks of noise and arresting melodies, Priests' 2017 debut LP Nothing Feels Natural was heralded as a modern classic of "post-punk", but Priests feel urgently present. If NFN felt like an album-length ode to possibility, then The Seduction of Kansas exists within the adventurous world it's predecessor pried open. If NFN was the reach and conviction of a band pushing beyond itself, willing itself into existence on it's own terms, then Kansas stands boldly in the self-possessed space it carved, an immediate and cohesive album.

Proper Ornaments, The "6 Lenins" LP (Tapete) 
6 Lenins, the third album release from The Proper Ornaments, sees the band master their seemingly effortless but finely-wrought sound. The London jangle pop group led by James Hoare (also of Ultimate Painting/Veronica Falls) and Max Claps (Toy) went into James' home studio in London and made their finest recordings to date. What their supremely melodic work suggests is a nonchalance or naivety but is in fact an expensively-bought slice of coherence and clarity within a constantly shifting backdrop to their lives and landscapes. This is well-crafted songwriting and controlled sonics despite a zealous analog sensibility.

Ramsey, Tyler "For The Morning" LP/CD (Concord/Fantasy)
New album features dexterous guitar fingerpicking and radiant acoustic piano; affecting pedal steel and gorgeous languid vocals. Ramsey, along with engineer Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Ray LaMontagne, Joan Shelley, Strand of Oaks) and Seth Kauffman of Floating Action (and touring musician for Jim James, Ray LaMontagne) recorded a clutch of Ramsey demos at La La Land studios in Louisville, KY. For The Morning is complemented by spots from several guest musicians, including Joan Shelley, Thad Cockrell, and Molly Parden who sing harmony on various tracks, the pedal steel player Russ Paul, Nathan Salsburg and Gareth Liddiard from The Drones on guitar.

Son Lux "At War with Walls & Mazes" LP (Joyful Noise Recordings) 
Son Lux "We Are Rising" LP (Joyful Noise Recordings)
Ryan Lott's first two releases as Son Lux document one of the most compelling musicians of the 21st century finding a distinctive creative voice, while making strikingly original music along the way. Eleven years after his debut as Son Lux, Joyful Noise Recordings is reissuing the works on vinyl. In the last few years, Son Lux has shifted from Lott's singular vision into a three-piece ensemble featuring virtuoso musicians Ian Chang on drums, and Rafiq Bhatia on guitar. But Lott's initial Son Lux recordings still point toward an exciting musical future that contemporary pop music has yet to realize.

Sparrow Steeple "Tin Top Sorcerer" LP (Trouble In Mind) 
Sparrow Steeple's music exists in it's own universe. An imagined utopia (or is it a dystopia?) of wolfmen, murderous wizards, whispering woods & leprechaun treasure. Their second album "Tin Top Sorcerer" arrives near the front end of 2019, just in time for spring to blossom. Comprised of three members of inscrutable indie legends Strapping Fieldhands, Sparrow Steeple specialize in mini-opuses that drift & careen haphazardly like Grimm's Fairy Tales sung by Syd Barrett - psychedelic tales of rapturous joy & sinister machinations by creatures real & imagined, all wrapped around dreamlike tunes of avant folk, psychedelia, and outsider music.

Swift, Richard "Dressed Up For the Letdown" LP (Secretly Canadian) 
Reissue of his 2006 album.

Swift, Richard "Ground Trouble Jaw / Walt Wolfman" LP (Secretly Canadian) 
Richard Swift was an outsider-pop wunderkind who could do more with one worn, old mic than most men could with a high-end studio, taking "the holy moment" and making it eternal. It was a great Swiftian irony that the shining moment of realization that is Ground Trouble Jaw first saw it's release as a modest, digital-only EP in 2008. Here we right that wrong, and pair it with 2011's Walt Wolfman EP, very much a spiritual twin of Ground Trouble Jaw.

Swift, Richard "The Atlantic Ocean" LP (Secretly Canadian) 
His fourth album delivering a balanced mix of dry, minimal rock and roll, and futuristic synthesizer stabs.

VR Sex "Horseplay" CS (DAIS Records) 
VR SEX are audio/visual provocateurs who transpose the identifiers of death rock, synth punk, post-punk, ambient, and ethereal soundscapes into an audit on technology and its imprint on our collective psyche. Horseplay offers an extension of VR SEX in decay. Noel Skum helms all instruments for this home-recorded release, which was mixed to tape by engineer Mike Kriebel.

Weyes Blood "Titanic Rising" LP/CD/CS (Sub Pop) 
Through her latest, Titanic Rising, Weyes Blood, a.k.a. Natalie Mering, has designed her own universe to soulfully navigate life's mysteries. Maneuvering through a space-time continuum, she plays the role of melodic, sometimes melancholic, anthropologist. Tellingly, Mering classifies Titanic Rising - which was written and recorded during the first half of 2018, after three albums and years of touring - as the Kinks meet WWII or Bob Seger meets Enya.

Khalid "Free Spirit" CD (RCA) 
Second studio album by Khalid, featuring the single 'Talk'. Khalid's music is primarily R&B and pop. He sings in both the baritone and tenor ranges, effectively rendering him a baritenor. Khalid cites Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Father John Misty, Frank Ocean, Grizzly Bear, Chance the Rapper, Lorde, India. Arie, and James Blake as influences.

Dylan, Bob "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" LP (Legacy)
Dylan, Bob "Planet Waves" LP (Legacy)
Dylan, Bob "Street-Legal" LP (Legacy)

Pink Floyd "Broadcast In Rome, Italy, May 6th, 1968" LP (Supernaut) 
The legendary Pink Floyd concert at the First International Pop Festival in Rome in May 1968. This well-recorded performance captures Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason in their very early post-Syd Barrett era. The album ends with an excerpt of Roger Water's voice from a radio interview broadcast.

Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. "Sacred And Inviolable Phase Shift" CD (Bam Balam) 
One of the greatest Japanese psychedelic bands has a new studio album.

Ragnarok "s/t" LP (Silence) 
Reissue, originally released in 1976. Some music never becomes dated and this debut record by Ragnarök from Kalmar in Sweden is just filled with that kind of music. Lingering melodies are built around a minor key with guitars in harmony, flute, electric piano, bass and drums. Remastered by original sound engineer Anders Lind.

Weltklang Electronic Music "ZX81 In Concert" LP (Seance Centre) 
From Richard Aicher and Andreas Merz' secret vaults: their own tape-production for Sinclair Computers at Rothof Studio near Munich - an unreleased recording, made to promote Sinclair ZX-81 computers.

Xolotl, Bernard "Last Wave" LP (Bureau B) 
Reissue of Bernard Xolotl's fifth album, originally released only on cassette in 1982. On Last Wave, Xolotl expanded his musical palette with new instruments such as the Yamaha CS60 and the PPG.

Enzyme "Howling Mind" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus) 
After two 7"s on Crust War and Hardcore Victim and a tour flexi in Japan on Vox Populi Records, Australian noise-punx Enzyme release their debut 10-track debut album. The band, made up of ex-members of Pisschrist, Kromosom, and Unknown to God, worship at the altar of 'Perdition'-era Disorder, Chaos UK, and Confuse. The bass drives the sound, the drums hectic with a lot of rolling tom tom work whilst the guitar has an immense tone of buzzing distortion and flanged psychedelics which sits somewhere between Gloom and Les Rallizes Denudes. Pummeling, assertive one-two hardcore with a visceral-physical without stupidity, clever but unpretentious venomous vocals.

Fatamorgana "Terra Alta" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus) 
Formed in Barcelona in the summer of 2017, Fatamorgana sprang to life from the hearts and minds of Patrycja Anna Proniewska and Louis Harding. What began as a bedroom project of sorts (monophonic synthesisers, 4-track cassette recordings) the project soon blossomed into a functional live unit. Terra Alta is the group's first full-length effort. The verse-chorus songwriting, the raw set-up of 2-synths-and-a-beat, and the primal rhythms nod to the duo's background in punk, but Terra Alta has a pensive and mesmeric quality. The band could be pin-pointed somewhere between early Depeche Mode, Young Marble Giants, The Human League and a rounder-around-the-edges Borghesia.

Mau Maus "Society's Rejects" LP (Sealed Records) 
21-track singles round-up from one of the UK`s first wave of Hardcore Punk bands, the Mau Maus. They were formed in Sheffield and in the early 80`s they released a string of hard hitting EP`s on the Pax and Rebellion labels. Including Society's Rejects, No Concern, Facts Of War and Tear Down The Walls, all of which hit the UK Indie Top 10. This set includes all the tracks from those four singles plus Give Us a Future from the Punk Dead - Nah Mate, The Smell Is Jus Summink In Yer Underpants Innit Compilation on Pax. Each track is a prime example of fury delivered with intensity and passion. The LP comes with a A4 Booklet of lyrics, reviews and archive.

Polo Pepo "San Felipe es Punk" 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus) 
"San Felipe Es Punk" is an anomaly in the history of punk. Overlooked at the time it was released by the international scene, this object contains the essence of Mexican underground rock in a couple of songs. We are not talking the fast, urgent and political hardcore punk most people think of when Mexico pops up in a conversation. Polo Pepo came from the 60s hippie movement, survived the government repression of the youth during the 70's and 80s, and finally found in punk the true spirit of rock and roll. Embracing punk, he developed a unique sound with all the limitations an inhabitant of a third world country had. Self-released in 1988 by Polo Pepo and Merced Belén Valdéz, co-author of the lyrics, the record became legendary among the collector and music-freak circles. And now finally sees the light again as a licensed reissue by Polo Pepo himself thanks to La Vida Es Un Mus. The record comes with an 8-page booklet, a recent interview with Polo Pepo and two archive pictures of the man himself.

Scientists "9H2O.SiO2" LP (In The Red) 
12-inch E.P. featuring five brand new originals just in time for the band's follow up U.S. tour in April. These new tracks prove that the band is still as original, brutal, rocking and scientific as they ever were.

Qual "Cyber Care" 12" (Avant!) 
By now you must be familiar with Qual being the solo project of William Maybelline, one half of the Lebanon Hanover duo. When William first stepped into the scene as an individual artist back in 2014, he declared the intention to explore the very grimmest areas in synth-based music. While Sable debut LP was unapologetically gothic in subject matter and sound, Qual's most recent and uncompromising outputs of Cupio Dissolvi EP and last year's album The Ultimate Climax merge the despairingly freezing properties of 90s EBM with the more aggressive sensibilities of industrial techno without ever diluting the intensity of either. Brand new 4-track EP Cyber Care is the perfect synthesis of both these aspects. 

Eluveitie "Ategnatos" CD (Nuclear Blast) 
Recorded between January - March 2018 by Dave Portner at Laughing Gas Studio in Asheville, NC. The album was mixed by Adam McDaniel and Dave Portner at Drop of Sun Studios in Asheville, NC. The album takes inspiration from the future and the past in equal measure, referencing a myriad of cultural touchstones.

Moonshine Brand, The "On the Waves of Time" LP (Burning Wax) 
Eight songs for any tide, dealing with the way of the world and what it might become. Good handmade stoner blues rock music for the old-time future.

Periphery "IV: Hail Stan" CD (eOne) 
Periphery represents the vanguard of addictive, chaotic, challenging and cathartically inviting heavy music for the modern era. The triple-guitar attack and rhythmic dexterity of Periphery has won them devoted adherents across underground subcultures, regardless of whether those fans were weaned on the passion-fueled sounds of the Vans Warped Tour or the progressive rock of Rush.

Coltrane, John "Live At The Apollo Theater, Dusseldorf, Germany, March 18th, 1960" LP (Wax Love) 
Recorded by the German WDR radio at the Apollo Theater in Düsseldorf on Monday, March 18, 1960 this session documents a precise step in John Coltrane's career. Coltrane leading a quartet session with the Miles Davis Quintet rhythm section, a hard-swinging combo with pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist extraordinaire Paul Chambers, and drummer Jimmy Cobb. A fine set based on a bunch of well selected standards.

Creative Arts Ensemble "One Step Out" LP (Outernational Sounds) 
A true gem from the Los Angeles jazz underground, the album was pianist and composer Kaeef Ruzadun Ali's first recording as leader of the Creative Arts Ensemble. The Creative Arts Ensemble was the only large ensemble group that emerged directly from Horace Tapscott's legendary Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra community jazz group. On vinyl for the first time since 1981. 180 gram vinyl, mastered at 45rpm for enhanced sound; Fully licensed from Tom Albach.

Hancock, Herbie "Crossings" LP (Antarctica Starts Here)
Hancock, Herbie "Fat Albert Rotunda" LP (Antarctica Starts Here)
Hancock, Herbie "Mwandishi" LP (Antarctica Starts Here)
Reissues of these fusion classics.

Jaikishan, Shankar "Raga Jazz Style" LP (Outernational Sounds) 
Never-before reissued, this legendary 1968 EMI recording is a revered Indian jazz rarity; a collectors' holy grail. Raga Jazz Style takes the melodic, scale-based raga system of Indian classical music and marries it with a swinging jazz rhythm section assembled by Bollywood's most highly acclaimed musical directors, the soundtrack composing duo Shankar Singh and Jaikishan Panchal. A one-away recording from the almost unknown Bombay jazz scene, it is among the few jazz LPs to hail from the subcontinent. An original Indian excursion into Indo-jazz fusion. Facsimile artwork; 180 gram vinyl pressed at Pallas, in Germany.

Resnick, Jeff "SAC" LP (Outernational Sounds) 
Reissue, originally released in 1978. Five tracks of soul jazz and modal fusion on the first side; then Resnick is mostly solo for the second side, multi-tracking synthesizers on his home set-up, in an engrossing blend of reflective abstraction, grooving electro and spiritualized fourth-world tropicalism. Organically funky, laced with avant-garde synth textures, and studded with breakbeats.

Sharps, Jesse Quintet & P.A.P.A. "Sharps And Flats" LP (Outernational Sounds) 
Issued on vinyl for the first time, Outernational Sounds presents a monumental spirit music document from the Los Angeles underground -- Jesse Sharp's slept-on deep jazz classic Sharps And Flats. Jesse Sharps is a major figure in the history of jazz music in Los Angeles. As the bandleader for Horace Tapscott's Pan-Afrikan People's Arkestra (P.A.P.A.), he led Tapscott's seminal music community through its most cohesive phase. Featuring a quintet of P.A.P.A. regulars at the height of their game, Sharps And Flats is one of the great lost Nimbus sessions. The only album to come out under his name, Sharps And Flats, was recorded in 1985, and wasn't issued on CD until 2004. A lost classic of the LA underground.

Sun Ra "Monorails & Satelites: Works for Solo Piano Vols. 1, 2, 3" LP (Cosmic Myth) 
Considering the monumental depth of Sun Ra's recorded catalog, there are surprisingly few solo piano albums. Monorails And Satellites: Volumes 1 and 2 were the first commercial LPs of the artist's solo keyboard excursions. Recorded in 1966 and released on his Saturn imprint in 1968, Vol. 1 featured seven idiosyncratic originals and one standard delivered in Sunny's singular manner. Vol. 2, featuring five original compositions, was released the following year. A third volume was recorded but shelved, and this deluxe edition marks its premiere release. Issued on the authorized label of the Sun Ra estate, Cosmic Myth Records, which is known for superbly restored and remastered and annotated titles. Monorails And Satellites is available as a 3xLP tri-gatefold cover with liner notes by renowned jazz pianist Vijay Iyer, and historical overviews by jazz historian Ben Young and producer Irwin Chusid.

Chasman "Synth-E-Fuge" LP (Numero Group) 
From the blown-out motherboard of West Philadelphia's Master Control Programmers, Charles Grossman broke off to explore his own personal outer space experience. With just a DW-8000 to keep him company, University City's loneliest cyborg issued this eight song electro-mellow statement in 1989. Spectral synths, pulsating programming, and yes - a keytar - set the soundtrack to your next game of Spy Hunter. Jam on to a sound more sophisticated.

Fields, Lee & The Expressions "It Rains Love" LP (Big Crown Records) 
Lee has been singing for 50 plus years and is undeniably, yet amazingly, at the top of his game. Those who have paid attention know that Lee is part of the class that is directly responsible for the revival of old school funk and soul. His latest offering is sure to be a warmly received instant classic. Teaming up again with frequent collaborator and producer Leon Michels and his devoted band, The Expressions, they have managed again to take a classic approach and update it. Traditional soul sensibilities are mixed with a hip-hop tinged, sample ready sound that is as much an homage to the old as to the new.

Professor Longhair "Live On The Queen Mary" LP (Capitol) 
The Professor Longhair live album documents a performance underwritten by Paul and Linda McCartney. The album was recorded March 24, 1975 on the Queen Mary cruise ship docked in Long Beach, California, USA at a private party hosted by Paul and Linda McCartney. Highlights include the rollicking 'Mess Around', and the standards 'Stagger Lee', 'Everyday I Have the Blues', 'I'm Movin On, ' and his hits 'Mardi Gras in New Orleans' and 'Tipitina'.

Cash, Johnny "Live At Belmond Park In NYC May 23rd, 1981" LP (DBQP) 
The Man in Black as captured live in Belmond Park, New York City, in May 1981. The country hero Johnny Cash had just released the album The Baron (1981) on Columbia and was touring all over the US in front of his longtime fans and brand-new supporters. Essential track list with some of his major hits.

Morris, Maren "Girl" LP (Sony Music Nashville) 
Second major label studio album by singer Maren Morris. Lead single "Girl" was called "an upbeat, optimistic single with a strutting, indie-rock guitar sound" by Rolling Stone. Morris co-wrote the song with Sarah Aarons, who worked on "The Middle", and Greg Kurstin. Maren has released four studio albums. Her 2015 extended play, Maren Morris, charted on two Billboard charts. Her major label debut album, Hero, reached #5 on the Billboard 200 chart and #1 on the Top Country Albums chart.

Graham, Davy "Hat" LP (Bread & Wine) 
Released in 1969 Davy noted that the fourteen selections on "Hat" were intended to please 'not only blues and folk fans but all those of the new breed who are just taking up modern music'. Recorded with double bassist Danny Thompson of Pentangle, whose long career included years with Richard Thompson and John Martyn, the record features a couple classical finger-busters, two Muddy Waters' numbers (both actually written by Willie Dixon), two by Paul Simon (a good friend of his at the time), along with some of his 'pop' and jazz favourites of the day. Remastered, with liner notes by David Fricke.

Graham, Davy "Midnight Man" LP (Bread & Wine) 
2nd solo release for Decca which showed notable growth as Graham was actively changing and extending himself musically. The playing here was more extroverted and more aggressive, musically, a result of his increased experience and growing maturity as an artist. Recorded following his travels to Ibiza, through the Aegean and on to Constantinople, he was deeply influenced by the sounds he heard, and - in contrast - was experimenting with amplification. The resulting work was rich in it's experimental approach to conventional blues and modern jazz pieces, and his incredible excursion with Lalo Schifrin's "The Fakir" was the instrumental 'hit' on this album, just as "Maajun" was on his groundbreaking "Folk Blues and Beyond" record. Remastered, with liner notes by David Fricke.

Ritchie, Jean "Singing The Traditional Songs Of Her Kentucky Mountain Family" LP (Fantome Phonographique) 
Reissue, originally released as a 10" in 1952. Born in Viper, Kentucky in 1922, Jean Ritchie was born into The Ritchies of Perry County, who were considered one of the two great ballad-singing families of Kentucky celebrated among folk song scholars. Though she would appear on Library of Congress compilations and various other Alan Lomax related recordings, this is her first proper album. A beautiful example of traditional Appalachian dulcimer and folk singing. 425 gram sleeve; hand-numbered sticker.

v/a "Jamaica Jazz From Federal Records: Carib Roots, Jazz, Mento, Latin, Merengue & Rhumba 1960-1968" LP (Dub Store) 
Federal Records is a cornerstone in the history of the Jamaican music industry. It was the island's first domestic recording studio and where the pioneers of reggae, such as Sir Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd, Duke Reid and Prince Buster, recorded the earliest examples of popular Jamaican music. This re-issue series will bring discerning listeners remarkable music recorded by studio founder Ken Khouri at Federal Records. We would like to dedicate this series to Ken Khouri's lasting contribution to Jamaican music.

Dasgupta. Nitai "Songs of India" LP (Manufactured Recordings) 
Originally released on Vic Keary's underground label, Mushroom Records, in the early '70s. While Keary's background was in reggae, Mushroom Records dabbled in recording a bit of everything. Mostly known for hyper-rare psych, prog and acid folk, Nitai Dasgupta fits in perfectly with their British psych and prog label mates like Simon Finn, Magic Carpet, and Chillum. Nitai Dasgupta was one of the most talented Indian classical singers in Great Britain. His sweetness and flexibility created a unique style complemented by his melodious voice and composing abilities. Songs Of India pleases the lovers of Indian classical and semi-classical music while enticing pop and folk lovers.

Pandit Kanwar Sain Trikha "Three Sitar Pieces" LP (Manufactured Recordings) 
Originally released on Vic Keary's underground label, Mushroom Records, in the early '70s. While Keary's background was in reggae, his label dabbled in recording a bit of everything. Mostly known for hyper-rare psych, prog and acid folk, Pandit Kanwar Sain Trikha's LP fits in perfectly with their British psych and prog label mates like Simon Finn, Magic Carpet, and Chillum. Trikha, known for his fine-tuned skills on the sitar, showcases his virtuosity on this album; the exploration of his musical energy and verve is apparent in every note. Delicate, bold, sweet or even querulous various rhythmical flashes set the mood while he emanates supreme confidence and accomplishment on the sitar.

Bhattacharya, Deben "Music On The Desert Road" LP (Fantome Phonographique) 
Reissue, originally released in 1957. The late Deben Bhattacharya was a noted Bengali record producer, ethnomusicologist, poet, documentarian, radio producer, and all-around renaissance man. With recordings from Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, as well as India and Pakistan, this LP is one of the best and earliest documents of the diverse and rich musical traditions of the Middle East. 425 gram sleeve; hand-numbered sticker.

Moreschi, Alessandro "The Last Castrato" LP (Fantome Phonographique) 
Alessandro Moreschi (1858-1922) was the last known castrato, and the only one to have ever made recordings. By a very young age, Moreschi was known as "l'Angelo Di Roma" and quickly became the first soprano of the Sistine Chapel choir, a position he held for more than 30 years. His recordings were made in 1902 and 1904 at the Vatican. Most of them are extremely rare and are collected here for the first time. This historic re-issue includes all twelve records which Professor Moreschi is known to have made, as well as five choral records on which his voice is clearly discernable. 425 gram sleeve; hand-numbered sticker.

Ferrari, Luc "Music Promenade/Unheimlich Schon" LP (Recollection GRM) 
Recollection GRM present two pieces by Luc Ferrari: "Music Promenade" (1964-1969) and "Unheimlich Schön" (1971). "Music Promenade" is an electroacoustic music piece for four stand-alone tape recorders; a series of colliding realistic sounds and sonic images. "Unheimlich Schön" is a musique concrète made in 1971 in the studios of the Südwestfunk in Baden-Baden. Voice: Ilse Mengel. Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, November 2018.

Lariviere, Regis Renouard "Contree" LP (Recollection GRM) 
Recollection GRM present three pieces from Régis Renouard Larivière. "Allégeance Volatile" and "Esquive" each tackle the same issue in their own way. Overcoming time: whether it be successive, additional, enumerative, or repetitive. "Contrée" once again speaks of a counter-event, but here the movement is broader, more generous, more confident. Mastering by Mathias Durand; Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, November 2018.

Marisaldi, Eva & Enrico Serotti "Music First" LP (Seance Centre) 
A collection of sound works composed and performed by Enrico Serotti for the videos and installations of Eva Marisaldi. Beautiful "Museum/Art" edition including 16 page coloured inner booklet with introduction by Guido Molinari. Stunning digital processing work, almost techno or IDM leaning at times, recommended!

Praetzel, Conrad "Paleo Music 1987-1998" 2xLP (Seance Centre) 
Unearthed Fourth World FM artifacts from California multi-instrumentalist Conrad Praetzel recorded between 1987 and 1998. Fantastic discovery, definite must for fans of Attilio, Charles Ditto, William Aura and Finis Africae.

Skodvin, Knut "Kondens" 2xLP (Seance Centre) 
Double LP: first one includes tracks remastered from "Kondens" original master tapes (originally released in 1982); second one includes unreleased tracks taken and remastered from 1983-1984 original master tapes (produced and composed for Scandinavian "theatre" performances)

Ullmann, Jakob "Fremde Zeit Addendum 5" CD (Edition RZ) 
Edition RZ presents Jakob Ullmann's Fremde Zeit Addendum 5, a supplement to Fremde Zeit Addendum. "Solo V" is not an instrumental piece for a soloist in the ordinary sense; the grand piano becomes an unknown sound body. Although there is a soloist, they could hardly carry out the performance on their own, requiring either pre-produced electronic playback or, as in the present recording by Lukas Rickli, the participation of assistants sustaining a soundscape. The piece to be heard unfolds in a pulsating, breathing pianissimo; hardly bringing any instrument to mind, it opens up a harmonic cosmos, urging the listener into it. CD comes in carton sleeve with flap (to be added to Fremde Zeit Addendum box -- CDs 1-4), with booklet in German and English.

Black Jazz Consortium "Evolutions EP" 12" (Perpetual Sound) 
One of the most prolific and best-loved producers in underground, electronic music, Fred P christens his new label, Perpetual Sound, with a return to one of his best-loved projects, Black Jazz Consortium. Perpetual Sound represents an exciting new start following Fred P's decision to bring his former label, Soul People Music, to its natural end. This first release, knowingly titled Evolutions, is rich in the steppin', jazz-tech style that Black Jazz Consortium effortlessly injects with quite so much soul.

Ivvvo "doG" 2xLP (Halcyon Veil) 
IVVVO mounts an ambitious debut album for Rabit's Halcyon Veil with doG. A double-LP of synth-driven panoramas painted in neon, riddled with rave tropes and rendered in hyperrealist, cinematic sound design. Features crucial guest input on two highlights from Maxwell Sterling. Mastered and cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

Khotin "Beautiful You" LP (Ghostly)
Khotin is the recording project of Dylan Khotin-Foote, an electronic artist and part manager of label Normals Welcome hailing from Vancouver's thriving underground landscape. With 2017's New Tab, he explored the gentlest music of his career, tapping into a playful naiveté last felt in the bedroom projects of his teenage years. A response to DJ gig fatigue, the album offered a salve of synth arrangements mingling vintage electronic sounds with voicemail samples and other abstract chatter. He'd refine, expand, and blur further this impressionistic, dream-like style of music with Beautiful You, self-released to a slow simmer of cult praise in 2018, pressed for wider circulation in early 2019 by Ghostly International.

"Metal Gear Solid" LP (Moonshake) Soundtrack to PS1 mega-classic.

"Sonic the Hedgehog Three" LP (Moonshake) 
Legendary soundtrack to the third Sonic, which has long been rumored to feature songwriting contributions from Michael Jackson.

Caretaker, The "Everywhere at the End of Time - Stage 5" LP (History Always Favors the Winners) 
Stage 5 is the penultimate release in the series of The Caretaker's Everywhere At The End of Time, a series of six albums cataloging the effects of early-onset dementia. The second double album in the series, Stage 5 charts severe levels of musical/mental deterioration and sensory detachment through four smudged and hallucinatory side-long pieces. Progressing from previous volumes, on Stage 5, the mulch of bygone 78s now loses itself in a way that connotes misfiring synapses failing to properly relay information at advanced levels of the disease. Mastered and cut by Lupo, artwork by Ivan Seal.

Caretaker, The "Everywhere at the End of Time - Stage 6" LP (History Always Favors the Winners) 
The final release from The Caretaker (1999-2019). The sixth and last part in Everywhere At The End Of Time, a series of albums cataloging the effects of early-onset dementia. Features Ivan Seal's specially commissioned artwork. Mastered and cut by Lupo. 

Caretaker, The "Everywhere at the End of Time Stages 4 - 6" CD (History Always Favors the Winners) 
Compiling the last three albums in The Caretaker's Everywhere At The End Of Time series -- four CDs and almost five hours of material cataloging the ultimate descent into dementia and oblivion. By using fusty samples from an obsolete analog format, The Caretaker perfectly and perversely bent ideas of anticipation/expectation with his arrangements, playing with notions of convention and repetition. Features new and exclusive artwork by Ivan Seal on each panel, made especially for this series. Housed in a deluxe eight-panel, triple digi-file. Mastered and cut by Lupo.

Forest Management "Passageways" LP (Whited Sepulchre) 
Passageways is John Daniel's most personal work to date. An ode to his childhood home - a secluded apartment complex in Cleveland that his parents managed - "Passageways" refer to the various connecting hallways running between rooms as much as it refers to the way the passing of time overtakes our perception of spaces that seemed to be endless corridors into discovery and imagination. Passageways is full of submerged melodies, gentle pulls of surging tonal shifts that arc, shimmer and fade into the dark purple hue of the album's shifting overtones. The album rides the line of decaying drones that recall the best of Basinksi or Belong's October Language.

Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano "FRKWYS Vol. 15: Serenitatem" LP ((RVNG INTL.) 
Serenitatem, the fifteenth installment of FRKWYS, joins Visible Cloaks with Yoshio Ojima and Satsuki Shibano, two trailblazers of the Japanese avant-garde music and visual arts scenes of the 1980s and 90s. While the music excels on an environmental level, serenitatem aims to be more than that, burning away the easy cynicism of the day and presenting itself as the kind of delocalized work of art the internet promised us decades ago - a synthesis of artistic visions, technological sophistication, futurist ambition, and, occasionally, ancient polyphony.