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Friday, July 21st

Chon "Homey" LP (Sumerian) New album from the California math rock band. Available on colored vinyl.
Del Rey, Lana "Lust For Life" CD Fifth studio album.
Disco Inferno "In Debt" LP (Rocket Girl) Originally released in 1992 by Che Records, Disco Inferno's debut album 'In Debt' is now available as a double limited edition vinyl LP and single CD package including one previously unreleased track and new artwork.
Domino, Anna " East & West + Singles" LP (Les Disques du Crepuscule) New remastered vinyl edition of East & West, the bittersweet debut album by American singer-songwriter Anna Domino, originally released by the label in 1984.
Durutti Column "Domo Arigato v2.0" 2LP+7" LP (Factory Benelux) New expanded vinyl edition of Domo Arigato, the acclaimed live album by Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column, recorded in Tokyo in April 1985.
Fos "Captain Free" LP (Near the Exit Music) New third album from this Greek-born artist. She brings together traditional acoustic instruments like the daouli Greek drum, ancient instruments like the conch-shell, along with other acoustic instruments including the piano and the accordion and electronica-style programmed beats using pebbles, shells and bells.
Hatfield, Juliana "Pussycat" LP (American Laundromat) Latest album from the alt singer / songwriter, 14 tight and tidy grunge-pop tunes, playing everything herself.
Imagine Dragons "Evolve" LP New third album from the popular rock band.
Nothing "Poshlost" [Demo] LP (Funeral Party) Vinyl reissue of the new shoegaze band's 2010 demo tape, now on vinyl for the first time.
Radiohead "Ok Computer OKNOTOK" 3LP boxset (XL Recordings) Newly remastered 3LP collector edition features the original OK Computer twelve track album, eight B-sides, and possibly the Radiohead completist's dream of 'I Promise', 'Lift', and 'Man of War' -- The original studio recordings of these three previously unreleased and long sought after OK Computer era tracks finally receive their first official issue on OKNOTOK. Housed in a black box emblazoned with a dark image of a burned copy of OK Computer: three heavyweight 180 gram black 12" records, a cassette, and a hardcover book. All material on OKNOTOK is newly remastered from the original analog tapes.
See Through Dresses "Horse of the Other World" LP (Tiny Engines) New album from the contemporary shoegaze band -- dreamier than their debut.
Tommy Awards "Inre Rymden" LP (Origin Peoples) A curious combination of slow-motion house music and salubrious new age funk.

Tyler The Creator "Flower Boy" [Explicit Cover] CD (Columbia) New album from Tyler the Creator, his fourth full-length to date. Explicit cover designed by Tyler.

Little Bob and the Lollipops "Nobody But You" LP (Mississippi) Retrospective of Lil Bob and the Lollipops' discography. Classic Louisiana swamp soul/R&B, recorded in the early to mid-1960's. Includes the popular dance floor fillers 'I Got Loaded' and 'Stop' as well as some obscurities.

Tau Cross "Pillar of Fire" LP (Relapse) New album from multinational punk / heavy metal collective featuring Amebix bassist / front-man Rob Miller, Voivod drummer Michel "Away" Langevin, and members of cult crust outfits Misery and War//Plague.
Thou "Peasant" LP (Robotic Empire) Originally released on vinyl by Level Plane Records, this edition has been remastered and housed in a tip-on style gate-fold jacket with 180 gram black vinyl and a 20 page booklet. This double LP also offers the complete version, including the CD-only tracks from the To Carry a Stone EP as well as bonus tracks from the Malfeasance/Retribution EP and an unreleased cover of "Aneurysm."
Witch Vomit "Poisoned Blood" LP (20 Buck Spin) New sophomore LP from the Portland death metal band.

Dead Moon "What A Way To See the Old Girl Go" LP (Voodoo Donuts) On Volume 6 of "Tales from the Grease Trap," Voodoo Doughnut Recordings' series of live archival releases from early '90s Portland, Oregon, garage punk heroes, Dead Moon close down a legendary all-ages club.
Poizon "Church is Poizon" LP/CS (Twistworthy) Poizon's first LP manages to forge together the creepy LA punk of the late 70's/early 80's mixed with 80's Australian swampy garage rock, meeting up for a rendezvous in the bayous of Houston.
Weeping Icon "Eyeball Under" CS (Fire Talk) Experimental noise punk band based in Brooklyn.
World Burns To Death "Here a Dream Dies Every Day" LP (Analogue Violence) New LP from the long-running crust band.

Fearing "A Life of None" CS (Funeral Party) New dark post-punk group on Funeral Party.
Lunacy "Beneath The Fold'" CS (Funeral Party) Feedback-laden post-punk brimming with industrial textures.

Belbury Poly "The Owl's Map" LP (Ghost Box) Belbury Poly is Jim Jupp, co-founder of the influential Ghost Box label. "The Owl's Map" harkens back to 70s British library music.
Fife, Timothy "Black Carbon" LP (Death Waltz) Full length 3 track solo album from Timothy Fife recommended for fans of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and early Brian Eno.

Crewdson "Toys" LP (Slowfoot Records) New album from British musician and instrument-builder.
Discrete Circuit "Road Force" 12" (Astray) New intense techno 12".
Don't DJ "Wiederganger" 12" (Berceuse Heroique) Hard acid electro & techno.
Focus Group, The "Stop-Motion Happening" CD/LP (Ghost Box) Julian House aka The Focus Group twists the kaleidoscope to reveal a fractious mosaic of some 25 vignette-like parts in just over 37 minutes with Stop-Motion Happening, the 'Groop''s - as it's spelt on the cover - most delirious and mid-summery dosage to date.
Instinct "Mindsearch" 12" (Sound Metaphors) 1991 Detroit techno gem!
Minaj, Nidia "Nidia E Ma, Nidia e Fudida" LP (Principe Discos) With her own strain of batida music, the Portuguese-born, Bordeaux-bred producer Nídia offers a debut album of mind-bending complexity. This new full-length follows the buzz around her debut 12", Danger [2015], with a 14 track portrait of a thrilling yung artist following her instincts for the good of dances everywhere.
Ossia "Tumult" 12" (Berceuse Heroique) Hard-hitting UK bass and dubstep.
Perala, Aleksi "Colundi Sequence Vol. 1" 3LP (Clone) Full length album by Finnish producer. Three 12"s of mystical techno.
Perala, Aleksi "Colundi Sequence Vol. 2" 2LP (Djak-Up-Bitch) The second volume of Perala's techno opus.
Shackleton with Anika "Behind The Glass" LP (Woe To The Septic Heart!) Shackleton returns with British-German singer-songwriter Anika (also of Exploded View) as his new vocal muse, who lends a refreshing new spirit to his sound.
Tide Eman [AKA Bill Converse] "Animate Objects" 12" (Active Cultures) New recording project by Texan producer Bill Converse. 5 tracks in Converse's singular style meant to stimulate mind and body.
Tribe Of Colin "Wide Berth" 12" New 12" from this rugged techno producer.

Jay Glass Dubs "Dislocated Folklore" CS (The Tapeworm) Dusty, bizarro dub excursions with weird Turkish ragga vibes from the Athens based composer, musician, and sound artist, Dimitris Papadatos.
Revert, Matthew "Being Small" LP (Kye) New LP from the Australian novelist and experimental composer. A mix of tape music, spoken word, and field recordings, recorded cheaply at his home in Melbourne. A window into Matthew's philosophies, worldviews and wisdoms.
Varg "Nordic Flora Series Pt.1: Heroine" 12" (Northern Electronics) Varg marks the start of his expansive Nordic Flora Series with four tracks of downcast euphoria, fitted with enough bump to make you mistake the smoke machine for a riot control agent.

McPhee, Joe "Seattle Symphony" LP (Kye) New solo LP from the legendary free jazz saxophonist. Released in an edition of 300 on Graham Lambkin's imprint.

Ash Ra Temple "Join Inn" LP (Fan Club) Vinyl reissue of Ash Ra's 1973 album. Interstellar krautrock jamming and spacial moody passages.
Ash Ra Temple 's/t" LP (Fan Club) Vinyl reissue of the debut album from this classic krautrock group.
Ash Ra Temple "Schwingungen" LP (Fan Club) Vinyl reissue of Ash Ra's 2nd album. Spacey and ambient krautrock with a few catchy movements parsed out with drugged out anxiety.
Strawberry Alarm Clock "Wake Up..It's Tomorrow" LP (Sundazed) Strawberry Alarm Clock's second album, is what many fans consider the most ambitious musical statement of the band's career. Includes "Tomorrow," "Sit with the Guru," and the haunting "Pretty Song from Psych-Out," theme of the cult-classic film of the same name, remastered from the stereo UNI reels in a definitive 180 gram edition.
Univers Zero "Heresie" LP (Sub Rosa) Reissue of Univers Zero's second album Heresie, originally released in 1979. A classic of chamber rock music, featuring heavy use of dissonance and dark, brooding, and extremely complex melodies.

Afous D'Afous "Tenere" LP (Sahel Sounds) Six piece Tuareg rock outfit from Southern Algeria. Classic rock aesthetic, soulful ballads and polished up-tempo driving electric guitar rhythms, with a myriad of global influences from pitch bending North African synth, dub, and Indian tabla.
Pedro "One Kind Of Love" LP (Musique Plastique) Peter Mekwunye self-released One Kind of Love as a cassette in 1993 under the moniker Pedro. A unique and personal album, filled with free-form and pop elements, and always Pedro's voice with it's message of love, struggle, spirituality, and hope. Inspired by traditional Nigerian music, as well as the popular sounds he grew up hearing on the radio (including Fela Kuti and William Onyeabor). Remastered by Brandon Hocura of Invisible City and available for the first time ever in the LP format.
Todh Teri "Deep In India Vol. 1" 12" (Todh Ter) Contains three dancefloor-ready bollywood remixes.
v/a "¡Un Saludo! Mexican Soundsystem Cumbia in LA" LP/CS (Songs From Home) First ever vinyl compilation of cumbia sonidera. From classic accordion covers, reverb drenched Andean harp, to futuristic synthed out ballads, cumbia sonidera has emerged as popular folk music, bridging the analogue and digital worlds. Selected from the Discos Barba Azul label, the compilation highlights the musical link between Los Angeles and Mexico. Co-release from Dutty Artz and Songs from Home. Old school offset covers, limited to 500.

OST "Alien: Covenant" 2LP Soundtrack to the latest Alien film, composed by Jed Kurzel. 180 gram pressing in gatefold sleeve.
OST "Ghost In The Shell" by Kenji Kawai LP (We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records) First ever official vinyl pressing of the soundtrack for Mamoru Oshii's legendary cyberpunk anime film "Ghost In The Shell". Kawai's compositions see ancient harmonies and percussion uncannily meshed with synthesized sounds of the modern world to convey a sumptuous balance between folklore tradition and futuristic outlook.
OST "Gunstar Heroes (SEGA)" Norio "NON" Hanzawa LP (Data Discs) The complete soundtrack to Treasure's acclaimed run-and-gun shooter, newly remastered and available on vinyl for the very first time. Originally released in 1993 for the SEGA Mega Drive, Gunstar Heroes remains a cult favourite for its fast-paced and inventive play style, underpinned by an unforgettably frenetic, bass-heavy soundtrack composed by Norio "NON" Hanzawa.
Low Roar "Death Stranding" 12" (Mondo) Mondo, in conjunction with Kojima Productions, is proud to present a limited edition 12" Single of Low Roar's song "I'll Keep Coming", and "Easy Way Out" as featured in the trailers for the forthcoming Hideo Kojima game Death Stranding.
OST "Master Of None" Various Artists LP (Mondo / Lakeshore) The soundtrack to Aziz Ansari's critically acclaimed Netflix Original Series: Master Of None - Season Two, featuring Bobby Charles, Sylvester, Soft Cell, Franki Valli, and more.
OST "Puppet On A Chain (1971)" Piero Piccioni LP (Silva Screen) Hammond-heavy action score.
OST "Sid & Nancy" LP (Geffen) Vinyl edition of the punk movie soundtrack featuring Joe Strummer, Pray for Rain, The Pogues, and more.
OST "Thug" Antoni Maiovvi LP (Lunaris) Maiovvi's score pairs dark synth sounds with far-eastern experimental instrumentation.

House Of Waxwork Issue #1 / Comic Book + 7" (Waxwork) Waxwork Comics is excited to release their debut comic book series, HOUSE OF WAXWORK. Featuring all new content from contemporary writers, illustrators, and composers, HOUSE OF WAXWORK is a rousing horror-anthology series packed with macabre tales of ghouls, ghosts, witchcraft, the occult, the living dead, revenge, and so much more. Readers will be fully immersed in the terrifying, original soundtrack music as the read featured on the companion 7" that comes with each issue.

Friday, July 14th

Against Me "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" (Total Treble) Reissued on translucent blue vinyl.
Bardo Pond and Yo La Tengo "Parallelogram a la carte: Bardo Pond and Yo La Tengo" LP (Three Lobed)
Bethany Curve "Mee-Eaux" Cassette (Manufactured Recordings) Mee-Eaux was the debut release from 90's second wave shoegaze band Bethany Curve. Originally self-released on cassette only. Here it is reissued on it's original format. One sided cassette.
Chesnutt, Vic "Ghetto Bells" 2LP (New West) First domestic vinyl version of Vic's 2005 album.
Dasher "Sodium" CD/LP (Jagjaguwar) Their debut on Jagjaguwar. Special magenta color vinyl version.
Dungen "Haxan" CD/LP (Mexican Summer) Repressed and available again.
Enya "Amarantine" LP (Warner) First time on vinyl for her 2005 album.
Hiss Golden Messenger and Michael Chapman "Parallelogram a la carte: Hiss Golden Messenger and Michael Chapman" LP (Three Lobed)
Idles "Brutalism" LP (Balley)
Jaffe, Sarah "Bad Baby" CD/LP (Kirtland) Brand new album from Texas favorite.
Japanese Breakfast "Soft Sounds From Another Planet" CD/Cassette/LP (Dead Oceans) Japanese Breakfast's sophomore album follows up Michelle Zauner's first album about dealing with the passing of her mother with a somber album about the process of healing. Zauner's songwriting brings on a bittersweet tone combined with an eclectic array of shoegaze and electro sounds to create a dark cloud overtone throughout the record. Special red vinyl version available.
Lo Tom "s/t" [David Bazan] LP (Barsuk)
Love Theme "s/t" LP (Alter)
Moore, Thurston & John Moloney and Bishop, Orcutt, Corsano "Parallelogram a la carte: Thurston Moore & John Moloney and Bishop, Orcutt, Corsano" LP (Three Lobed)
Mulcahy, Mark "Possum in the Driveway" LP (Mezzotint) Latest solo album from Polaris/Miracle Legion frontman.
Nilsson, Molly "s/t" 7" (Night School) Limited edition.
Offa Rex "The Queen Of Hearts" Decemberists CD/LP (Nonesuch) Collaboration between the Decemberists and English singer Olivia Chaney.
Peaking Lights (feat. Chloe Sevigny) "Little Flower" 12" (Two Flowers Records)
Peaking Lights "The Fifth State Of Consciousness" CD/2LP (Two Flowers Records) Peaking Lights' 5th album is self described as "dub pop." Double LP with gatefold sleeve.
Psychic Temple "IV" CD (Joyful Noise Recordings)
Sextile "Albeit Living" CD/LP (Felte) A stable fixture in the Los Angeles underground with their latest.
Six Organs of Admittance and William Tyler "Parallelogram a la carte: Six Organs of Admittance and William Tyler" LP (Three Lobed)
Squrl "EP #260" LP (Sacred Bones Records) Squrl is Carter Logan and Jim Jarmusch.
Television Personalities "...And Don't The Kids Just Love It" LP (Fire) Repressed. The first full-length release originally released in 1981.
Television Personalities "Mummy You're Not Watching Me" LP (Fire) Repressed. The second full length, also released in 1981, is more psychedelic than the first, but still with plenty of dry and acerbic wit.
Television Personalities "The Painted Word" LP (Fire) Repressed.
Television Personalities "They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles" LP (Fire) Repressed.
Vega, Alan "It" 2LP Transparent Orange LP (Fader) The final album written and recorded by Alan Vega, front man of seminal electronic duo Suicide, before his passing in July 2016. 2LP Gatefold with never-before-seen drawings, writings, and photos by Alan Vega.
Vile, Kurt and Steve Gunn "Parallelogram a la carte: Kurt Vile and Steve Gunn" LP (Three Lobed) Deluxe and regular versions available.
Waxahatchee "Out in the Storm" CD/Cassette/LP/Deluxe LP (Merge) Katie Crutchfield's fourth album as Waxahatchee and the follow-up to her Merge debut Ivy Tripp. The 2LP includes an exclusive bonus LP of demo versions of the entire album on cloud white vinyl, 12" x 24" poster, gatefold jacket with full lyrics and silver foil details, and full download of album and demo versions.

GoldLink "At What Cost" LP (RCA) Reissue
Lamar, Kendrick "Damn" LP (Top Dawg) Kendrick Lamar's universally praised third album now available on vinyl. Retreating from his jazz/funk sound off of TPAB, Lamar has made another album that is consciously sound, pointing out the hypocrisy of society as well as the questions we all wrestle with in trying to answer.
Shabazz Palaces "Black Up" Cassette (Sub Pop)
Shabazz Palaces "Lese Majesty" Cassette (Sub Pop)
Shabazz Palaces "Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star" CD/Cassette/LP (Sub Pop) Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star, by Shabazz Palaces is the third album by the Seattle hip hop group. The first part of a concept album that follows Quazarz, a being sent to Amurderca in an attempt to make contact through music. The avant-garde sound carries through with spacey beats and tripped out lyrics.
Shabazz Palaces "Quazarz Vs. The Jealous Machines" CD/Cassette/LP (Sub Pop) Quazarz Vs. The Jealous Machines by Shabazz Palaces is the third album by the Seattle hip hop group. The second part of a concept album that follows Quazarz, exploring the depths of relationships with technology.

Lloyd, Charles New Quartet "Passin Thru" LP (Blue Note)
Sun Ra "Magic City" CD (Cosmic Myth)

Bennett, Brian "Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk)" LP (Invisible City Edition) Originally issued in 1978 with spacey synths and wonderful groovy b-lines, and a top want for many DJs.
Focus "Zulu" Crossfile in Africa] 12" (Crown Ruler) Original six track album Zulu Disco was recorded in Johannesburg circa 1983. Each track shows the fever for American funk and disco.

Braen & Raskovich "Drammatico" [AKA Alessandro Alessandroni & Giuliano Sorgini] LP (Sonor Music Editions) Originally released in the early '70s. Totally insane library album conceived by maestro Alessandro Alessandroni and Giuliano Sorgini, under their pseudonyms Braen and Raskovich
Cooper, Mike "Raft" LP (Room40) Charts his interests in ambient exotica and collides it with his research into various South Pacific musical traditions.
Cosmic Jokers, The "Galactic Supermarket" LP (Spalax) Reissue of this 1974 album by the Cosmic Jokers.
Ono, Yoko "Approximately Infinite Universe" White vinyl LP/CD (Secretly Canadian)
Ono, Yoko "Feeling The Space" White vinyl LP/CD (Secretly Canadian)
Ono, Yoko "Fly" White vinyl LP/CD (Secretly Canadian)
Squadra Omega "Materia Oscura" LP (Grandangolo)

Apples, The "Mind Twister" LP (Odion Livingstone) A reissue from the Nigerian archives, the first ever international release of The Apples' Afro-funk LP rarity 'Mind Twister'. As part of the St Gregory's student band scene in Lagos during the late '70s alongside Ofege, Grotto, and more,
Duvelle, Charles and Hisham Mayet "The Photographs of Charles Duvelle: Disques Ocora and Collection Prophet" Book & 2CD (Sublime Frequencies) Composer and musicologist Charles Duvelle's pioneering field recordings, as well as his now-iconic photographs and graphic design. The material focuses on the five regions surveyed during his time with Ocora: West Africa, Central Africa, Indian Ocean, Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia. 296-page fine-art photography book and two CD of archival material.
v/a "Early Traditional Instruments In Asia" LP (Shiok! Records) Historical document that represents some of the most ancient instruments known to mankind.
v/a "The Spirit Of Indonesia" LP (Shiok! Records) Newly curated collection of traditional tunes from various regions and ethnic groups of the South East Asian archipelago.
Rita, Maria "Brasileira" LP (Selva Discos) This LP is the official reissue of Maria Rita Stumpf's "Brasileira," originally released in 1988. Remastered from DAT tape of the original release; Artwork updated by Brazilian design studio Colletivo, and features liner notes by Maria Rita.
v/a "Disque La Raye: 60's French West-Indies Boo-Boo-Galoo" LP (Born Bad) Focuses on the unorthodox interpretations of boogaloo, with incorporations of Creole funk, biguine, African influences, and Haitian kopi elements.

Boris "Dear" CD/LP (Sargent House)
Cyanide "World Peace Six Feet Under" LP (WYLN Records) Originally released in 1989 on Mutha Records, this record is a killer example of east coast punk-influenced thrash
Darkthrone "Under a Funeral Moon" PIC DISC LP (Peaceville) Limited edition.
Death Squad "Split You At The Seams" LP (WYLN Records) Formed in 1985, Olympia WA's Death Squad released "Split You At The Seams" on Ever Rat Records in 1991. First time on vinyl.
Destruction "Eternal Devastation" LP (High Roller) Reissue of their second devastating album.
Destruction "Infernal Overkill" LP (High Roller) Reissue of their first full length from German thrash legends.
Destruction "Sentence of Death" LP (High Roller) Debut six song 12" reissued, available in both cover variations.
Eternal Champion "The Armor of Ire" LP (No Remorse) Import.

Integrity "Howling, For the Nightmare Shall Consume" 2-LP (Relapse)
Sheer Mag "Need To Feel Your Love" LP (Wilsuns RC) Debut full length.

Sinigaglia, Riccardo "Riflessi" LP (Soave) First vinyl reissue of Riccardo Sinigaglia's "Riflessi," originally released in 1986. Along with Gabin Dabire and Walter Maioli, he was a part of Italian avant-garde group Futuro Antico.
Soul Jazz Records presents Space, Energy, & Light CD/LP (Soul Jazz) Experimental Electronic and Acoustic Soundscapes 1961-88.
v/a "La Musica Futurista Nell'italia E Nel Mondo" [Futuristic Music In Italy And In The World] LP (Modern Silence) Features works by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Antonio Russolo, Rodolfo De Angelis, Alexandr Mossolov Eiar Orchestra Victor De Sabata, Arthur Honegger, Dixon Cowell, Julius Ehrlich, Paul Whiteman, Walter Ruttmann, and George Antheil.

Khost "Governance" CD (Cold Spring) Khost is comprised of Andy Swan (Final, Iroha) and Damian Bennett (Carthage, Techno Animal, Deathless).
Hatakeyama, Chihei "Mirage" LP (Room40) Walking through the labyrinthian bazaars of Turkey, Hatakeyama took inspiration from the way sounds emerged and decayed within those spaces.
Laibach "Also Sprach Zarathustra" LP (Mute) An update of the music Laibach created for the play.
Nacht'Raum / Bande Berne Crematoire "Expanded 1982-1984" LP (Mannequin ) An LP compilation of Michael Antener's (Swamp Terrorist) early '80s minimal synth/industrial projects Nacht'Raum (with Michael Stampfli) and his solo project Bande Berne Crematoire.
Psychic TV "Allegory and Self" CD/LP (Sacred Bones Records)
Psychic TV "Pagan Day" CD/LP (Sacred Bones Records)
v/a "Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record)" 2LP (Song Cycle) A two-record album of twenty-one original, three-to-five minute sound works by artists represented at that time by the Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc. in New York from 1982. Features: Terry Fox, William Burroughs, Vincenzo Agnetti, R. Buckminster Fuller, and more.

Atobe, Shinichi "From The Heart, It's A Start, A Work Of Art" 2LP (Demdike Stare) The material is effectively some of Shinichi Atobe's earliest work.This album has its origins 17 yeas ago in early 2000. Three of the tracks here are taken from an acetate cut at Dubplates & Mastering at that time but which wouldn't see the light of day until now.
Black Merlin "Hipnotik Tradisi" 2LP (Island of the Gods) For his first full-length, George Thompson combines field recordings from the humid jungles of Bali with the menacing throb of his unique brand of techno underneath. Picture Voices From The Lake, as rendered by Demdike Stare.
Broken English Club "The English Beach" 2LP LP (L.I.E.S.) One of Oliver Ho's techno veteran production aliases (Raudive, Veil, and Zov Zov)
Bulkhead "Lunch Truck" EP 12" (2MR Records) Originally released in 1989 on Mutha Records, this record is a killer example of east coast punk-influenced thrash
Ismael "Low Contrast" 12" (Nous) Gritty US electro funk and proto house.
Patricia "Several Shades Of The Same Color Part 1" LP (Spectral Sound) First LP Vol. in a series of three. Mysterious, minimal techno.
Randomer "Smokin" 12" (L.I.E.S.)
Wanzer, Beau "Untitled II (BW-04)" LP (Beau Wanzer) Latest from Chicago techno artist and L.I.E.S. alumni with a mixture of moody, experimental electro, distant electronica, droning minimal wave movements.

Deluxe Edition OST "Stranger Things Volume 1" Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein LP (Lakeshore)
Deluxe Edition OST "Stranger Things Volume 2" Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein LP (Lakeshore)
OST "Ghost In The Shell" by Kenji Kawai (Limited Deluxe Edition LP + 7") LP (We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records) First ever official vinyl pressing of the soundtrack for Mamoru Oshii's critically acclaimed and all around legendary science fiction anime film.

Shepherd, Roger "In Love With These Times: My Life With Flying Nun Records" Book (Harper Collins)
Blank Forms Issue # 1 Blank Forms Inaugural issue. Book ended by four texts surrounding the practice of pioneering sound artist Maryanne Amacher. Also includes Branden Joseph's interview with The Dead C's Bruce Russell, an excerpt from François Bonnet's book The Infra-World, Ian Nagoski's rare 1998 conversation with Éliane Radigue, and more.
Maximum Rock n Roll # 411 August 2017

Friday, July 7th

Black Lips "Satan's graffiti or God's art?" LP (Vice)
Broken Social Scene "Hug of Thunder" LP (Arts & Crafts)
Death & Vanilla "Vampyr" LP (Fire Records)
Goo Goo Dolls "Hold Me Up" LP (Rhino)
Goo Goo Dolls "Jed" LP (Rhino)
Goo Goo Dolls "Superstar Car Wash" LP (Rhino)
Lucky+Love "s/t" LP (Lucky+Love)
Night Drive "s/t" LP (Roll Call)
Performing Ferret Band "s/t" LP (Beat Generation)
Radiohead "Ok Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017" 3LP OKNOTOK features the original Ok Computer twelve track album, eight B-sides, and the original studio recordings of three previously unreleased Ok Computer era tracks : "I Promise," "Lift," and "Man Of War." All material on OKNOTOK is newly remastered from the original analogue tapes. Indie Blue version.
Toro Y Moi "Boo Boo" LP/CD (Carpark) Limited blue marble vinyl edition available.
Twiggy "Beautiful Dreams" 7" (Munster)
USA / Mexico "Laredo"LP (12XU)
v/a "Too Slow to Disco 3" LP (How Do You Are? Recordings)
Wray, Link "Mordicai Jones" LP (Tidal Waves) Native American Rock n Roller Link Wray reissued on vinyl for the first time since 1972. Comes with gatefold jacket and extensive liner notes.

Animal Youth "Animal" LP (Weyrd Son) Formed in 2016 from the ashes of Siamese Queens, the Belgian trio romantically mixes '90s flavored shoegaze and post-punk,
Fra Lippo Lippi "In Silence" LP (OnderStroom) Originally released in 1981. Fra Lippo Lippi was a gothic post-punk band founded in Nesodden, Norway in 1978. Their sound was heavily influenced by bands such as Joy Division and The Cure.

D'Silvia, Amancio "Integration" LP (Pheon) First ever vinyl repressing of 1969 debut by Indian jazz guitar legend Amancio D'Silva. A perfect storm of amazing, accessible British jazz.
v/a "Inner Peace: Rare Spiritual Funk And Jazz Gems - The Supreme Sound Of Producer Bob Shad" LP (Wewantsounds) A superb selection of spiritual jazz and funk grooves from legendary producer Bob Shad's Mainstream Records catalog.

Banfi, J.B. "Galaxy My Dear" LP (Wah Wah) Reissue of his first solo LP from 1978. A strong kraut / cosmiche appeal that links the album's sound to that of the early Tangerine Dream or Ash Ra Tempel
Bocquet, Didier "Voyage Cerebral" LP (Wah Wah) Second effort by French synthetist Didier Bocquet. Like the first album, it was recorded on his own private studio and self-released
Ditmas, Bruce "Visioni Sconvolgenti" 10"
Fricke, Florian "Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins" LP (Wah Wah) From Popol Vuh. His first solo record originally issued in 1983 as a limited private pressing,
La Bonte, Rich "Mayan Canals" LP (Dark Entries)
Musikautomatika "s/t" LP (Wah Wah)
Perrey, Jean-Jacques "Jean-Jacques Perrey et son Ondioline" LP (Forgotten Futures) Compilation features never-before-released collaborations with Angelo Badalamenti and Dick Hyman, early arrangements from test pressings of beloved Perrey tunes, and cuts from highly collectible albums of early library music he recorded.
Popol Vuh "Agape-Agape Love-Love" LP (One Way Static) New limited first ever reissue of this fantastic 1983 addition to the sacred kraut band's catalog, featuring vocals from Renate Knaup of Amon Duul. This limited reissue edition comes with an extra track not featured on the original pressing.
Popol Vuh "Sei Still, Wisse Ich Bin" LP (Wah Wah Thirteenth album by Popol Vuh. It was originally released in 1981 on Klaus Schulze's record label Innovative Communication.
Popol Vuh "Spirit Of Peace" LP (One Way Static) New limited edition expanded 2LP and comes with exclusive bonus tracks not on the original pressing with a screen printed D-Side. Originally released in 1985, 'Spirit of Peace' is the fifteenth album by Popol Vuh. The first track was used by Werner Herzog as original motion picture soundtrack for his documentary 'The Dark Glow of the Mountains'.
ST 37 "I'm Not Good" LP (Pariah Child) Austin psych veterans return with a limited 2LP pressing of their 2015 CD. Remastered, with bonus track, lyrics etc.

v/a "Afro-Beat Airways" 2LP LP Analog Africa (Germany) Back in-stock.
Soares, Elza "The Woman At The End Of The World Remixes" LP (Mais Um Discos) Remixes by Gilles Peterson, DJ Marfox, Laraaji, Omulu, and more.
Fruko Y Sus Tesos "Tesura" LP (Vampi Soul) First ever reissue of the debut album from Medellín's Fruko Y Sus Tesos, originally released in 1970. Colombian home-grown salsa.
Laza, Pedro Y Sus Pelayeros "Rito Esclavo" LP (Vampi Soul) First ever reissue of Rito Esclavo Pedro Laza's eighth album as leader of Los Pelayeros, released on Discos Fuentes to great success in 1961.
v/a "Strictly Britxotica! Palais Pop And Locarno Latin" LP (Trunk) Part four of Trunk's planned Britxotica! series where they head to the now defunct British ballrooms for a set of dynamic and often extraordinary dance numbers.
v/a "Mamey Colorao: 1952-1962 Spanish Harlem Dancefloor Fillers - More Afro-Cuban Roots Of Boogaloo" LP (Grosso! Recordings) Third volume from the Afro-Cuban Roots Of Boogaloo series, featuring traditional Cuban numbers, mambo numbers, and guaguancó rhythm.

Municipal Waste "Slime and Punishment" LP (Nuclear Blast) Their sixth album.

Dangerous Rhythm "Stray Cat Blues" 7" (Munster) Reissue of this 7" from 1979 from this classic Mexican punk band.
Glue "S/T" LP Glue Records Their first 12" record, and it's like you're standing next to a ticking time bomb.
Impalers "Cellar Dweller" LP (540) A party that you've been invited to but that you might not make it out of alive. Full colour, hellish and hilarious poster insert by Mason Tucker, and sterile, alienating, squint-to-focus-on-the-horror cover by the steamroller talent J.S. Aurelius

Lora-Totin, Arrigo "Out Of Page" LP (Recital) A collection of recordings by the Italian sound and concrete poet Arrigo Lora-Totino with fourteen voice-based tape works made from the years 1968 to 2000.
Payne, Maggi "Crystal" LP (Aguirre) Reissue of Maggi Payne's challenging electronic album originally released in 1986. Maggi Payne is an American composer, flutist, video artist, and co-director of the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College.

3 Teens Kill 4 "No Motive" LP (Dark Entries) Reissue of their debut 7-song mini-album "No Motive"which was recorded in Fall 1982 and self-released in 1983. Also includes 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Utilizing rhythm boxes, tapes of news reports, odd percussion tools, snatches of song, they chanted political narrative ideas about the modern mess at the time.
Connors, Loren "Evangeline" LP (Recital) First-time vinyl issue of Loren Connors's "Evangeline", originally released as a limited CD in 1998.
Damien Dubrovnik "Great Many Arrows" LP (Posh Isolation) Sixth studio album from Damien Dubrovnik, the Danish duo of Loke Rahbek and Christian Stadsgaard. Also the 200th release on their Posh Isolation label, marking eight years for both the label and project.
Fox, Terry "552 Steps Through 11 Pairs Of Strings" LP (Edition Telemark ) Four selections from Terry Fox's 1976 performance of "552 Steps Through 11 Pairs Of Strings".
Glotman, Yair Elazar & Mats Erlandsson "Negative Chambers" LP (Miasmah) Mats Erlandsson and Yair Elazar Glotman draw on their respective musical backgrounds to create an imaginary, dislocated "folk" music for the current dark ages.
Higgins, Dick "Poems And Metapoems" LP (Recital) A reissue of Dick Higgins's Poems And Metapoems, originally released on cassette in 1982. Edition of 470.
Keller, Alex & Sean O'Neill "Kruos" LP (Elevator Bath)
Kirby, Leyland "Memories Live Longer Than Dreams" LP (History Always Favours the Winners ) Originally released in 2009. The third of the three 2LP editions in James Leyland Kirby's "When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die" series.
Leer, Thomas "1979" 2LP LP (Dark Entries) 14 song collection spread across two pieces of vinyl clocking in at 70 minutes
Neozaire "Apothecary Dream" 12" (Fauxpas Musik) A more ritualistic, melancholic and intimate side.
Quaeschning & Schnauss "Synthwaves" LP (Azure Vista) During two intense weeks in Berlin, Thorsten Quaeschning and Ulrich Schnauss locked themselves in a studio full of vintage synthesizers, analog sequencers, and drum machines, and the result is a gorgeous set of purely electronic music.
Sheffield / Rippie "Essential Anatomies" 2 LP LP (Elevator Bath)

Arian "s/t" LP (Favorite) A rare and underrated disco album originally released in 1981.
Bernstrup,Tobias "27" 12" (Dark Entries) Bernstrup's music is influenced by 1980s Italo disco and synth pop, reminiscent of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Ken Lazlo.
Dzeltenie Pastnieki "Lentu Gabalini" LP (Dark Entries) A Latvian new wave band formed in 1979. This is a 10-track compilation featuring songs from each of the band's six albums, all songs appearing on the vinyl for the first time.
M&G "When I Let You Down" 12" (Dark Entries) M&G was the duo of Maurizio "Sangy" Sangineto and Mirko Galli from Vicenza, Italy.
More, Tony "Tonight " 12" (Dark Entries)
Converse, Bill "The Shape Of Things To Come" 2LP LP (Dark Entries) A 70 minute journey spread across two pieces of vinyl. It's comprised of seven tracks recorded directly to tape with no overdubs, made at Converse's home studio.
KZA "Le Troublant Acid" [Repress] 12" (Endless Flight)
Techno Bert "Neue Dimensionen" 12" (Mannequin )
VOIGT/465 "Slights Still Unspoken (1978-1979)" LP (Mental Experience)
Wynn, Mark "More Singles" LP (Harbinger Sound)

OST "Decline Of Western Civilization" LP
OST "Fifth Element, The (1997)" Eric Serra LP Mondo First time on vinyl. Deluxe 2LP package from Mondo.
OST "Signal, The" Wojciech Golczewski LP Death Waltz
OST "The Day the Earth Stood Still" Bernard Herman 10" (Wah Wah)
OST "Wizards (1977)" Andrew Belling LP W\yrd War

Friday, June 30th

Adams, Ryan "Prisoner" End Of World Box Set (Blue Note) Special edition box set which includes: Twelve 7" records; all 12 songs from Prisoner & 17 previously unreleased B-sides. Each record is a different color with unique cover art. Full band 2D action figures & stage accessories plus more surprises hidden inside.
Ashley, Greg "Pictures of Saint Paul Street" CD/LP (Trouble in Mind) Sixth solo album from the former Mirrors / Gris-Gris mastermind.
Au.Ra "Cultivations" CD/LP (Felte)
Bains III, Lee & The Glory Fires "Youth Detention" LP (Don Giovanni)
Bamboo "The Dragon Flies Away" LP (Upset the Rhythm) New vinyl reissue of this second studio album; initially released in a limited run of 50 cassettes, from the ongoing project of Nick Carlisle and Rachel Horwood. Vivid and poignant, Bamboo's music pairs Horwood's resonant folk cadence and Carlisle's pristine synth production. Edition of 300.
Beach House "B-Sides and Rarities" CD/LP/Cassette (Sub Pop) The dream-pop duo's career-spanning odds-and-ends collection.This compilation contains every song they ever made that does not exist on one of their records; 14 songs in total.
Beach House "Bloom" Cassette (Sup Pop)
Beach House "Teen Dream"Cassette (Sub Pop)
Chesnutt, Vic "Silver Lake" 2LP (New West)
Coathangers "Parasite" 12" (Suicide Squeeze Records)
Coheed and Cambria "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV" LP (Legacy / Columbia) Newly remastered vinyl reissue of this New York band's third full-length, originally released on CD in 2005.
Cranberries, The "Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We?" LP (Analog Spark) The beloved debut album by The Cranberries, reissued for the first time in 24 years on 180 gram vinyl.
Cure "Greatest Hits" 2LP (Elektra)
Cure "Greatest Hits Acoustic" 2LP (Elektra)
Dave Matthews Band "Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95" 4xLP Boxset (Legacy / RCA)
Dirty Fences "The First EP Plus"LP(Dirty Water)
Echo & The Bunnymen "It's All Live Now" LP (Run Out Groove Vinyl) Limited, numbered release of live recordings.
Elkington, James "Wintres Woma" CD/LP (Paradise of Bachelors) Debut solo record, drawing from British folk, avant-rock, and jazz traditions alike. Wintres Woma is Old English for "the sound of winter".
Fair, Jad & Kramer "The History Of Crying" LP (Shimmy 500) Jad Fair and Kramer's third collaboration, and their first in almost 20 years.12 brand new songs produced by Kramer at his Florida studio, Noise Miami. Features guitar solos by Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers).
Hobden, Tom and Eliot James "Present: Roam" LP (Village Green) Stunning debut, collaborative LP from composers Tom Hobden (Noah and the Whale, Mumford and Sons and Laura Marling) and Eliot James (Kaiser Chiefs, Two Door Cinema Club and Bloc Party).
Kozelek, Mark and Sean Yeaton "Yellow Kitchen"CD (Caldo Verde) New collaborative recordings between Kozelek and bassist Sean Yeaton of Parquet Court.
Myrrors, The "Hasta La Victoria"LP (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)
Nilsson, Harry "Nilsson Schmilsson"LP (Legacy / RCA)
Perrett, Peter "How The West Was Won"LP (Domino) From the Only Ones.
Shakey Graves "Nobody's Fool & The Donor Blues EP" LP (Dualtone Music) New compilation of b-sides, rare tracks, and early home recordings from this Austin musician's catalog. On clear double 180-gram vinyl.
Springsteen, Bruce & The E Street Band "Hammersmith Odeon, London '75" 4xLP (Legacy)
Strang, Kane "Two Hearts and No Brain" CD/LP/Cassette (Dead Oceans) A blend of careful precision and mercurial abandon, The New Zealand artist's songs are constantly surprising; glittering hooks twist and turn in perfect sync with meticulous band arrangements. Limited Red vinyl version available as well.
Swervedriver "Mezcal Head" LP (Music on Vinyl) New reissue of the British indie rock/shoegaze band's sophomore full-length from 1993, now on 180 gram vinyl.
Terry "Remember Terry" LP (Upset the Rhythm) New sophomore release for the Melbourne, Australia 'supergroup'. T Terry is: Amy Hill (Constant Mongrel, School Of Radiant Living), Xanthe Waite (Mick Harvey Band, Primo), Zephyr Pavey (Eastlink, Total Control, Russell St Bombings), and Al Montfort (UV Race, Dick Diver, Total Control). Television Personalities/Swell Maps style, earworm indie rock.
Trouble "Snake Eyes" 7" (Sacred Bones)
v/a "Midnite Spares" LP (Efficient Space) Australian music devotees András Fox and Instant Peterson bring to light overlooked avant-pop and electronic works by artists and outsiders alike from the '80s and '90s. The ten tracks here acknowledge a minor history, passed on via a network of friends, friends of friends, the libraries of radio station 3RRR and; more often than not, the artists themselves.
Verite "Somewhere In Between"CD (Verite / Kobalt)
Washed Out "Mister Mellow" CD + DVD (Stones Throw) Vinyl coming out August 11th.

Future "Pluto"LP (Omerta Inc) Future's breakthrough album now available on vinyl for the first time. Remastered & pressed onto 180gm blue, purple & white tie-dye vinyl. Limited to 500 copies and individually hand numbered in gold pen. Housed in a silver reflective sleeve with original artwork & insert.
Gibbs, Freddie "You Only Live 2wice" LP (Esgn)
JJ Doom "Bookhead EP" 12" Lex Records
Staples, Vince "Big Fish Theory" CD (Def Jam)
Three 6 Mafia "Most Known Unknown" LP (Omerta Inc) Remastered specifically for vinyl, this double LP features the original track listing as well as four bonus tracks. Limited to 300 copies on 180gm purple splatter vinyl, all individually hand numbered in gold pen, housed in a high quality matte finished sleeve with original artwork and insert.

Ashby, Dorothy "Hip Harp / On A Minor Groove" 2LP (Doxy) A new combined reissue of Dorothy Ashby's "Hip Harp" and "In A Minor Groove," both released separately in 1958. A part of the same scene as Yusef Lateef, the legendary jazz harpist and poly-instrumentalist managed to use odd instrumentation in new contexts. Both albums feature Frank Wess.
Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet "Shades Of Blue/ Dusk Fire" CD (Beat Goes on)
Myrick, Bert "Live 'n Well "LP (BBE)
Sanders, Pharoah "Thembi: Black Unity" CD (Impulse)
Zorn, John "Midsummer Moons"CD (Tzadik) Dark and moody music inspired by Shakespearian Lunar imagery. Features ten lyrical compositions evoking the magic of Sister Moon and stunningly performedby two of the most fabulous new guitarists working today; Julian Lage and Gyan Riley.

Andy, Horace "Showcase" LP (Tad's)
Cultural Roots "Hell A Go Pop" LP (Greensleeves)
Merchant "Tumble Down"12" (Ostra Disco) Östra Discos present "Tumble Down" taken from the album "Ah Coming Too" originally released in 1987.
Prophet, Michael "Righteous Are The Conqueror" LP (Greensleeves)
Smart, Leroy "On Top" LP (Live And Learn)
Thompson, Linval "Baby Father" LP (Greensleeves)

Cluster "Grosses Wasser" LP (Bureau B) Back in print. Cluster's fifth album as a duo. Hans-Joachim, Roedelius & Dieter Moebius were key figures in the '70s-era German electronic art scene. Produced by Peter Baumann of Tangerine Dream, with liner notes by Asmus Tietchens.
Moondog "s/t" LP (Legacy)
Renbourn, John & Wizz Jones "Joint Control" LP (Riverboat)
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band "Vol 3" LP (Jackpot) A drug-drenched, exotica-tinged, psych record that is held in high esteem among collectors.

Khaoli, Om Alec "Say You Love Me" CD/LP (Awesome Tapes From Africa) 1985 EP which solidified the bass player and songwriter's standing as one of South Africa's most consistently innovative pop auteurs.
Ragnar, Johnson "Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music: Mindanoo Mistiru/Gold From Wax" 2LP (Sub Rosa) New reissue of volume one and two of Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music, both originally released as two distinct LPs on Lyrichord in 1972. Ethiopia contains many diverse peoples and many styles of music. It was still an empire in July and August of 1971 when these recordings were made by Johnson.
v/a "Pop Makossa: The Invasive Dance Beat of Cameroon 1976-1984" CD/LP (Analog Africa) New compilation featuring the makossa style popular throughout Cameroon. Congolese rumba,funk, and disco helped create the modern makossa sound.

Celtic Frost "Innocence and Wrath" 2CD (Noise Records) A best of compilation.
Celtic Frost "Into the Pandemonium" 2LP/CD (Noise Records) Deluxe 180g double vinyl reissue of their strange third album, venturing into more avant-garde metal territory. Includes 5 bonus tracks, a 36 page booklet. and two posters.
Celtic Frost "Morbid Tales" 2LP/CD (Noise Records) Deluxe 180g double vinyl reissue of the classic debut album from Swiss metal legends. Includes 4 bonus tracks, a 36 page booklet. and two posters.
Celtic Frost "To Mega Therion" 2LP/CD (Noise Records) Deluxe 180g double vinyl reissue of their second album with the classic HR Giger artwork. Includes the "Emperors Return" EP bonus tracks, a 36 page booklet. and two posters.
Celtic Frost "Vanity / Nemesis" 2LP/CD (Noise Records) Deluxe 180g double vinyl reissue of their fourth album. Includes 2 bonus tracks, a 32 page booklet, and two posters.
Hades "The Dawn of the Dying Sun" LP (Hammerheart)
Mayhem "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive" LP (Mayhem) New vinyl reissue of the 2016 released CD/DVD version of the quintessential record from Mayhem. Double LP.

Dangus Tarkus "s/t"7"
Fried E/M "s/t"7"
Janitor Scum "s/t"LP
Muff Divers "s/t"LP
Nosferatu "EP" 7" (Lumpy) Rapid-fire local hardcore punk.
Piece War "Apathy"LP (Square One Again)
Satan's Pilgrims "Creature Feature" LP (Jackpot!)
Trauma Harness "Halloween Songs Vol. 1"LP

Luciani, Maria Teresa "Sounds Of The City" LP (Finders Keepers) New reissue of Maria Teresa Luciani's Sounds Of The City, originally released under the Italian name Suoni Di Una Città in 1972. Sounds Of The City presented a new genre defying compositional framework, pre-dating sampling culture, cut-and-paste plunderism, and industrial music in process. Luciani is known by collectors as the 'Italian Daphne Oram'.
Philip Glass Buddha Machine (FM3) Beijing-based duo of Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian team up with Philip Glass for a special-edition Buddha Machine, commemorating the American composer's 80th birthday. Seven long-playing loops of distinctive and hypnotic Glass works, featuring piano, organ and voice. Significantly improved sound quality and built in speaker as well as headphone output. Blue and Red colors available.

Musci, Roberto "The Loa Of Music (The Complete Sessions)" 2xLP (Soave) First ever vinyl reissue of Roberto Musci's "The Loa Of Music," originally released in 1984. The Milanese composer and musician's debut recording project, inspired by voodoo religion, Vever (the magical voodoo paintings), and Loas; the dark and magical spirits. A work of field recording, musique concrète, electronics, synthesis, and instrumentation; pulling from countless musics from across the globe.
Orcutt, Bill "s/t" CD/LP (Palilalia) New solo electric studio album from the Harry Pussy guitarist.
She Spread Sorrow "Mine" LP (Cold Spring) Sophomore release for the Italian artist Alice Kundalini. Ritual deathscapes, obscure death industrial, and sinful power electronics.
Sprenger, Konrad "Stack Music" LP (Pan) Latest from Berlin composer, music producer, and artist.

Amobi, Chino "Paradiso"LP(UNO NYC)Vinyl debut for the highly anticipated sophomore release from this NON co-founder. Visceral assault on the senses and sensibilities, contorting techno and noise thru a complex industrial prism.
Aphex Twin "Come To Daddy" CD/LP (Warp )New reissue of the infamous 1997 EP single.
Aphex Twin "Drukqs" CD (Warp)
Aphex Twin "I Care Because You Do" CD/LP (Warp) Official Warp records reissue of the 1995 LP. One of electronic music's golden moments.
Aphex Twin "Richard D. James Album" CD/LP (Warp) Official Warp records reissue of the 1996 LP. A classic and contains ten of the most distinct songs ever made on electronic instruments.
Aphex Twin "Selected Ambient Works II" CD (Warp)
Aphex Twin "Windowlicker" CD/LP (Warp) New reissue of the infamous 1999 EP.
Floating Points "Reflections: Mojave Desert" CD/LP (Luaka Bop) Inspired by Joshua Tree National Park and using the park as a unique recording environment.
Floorplan (AKA Robert Hood) "Let The Church" 12" (M-PLANT) New 12" from the father-daughter duo of Robert and Lyric Hood.
Halo, Laurel "Dust" LP (Hyperdub) New third full-length release for the Berlin-based American electronic artist. A bright and loose collection of tracks. Exploratory and improvisational.
Pinch "Water Bomb/Cold New Worlds"12" (Cold Recordings)
Porter Ricks "Anguilla Electrica" 2LP (Tresor) 20 years since they peaked with a seminal, eponymous techno album, Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig's Porter Ricks return with a super robust, dynamic new LP of hydro-tech mutations.
Pronsato, Bruno "US Drag" LP (Foom) Double vinyl edition of the first new Bruno Pronsato album in 6 years,
Sterling, Maxwell "Hollywood Medieval (2017 Edition)" LP (Death of Rave) New debut album from Manchester-born soundtrack composer, Maxwell Sterling, initially issued as a digital release only now remastered for vinyl edition.

Incredible Bongo Band "Return of the Incredible Bongo Band" LP (Mr Bongo)

Friday, June 23rd

Chain & the Gang "Best of Crime Rock" LP (In the Red)
Deslondes "Hurry Home" CD (New West)
Health "DISCO3" LP (Loma Vista)
Helmet "Meantime" (BLUE W/ RED) LP (Interscope) Reissue of the bands sophomore full length. Limited color vinyl.
Human Circuit "Electric City" CD
I.L.Y's, The "Bodyguard" ILYS LP (Castle Face)
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard "Murder Of The Universe" CD/LP (ATO) This second of five albums set to be released in 2017 by the Australian psychedelic rock group is a concept album about the end of the world. With the songs segueing from one to another, neither the mood nor the message are ever in doubt. Murder Of The Universe is another brilliant addition to King Gizzard's already stellar and ever-expanding discography.
LeVent "s/t" LP (A Recordings) New LP from the Berlin based trio LeVent made up of Maryna Russo (bass), Heike Rädeker (bass VI/vox), and Frankie Neumeier (drums). Recorded at Anton Newcombe's Cobra Studio in Berlin; 180 gram on purple vinyl.
Prince "I Would Die For U" 12" (Warner)
Prince "Let's Go Crazy" 12" (Warner)
Prince "Purple Rain" LP (Warner) Remastered reissue on 180 gram vinyl.
Prince "Purple Rain" Deluxe 3CD / DVD CD (Warner) In addition to the 2015 Paisley Park Remaster and "From The Vault & Previously Unreleased," it includes "Single Edits & B-Sides" and a never-seen DVD of Prince and The Revolution Live! in 1985.
Prince "Purple Rain" PICTURE DISC LP (Warner)
Prince "Purple Rain" SINGLE 12" (Warner)
Prince "When Doves Cry" 12" (Warner)
Selena "The Last Concert" 2LP/ CD & DVD (Universal) Originally recorded February 26, 1995, at the Houston Astrodome. First time on vinyl. Selena's final performance at the Houston Astrodome where she broke attendance record with over 65,000 attendees in 1995.
Talsounds "Lovesick" LP (Ba Da Bing!)
Tigers Jaw "Spin" Turquoise LP (Atlantic) Now in stock on vinyl.
Tweedy, Jeff "Together At Last" CD/LP (Anti) A new collection of solo acoustic recordings.
Young, Jaymes "Feel Something" LP (Atlantic)

Big Boi "BOOMIVERSE" [Blue / White Swirl Vinyl] LP (Epic) Third solo album from Big Boi sees him going back to familiar sounding territory. With features including Killer Mike, Gucci Mane and Pimp C (RIP), it sounds like the second half of Outkast has gone back to his roots of neo-funk and southern rap while retaining an inventive twist.

New York Contemporary Five "Consequences" LP (Modern Silence)
Tyner, McCoy "Today And Tomorrow" LP (Doxy) Originally released in 1963. The fourth album by jazz pianist McCoy Tyner along with John Gilmore, Thad Jones, Frank Strozier, Butch Warren, and Elvin Jones.

King Tubby and the Aggrovators "Shalom Dub" LP (Radiation Roots) New reissue of King Tubby And The Aggrovators' Shalom Dub, originally released in 1975. The house band of Bunny "Striker" Lee was formed in the mid-1970s by a shifting core line-up spun off from the Soul Syndicate. The band was responsible for the popular "flying cymbal", present on this killer dub set from 1975. Excellent cuts of Cornell Campbell and Johnnie Clarke material mixed at King Tubby's studio.

v/a "Pop Makossa: The Invasive Dance Beat of Cameroon 1976-1984" LP (Analog Africa) New compilation featuring the makossa style popular throughout Cameroon. Features: Mystic Djim, Pasteur Lappé, Bill Loko, and more.

Absu "The Sun of Tiphareth" CD (Osmose)
Absu "Third Storm of Cythraul" CD (Osmose)
Dying Fetus "Wrong One to Fuck With" CD (Relapse) Their latest.
Hades "Again Shall Be" LP (Hammerheart)
Iron Maiden "A Matter of Life & Death" (Sanctuary Records) 2LP reissue of Iron Maiden's 14th studio album.
Iron Maiden "Brave New World" LP (Sanctuary Records) 2LP reissue of Iron Maiden's 12th studio album which marked the return of vocalist Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith.
Iron Maiden "Dance of Death" 2LP (Sanctuary Records) First time on vinyl in the US. Originally released in 2003.
Iron Maiden "Rock in Rio" 3LP (Sanctuary Records) Reissue of live album recorded in Brazil on last night of the Brave New World Tour in front of 250,000 fans.
Municipal Waste "Slime and Punishment" LP (Nuclear Blast)
Weaponizer "Lawless Age" LP (20 Buck Spin)
Witch Vomit "Poisoned Blood" LP (20 Buck Spin)

Alessandroni, Alessandro "Barocco & Romantico" LP (Dagored) First ever reissue of Alessandro Alessandroni's Barocco & Romantico, originally released in 1980. Great cinematic atmospheres in a selection of fantastic mellow tunes inspired by ancient melodies. Pink vinyl; edition of 500.
Ashley, Robert "Automatic Writing" CD (Lovely Music) 2017 CD repress compiles three early Robert Ashley works from 1967 to 1979. "Automatic Writing", originally issued on Lovely Music in 1979, is the result of Robert Ashley's fascination with involuntary speech. "Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon", originally issued in 1968, is a woman's description of a sexual experience. "She Was a Visitor", originally issued in 1967, is another form of description, intended to be understood as a form of rumor. With booklet notes by the late composer.
Fedrigotti, Michele / Danilo Lorenzini "I Fiori Del Sole" LP (Song Cycle) Released on Cramps Records, Italy in 1979. A composition for organ and piano by the Italian duo of Michele Fedrigotti and Danilo Lorenzini and producted by Franco Battiato.

CA2+ "Gait Cycle" LP (Northern Electronics) Latest offering from this Swedish experimental techno label juggernaut.
D'Andrea, Reverend Marco "The Garden" LP (Geej) New debut album by the installation artist and mystic minister from rural Ontario, Reverend Marco D'Andrea. The album is conceived as a mirror to the psychedelic sounds of the late '60s and early '70s.
Ginsberg, Allen, & William Blake "The Complete Songs Of Experience And Innocence" CD (Omnivore) From 1970, first time reissued on CD, plus a second disc of rarities and previously unissued songs.
Haino, Keiji "Watashi Dake?" LP (Black Editions) First vinyl reissue of Keiji Haino's stunning debut album, originally released in 1981, now remastered. Watashi Dake? presents a haunting vision, stark vocals, whispered and screamed, punctuate dark silences. Intricate and sharp guitar figures interweave, repeat, and stretch, trance-like, emerging from dark recesses.
Kirby, Leyland "Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was" LP (History Always Favours the Winners ) 2017 repress of the second piece of Kirby's uniquely prescient dark ambient masterstroke, originally released in 2009. Sorrowful elegies and meditations.
Kirby, Leyland "When We Parted My Heart Wanted to Die" LP (History Always Favours the Winners ) New vinyl reissue of part one (of three) of the reclusive artist's epic 2009 release. On this album, James Leyland Kirby acts as a spiritual bridge, holding fast against the perceived current of time and culture in order to afford a slow, lingering gaze on its ambiguous, ever-shifting ripples.
McGuire, Mark "Ideas Of Beginnings" LP (Vin Du Select Qualitite) McGuire returns with a beautiful album of fractal introspection, a succinct collection of deeply melodic and emotive themes. Ideas Of Beginnings a direct statement of modern guitar, running the gamut from brightly focused acoustic compositions to late night electric vapor trails.
Whitehouse "Dedicated To Peter Kurten, Sadist And Mass Slayer" LP (Dirter Promotions ) New limited reissue of Whitehouse's Dedicated To Peter Kurten, Sadist And Mass Slayer, originally released in 1981. Unavailable on vinyl for 36 years, this iconic and grating masterpiece of electronic and extreme music is back. 180 gram vinyl in an edition of 250.
Boy Harsher "Yr Body Is Nothing" LP (DKA) Third repress now instock.

Architectural "Heaven Can Wait" 12" (Ellum Audio) Deep, dubby, dark punchy techno, from Architectural, showing off natural groove.
Borusiade / The Sixteen Steps "Promises & Infatuation" LP (Cititrax) New split EP. Borusiade, originally from Bucharest, with a background in classical music, combines her love of raw electronics, obscure themes and melodic lines to create a signature sound. The Sixteen Steps is the brainchild of George Lanham who cut his musical teeth DJing and running events in the south of England. Lanham makes sparse ebm meets smoky warehouse techno, and offer a wonderful contrast to Borusiade's layered emotive tracks that reminisce of an East Village club in the 1980s. Limited edition vinyl pressing of 999.
C.L.A.W.S. "Stygian Morass" LP (Left Hand Path)
Cube "My Cube" LP (Left Hand Path)
Deepbass "Multiverse" 12" (Kontrafaktum) Mesmerizing journey into gloomy parallel universes. Deep drone techno.
Dixon, Terrence "Like A Thief In The Night" 12" (Tresor) New 12" from reduction luminary Terrence Dixon.
Dopplereffekt "Cellular Automata" LP (Leisure System) Cellular Automata is Dopplereffekt's first album in ten years, their last being 2007's Calabi Yau Space on Rephlex. Cellular Automata approaches mathematical growth and decay as an iterative process, with each data input considered individually relative to the overall model.
Dwig "What's Paradise" 2x12" 12" (Dwig) Deep House from Germany
Hallais, Philippe "An American Hero" LP (Modern Love) Philippe Hallais returns to Modern Love, the first album under his own name. Blissed-out and emotive instrumental ambient pieces, somewhere between shoegaze, dream pop, and futuristic 1980s documentary music.
Simo Cell / Don't DJ / K-Lone "On Line Vol 1" 12" (Wisdom Teeth) New three track collaborative album, focused on themes of repetition, poly-metrics, transformation, and abstraction.

OST "7 Hyden Park - La Casa Maledetta" (AKA Formula for a Murder) by Francesco De Masi LP (SUB OST) The disturbing soundtrack of 7 Hyden Park - La Casa Maledetta, directed by Alberto De Martino in 1985 and composed by Roman arranger Francesco De Masi.

Friday, June 16th

Andrew Jackson Jihad "Knife Man" CS (Lauren Records)
B Boys "Dada" CD/LP (Captured Tracks) New full-length from the Brooklyn trio of frill-free rock music that feels indebted to the last several decades of goofy punks-from Ian Svenonius to their tourmates Parquet Courts.
Big Star "The Best of Big Star" CD/LP (Fantasy)
Bonnie Prince Billy "Leonard b/w Carolyn" 7" (Drag City)
Broadside "Paradise" CD (Victory)
Brue, Sammy "I Am Nice" CD (New West)
Cantu-Ledesma, Jefre "On the Echoing Green" CD/LP (Mexican Summer) An elegant release of shimmering sound from the San Francisco musician and founder of the Root Strata label. Conceived as an experiment in collaboration, On Echoing Green is eight rapturous and melodic slow dives of swirling guitar, bass, synthesizer, piano, and drum machines, accented by heavenly vocal arcs from Argentinian musician Sobrenadar and contributions from Alexis Georgopoulous and Byron Westbrook. Available on colored vinyl.
Dead Heavens "Whatever Witch You Are" CD (Dine Alone Music)
Dirt Devil "st" LP (Redscroll)
Ditto, Beth "Fake Sugar" CD (Capitol) New debut full-length solo release for the ex-Gossip singer. On Fake Sugar Ditto's powerhouse voice remains a steely, piercing instrument imbued with Southern sass and dynamic range.
Drums "Abysmal Thoughts" CD/LP (Anti) New fourth record from the Brooklyn indie-pop band, available on colored vinyl while it lasts.
Eaters "2017" LP (Dull Tools)
ESG "Step Off" LP (Fire) New reissue of the 2002 LP from the highly influential, frequently sampled, and little-known New York no-wave rap group, founded by sisters Renee, Valerie, and Marie Scroggins in 1978.
Flaming Lips "The Flaming Lips Onboard the International Space Station Concert for Peace" LP (WEA) Limited release of seven live(ish) tracks from Oczy Mlody reimagined as a fictional/fantastical live Flaming Lips performance on the International Space Station.
Fleet Foxes "Crack Up" CD/LP (Nonesuch) New third full-length release for the indie folk quintet from Seattle. Crack Up might be their most complex and compelling to date. Robin Pecknold's songwriting retreats inward while around him dense folk compositions rise and fall on a massive scale. A well executed melding of the band's two previous full-lengths, funnelled into a new, focused vision.
Galavis, Quin "The Battery Line" CD/LP (Super Secret Records) New third full-length from the Austin based musician and his follow-up to last year's "My Life in Steel and Concrete". The Battery Line features Austin musicians Thor Harris (Swans/Shearwater), Sabrina Ellis (Sweet Spirit/A Giant Dog), and more.
Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit "The Nashville Sound" CD/LP (Southeastern) New sixth studioalbum from the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and former member of Drive-By Truckers, and his third with The 400 Unit. Even if Isbell only plays a miniscule role in defining what comes out of Nashville these days, he's exercising that influence the best he can on The Nashville Sound. The album is more eclectic and energetic than his other recent efforts, which have seen Isbell's voice and vitality as a songwriter crystallize just as his sound, for better or worse, has become slicker and more uniform. On colored vinyl while it last.
Loewenstein, Jason "Spooky Action" CD/LP (Joyful Noise Recordings) Bone colored vinyl while it lasts.
Lorde "Melodrama" CD (Universal) The New Zealand pop singer-songwriter captures emotions like none other on her second album. A masterful study of being a young woman, Melodrama is a sleek and humid pop record full of grief and hedonism, crafted with the utmost care and wisdom -- introspective without being indulgent.
Missing Pages "st" CS (Self Released)
Moby & The Void Pacific Choir "More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse" LP (Mute)
Kevin Morby "City Music" CD/LP (Dead Oceans) New fourth full-length solo release for the former Woods bassist. Inspired by cities and music of the mid-70s. If last year's Singing Saw had the pace and feel of going down river, City Music has that of heading down the avenue. Morby vacillates in both settings comfortably, claiming them as his element.
Mulaney, John "The Comeback Kid" LP (Drag City)
Nau, Michael "Some Twist" CD/LP (Suicide Squeeze) New second full-length solo release for the Maryland artist who was a member of Cotton Jones and Page France. By incorporating vintage influences with so much skill, Nau channels yesterday's greats without ever lazily copying them. Instead, he transports you to way back when, then makes it sound of the moment.
Nickelback "Feed the Machine" CD (BMG) Still going
Peacers "Introducing the Crimsmen" LP (Drag City)
Porcupine Tree "On The Sunday Of Life" LP (K Scope)
Portugal. the Man "Woodstock" CD (Atlantic) Indie veterans eighth full-length features production from Mike D, Danger Mouse, and John Hill.
Ride "Weather Diaries" CD/LP (Wichita Recordings) The great shoegaze reunion continues with the return and first new record in 21 years from the Oxford foursome. Whichever model of Ride one is expecting, and however closely Weather Diaries gets to such expectations, they've succeeded at moving past the "heritage' tour stage and have planted their feet on new ground. For now, Ride have amended their own ending, and also left it unwritten.
Royal Blood "How Did We Get So Dark?" CD/LP (WEA)
Royal Trux "Live: Platinum Tips + Ice Cream" LP (Drag City)
Sensor, Travis "Andy Warhol's Dream" CD/LP (Jagjaguwar) Debut full-length from the young rising singer-songwriter, follows two well received EPs and features appearances by members of the bands Foxygen and Whitney. On silver colored vinyl while we have it.
Shook, Abram "Love at Low Speed" CD/LP (Western Vinyl) The Austin based musician's new third full-length follows the failure of an 11 year relationship and touches heavily on the matter. Love at Low Speed is a personal album, which explores themes of love, loss, and connecting with others, all themes he has been careful to avoid on previous albums. Colored vinyl.
Sweet, Matthew "Tomorrow Forever" CD (S. Matthew Sweet) The Nebraska alternative / power pop songwriter returns from a six-year hiatus to release his new album, Tomorrow Forever. The album is an introspective collection inspired by Matthew's move to his native Omaha and the tragic loss of his mother. From that loss, Matthew overcame writer's block with a burst of creative spirit, recording 38 songs in his newly built full production home studio, before narrowing it down to this final edit.
Tindersticks "Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith" LP (City Slang) New full-length from the English band.

Big Boi "BOOMIVERSE" CD (Epic)
Blacastan & Stu Bangas "The Uncanny Adventures of Watson & Holmes" LP (Brick Records)
DJ Q-Bert "Super Seal Breaks" LP (Thud Rumble) Purple vinyl
DJ Q-Bert "SuperSeal 3D" LP (Thud Rumble)
Gucci Mane & Zaytoven "Mama's Basement" LP (Omerta Inc.) Gucci Mane's mixtape from last year gets the vinyl treatment with a very limited pressing.
Jonwayne "Rap Album Number 2" CD/LP (Authors Recording Company) Great new full-length from the emcee and producer from LA.
Juicy The Emissary "Attention K-Mart Choppers" LP (Street Corner Music) Remixed 90s K-Mart tapes.
Kiefer "Kickinit Alone" LP (Leaving Records)
Ras G "The Gospel of the God Spell" LP (Street Corner Music) The latest from the LA beatsmith, and once again the man does not disappoint.
Soul Jazz Records presents BOOMBOX 2: Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro And Disco Rap CD/LP (Soul Jazz)
TUT "Preacher's Son" LP (Vinyl Digital)

Bowie, David "Be My Wife" 7"
Bowie, David "Hunky Dory" LP (Rhino) New limited reissue of the 1971 LP now on gold colored vinyl.
Cheap Trick "We're All Alright!" CD (Big Machine) Standard and deluxe CD versions in stock
Rosebud "s/t" CD (Omnivore)
v/a "Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht" CD/LP (Numero Group)

Carter Family "American Epic: The Best of the Carter Family" LP (Third Man Records)
Dennis the Fox "Mother Trucker" LP (Modern Harmonic)
Earle, Steve & The Dukes "So You Wannabe An Outlaw" CD/LP (WEA)
V/A "American Epic: The Best of Country" LP (Third Man Records)

Hurt, Mississippi John "American Epic: The Best of Mississippi John Hurt" LP (Third Man Records)
Johnson, Blind Willie "American Epic: The Best of Blind Willie Johnson" LP (Third Man Records)
Lead Belly "American Epic: The Best of Lead Belly" LP (Third Man Records)
Memphis Jug Band "American Epic: The Best of Memphis Jug Band" LP (Third Man Records)
V/A "American Epic: The Best of Blues" LP (Third Man Records) Soundtrack from the British documentary of the same name.
v/a "Black Cat Trail" LP (Mamlish)
v/a "Chicago Slickers Volume 2 1948-1955" LP (Nighthawk)
v/a "Home Again Blues" LP (Mamlish)
v/a "New Deal Blues" LP (Mamlish)

Henriksen, Arve "Chiaroscuro" LP (Rune Grammofon) New limited reissue of Norwegian trumpeter and member of Supersilent Arve Henriksen's 2004 CD, now on vinyl for the first time.
Lowe, Mundell "Blues For A Stripper" LP (Modern Harmonic)
Orchestra Soledad "Vamonos / Let's Go" LP (BBE)

Mansion "Devil Woman" LP (PMG Germany)
Songhoy Blues "Resistance" CD/LP (Fat Possum)
Piri "Voces Querem Mate?" LP (Far Out Recordings)
Verocai, Arthur "Encore" LP (Far Out Recordings) New ten-year anniversary reissue of Arthur Verocai's Encore, originally released in 2007. The highly anticipated follow-up to Arthur's eponymous debut album from 1972, Encore features 11 original compositions from Arthur Verocai with guest musicians including Azymuth, Ivan Lins, and a nine-piece string section. Encore combines Brazilian influences with Verocai's take on American soul and cinematic experimentation, and shows that Arthur's sound is as poignant as it ever was. The LP version marks the first time this release is presented on vinyl.
v/a "Ote Maloya" LP (Strut)
V/A "Welcome to Zamrock: Vol. 1" CD/LP (Now Again Records)
Williams, Shina & His African Percussionists "Agboju Logun" LP (Strut)

Carach Angren "Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten" CD (Season of Mist)
Danzig "Black Laden Crown" LP (Season of Mist) New studio full-length from Glenn and band, now available on colored vinyl.
Destruction "Bestial Invasion of Hell" LP (Floga) Demo recordings from one of the best German thrash groups.
Devastation "Idolatry" LP (Repulsive Echo) Reissue of this devastating album from Texas thrashers, originally released in 1991. Limited edition of 500.
Funeral Mist "Devilry" LP (Norma Evangelicum Diaboli) Reissue of cult Swedish black metal EP from 1998 with their 1996 demo tracks added as a bonus.
Iced Earth "Incorruptible" CD (Century Media) New record from the long-running American power-metal band.
Kowloon Walled City 'Gambling On The Richter Scale" LP (Gilead Media/Thrill Jockey) Reissue of the San Francisco band's 2009 debut LP.
Kowloon Walled City 'Turk Street" LP (Gilead Media/Thrill Jockey) Reissue of the San Francisco band's 2008 EP.
Krallice "Prelapsarian" LP (Gilead Media/Thrill Jockey) Prelapsarian is the most compact of the New York-based metal band's albums. On these dense thirty-five minutes, they have both feet planted on terra firma and are racing against the doomsday clock.
Overkill "I Hear Black" LP (Backbite) Import reissue of 1992 album.
Overkill "W.F.O." LP (Backbite) Import reissue of 1994 album.
Vampillia + The Body "xoroAHbin" LP (Gilead Media/Thrill Jockey)
Warlord "Rising Out of the Ashes" 3LP LP (High Roller) Triple LP version of their 2002 album. Limited edition of 500.
Warlord "The Holy Empire" LP (Backbite) Triple LP version of their 2013 album. Limited edition of 500.
Wolf "Edge of the World" LP (High Roller) Reissue of 1984 NWOBHM classic.

Bellicose Minds "Incision" 7" (Black Water Records)
Blue Dolphin "Earth Day" CS (Self Released) Latest single from the Texas weirdo cowboy punks, back in stock.
Fried Egg "Back & Forth" 7" (Beach Impediment)
Long Knife "Sewers Of Babylon" 7" (Beach Impediment)
TV Eye "The Lost Studio Recordings 1977-1978" LP (Seventeen Records) First ever release of the lost studio recordings and no-fi relics of Birmingham's first garage-punk band, TV Eye. 1977-1978 comprises five studio tracks and six tracks from a raw rehearsal session. LP version comes on red vinyl; Edition of 300.
Una Bestia Incontrolable "Metamorfosi" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
v/a "Bingo! French Punk Exploitation 1978-1981" LP (Born Bad) New compilation explores humorous punk that was produced in France after Plastic Bertrand's interplanetary hit "Ça Plane Pour Moi". In the face of Mr. Bertrand's huge success, A&R executives had all of their seasoned producers, composers, and lyricists to create eccentric arrangements, with daft and stereotyped lyrics. Most of these punk hoaxes are real lousy, but some numbers, while they didn't reach the success of "Ça Plane Pour Moi", were inspired and more creative than the songs they hijacked and mimicked.
Wiccans "Sailing a Crazy Ship" LP (Dull Tools) New third long-player from the Denton formed, now Austin-based punk band featuring members of Radioactivity, Institute, Bad Sports, Video and more. It's a ripper, with traces of Thin Lizzy as well as Poison Idea. Sailing a Crazy Ship was recorded by Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke (both of Marked Men / Radioactivity.)

Blops "Del Volar De Las Palomas" LP (Guerssen)
Blops "s/t" LP (Guerssen)
Brainstorm "Last Smile" CD (Garden Of Delights)
Can "The Singles" CD/LP (Mute) For completists, archivists and newcomers alike, Can - The Singles affords a comprehensive overview of the legendary krautrock pioneers' outings beyond their run of seminal classic albums, notably rounding up a lot of material which has been out of print on any format for decades. All material is taken and remastered from original single versions, including a few newly nipped edits and featuring a strong handful of obscure, sought-after numbers such as Silent Night and Turtles Have Short Legs beside their better known turns, Mushroom, Hallelujah, Vitamin C and I Want More.
Cargo "s/t" LP (Pseudonym)
Faust "Od Serca Do Duszy" LP (Dirter Promotions) Double CD set released in 2007, now reissued on vinyl for the first time. This album documents a professionally recorded live show at Krakow's Loch Ness Club.
Freedom "Freedom At Last" LP (Sireena Records)
Gila "Free Electric Sound" CD (Garden Of Delights) CD reissue of the Popol Vuh related krautrock band's 1971 debut release. Far out, jammy, largely instrumental psych/krautrock heaven. Endless bass mantras, gauzy synths, chiming guitars, and the occasional strung out vocal, all slow-burning through a cosmic void.
Guru Guru "Wiesbaden 1973" CD (Garden Of Delights)
Julius Victor "From The Nest" LP (Out-Sider) New vinyl reissue of Julius Victor's From The Nest, originally released in 1969. Sole album by this US hard-rock/psychedelic band, produced by Ahmad Jamal - Organ-dominated, hard-progressive sound. RIYL: Vanilla Fudge, Iron Butterfly, H.P. Lovecraft.
Kovac, Roland New Set "Love That" CD (Garden Of Delights)
Metabolisme "Tempus Fugit" LP (Replica)
Neon Pearl "s/t" LP (Acme)
New Tweedy Brothers, The "s/t" LP (Guerssen) New reissue of the 1968 LP. Uncut psychedelia and garage-y, jangly folk-rock. RIYL: The Byrds, Moby Grape, Jefferson Airplane, The Charlatans, Buffalo Springfield.
Sun Dial "Reflecter" LP (Acme)
Virus "Thoughts" CD (Garden Of Delights)
Winterhawk "Revival" LP (Rockadrome)
Xhol Caravan "Hau-Ruk" CD (Garden of Delights) Germany Freak-out characteristics, some Canterbury-esque vibes and stoned-progressive moves throughout long instrumental passages. The first mysterious record

Burger, Jack Bongo "The End on Bongos" LP (Modern Harmonic)
Cage, John & David Tudor "Variations IV Vol II" LP (Modern Harmonic) New clear vinyl reissue of the 1965 LP.
Terry Riley "Persian Surgery Dervishes" 2xLP LP (Aguirre) First ever vinyl reissue of Terry Riley's Persian Surgery Dervishes, issued initially on the French label Shandar in 1972. Features two concerts for electric organ and reel-to-reel delay, one recorded in Los Angeles on April 18th, 1971, the other in Paris on May 24th, 1972. In California Riley starts with low dark tones, dense and brooding, deep in introspection. But as the improvisation unfolds Riley's buoyant spirit asserts itself, spiraling out in ecstatic coils. The Parisian concert conveys a different mood, brighter and more open in texture, more relaxed from the outset and breathing with greater freedom as it takes flight. Edition of 1000.
Tanner, Paul "Music for Heavenly Bodies" LP (Modern Harmonic)

Aguilar, Ildefonso "Erosion" LP (Mental Experience)
Casas, Carlos "Pyramid Of Skulls" LP (Discrepant) Inspired by the common task and the people of Pamir in Tajikistan, filmmaker and sound artist Carlos Casas deconstructs far-away sights and sounds to create a unique field recording experiment that equally worships past, present, and future.
Ifriqiyya Electrique "Ruwahine" LP (Glitterbeat Records)
Llopis, Pep "Poiemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes" LP (Freedom to Spend)
Mariétan, Pierre "Rose Des Vents" LP (Mana) First commissioned by the French Government in 1981, the LP Rose Des Vents evolved out of a six year project by Swiss composer Pierre Mariétan to document and musicalise the sound environment of urban landscapes within France, creating an inter-geographical auditory map of cities and townships located in the suburban reaches of Paris. First reissue since it's release in 1987.
Moor Mother "Moor x Jewelry: Crime Waves" LP (Don Giovanni)
Multa Nox "Living Pearl" CS (NNA Tapes)
Wren Kitz "Dancing On Soda Lake" CS (NNA Tapes)

Bellows "Sander" 12" (Latency) New 12" of floating, immersive tape loops and improvised analogue electronics by the Milanese duo of Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti. Enigmatic melodies, subtle sound textures and rumbling sub-bass pulses.
Bookworms "Appropriation Loops (A Love Story)" LP (Break World)
Bug vs Earth "Concrete Desert " LP (Ninja Tune) This electronic collaboration pairs Dylan Carlson of pioneering drone metal band Earth with UK producer the Bug. It's one man's sprawling open space versus another's sonic claustrophobia. Featuring vocals from Justin K Broadrick of Godflesh.
Com Truise "Iteration" CD/LP/CS (Ghostly International) The first new full-length release from electronic producer Seth Haley in six years concludes Com Truise's story. On Iteration, Haley's music still acts as a neon conduit to the '80s synth-wave scene, Iteration is chockfull of well-arranged and well-sequenced numbers. Available on colored vinyl while it lasts.
Computa Games "Cosmic Dispatch" 12" (Hobo Camp)
Jlin "Black Origami" LP (Planet Mu) Jerrilynn Patton, known as Jlin, is an electronic musician from Gary, Indiana. With "Black Origami" Patton has done away with the use of samples from others entirely and created a remarkable sophomore full-length that demands repeat listening. She turns the tools of footwork into an overwhelming piece of musical architecture, an epic treatise on where rhythm comes from and where it can go. Now available on vinyl.
Ko Shin Moon "s/t" CD/LP (Akuphone) Debut release from the French duo. Ko Shin Moon is the first contemporary artist signed and produced by Akuphone. Ko Shin Moon mixes acoustic instruments from various regions of the world, analog devices, traditional music, electronic arrangements, sampling, and field recordings. Acid dabke, Turkish-Greek disco, cosmic raï, new beat molam, Tibetan ambient, synth wave Hindi filmi, and rickshaw dance music
Modern Art "Oriental Towers" LP (Color Tapes)
Solitary Dancer "s/t" 12" (Graded) New batch of 12"s from the Montreal-based techno producer, now in stock.
Solitary Dancer "Transmitting To Heaven" 12" (Graded) New batch of 12"s from the Montreal-based techno producer, now in stock.
Terje, Todd feat. Det Gylne Triangel "Maskindans" 12" (Olsen) New teaser 12" for Todd Terje's forthcoming LP. Maskindans is a body-moving, brain-grooving cover version of the Norse synth track from the dystopian dancefloors of '82. Terje lures Det Gylne Triangel back into the booth for the first time in 25 years to record vocals for the track. Remix duties fall to Erol Alkan, who replaces those dub disco flourishes with the strobe-lit pulse of giallo.
Yim Sock "Lef-Handed Cigarettes" CS (Growth In Decay)

OST "American Epic Sessions" 3LP (Third Man Records) Soundtrack to the three-part historical documentary and feature length film. American Epic takes us on a journey across time to the birth of modern music, when the musical strands of a diverse nation first combined, sparking a cultural renaissance that forever transformed the future of music and the world. The three-part historical documentary follows the trail of record company talent scouts from the late 1920s as they toured America with a recording machine to capture the raw expression of an emerging culture whose recordings would lead to the development of the Blues, Country, Gospel, Hawaiian, Cajun, and Folk music. Featuring Alabama Shakes, The Avett Brothers, Rhiannon Giddens, Merle Haggard, Pokey LaFarge, Ashley Monroe, Nas, Blind Boy Paxton, Jack White, and more.
OST "Eraserhead" Book LP & 7" LP (Sacred Bones) New and expanded limited reissue

Friday, June 9th

Arcade Fire "Everything Now" 12" (Sony) The title track 12" from Arcade Fire's upcoming fifth album is finally out, and it's another grand, sweeping statement from a band who doesn't know how to communicate any other way. But maybe the most gratifying thing about "Everything Now" is that-after the heady, complex dance music on Reflektor-the band's just sailing here. The disco beat and ABBA strings certainly help, but, for a song that confronts our need to obtain everything immediately, "Everything Now" succeeds by virtue of patience, replacing the peaks and crescendos of previous Arcade Fire anthems with one momentous rush. On orange colored vinyl.
Berry, Chuck "Chuck" LP (Dualtone) First new release since 1979 from the late rock 'n' roll legend.
Big Thief "Capacity" CD/LP/CS (Saddle Creek) New York band Big Thief's sophomore album for Saddle Creek Records beautifully excavates family history and trauma into a delicate, intricately built folk rock record, showcasing the gorgeous style of singer Adrianne Lenker.
Castle, Lynn "Rose Colored Corner" CD/LP (Light In The Attic) New compilation of remastered, reissued and unearthed tracks from the L.A. hairstylist. Lynn Castle's work stretches across seven decades, a diverse and vast discography of pop, folk, country, gothic, rock, punk, blues, and children's songs. Known thus far as the first lady barber in L.A. -- by day styling The Monkees, Sonny & Cher, the Byrds and others...and by night writing songs, with one prior release to her name on Lee Hazlewood's LHI Records. Despite lacking the desire to self promote and a crippling insecurity that made it hard to sing in front of anyone, her songs managed to bend the ears of such industry heavyweights as Phil Spector, Jack Nitzsche and Lee Hazlewood. Light In The Attic Records is very excited to continue its Hazlewood Archive Series with Rose Colored Corner, a collection of intimate recordings Lynn Castle made with Jack Nitzsche in 1966 and her complete recorded output with Lee Hazlewood on LHI Records. For the first time ever Lynn is sharing recordings from her personal archive and telling her story.
Demen "Nektyr" CD/LP (Kranky)
Feral Ohms "S/T" LP (Silver Current)
Game Theory "2 Steps From The Middle Ages" CD/LP (Omnivore)
Gov't Mule "Revolution Come... Revolution Go" CD/LP (Fantasy) The Southern jam band's tenth full-length to date, recorded here in Austin.
Here Lies Man "s/t" LP (Riding Easy) L.A. based quintet is founded and conceptualized by Marcos Garcia of Antibalas, bringing his erudite experience of West African rhythms and music to the more riff-based foundations of heavy rock. The results are an incredibly catchy and refreshing twist on classic forms.
Johnson, Will "Little Raider" LP (Goliad) New reissue of the Texas musician's 2011 CD only EP, now remastered for vinyl, the original "Little Raider EP" includes two additional tracks, "The Treaty/Loose Talk" and "Waiting Here for the Light to Rise."
Kikagaku Moyo "Stone Garden" 12" (Guguguru Brain)
Nilsson, Molly "Imaginations" LP (Night School) New release from the prolific Berlin-based minimal synth pop songstress.
Nilsson, Molly "Zenith" LP (Night School) New limited reissue of Nilsson's sweeping synth pop LP from 2015.
Obnox "Niggative Approach" LP (12XU) New record from Cleveland's one-man garage-rock industry Lamont Thomas.
Phoenix "Ti Amo" CD/LP (Glassnote) First new release in four years for the French rock band. All ten of the album's songs overflow with sparkling synths, sighing pop hooks and made-for-summer beats. "Ti Amo" feels like required listening for a summer that seems destined to be sun-drenched and scary at the same time. An album of Italian beaches and romantic nights in the face of grim realities.
Suspirians "Ti Bon Ange" CD/LP (Super Secret Records) Sophomore release from the Austin band.
Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James McAlister "Planetarium" CD/LP (4AD) Newdebut full-length release for the collaboration between Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly, Bryce Dessner (of The National), and James McAlister is a song-cycle about the solar system which was originally commissioned by Dutch concert hall Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. The album has clearly been something of a labor of love for its creators, and feels remarkably homogeneous for something produced by four highly individual minds via a mixture of live and studio performance over several years. If you like the sound of a big, camp, melodramatic slab of astrological sci-fi shot through with very earthly, twenty-first century hang-ups, Planetarium is a trip.
Terry "Terry HQ" LP (Upset the Rhythm) Debut full-length from the newest Australian jangle pop super group, featuring Al Montfort (of Dick Diver, UV Race, Total Control) among others. A nervy throwback late-'70s mutated punk, with deadpan vocals and incessant chord progressions. RIYL Television Personalities or Swell Maps, or any of the slew of contemporary Australian indie bands.
Trost, Heather "Agistri" LP (L.m. Dupli-cation)

Fiasco, Lupe "Lupe Fiasco's The Cool" LP (Atlantic) New clear colored vinyl reissue of Lupe Fiasco's sophomore LP, released in 2005.

Aggrovators "Rasta Dub '76" LP (Radiation Roots) New reissue of Aggrovators' Rasta Dub '76, originally released in 1976. An ace team of session musicians, forged as an off-shoot of the Soul Syndicate, the Aggrovators were responsible for some of Bunny Lee's biggest hits of the decade.
Alcapone, Dennis "Guns Don't Argue" LP (Radiation Roots) New first ever vinyl reissue, originally released in 1971. Dennis Alcapone was one of the first deejays to rise to prominence following U Roy's breakthrough in the late 1960s. Guns Don't Argue sees the toaster rap over some of Bunny Lee's all-time greatest rhythms, including a Slim Smith rendition of the Temptations and songs from Delroy Wilson and John Holt.
Ellis, Alton "Love To Share" LP (Radiation Roots) New first ever official reissue, originally released in 1979. One of Jamaica's most highly-rated vocalists, Ellis excelled in the rocksteady style, bouncing between Studio One and Treasure Isle for a number of years. Love To Share straddles the line between lover's rock and roots reggae, remaining a lesser-known classic. RIYL Sam Cooke and the like, maybe.
I-Roy "Can't Conquer Rasta" LP (Radiation Roots) First vinyl reissue, originally released in 1977. One of Jamaica's all-time greatest deejays, I Roy's rhyming raps always sounded effortless, whether describing the harsh realities of the inner city, or making light of nonsense nursery rhymes. Can't Conquer Rasta is a superb "showcase"-style album, on which the toaster blows hard lyrics over five of Lee's killer "rockers" rhythms. Corresponding Aggrovators dubs are on the flip.

Elder "Reflections of a Floating World" CD/LP/CS (Armageddon) New record from the heavy psych/stoner metal band from Massachusetts. Long, undulating and dense tracks float between psychedelic passages and progressive rock without missing a beat; adventurous songs punctuated by hypnotic jams. Reflections shows a band with a clear vision honing their skills with every year.
Kreator "Endless Pain" 2LP (Noise) New remastered reissue of the German thrash band's 1985
Kreator "Extreme Agression" 3LP LP (Noise) New reissue debut LP.
Kreator "Pleasure To Kill" 2LP (Noise Records) Remastered 180 gram reissue of the band's sophomore LP from 1986.
Kreator "Terrible Certainty" 2LP (Noise) New reissue
Onegoodlung "S/T" CS (Self released)

Anarquia Vertical "Sistema Total de Liberación" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Black Panties "Prophet Of Hate" 7" (Total Punk) New repress of the St. Louis punk band's 2015 7". Partially plodding and remeniscent of anti-punk bands like Flipper or No Trend.
Exotica "Musique Exotique #02" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus) Great second offering from the unfiltered NYC hardcore band fronted by Lauren Gerig (also of La Misma). Exotica mix elements of early Brazilian punk, the aggression of the '82 post Discharge explosion and mutant punk worldwide. Based in NYC but with members from Mexico, Argentina and the US they are a solid example of the international hardcore punk melting pot.
HVAC "Mentality Demo" CS (La Vida Es Un Mus) Bratty NYHC punk.
Nekra "2017 Demo" CS (La Vida Es Un Mus) Punchy hardcore UK punk from London.
Nurse "Discography" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus) Discography release from the early 80s Japanese punk band.
Pop, Iggy "Lust for Life" LP (Virgin) New reissue of the fantastic 1977 LP.
Pop, Iggy "The Idiot" LP (Virgin) New reissue of the fantastic 1977 LP.
Rina "Demo" 7" (Cintas Pepe) Vinyl edition of the raw demo cassette from Mexico City's Rina. Hardcore punk played with a palpable sense of anger and emotion in the mix, a rarity nowadays.
Straightjacket Nation "s/t" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)

v/a "A Fistful of Fuzz" LP (Particles) Particles reissues this quality acid punk / fuzzed-out garage-psych compilation -- finally available again after its original release in 1998.
v/a "Brown Acid - The Fourth Trip" CD/LP (Riding Easy) New fourth volume in the psychedelic compilation series from Riding Easy and Permanent Records.

Planetary Peace "Synthesis" LP (Love All Day) Double LP reissue of a one of a kind, completely original collection of songs created by two American expatriates living in London in 1980. Recorded in their living room on a Teac tape machine, Synthesis was entirely composed and performed on a mail order Serge synthesizer kit that Planetary Peace (the husband and wife duo of Will & Kalima Sawyer) had built themselves. There's a very palpable DIY-vibe that runs throughout the album, which gets filtered through a visionary lens where slightly off-kilter devotional folk songs expand into majestic synth excursions that reach for the outer edges of the cosmos.

Ferrari, Luc "Presque Rien" LP (Recollection GRM) Four musique concrète masterpieces by French electro-acoustic innovator Luc Ferrari, now back in stock.

Dilloway, Aaron "The Gag File" LP (Dais) New work from noise musician Aaron Dilloway, formerly of Wolf Eyes, exudes a raw vulnerability and needling playfulness. The Gag File strikes a balance between dread and curiosity. There's a clear affection for detritus here, and an internal logic that reckons with rot and the damp, and the follwing fungal growth. Haunted by the ghosts of its own industries, the Midwest has bred a noise underground that feels uniquely disinterested in the hope, warmth, and empathy music can offer.
McDowall, Drew "Unnatural Channel" LP (Dais) New sophomore solo LP. Drew McDowall spent time in Psychic TV in the '80s and Coil in the '90s, during which time he honed his potency as a manipulator of synthesizers, samples, and esoteric sounds. Unnatural Channel follows up the starkly sensuous themes of his Collapse album [2015] with another exceptional turn for Brooklyn's Dais Records.
ToiToiToi "Im Hag" CD/LP (Ghost Box) Berlin-based artist Sebastian Counts returns with a new ToiToiToi full length. Presumably his 2011 CD-r only debut album passed you by, so 'Im Hag' is the first chance for many to explore his unique otherworldly vision consisting of 19 tracks that veer from little more than vignettes to full blown compositions. All of which are daubed in the velveteen poppy oddness you expect from this most singular of UK labels.

Jon Brooks "Autres Directions" LP (Clay Pipe) New sixth record from the composer, producer, & engineer that runs the Cafe Kaput label and has made music for the Ghost Box label as The Advisory Circle. On orange colored vinyl.
This Cold Night "An Enigmatic Individual" LP (Dead Wax Records) New limited compilation of tracks by the Austin based gothic coldwave musician.
v/a "Aleatory Chaos: A Compilation of Cold Tales of Darkness" LP (Oraculo Records)
Veil of Light "Front Teeth" LP (Avant!)

Forest Drive West "Jinx / Scanners" 12" (Livity Sound Recordings) Smoke laced atmospherics and broken rhythms reconfigured for maximum impact on "Jinx", whilst "Scanners" subtler late-night grooves and grit-laden percussion produce a melancholic ebb and flow.
Jaar, Nicolas "Love you gotta lose again" EP 10" (Double Standard) New 2017 special edition all-white reissue of Jaar's 2010 10" EP.
Ko Shin Moon "s/t" LP (Akuphone) New debut release from the French electronic/acoustic duo of Axel Moon & Niko Shin. Ko Shin Moon mixes acoustic instruments from various regions of the world, analog devices, traditional music, electronic arrangements, sampling, and field recordings. A mix of acid dabke, Turkish-Greek disco, cosmic raï, new beat molam, Tibetan ambient, synth wave Hindi filmi, and rickshaw dance music.
Peverelist "Tessellations" LP (Livity Sound Recordings) New full-length from the Bristol producer. Tessellations is a succinct nine tracks demonstrating the breadth of his work and scope of his influences through a snapshot of productions from the last two years. Combining the legacy of Bristol's sound system culture and the futuristic visions of techno.
Tilliander "Compuriddim" LP (Ideal Recordings) The Swedish producer Andreas Tilliander returns with a plunging set of skewed techno dubs. Compuriddim is intoxicatingly textured; six tracks strong in pursuit of an elusive electro-acoustic Geist that lives between the wires of his classic hardware.

OST "Evil Dead 2" Joseph Loduca LP (Waxworks) New limited remastered 30th Anniversary reissue of the 1987 horror cult-classic, available again on vinyl for the first time since it's initial release.
OST "Il Grande Racket" Guido & Maurizio De Angelis" LP (Four Flies)
OST "Si Puo' Essere Piu' Bastardi Dell'Ispettore Cliff?" Riz Ortolani LP (Four Flies)
OST "Tetsuo: The Iron Man" by Chu Ishikawa LP (KAIJYU-THEATER) The soundtrack of the first two episodes of the famous trilogy Tetsuo, composed by Chu Ishikawa, now back in stockl. Classic Japanese underground cinema, directed by Shinya Tsuakamoto, from 1989. Its mix of gore and science fiction paved the way for the cyberpunk movement in Japan. Ishikawa's transgressive and provocative music mixes techno drum loops with a dark ambient mood; flirting with harsh noise, Ishikawa translates the convulsive and metallic quality of Tsukamoto's images into oppressive sound blasts that will delight the fans of Test Dept. Foetus and Esplendor Geometrico.

Basket Case BluRay (Image Entertainment)
Basket Case 3 BluRay (Synapse Films)
Hammer Films Double Feature: The Revenge of Frankenstein / Curse of the Mummy's Tomb BluRay (Mill Creek Ent)
Hammer Films Double Feature: The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll / The Gorgon BluRay (Mill Creek Ent)
The Black Cat BluRay (Arrow Video)

Friday, June 2nd

Alison's Halo "Eyedazler" 2LP (Manufactured Recordings)
All Time Low "Last Young Renegade" CD/LP (Fueled By Ramen)
Art School Jocks "s/t" CS ( Father / Daughter)
Alt-J "Relaxer" CD/LP (Atlantic) This is the new third full-length from the British indie trio. 'At a refreshingly restrained eight tracks, this compact and filler free release still explores a vast array of genres and styles in its forty minute running time. For a record so brief, its ability to evoke scale--while still carrying the distinctive sound of the band that surprised us all with An Awesome Wave back in 2012--is testament to Alt-J's demonstrable talents as artists.'
Auerbach, Dan "Waiting on a Song" CD/LP (Nonesuch) The Ohio native (now based in Nashville) worked with such artists as Pat McLaughlin, John Prine, Jerry Douglas, Duane Eddy, Gene Chrisman and Bobby Wood of the Memphis Boys for his second solo release. The final product is dynamic, with a warm, analog sound that brings out the best in Auerbach's writing. Pressed to colored vinyl while it lasts.
Beach Fossils "Somersault"CD/LP/CS (Bayonet) New third full-length from the NY indie pop band. While Beach Fossils have matured over the last decade, Dustin Payseur still manages to consistently produce records that reflect his roots and he highlights just how easy it is to create a catchy, successful LP without the needs or complications that ruin a lot of high-end pop today. Somersault is an homage to bedroom musicians worldwide, and a leap forward, taking tropes and palettes from 60s pop, grunge, and even country, and making bold play with strings and horns, piano and harpsichord, surprising effects, freer guitar and more assertive bass. On colored vinyl while it lasts.
Beach Slang "Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street" 7" (Tiny Engines)
Black Ryder, The "Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride" LP (Fuzz Club)
Bleachers "Gone Now" CD/LP (RCA Records)
Booker, Benjamin "Witness" CD (ATO Records)
Chastity Belt "I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone" CD/LP/CS (Hardly Art) New third full-length release for the Seattle indie rock band led by Julia Shapiro. I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone is pretty in its sonic gloominess and witty in the way that it wears its anxieties on its sleeve, but what makes it special is the way that all of that is grounded by the sturdiest of anchors--the quiet optimism that friendship inspires. Pressed on pink vinyl. Download code inside gets you three exclusive tracks.
Coffman, Amber "City of No Reply" [Dirty Projectors] LP (Columbia) Debut full-length solo release for the ex-member of Dirty Projectors was produced partly by David Longstreth. Easy on the ears, heartfelt, and subtly detailed, City of No Reply establishes Coffman as both an innovative and accessible artist.
Crown Larks ""Population" LP
Dua Lipa "s/t" CD (WEA) Debut full-length release for the British-Albanian artist.
Erez, Noga "Off The Radar" LP (City Slang)
Flogging Molly "Life Is Good" CD/LP (Concord)
Follakzoid "II" [10th Anniversary Edition] LP (Sacred Bones Records) New limited reissue of the Chilean psych band's fantastic sophomore LP, released in 2013. Now pressed to colored vinyl. RIYL Can, Neu!, or Spacemen 3.
Garden, The "The Life & Times Of A Paperclip" LP (Burger Records)
Gothic Tropic "Fast or Feast" LP (Old Flame)
Hackman, Marika "I'm Not Your Man" CD/LP (Sub Pop) Third full-length release for the British singer-songwriter. Not abandoning her folk roots entirely, I'm Not Your Man proves an emotional and sonic progression for Hackman, a record that at its best is affecting and fun.
Halsey "hopeless fountain kingdom" CD (Astralwerks) New sophomore record from American singer Ashley Frangipane's progressive identity pop project.
KG "Come Closer", We're Cool" LP (Manufactured Recordings)
Lamm, Robert "Time Chill: A Retrospective" CD (Omnivore)
Leather Girls "s/t" LP (Yippee Ki Yay) Debut vinyl full-length from Austin-based garage-psych rock band, playing tonight (June 2nd) at Hotel Vegas with Hidden Ritual.
Men, The "Open Your Heart" [10th Anniversary Edition] LP (Sacred Bones) Limited colored vinyl reissue.
Moon Duo "Killing Time" [Expanded Anniversary Edition] LP (Sacred Bones) New limited colored vinyl reissue of the band's vinyl debut originally released in 2009, now expanded to include three bonus tracks. Pressed to colored vinyl.
Mountaineer "Sirens & Slumber" CD (Lifeforce Records) New debut from the Californian post-rock band.
Psychic Ills "Hazed Dream" [10th Anniversary Edition] LP (Sacred Bones Records) Limited colored vinyl anniversary edition reissue of the NY psych band's third LP, released in 2011.
Rex, Alex "Vermillion" LP (Tin Angel) Trembling Bells' member's new solo album.
RG Lowe "Slow Time" CD/LP (Western Vinyl) New debut solo record from the Austin-based musician and member of Balmorhea. Slow Time is the culmination of 10 years of writing and working on pop songs, from Stevie Wonder to Dire Straits.
Saint Etienne "Home Counties" CD (PIAS America) First new release in five years for the British alternative dance trio. A musically diverse affair yet still coherently Saint Etienne.
School Damage "S/T" LP (Chapter Music)
Sleep Party People "Lingering" CD/LP (Joyful Noise Recordings) New full-length record from the one-man Danish indie band that's known for combining elements of acoustic folk, dream pop, electronic music, and more. Colored vinyl.
Sun Kil Moon "Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood " LP (Caldo Verde) New full-length release for Mark Kozelek features songs about a variety of events and issues that occurred in 2016. At over two hours long, it's easily one of Kozelek's most ambitious undertakings yet.
Swans "Great Annihilator" LP (Young God) New first ever vinyl reissue of the band's 1994 LP, now remastered. By the late 1980s it was clear that the shape-shifting experimental outfit had morphed into something removed from the brutishly loud, grinding repetition of its early efforts. The Great Annihilator documents a configuration of Swans that wore pop, country, and lounge stylings in a way that no longer clashed with the malevolence of the group's spirit.
Tabakin, Jon "s/t" LP+CD (Tapete) First reissue of Jon Tabakin's 1975 self-titled album. The songs on Tabakin's self-titled effort sit together and mesh perfectly, despite each track having its own distinct personality -- an ode to pop music, all-encompassing and intensely personal at the same time. RIYL: Todd Rundgren, Zombies, west coast '60s pop. Edition of 500.
Tops "Sugar At The Gate" CD/LP (Arbutus Records) New third record from the Montreal indie band, written and recorded while living in L.A., a timeless collection of breezy, instantly familiar pop jams. On colored vinyl.
Ulrika Spacek "Modern English Decoration" LP (Tough Love) Colored vinyl plus bonus 7"
V/A "Hardly Released" CS (Hardly Art)
Veirs, Laura "Troubled By the Fire" LP (Raven Marching Band) New repress
Veldt, The "The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation EP " LP (Schoolkids)
Vollebekk, Leif "Inland" LP (Secret City Records)
Whitney "You've Got a Woman" 12" (Secretly Canadian)

Diamond, Neil "Beautiful Noise" LP (Geffen)
Diamond, Neil "Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show / Sweet Caroline" LP (Geffen)
Diamond, Neil "Hot August Night" LP (Geffen)
Petty, Tom "Full Moon Fever" LP (Geffen) New reissue of the 1989 LP, featuring the singles 'Free Fallin', 'I Won't Back Down', and 'Runnin' Down A Dream'.
Petty, Tom & the Heartbreakers "Damn the Torpedoes" LP (Geffen) New reissue of the 1979 LP, featuring the singles 'Refugee', 'Even The Losers', and 'Don't Do Me Like That'.
Petty, Tom & the Heartbreakers "Hard Promises" LP (Geffen) New first ever vinyl reissue of the 1981 LP.
Petty, Tom & the Heartbreakers "Into the Great Wide Open" LP (Geffen) New first ever vinyl reissue of the 1991 LP.
Petty, Tom & the Heartbreakers "Let Me Up (I've Had Enough") LP (Geffen) New first ever vinyl reissue of the 1987 LP.
Petty, Tom & the Heartbreakers "Long After Dark" LP (Geffen) New reissue of the 1982 LP.
Petty, Tom & the Heartbreakers "Pack Up The Plantation LIVE" LP (Geffen) Another reissue.
Petty, Tom & the Heartbreakers "Southern Accents" LP (Geffen) New first ever reissue of the 1985 LP, featuring the single 'Don't Come Around Here No More'.
Waters, Roger "Is this the Life we Really Want?" CD/LP (Columbia) First solo rock release for the Pink Floyd co-founder in 25 years, a long, sprawling epic that stretches out for it's slightly-padded running time, but one so full of ideas and intricacies that it's an easy album to get sucked into.

Baiman, Rachel "Shame" CD (Free Dirt Records) New debut release from the Chicago-bred banjo and fiddle player Rachel Baiman.
Combs, Luke "This One's For You" LP (Sony Music Nashville)
North Mississippi Allstars "Prayer for Peace" CD/LP (Legacy)

Argentum "Ad Perpetuam Rei Memoriam" LP Double picture disc, limited to 300. Collects their cult 1993 and 1994 demos.
Danzig "Skeletons" LP (Nuclear Blast) On colored vinyl
Lord Belfegor "Warn to Heaven I Come from Hell" CD
Sodom "Masquerade in Blood" LP (Wax Maniax) New first vinyl reissue of the German three-piece speed/thrash metal band's 1995 LP.

Institute "Subordination" CD/LP (Sacred Bones) New sophomore full-length from the TX/NY band finds the foursome lead by singer Moses Brown spiralling further out from their initial anarcho leanings for a more varied and nuanced sound. Recorded in NYC by Ben Greenberg (Uniform, The Men), "Subordination" investigates national insecurities and American socialization failures through the lens of Brown's personal experiences. "It's about how the root of all power and control boils down to insecurities that are so trite and sexual in nature. Police, government, and masculinity all are power constructs meant to put people down so the people running the show can get laid," say Brown. Pressed to clear vinyl while it lasts.
Mutoid Man 'War Moans" LP (Sargent House)
Pop, Iggy "TV Eye Live" LP (Virgin) Reissue of the 1978 live LP. The album is notable for the presence of David Bowie on keyboards and background vocals for selected tracks and the rather crushing bass and drum sound.

Binker and Moses "Dem Ones" LP (Gearbox)
Binker and Moses "Journey to the Mountain of Forever" LP (Gearbox)
Lloyd McNeill Quartet "Asha" LP (Soul Jazz)

v/a "Mavis Staples I'll Take You There: An All-Star Concert Celebration" CD (Blackbird Production)

Aquarius Sounds "Dubbing At Aquarius Studios 1977-1979" CD/LP (Jamaican Recordings) Record producer, DJ, record plugger, and record shop owner Herman Chin Loy operated out of his Aquarius Record shop at Half Way Three in Kingston, Jamaica. Herman put out one of the first ever dub albums, Aquarius Dub (1975), and was responsible for giving future artist Horace Swaby the fictitious name Augustus Pablo. Jamaican Recordings have compiled this set of dub tracks that were worked on at his twenty-four track studio Aquarius Studio. CD version includes four bonus tracks.
Byfield, Trevor "Jah Guide / Version" 7" (Fox Fire / Digikiller)
Castell, Lacksley "Love In Your Heart / Black People Dub" 7" (Rockers)
Edwards, Jackie "So Jah Say / Dub" 7" (Gorgon)
I Kong "Zion Come Home / Zion Version" 7" (Right One)
Jah Joe "Dreadlocks Song / Dreadlocks Dub" 7" (Aires / Digikiller)
Jah Lion "Wisdom / A Wizer Dub" 7" (Black Art)
Jewels "Love And Livity / Version" 7" (Leggo / Digikiller)
Keithus I "Jah Children Cool / Dread A Rule Dub" 7" (Jah Dynasty / Digikiller)
Keithus I "Prophecy / Dub" 7" (Jah Dynasty / Digikiller)
Kiddus I "Crying Wolf / Version" 7" (Shepherd / Dub Store Japan)
Lara, Jennifer "Music By The Score / Robin Hood Dub" 7" (Cry Tuff / Digikiller)
Murphy, Audie "In A Me / Centry Dub Mix" 7" (Freedom Sounds)
Skatalites, The "Skatalites: Independence Ska and the Far East Sound" LP (Soul Jazz)
Soul Jazz Records presents Studio One Groups LP (Soul Jazz)
Soul Jazz Records presents Studio One Kings LP (Soul Jazz) Rare and classic cuts of rocksteady, ska and roots from the Studio One arsenal, featuring vocal greats Horace Andy, Alton Ellis, Delroy Wilson and more.
Soul Jazz Records presents Studio One Scorcher LP (Soul Jazz)
Sound Dimension "Mojo Rocksteady Beat" 2LP (Soul Jazz Records) Probably one of the most satisfying releases Soul Jazz has re-released as far as Studio One stuff goes. Sides 3 & 4 in particular have some amazingly cosmic instrumentals with weird keyboard sound effects. Recommended.
Stewart, Roman "Cassanova / Version" 7" (Rockers)
Stewart, Tinga "Coo Deh / Dub" 7" (Cancer / Only Roots)
Trinity "Some People A Evil / Dub" 7" (Small Axe)
Trinity "Vampire / Version" 7" (Iroko)
Zukie, Tappa "Pick Up The Rockers / Version" 7" (Jamaican Recordings)

Julius, Orlando & Ashiko "Love, Peace & Happiness" LP (Hot Casa) First ever reissue of this sought after Nigerian afrobeat LP, originally released in 1978. Orlando Julius Ekemode, a Nigerian musician, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, is credited as one of the first musicians to fuse US R&B into traditional highlife music, creating his own influential Afrobeat sound during the mid-60s. Six stunning monster Afro funk tracks, recorded by eight musicians based in Oakland. A hard to find, pure Afro funk spiritual grail by the Afro soul maestro.
Souleyman, Omar "To Syria With Love" CD (Mad Decent) New full-length functions as a "personal ode" to Souleyman's native country that eschews politics entirely. The record features keys by Hasan Alo and lyrics written by Souleyman's longtime collaborator Shawah Al Ahmad.

Emmanuel, JD "Rain Forest Music" LP (Aguirre) First ever vinyl reissue of the 1981 debut album by Texas new age pioneer JD Emmanuel. Rain Forest Music builds gentle, short cycles of notes, improvising around single chords, a body of warm, melodic, stripped-back ambient trance with a unique mystical nature. This music can be used for deep relaxation & meditation. Imagine being on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It is early morning. As the sun breaks the water you begin moving to the rhythm of the music and ocean.

Flowers Must Die "Kompost" LP (Rocket Recordings) New full-length from the Swedish psych band. The six-piece outfit continue the lineage of '70s Swedish psychedelia, exploring unhinged territory fueled by diverse record collections.

Death In June "Brown Book" LP (Pylon) Fourth studio album reissue with linen jacket and brown splatter
Deca "Mass" LP (Mondo Groove) New first ever release of Italian ambient composer Federico De Caroli lost LP as Deca. Mass was produced in 1987/1988 with a Roland synthesizer and it was only distributed on cassette in a very limited edition. Deca's solo works are based on linear sequencer plots and minimal compositions and refer to Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, and Vangelis, and the kosmische music of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. Dark and minimalist electro-wave album comprised of states of strongly dark and distressed moods.
Ka-Spel, Edward "High on Station Yellow Moon" CD/LP (Soleilmoon)

SunPalace "Raw Movements / Rude Movements" LP (BBE)

Cristiani, Giovanni "Alpha Percussion" LP (Mondo Groove) First ever reissue of Giovanni Cristiani's debut LP Alpha Percussion, originally released in 1985. Penta Flowers asked Cristiani, one of the most complete Italian percussionists, to make a solo percussion library music album with full artistic freedom; so was born Alpha Percussion. A cult groovy ambient album of acoustic percussion.

Atkinson, Felicia "Hand In Hand" LP (Shelter Press) New full-length release from French artist and preeminent avant-garde composer Felicia Atkinson weaves myriad, filigree electro-acoustic and non-musical metanarratives. Hand In Hand, could be considered her most ambitious body of work so far. Hand In Hand follows the highly-acclaimed A Readymade Ceremon (2015), and her 2016 collaboration with Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. Strident modular sounds tear apart minimal beats and drones; Fictional stories told by a voice slowly become reality. The human instrument appears as the epicenter of the recordings, giving the other instruments a gravitational point.
Fortune, Iona "Tao Of I" LP (Optimo Music) Glaswegian composer and producer Iona Fortune's debut release. Iona's singular and beguiling sound loosely fits in with the Fourth World concept and has an influence of oriental sounds.
Gaussian Curve "The Distance" LP (Music From Memory) New second album from the collaborative project of Gigi Masin, Jonny Nash, and Marco Sterk. After the success of the group's intimate 2014 debut Clouds, The Distance reflects more on spaciousness, distance, and time. The fundamental ingredients remain the same: Masin's masterly piano, synthesizer work and hushed vocals, Nash's blissful, meandering guitar, and Sterk's synths, drum machines, and production.
Helm "World In Action" LP (Trilogy Tapes) New 12" from British sound artist Luke Younger. World In Action takes in field recordings, woodwind freakouts and percussion from Valentina Magaletti amongst other elements, and tackles the artists thoughts on the recent Brexit.
Varg "Solitary" LP (Elektron Grammofon) New 12" EP from the Swedish producer, four tracks utilizing Elektron gear. Gently authoritative dance beats, probing soundscapes, and Twin Peaks-y moods.
Vatican Shadow "Rubbish Of The Floodwaters" 12" (Ostgut Ton) New EP from Dominick Fernow's techno-focused moniker Vatican Shadow.

Best Available Technology "Exposure Therapy" LP (Styles Upon Styles)
Black Merlin "Control" 12" (Boysnoize) George Thompson, aka Black Merlin, continues to push his retro-aggressive style forward with his new 12" Control.
Black Merlin "Proto World" 12" (Berceuse Heroique) New 12" of artful dancefloor devastation. Deep, dark psychedelia, blissful gamelan-style ambience, and a perfect Sunday-morning come-down.
Burial "Subtemple / Beachfires" 10" ( Hyperdub) New 2 song 10" EP from the London producer. "Subtemple / Beachfires" is a shimmering minimal affair effectively removing the beats entirely and leaving us wandering acres of negative space
Maelstrom "Her Empty Eyes" 2x12" LP (Raar) RAAR present the first full-length album from label co-founder Maelstrom, entitled Her Empty Eyes. Rather than focusing on club bangers, Maelstrom depicts a future of techno that is intellectual, historical, spiritual, and emotional. Her Empty Eyes is a work that is uncanny, challenging, and meditative.

OST v/a "Beauty and the Beast: The Songs" LP (Walt Disney Records)
OST "Zombi 3" by Stefano Mainetti [Classic Version/Red Vinyl] LP (We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records) The complete uncut soundtrack for Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei's 1988 cult zombie-ploitation gem Zombi 3, for the first time ever on vinyl. Menacing synths, ghoulish melodies, and contaminated anthems, remastered directly from the original reels of maestro Stefano Mainetti. Much like his Italian peers Fabio Frizzi, Claudio Simonetti, or Stelvio Cipriani, Stefano Mainetti can do it all: haunting synths à la John Carpenter, jazzy atmospheres, classical orchestrations, erotic funk, and FM rock. This "Classic" edition presents the original soundtrack 180 gram red vinyl in an edition of 400.
OST "Zombi 3" by Stefano Mainetti [Special Version/Green Vinyl] LP (We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records) The complete uncut soundtrack for Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei's 1988 cult zombie-ploitation gem Zombi 3. This "Special" edition includes skits/interludes with DJ Blue Heart (taken straight from the movie) on the B side. Pressed to green-inferno colored vinyl. Edition of 400.

Beyond The Beyond: Music From The Films Of David Lynch BK (Hat & Beard)
Peach Fuzz Magazine, Vol 4 Issue 3 MAG Peach Fuzz is a quarterly, print-only, lady-run, sex-positive nude mag made in Austin, TX.
Slash: A Punk Magazine From Los Angeles, 1977-80 BK (Hat & Beard) Slash: A Punk Magazine From Los Angeles, 1977-80 pays homage to the magazine's legacy with facsimile reproductions of every cover from the publication's run and reprints of some of the magazine's best articles and interviews.