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Friday, April 5th

Bareilles, Sara "Amidst The Chaos" CD (Epic Records) 
The sixth studio album from singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles. Includes the singles 'Armor' and "Fire," plus "No Such Thing," "Eyes on You," "Wicked Love," "Orpheus" and more. The album was produced by T Bone Burnett. Bareilles has sold over one million albums and over nine million singles and downloads in the United States alone and has earned seven Grammy Award nominations, including one Album of the Year nomination for her album The Blessed Unrest.

Big Eyes "Streets Of The Lost" CD (Greenway Records) 
Since their inception in late 2009, Big Eyes has been a musical chimera. Their distinctive heavy sound glides between punk, power-pop, and hard rock, while their songwriting retains an unwavering classic pop refinement. On their latest album Streets of the Lost, Kait Eldridge, the bandleader and songwriter behind Big Eyes, combines straight shooting New York punk sensibilities with moody, brooding pacific northwest undertones, evoking a sense of both places the band has called home. Big Eyes' sound has never felt richer, darker, and more lived-in.

Blake Babies "Innocence and Experience" LP (American Laundromat) 
Reissue of a compilation album originally released in 1993. Perched right on the edge of genuine stardom thanks to the critical adoration of 1990's Sunburn  and the general sea change heralded by the commercial success of  Nirvana  and other alt rockers, the Blake Babies chose instead to break up. It was nothing personal;  John P. Strohm  and Freda Boner were homesick for Indiana and Juliana Hatfield didn't want to leave Boston. That sort of casualness typified the band throughout their brief existence, and indeed, it's a huge part of their charm. Coyly taking their name from the most famous book of poetry by their name's inspiration, Innocence and Experience  is a similarly off-the-cuff collection. Less a full-career overview than a collection of rarities, favorite tracks, and demos, the 14-track collection hits all of the group's releases, paying particular attention to Sunburn  and its immediate predecessor, 1989's Earwig .

Cameron, Alex "Live in San Francisco" LP (Castle Face) 
The final entry in the Live In San Francisco series: an intimate evening with Alex Cameron and his indispensable sax man, Roy Molloy, performing at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco, a very classy and lovingly maintained venue originally built in 1907 on Market Street.

Chesworth, David "Layer on Layer" LP (Chapter Music) After his revered 1979 debut 50 Synthesizer Greats (reissued by Chapter in 2017), David swapped the solo home-recorded synths for something very different - infectious, percussive art-funk weirdness. Aged 21, David recorded nights and weekends at the studio in his university's music department, building Layer On Layer from the ground up, using non-instruments like telephone directories, cardboard boxes and car parts. He created an art-damaged sound world, driven by irresistible rhythms but emphasizing chance and experimentation.

Circa Waves "What's It Like Over There" CD (PIAS America) 
Recorded in just one month, and renewing their blossoming co-producing relationship with Alan Moulder (Foals, The Killers), What's It Like Over There? is an album that's creatively unshackled and refuses to stay still. It fuses the visceral thrill of rock music with a slick pop sound, its themes of modern ennui, emotional fragility and all the inside-outs and upside-downs of relationships making it a record that could only have been made now. Whilst the anthemic 'Movies' will appeal to the band's long-standing fan base, the likes of 'Sorry I'm Yours' and 'Be Somebody Good' see Circa Waves experiment with a new progressive sound that will surprise and delight in equal measure.

Cleveland, Shana "Night of the Worm Moon" LP/CD/CS (Hardly Art) 
Shana Cleveland has been beguiling listeners for years in her role as the superlative frontwoman for elastic surf rockers La Luz. Now Cleveland is evolving her sound on the new solo full-length Night of the Worm Moon, a serene album that flows like a warm current while simultaneously wresting open a portal to another dimension. As much a work of California sci-fi as Octavia Butler's Parable novels, Night of the Worm Moon incorporates everything from alternate realities to divine celestial bodies. Inspired in part by one of her musical idols, the Afro-futurist visionary Sun Ra (the album's title is a tip of the hat to his 1970 release Night of the Purple Moon), the record blends pastoral folk with cosmic concerns.

Don the Tiger "Matanzas" LP (Crammed Disc) 
Don the Tiger is the solo project of Adrián de Alfonso, the nomadic guitarist who has played with the likes of Lydia Lunch, Robert Forster and Carla Bozulich. An ubiquitous presence in Barcelona's underground until recently, having relocated to Berlin, Don The Tiger now takes inspiration from everything he misses in that city - be it bolero, MPB, baroque fantasy, guabina, flamenco or Fania Records- and mixes it with musique concrète and video game music, delivering it all in a way that owes more to primitive rock'n'roll than to anything else.

Drums, The "Brutalism" CD (ANTI) 
Brutalism is quite possibly the best collection of songs in The Drums' ten-year career. The album is defined by growth, transformation and questions, but it doesn't provide all the answers. Brutalism is a form of simplistic architecture defined by blocks of raw concrete. Brutalism is rooted in an emotional rawness but it's layers are soft, intricate and warm, full of frivolous and exquisitely crafted pop songs that blast sunlight and high energy in the face of anxiety, solitude and crippling self-doubt.

Foodman "Moriyama" LP (Palto Flats) 
First release on Palto Flats by Nagoya-based experimental producer Foodman. A 5 track 12" focused on deep, tactile rhythmic and offbeat tracks, Moriyama tilts on some of the producer's most dance-friendly work. "Mizuboro," (meaning water bath) elicits the feeling of soaking in a tub of warm bassy synth pads, metronomic patterns of woodwinds and skittering percussion suitable for latenight winds. Elsewhere, on "Soudesu," Foodman experiments with traditional instrumentation & vocal forms to create a special post-ambient/dance hybrid of familiar sounds reconfigured. Named after the district he lives in, Moriyama represents some of Foodman's most direct, accessible work - a full helping.

Gika, Ioanna "Thalassa" LP (Sargent House) 
Thalassa, the debut solo album from Ioanna Gika, takes it's name from the primeval spirit of the sea, a nod to the singer's Greek heritage and a thematic touchstone for the self-produced 10 song set. Written in Greece during a period of familial grief and romantic dissolution, Thalassa documents an unanchored soul facing nature at it's most unforgiving. Gika's unique voice is laid bare, a beacon above the black water of dense, looming production that lies beneath.

Jai Wolf "The Cure To Loneliness" LP (Mom + Pop) 
Debut album from the electronic producer.
Mercury Rev "Deserter's Songs" LP (Excelsior Melodies) Reissue. Fully cementing Mercury Rev's rebirth as purveyors of a cosmic brand of the popular American songbook, Deserter's Songs is an album of grandiose proportions. Merging jazz, folk, sweeping orchestration, and a dose of 60's rock, the album was intended as the band's swan song and therefore made with utter abandon. However, it became the band's most acclaimed platter and remains one of the essential records of the past 30 years.

Mr Twin Sister "Salt" LP (Twin Group) 
NYC cult heroes Mr Twin Sister return with their typically fascinating mix of worldly electronica, dancefloor pop, dub, and funk of all kinds. Lead vocalist Andrea Estella - and her marionette, also named Salt - take center stage like never before, with themes including: the limiting nature of appearances; the difficulty of connecting with those around us; the simultaneous longing for change and fear of what change will bring.

Murlocs "Manic Candid Episode" LP (ATO)
Murlocs "Old Locomotive" LP (ATO)
Murlocs "Young Blindness" LP (ATO) 
Reissues of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th albums from The Murlocs, a tight-knit rhythm & blues garage outfit from Melbourne, Australia. The band has been steadily working on a new record in-between Ambrose and Cookies touring commitments with King Gizzard.

Nilsson, Molly "History" LP (Night School) 
Long overdue reissue of this Molly Nilsson early release (her fourth), now repackaged and reissued via Night School / DSA. By the time Molly Nilsson released History, she had already established a fledgling cult status built on homemade YouTube videos and home-burnt CDRs. Writing from a distance, it's clear that this is the first classic album in her canon and arguably a classic of the 21st Century underground music panorama.

Ostrar. Adam "The Worried Coat" CD (Super Secret Records) 
This is Ostrar's second solo album, the follow-up to 2017's Brawls In the Briar. Before that, he led the early 2000 shag-carpet art-punk of Manishevitz, an early Jagjaguwar band that toured with The Mountain Goats and Edith Frost before the Internet kept track of these things. When he isn't stressing out, you can find him teaching guitar and Ubering to gigs in Austin, Texas. Some days he has a beard, some days he doesn't. The Worried Coat is Ostrar at his best even though 2018 wasn't the best year.

Plain, Rozi "What a Boost" LP/CD (Memphis Industries) 
The ten-track album was self-produced with the help of a long list of musical friends including Kate Stables, Jamie Whitby Coles, Neil Smith (all This is the Kit), Chris Cohen, Joel Wästberg (Sir Was) and Sam Amidon.

Priests "The Seduction of Kansas" LP (Sister Polygon Records) 
With fireworks of noise and arresting melodies, Priests' 2017 debut LP Nothing Feels Natural was heralded as a modern classic of "post-punk", but Priests feel urgently present. If NFN felt like an album-length ode to possibility, then The Seduction of Kansas exists within the adventurous world it's predecessor pried open. If NFN was the reach and conviction of a band pushing beyond itself, willing itself into existence on it's own terms, then Kansas stands boldly in the self-possessed space it carved, an immediate and cohesive album.

Proper Ornaments, The "6 Lenins" LP (Tapete) 
6 Lenins, the third album release from The Proper Ornaments, sees the band master their seemingly effortless but finely-wrought sound. The London jangle pop group led by James Hoare (also of Ultimate Painting/Veronica Falls) and Max Claps (Toy) went into James' home studio in London and made their finest recordings to date. What their supremely melodic work suggests is a nonchalance or naivety but is in fact an expensively-bought slice of coherence and clarity within a constantly shifting backdrop to their lives and landscapes. This is well-crafted songwriting and controlled sonics despite a zealous analog sensibility.

Ramsey, Tyler "For The Morning" LP/CD (Concord/Fantasy)
New album features dexterous guitar fingerpicking and radiant acoustic piano; affecting pedal steel and gorgeous languid vocals. Ramsey, along with engineer Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Ray LaMontagne, Joan Shelley, Strand of Oaks) and Seth Kauffman of Floating Action (and touring musician for Jim James, Ray LaMontagne) recorded a clutch of Ramsey demos at La La Land studios in Louisville, KY. For The Morning is complemented by spots from several guest musicians, including Joan Shelley, Thad Cockrell, and Molly Parden who sing harmony on various tracks, the pedal steel player Russ Paul, Nathan Salsburg and Gareth Liddiard from The Drones on guitar.

Son Lux "At War with Walls & Mazes" LP (Joyful Noise Recordings) 
Son Lux "We Are Rising" LP (Joyful Noise Recordings)
Ryan Lott's first two releases as Son Lux document one of the most compelling musicians of the 21st century finding a distinctive creative voice, while making strikingly original music along the way. Eleven years after his debut as Son Lux, Joyful Noise Recordings is reissuing the works on vinyl. In the last few years, Son Lux has shifted from Lott's singular vision into a three-piece ensemble featuring virtuoso musicians Ian Chang on drums, and Rafiq Bhatia on guitar. But Lott's initial Son Lux recordings still point toward an exciting musical future that contemporary pop music has yet to realize.

Sparrow Steeple "Tin Top Sorcerer" LP (Trouble In Mind) 
Sparrow Steeple's music exists in it's own universe. An imagined utopia (or is it a dystopia?) of wolfmen, murderous wizards, whispering woods & leprechaun treasure. Their second album "Tin Top Sorcerer" arrives near the front end of 2019, just in time for spring to blossom. Comprised of three members of inscrutable indie legends Strapping Fieldhands, Sparrow Steeple specialize in mini-opuses that drift & careen haphazardly like Grimm's Fairy Tales sung by Syd Barrett - psychedelic tales of rapturous joy & sinister machinations by creatures real & imagined, all wrapped around dreamlike tunes of avant folk, psychedelia, and outsider music.

Swift, Richard "Dressed Up For the Letdown" LP (Secretly Canadian) 
Reissue of his 2006 album.

Swift, Richard "Ground Trouble Jaw / Walt Wolfman" LP (Secretly Canadian) 
Richard Swift was an outsider-pop wunderkind who could do more with one worn, old mic than most men could with a high-end studio, taking "the holy moment" and making it eternal. It was a great Swiftian irony that the shining moment of realization that is Ground Trouble Jaw first saw it's release as a modest, digital-only EP in 2008. Here we right that wrong, and pair it with 2011's Walt Wolfman EP, very much a spiritual twin of Ground Trouble Jaw.

Swift, Richard "The Atlantic Ocean" LP (Secretly Canadian) 
His fourth album delivering a balanced mix of dry, minimal rock and roll, and futuristic synthesizer stabs.

VR Sex "Horseplay" CS (DAIS Records) 
VR SEX are audio/visual provocateurs who transpose the identifiers of death rock, synth punk, post-punk, ambient, and ethereal soundscapes into an audit on technology and its imprint on our collective psyche. Horseplay offers an extension of VR SEX in decay. Noel Skum helms all instruments for this home-recorded release, which was mixed to tape by engineer Mike Kriebel.

Weyes Blood "Titanic Rising" LP/CD/CS (Sub Pop) 
Through her latest, Titanic Rising, Weyes Blood, a.k.a. Natalie Mering, has designed her own universe to soulfully navigate life's mysteries. Maneuvering through a space-time continuum, she plays the role of melodic, sometimes melancholic, anthropologist. Tellingly, Mering classifies Titanic Rising - which was written and recorded during the first half of 2018, after three albums and years of touring - as the Kinks meet WWII or Bob Seger meets Enya.

Khalid "Free Spirit" CD (RCA) 
Second studio album by Khalid, featuring the single 'Talk'. Khalid's music is primarily R&B and pop. He sings in both the baritone and tenor ranges, effectively rendering him a baritenor. Khalid cites Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Father John Misty, Frank Ocean, Grizzly Bear, Chance the Rapper, Lorde, India. Arie, and James Blake as influences.

Dylan, Bob "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" LP (Legacy)
Dylan, Bob "Planet Waves" LP (Legacy)
Dylan, Bob "Street-Legal" LP (Legacy)

Pink Floyd "Broadcast In Rome, Italy, May 6th, 1968" LP (Supernaut) 
The legendary Pink Floyd concert at the First International Pop Festival in Rome in May 1968. This well-recorded performance captures Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason in their very early post-Syd Barrett era. The album ends with an excerpt of Roger Water's voice from a radio interview broadcast.

Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. "Sacred And Inviolable Phase Shift" CD (Bam Balam) 
One of the greatest Japanese psychedelic bands has a new studio album.

Ragnarok "s/t" LP (Silence) 
Reissue, originally released in 1976. Some music never becomes dated and this debut record by Ragnarök from Kalmar in Sweden is just filled with that kind of music. Lingering melodies are built around a minor key with guitars in harmony, flute, electric piano, bass and drums. Remastered by original sound engineer Anders Lind.

Weltklang Electronic Music "ZX81 In Concert" LP (Seance Centre) 
From Richard Aicher and Andreas Merz' secret vaults: their own tape-production for Sinclair Computers at Rothof Studio near Munich - an unreleased recording, made to promote Sinclair ZX-81 computers.

Xolotl, Bernard "Last Wave" LP (Bureau B) 
Reissue of Bernard Xolotl's fifth album, originally released only on cassette in 1982. On Last Wave, Xolotl expanded his musical palette with new instruments such as the Yamaha CS60 and the PPG.

Enzyme "Howling Mind" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus) 
After two 7"s on Crust War and Hardcore Victim and a tour flexi in Japan on Vox Populi Records, Australian noise-punx Enzyme release their debut 10-track debut album. The band, made up of ex-members of Pisschrist, Kromosom, and Unknown to God, worship at the altar of 'Perdition'-era Disorder, Chaos UK, and Confuse. The bass drives the sound, the drums hectic with a lot of rolling tom tom work whilst the guitar has an immense tone of buzzing distortion and flanged psychedelics which sits somewhere between Gloom and Les Rallizes Denudes. Pummeling, assertive one-two hardcore with a visceral-physical without stupidity, clever but unpretentious venomous vocals.

Fatamorgana "Terra Alta" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus) 
Formed in Barcelona in the summer of 2017, Fatamorgana sprang to life from the hearts and minds of Patrycja Anna Proniewska and Louis Harding. What began as a bedroom project of sorts (monophonic synthesisers, 4-track cassette recordings) the project soon blossomed into a functional live unit. Terra Alta is the group's first full-length effort. The verse-chorus songwriting, the raw set-up of 2-synths-and-a-beat, and the primal rhythms nod to the duo's background in punk, but Terra Alta has a pensive and mesmeric quality. The band could be pin-pointed somewhere between early Depeche Mode, Young Marble Giants, The Human League and a rounder-around-the-edges Borghesia.

Mau Maus "Society's Rejects" LP (Sealed Records) 
21-track singles round-up from one of the UK`s first wave of Hardcore Punk bands, the Mau Maus. They were formed in Sheffield and in the early 80`s they released a string of hard hitting EP`s on the Pax and Rebellion labels. Including Society's Rejects, No Concern, Facts Of War and Tear Down The Walls, all of which hit the UK Indie Top 10. This set includes all the tracks from those four singles plus Give Us a Future from the Punk Dead - Nah Mate, The Smell Is Jus Summink In Yer Underpants Innit Compilation on Pax. Each track is a prime example of fury delivered with intensity and passion. The LP comes with a A4 Booklet of lyrics, reviews and archive.

Polo Pepo "San Felipe es Punk" 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus) 
"San Felipe Es Punk" is an anomaly in the history of punk. Overlooked at the time it was released by the international scene, this object contains the essence of Mexican underground rock in a couple of songs. We are not talking the fast, urgent and political hardcore punk most people think of when Mexico pops up in a conversation. Polo Pepo came from the 60s hippie movement, survived the government repression of the youth during the 70's and 80s, and finally found in punk the true spirit of rock and roll. Embracing punk, he developed a unique sound with all the limitations an inhabitant of a third world country had. Self-released in 1988 by Polo Pepo and Merced Belén Valdéz, co-author of the lyrics, the record became legendary among the collector and music-freak circles. And now finally sees the light again as a licensed reissue by Polo Pepo himself thanks to La Vida Es Un Mus. The record comes with an 8-page booklet, a recent interview with Polo Pepo and two archive pictures of the man himself.

Scientists "9H2O.SiO2" LP (In The Red) 
12-inch E.P. featuring five brand new originals just in time for the band's follow up U.S. tour in April. These new tracks prove that the band is still as original, brutal, rocking and scientific as they ever were.

Qual "Cyber Care" 12" (Avant!) 
By now you must be familiar with Qual being the solo project of William Maybelline, one half of the Lebanon Hanover duo. When William first stepped into the scene as an individual artist back in 2014, he declared the intention to explore the very grimmest areas in synth-based music. While Sable debut LP was unapologetically gothic in subject matter and sound, Qual's most recent and uncompromising outputs of Cupio Dissolvi EP and last year's album The Ultimate Climax merge the despairingly freezing properties of 90s EBM with the more aggressive sensibilities of industrial techno without ever diluting the intensity of either. Brand new 4-track EP Cyber Care is the perfect synthesis of both these aspects. 

Eluveitie "Ategnatos" CD (Nuclear Blast) 
Recorded between January - March 2018 by Dave Portner at Laughing Gas Studio in Asheville, NC. The album was mixed by Adam McDaniel and Dave Portner at Drop of Sun Studios in Asheville, NC. The album takes inspiration from the future and the past in equal measure, referencing a myriad of cultural touchstones.

Moonshine Brand, The "On the Waves of Time" LP (Burning Wax) 
Eight songs for any tide, dealing with the way of the world and what it might become. Good handmade stoner blues rock music for the old-time future.

Periphery "IV: Hail Stan" CD (eOne) 
Periphery represents the vanguard of addictive, chaotic, challenging and cathartically inviting heavy music for the modern era. The triple-guitar attack and rhythmic dexterity of Periphery has won them devoted adherents across underground subcultures, regardless of whether those fans were weaned on the passion-fueled sounds of the Vans Warped Tour or the progressive rock of Rush.

Coltrane, John "Live At The Apollo Theater, Dusseldorf, Germany, March 18th, 1960" LP (Wax Love) 
Recorded by the German WDR radio at the Apollo Theater in Düsseldorf on Monday, March 18, 1960 this session documents a precise step in John Coltrane's career. Coltrane leading a quartet session with the Miles Davis Quintet rhythm section, a hard-swinging combo with pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist extraordinaire Paul Chambers, and drummer Jimmy Cobb. A fine set based on a bunch of well selected standards.

Creative Arts Ensemble "One Step Out" LP (Outernational Sounds) 
A true gem from the Los Angeles jazz underground, the album was pianist and composer Kaeef Ruzadun Ali's first recording as leader of the Creative Arts Ensemble. The Creative Arts Ensemble was the only large ensemble group that emerged directly from Horace Tapscott's legendary Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra community jazz group. On vinyl for the first time since 1981. 180 gram vinyl, mastered at 45rpm for enhanced sound; Fully licensed from Tom Albach.

Hancock, Herbie "Crossings" LP (Antarctica Starts Here)
Hancock, Herbie "Fat Albert Rotunda" LP (Antarctica Starts Here)
Hancock, Herbie "Mwandishi" LP (Antarctica Starts Here)
Reissues of these fusion classics.

Jaikishan, Shankar "Raga Jazz Style" LP (Outernational Sounds) 
Never-before reissued, this legendary 1968 EMI recording is a revered Indian jazz rarity; a collectors' holy grail. Raga Jazz Style takes the melodic, scale-based raga system of Indian classical music and marries it with a swinging jazz rhythm section assembled by Bollywood's most highly acclaimed musical directors, the soundtrack composing duo Shankar Singh and Jaikishan Panchal. A one-away recording from the almost unknown Bombay jazz scene, it is among the few jazz LPs to hail from the subcontinent. An original Indian excursion into Indo-jazz fusion. Facsimile artwork; 180 gram vinyl pressed at Pallas, in Germany.

Resnick, Jeff "SAC" LP (Outernational Sounds) 
Reissue, originally released in 1978. Five tracks of soul jazz and modal fusion on the first side; then Resnick is mostly solo for the second side, multi-tracking synthesizers on his home set-up, in an engrossing blend of reflective abstraction, grooving electro and spiritualized fourth-world tropicalism. Organically funky, laced with avant-garde synth textures, and studded with breakbeats.

Sharps, Jesse Quintet & P.A.P.A. "Sharps And Flats" LP (Outernational Sounds) 
Issued on vinyl for the first time, Outernational Sounds presents a monumental spirit music document from the Los Angeles underground -- Jesse Sharp's slept-on deep jazz classic Sharps And Flats. Jesse Sharps is a major figure in the history of jazz music in Los Angeles. As the bandleader for Horace Tapscott's Pan-Afrikan People's Arkestra (P.A.P.A.), he led Tapscott's seminal music community through its most cohesive phase. Featuring a quintet of P.A.P.A. regulars at the height of their game, Sharps And Flats is one of the great lost Nimbus sessions. The only album to come out under his name, Sharps And Flats, was recorded in 1985, and wasn't issued on CD until 2004. A lost classic of the LA underground.

Sun Ra "Monorails & Satelites: Works for Solo Piano Vols. 1, 2, 3" LP (Cosmic Myth) 
Considering the monumental depth of Sun Ra's recorded catalog, there are surprisingly few solo piano albums. Monorails And Satellites: Volumes 1 and 2 were the first commercial LPs of the artist's solo keyboard excursions. Recorded in 1966 and released on his Saturn imprint in 1968, Vol. 1 featured seven idiosyncratic originals and one standard delivered in Sunny's singular manner. Vol. 2, featuring five original compositions, was released the following year. A third volume was recorded but shelved, and this deluxe edition marks its premiere release. Issued on the authorized label of the Sun Ra estate, Cosmic Myth Records, which is known for superbly restored and remastered and annotated titles. Monorails And Satellites is available as a 3xLP tri-gatefold cover with liner notes by renowned jazz pianist Vijay Iyer, and historical overviews by jazz historian Ben Young and producer Irwin Chusid.

Chasman "Synth-E-Fuge" LP (Numero Group) 
From the blown-out motherboard of West Philadelphia's Master Control Programmers, Charles Grossman broke off to explore his own personal outer space experience. With just a DW-8000 to keep him company, University City's loneliest cyborg issued this eight song electro-mellow statement in 1989. Spectral synths, pulsating programming, and yes - a keytar - set the soundtrack to your next game of Spy Hunter. Jam on to a sound more sophisticated.

Fields, Lee & The Expressions "It Rains Love" LP (Big Crown Records) 
Lee has been singing for 50 plus years and is undeniably, yet amazingly, at the top of his game. Those who have paid attention know that Lee is part of the class that is directly responsible for the revival of old school funk and soul. His latest offering is sure to be a warmly received instant classic. Teaming up again with frequent collaborator and producer Leon Michels and his devoted band, The Expressions, they have managed again to take a classic approach and update it. Traditional soul sensibilities are mixed with a hip-hop tinged, sample ready sound that is as much an homage to the old as to the new.

Professor Longhair "Live On The Queen Mary" LP (Capitol) 
The Professor Longhair live album documents a performance underwritten by Paul and Linda McCartney. The album was recorded March 24, 1975 on the Queen Mary cruise ship docked in Long Beach, California, USA at a private party hosted by Paul and Linda McCartney. Highlights include the rollicking 'Mess Around', and the standards 'Stagger Lee', 'Everyday I Have the Blues', 'I'm Movin On, ' and his hits 'Mardi Gras in New Orleans' and 'Tipitina'.

Cash, Johnny "Live At Belmond Park In NYC May 23rd, 1981" LP (DBQP) 
The Man in Black as captured live in Belmond Park, New York City, in May 1981. The country hero Johnny Cash had just released the album The Baron (1981) on Columbia and was touring all over the US in front of his longtime fans and brand-new supporters. Essential track list with some of his major hits.

Morris, Maren "Girl" LP (Sony Music Nashville) 
Second major label studio album by singer Maren Morris. Lead single "Girl" was called "an upbeat, optimistic single with a strutting, indie-rock guitar sound" by Rolling Stone. Morris co-wrote the song with Sarah Aarons, who worked on "The Middle", and Greg Kurstin. Maren has released four studio albums. Her 2015 extended play, Maren Morris, charted on two Billboard charts. Her major label debut album, Hero, reached #5 on the Billboard 200 chart and #1 on the Top Country Albums chart.

Graham, Davy "Hat" LP (Bread & Wine) 
Released in 1969 Davy noted that the fourteen selections on "Hat" were intended to please 'not only blues and folk fans but all those of the new breed who are just taking up modern music'. Recorded with double bassist Danny Thompson of Pentangle, whose long career included years with Richard Thompson and John Martyn, the record features a couple classical finger-busters, two Muddy Waters' numbers (both actually written by Willie Dixon), two by Paul Simon (a good friend of his at the time), along with some of his 'pop' and jazz favourites of the day. Remastered, with liner notes by David Fricke.

Graham, Davy "Midnight Man" LP (Bread & Wine) 
2nd solo release for Decca which showed notable growth as Graham was actively changing and extending himself musically. The playing here was more extroverted and more aggressive, musically, a result of his increased experience and growing maturity as an artist. Recorded following his travels to Ibiza, through the Aegean and on to Constantinople, he was deeply influenced by the sounds he heard, and - in contrast - was experimenting with amplification. The resulting work was rich in it's experimental approach to conventional blues and modern jazz pieces, and his incredible excursion with Lalo Schifrin's "The Fakir" was the instrumental 'hit' on this album, just as "Maajun" was on his groundbreaking "Folk Blues and Beyond" record. Remastered, with liner notes by David Fricke.

Ritchie, Jean "Singing The Traditional Songs Of Her Kentucky Mountain Family" LP (Fantome Phonographique) 
Reissue, originally released as a 10" in 1952. Born in Viper, Kentucky in 1922, Jean Ritchie was born into The Ritchies of Perry County, who were considered one of the two great ballad-singing families of Kentucky celebrated among folk song scholars. Though she would appear on Library of Congress compilations and various other Alan Lomax related recordings, this is her first proper album. A beautiful example of traditional Appalachian dulcimer and folk singing. 425 gram sleeve; hand-numbered sticker.

v/a "Jamaica Jazz From Federal Records: Carib Roots, Jazz, Mento, Latin, Merengue & Rhumba 1960-1968" LP (Dub Store) 
Federal Records is a cornerstone in the history of the Jamaican music industry. It was the island's first domestic recording studio and where the pioneers of reggae, such as Sir Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd, Duke Reid and Prince Buster, recorded the earliest examples of popular Jamaican music. This re-issue series will bring discerning listeners remarkable music recorded by studio founder Ken Khouri at Federal Records. We would like to dedicate this series to Ken Khouri's lasting contribution to Jamaican music.

Dasgupta. Nitai "Songs of India" LP (Manufactured Recordings) 
Originally released on Vic Keary's underground label, Mushroom Records, in the early '70s. While Keary's background was in reggae, Mushroom Records dabbled in recording a bit of everything. Mostly known for hyper-rare psych, prog and acid folk, Nitai Dasgupta fits in perfectly with their British psych and prog label mates like Simon Finn, Magic Carpet, and Chillum. Nitai Dasgupta was one of the most talented Indian classical singers in Great Britain. His sweetness and flexibility created a unique style complemented by his melodious voice and composing abilities. Songs Of India pleases the lovers of Indian classical and semi-classical music while enticing pop and folk lovers.

Pandit Kanwar Sain Trikha "Three Sitar Pieces" LP (Manufactured Recordings) 
Originally released on Vic Keary's underground label, Mushroom Records, in the early '70s. While Keary's background was in reggae, his label dabbled in recording a bit of everything. Mostly known for hyper-rare psych, prog and acid folk, Pandit Kanwar Sain Trikha's LP fits in perfectly with their British psych and prog label mates like Simon Finn, Magic Carpet, and Chillum. Trikha, known for his fine-tuned skills on the sitar, showcases his virtuosity on this album; the exploration of his musical energy and verve is apparent in every note. Delicate, bold, sweet or even querulous various rhythmical flashes set the mood while he emanates supreme confidence and accomplishment on the sitar.

Bhattacharya, Deben "Music On The Desert Road" LP (Fantome Phonographique) 
Reissue, originally released in 1957. The late Deben Bhattacharya was a noted Bengali record producer, ethnomusicologist, poet, documentarian, radio producer, and all-around renaissance man. With recordings from Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, as well as India and Pakistan, this LP is one of the best and earliest documents of the diverse and rich musical traditions of the Middle East. 425 gram sleeve; hand-numbered sticker.

Moreschi, Alessandro "The Last Castrato" LP (Fantome Phonographique) 
Alessandro Moreschi (1858-1922) was the last known castrato, and the only one to have ever made recordings. By a very young age, Moreschi was known as "l'Angelo Di Roma" and quickly became the first soprano of the Sistine Chapel choir, a position he held for more than 30 years. His recordings were made in 1902 and 1904 at the Vatican. Most of them are extremely rare and are collected here for the first time. This historic re-issue includes all twelve records which Professor Moreschi is known to have made, as well as five choral records on which his voice is clearly discernable. 425 gram sleeve; hand-numbered sticker.

Ferrari, Luc "Music Promenade/Unheimlich Schon" LP (Recollection GRM) 
Recollection GRM present two pieces by Luc Ferrari: "Music Promenade" (1964-1969) and "Unheimlich Schön" (1971). "Music Promenade" is an electroacoustic music piece for four stand-alone tape recorders; a series of colliding realistic sounds and sonic images. "Unheimlich Schön" is a musique concrète made in 1971 in the studios of the Südwestfunk in Baden-Baden. Voice: Ilse Mengel. Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, November 2018.

Lariviere, Regis Renouard "Contree" LP (Recollection GRM) 
Recollection GRM present three pieces from Régis Renouard Larivière. "Allégeance Volatile" and "Esquive" each tackle the same issue in their own way. Overcoming time: whether it be successive, additional, enumerative, or repetitive. "Contrée" once again speaks of a counter-event, but here the movement is broader, more generous, more confident. Mastering by Mathias Durand; Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, November 2018.

Marisaldi, Eva & Enrico Serotti "Music First" LP (Seance Centre) 
A collection of sound works composed and performed by Enrico Serotti for the videos and installations of Eva Marisaldi. Beautiful "Museum/Art" edition including 16 page coloured inner booklet with introduction by Guido Molinari. Stunning digital processing work, almost techno or IDM leaning at times, recommended!

Praetzel, Conrad "Paleo Music 1987-1998" 2xLP (Seance Centre) 
Unearthed Fourth World FM artifacts from California multi-instrumentalist Conrad Praetzel recorded between 1987 and 1998. Fantastic discovery, definite must for fans of Attilio, Charles Ditto, William Aura and Finis Africae.

Skodvin, Knut "Kondens" 2xLP (Seance Centre) 
Double LP: first one includes tracks remastered from "Kondens" original master tapes (originally released in 1982); second one includes unreleased tracks taken and remastered from 1983-1984 original master tapes (produced and composed for Scandinavian "theatre" performances)

Ullmann, Jakob "Fremde Zeit Addendum 5" CD (Edition RZ) 
Edition RZ presents Jakob Ullmann's Fremde Zeit Addendum 5, a supplement to Fremde Zeit Addendum. "Solo V" is not an instrumental piece for a soloist in the ordinary sense; the grand piano becomes an unknown sound body. Although there is a soloist, they could hardly carry out the performance on their own, requiring either pre-produced electronic playback or, as in the present recording by Lukas Rickli, the participation of assistants sustaining a soundscape. The piece to be heard unfolds in a pulsating, breathing pianissimo; hardly bringing any instrument to mind, it opens up a harmonic cosmos, urging the listener into it. CD comes in carton sleeve with flap (to be added to Fremde Zeit Addendum box -- CDs 1-4), with booklet in German and English.

Black Jazz Consortium "Evolutions EP" 12" (Perpetual Sound) 
One of the most prolific and best-loved producers in underground, electronic music, Fred P christens his new label, Perpetual Sound, with a return to one of his best-loved projects, Black Jazz Consortium. Perpetual Sound represents an exciting new start following Fred P's decision to bring his former label, Soul People Music, to its natural end. This first release, knowingly titled Evolutions, is rich in the steppin', jazz-tech style that Black Jazz Consortium effortlessly injects with quite so much soul.

Ivvvo "doG" 2xLP (Halcyon Veil) 
IVVVO mounts an ambitious debut album for Rabit's Halcyon Veil with doG. A double-LP of synth-driven panoramas painted in neon, riddled with rave tropes and rendered in hyperrealist, cinematic sound design. Features crucial guest input on two highlights from Maxwell Sterling. Mastered and cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

Khotin "Beautiful You" LP (Ghostly)
Khotin is the recording project of Dylan Khotin-Foote, an electronic artist and part manager of label Normals Welcome hailing from Vancouver's thriving underground landscape. With 2017's New Tab, he explored the gentlest music of his career, tapping into a playful naiveté last felt in the bedroom projects of his teenage years. A response to DJ gig fatigue, the album offered a salve of synth arrangements mingling vintage electronic sounds with voicemail samples and other abstract chatter. He'd refine, expand, and blur further this impressionistic, dream-like style of music with Beautiful You, self-released to a slow simmer of cult praise in 2018, pressed for wider circulation in early 2019 by Ghostly International.

"Metal Gear Solid" LP (Moonshake) Soundtrack to PS1 mega-classic.

"Sonic the Hedgehog Three" LP (Moonshake) 
Legendary soundtrack to the third Sonic, which has long been rumored to feature songwriting contributions from Michael Jackson.

Caretaker, The "Everywhere at the End of Time - Stage 5" LP (History Always Favors the Winners) 
Stage 5 is the penultimate release in the series of The Caretaker's Everywhere At The End of Time, a series of six albums cataloging the effects of early-onset dementia. The second double album in the series, Stage 5 charts severe levels of musical/mental deterioration and sensory detachment through four smudged and hallucinatory side-long pieces. Progressing from previous volumes, on Stage 5, the mulch of bygone 78s now loses itself in a way that connotes misfiring synapses failing to properly relay information at advanced levels of the disease. Mastered and cut by Lupo, artwork by Ivan Seal.

Caretaker, The "Everywhere at the End of Time - Stage 6" LP (History Always Favors the Winners) 
The final release from The Caretaker (1999-2019). The sixth and last part in Everywhere At The End Of Time, a series of albums cataloging the effects of early-onset dementia. Features Ivan Seal's specially commissioned artwork. Mastered and cut by Lupo. 

Caretaker, The "Everywhere at the End of Time Stages 4 - 6" CD (History Always Favors the Winners) 
Compiling the last three albums in The Caretaker's Everywhere At The End Of Time series -- four CDs and almost five hours of material cataloging the ultimate descent into dementia and oblivion. By using fusty samples from an obsolete analog format, The Caretaker perfectly and perversely bent ideas of anticipation/expectation with his arrangements, playing with notions of convention and repetition. Features new and exclusive artwork by Ivan Seal on each panel, made especially for this series. Housed in a deluxe eight-panel, triple digi-file. Mastered and cut by Lupo.

Forest Management "Passageways" LP (Whited Sepulchre) 
Passageways is John Daniel's most personal work to date. An ode to his childhood home - a secluded apartment complex in Cleveland that his parents managed - "Passageways" refer to the various connecting hallways running between rooms as much as it refers to the way the passing of time overtakes our perception of spaces that seemed to be endless corridors into discovery and imagination. Passageways is full of submerged melodies, gentle pulls of surging tonal shifts that arc, shimmer and fade into the dark purple hue of the album's shifting overtones. The album rides the line of decaying drones that recall the best of Basinksi or Belong's October Language.

Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano "FRKWYS Vol. 15: Serenitatem" LP ((RVNG INTL.) 
Serenitatem, the fifteenth installment of FRKWYS, joins Visible Cloaks with Yoshio Ojima and Satsuki Shibano, two trailblazers of the Japanese avant-garde music and visual arts scenes of the 1980s and 90s. While the music excels on an environmental level, serenitatem aims to be more than that, burning away the easy cynicism of the day and presenting itself as the kind of delocalized work of art the internet promised us decades ago - a synthesis of artistic visions, technological sophistication, futurist ambition, and, occasionally, ancient polyphony.


Friday, March 29th

Altin Gün "On" CS (Burger) 
On their debut album 'On' (Bongo Joe Records), the band show what happens when you open doors between Turkish folk songs which were passed on from generation to generation on the one hand and a dirty blend of funk rhythms, wah-wah guitars and analogue organs on the other. The Amsterdammers who come from various backgrounds (Turkish but also Indonesian and Dutch) comfortably create their work in the adventurous no-man's land that exists between these two worlds.

Cohen, Chris "s/t" LP (Captured Tracks) 
Chris Cohen's songs initially sound easy. They're each tiny jewels that unfurl at a leisurely pace but dig a little deeper and you'll reach a melancholy core. His previous two albums - 2012's Overgrown Path, and 2016's As If Apart - were built from lush, blurry tracks that embedded themselves in your subconscious, like they'd always been there. Chris Cohen, his third solo album, is a thoughtful, accomplished meditation on life and family, backed by dusky instrumentation influenced by the late evening beauty of Pat Metheny's Falcon and the Snowman soundtrack, and Thomas Dolby's Golden Age of Wireless.

Copeland, Eric "Trogg Modal Vol. 2" LP (DFA Records) 
On March 29, Eric Copeland delivers 'Trogg Modal Vol. 2', the counterpart to last October's Vol. 1. The former Black Dice member's 'Freakbeat 4/4' agenda gets further refined here - Vol. 2 is more laid-back than the first, but still highly danceable. Self-described as "late Night Flight proto tekno," the tracks pulse with thick layers of percussion, melodic fever dreams, and riffs wrung through a taffy puller.

Cranes "Wings Of Joy" LP (Music On Vinyl) 
Cranes' first full-length album Wings of Joy was released back in 1991. The strange combination between gothic sounds on one side and the dream pop on marked a new decennia of music. It is gloomy, haunting and almost sinister in its atmosphere despite being made up almost entirely of piano and synth melodies.

Eilish, Billie "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" LP (Darkroom/Interscope) 
Vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? is the debut album from Billie  Eilish and includes 'When The Party's Over', 'You Should See Me In A Crown' and 'Bury A Friend'. The album follows 2017's Don't Smile At Me EP which peaked at #14 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

Facs "Lifelike" LP (Trouble In Mind) 
Sophomore release from the band; six tracks clocking in at half an hour, carrying forward the musical trail blazed by their debut towards a new frontier. "Lifelike" occupies a space in between the band's debut & Case & Leger's work with Disappears, applying minimalism & space in compositions that reside somewhere near the realms of post-punk, art-rock, shoegaze, industrial music & post-rock.

Folds, Ben "Live At Myspace" 2xLP (Real Gone Music) 
This hour-long program featured Folds in front of a small audience housed in a custom set built right in Folds' home studio in Tennessee, performing songs from his third and latest solo album, Supersunnyspeedgraphic, as well as a couple of tunes from his previous group, Ben Folds Five. Now-just like it did with its release of Ben Folds Five: The Complete Sessions at West 54th-Real Gone Music is bringing this superlative show to CD and LP for the first time with its release a single CD/double vinyl package featuring all 12 songs from Folds' Myspace performance along with five bonus tracks from the digital-only iTunes Originals series.

Free Throw "What's Past Is Prologue" CD (Triple Crown) 
Nashville's Free Throw return with the new full length What's Past Is Prologue. It's the follow up to the critically-acclaimed sophomore LP Bear Your Mind. Fader proclaimed "Free Throw do emo right, pure feeling and no whining." and The A.V. Club called it "pop-punk drenched in throat-shredding emotion with a side of shimmery, arpeggiated guitar" The band spent most of the last year touring and sharing stages with Trophy Eyes, Real Friends, Pet Symmetry, Boston Manor and more.

Garcia Peoples "Natural Facts" LP/CD (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)
The second album in less than a year from those lovable New Jersey moptops with the sweet twin guitars, "Natural Facts" provides a portal to the carefree place that both indie rock and jam bands forgot. Bolstering the summer glow of 2018s "Cosmic Cash" with flashes of fuzz, teeth and power, "Natural Facts" is the more driving counterpart to it's rural predecessor.

Hardy, Francoise "Live in the Sixties" LP (Air Cuts) 
Includes many of her best-known songs, and confirms her position at the vanguard of contemporary yé-yé singers. The entire original French Radio Europe 1 broadcast is presented here, professionally remastered, together with comments by Jean-Claude Brialy, background notes, and images.

Headless Chickens "Body Blow" LP (Flying Nun) 
A rare double-platinum-selling album for Flying Nun with the label's only number 1 single, 'Body Blow' is as much of an intriguing, exciting and unpredictable listen today as it was when it was released in 1991. The album is a heady mix of early digital synthesis, drum machines, distorted guitars and just the right amount of 1990s shenanigans. Expanded and reissued on vinyl for the first time including an expanded heady collection of remixes.

I Prevail "Trauma" CD (Concord/Fearless) 
I Prevail return to dominate the rock and alternative world with their second full-length album Trauma. Produced by Tyler Smyth (Falling In Reverse), this album continues to expand upon the band's style, entrancing hooks, and powerful music breakdowns. Features guest appearances from female vocalist Delaney Jane and hip hop artist Justin Stone. Leading the way with dual singles - a moving "Breaking Down" and hard-hitting "Bow Down".

Joni Void "Mise En Abyme" LP (Constellation) 
Second full-length by Joni Void, the avant-electronica project of France/Canada producer Jean Cousin, following his acutely accomplished and acclaimed 2017 debut album Selfless. As with that album, the primary materials for the sample-based cut-up songcraft on 'Mise En Abyme' are Cousin's recordings of the voices of various friends. His self-professed body/voice dysmorphia, social disphoria, and search for the disembodied-yet-emotional transcendent subject, continues to compel the use of other (predominantly non-verbal) voices in the construction of these sublimely affecting electronic-minimalist compositions.

Lafawndah "Ancestor Boy" CD (CONCORDIA) 
Mutant R&B starlet Lafawndah places her vocals front and centre over bashy, technoid backdrops produced by Aaron David Ross (Gatekeeper/ADR) and others on her debut album 'Ancestor Boy', following up her recent link-up with Midori Takada.

Mekons "Deserted" CD (Bloodshot Records) 
Emboldened by a sold-out tour and a surge of interest in the States after the release of the documentary Revenge of The Mekons, Mekons retreated to the fringes of Joshua Tree National Park and popular culture to record their new album Deserted. The long-running, genre-hopping, impossible-to-kill British folk-punk collective summoned the forces of magic, fear and superstition for an album of shifting sand Sturm und Drang. It is at once a distorted howl into the emptiness of space as well as a quiet submission to the shimmering allure of a mirage. The heat and endless horizon can lead to madness or clarity, and while there is relief when the sun goes down you know the deep chill is not far off.

Quelle, Chris "Guns" CD (Mello Music Group) 
"Guns is an arsenal of both sounds, styles, and subjects," Quelle says, taking a thorough look at "the words we say, what we fear, how we love, how we live, what we ingest, what we believe in, who we idolize, shit like that." To this end, the New York by-way-of Detroit savant attacks his topics from multiple angles: there's the jagged, minimal "Obamacare," which plays like a confrontation, but there's also "Wild Minks," where Quelle and the enigmatic New Jersey rapper Mach-Hommy spin silk out of the softest textures in their parents' record collections. In the service of examining big ideas with grave consequences, we get to hear a master technician deploying every piece of ammo he has.

Segall, Ty & Freedom Band "Deforming Lobes" LP/CD/CS (Drag City) 
Deforming Lobes captures The Freedom Band in fiery flight, igniting a handful of songs from Ty Segall's catalog live at LA's Teragram Ballroom. The band explores everything with unrestrained curiosity and zeal, never losing their collective bond with the audience. For the album, analog recordings supervised by Steve Albini present the band somehow even more brutally front and center, redefining the physical experience of seeing the concert in person. Deforming Lobes is the first wholly original statement from The Freedom Band and bookends the Goblin experience with an exclamation point!

Son Volt "Union" LP/CD (Transmit Sound) 
Led by vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Jay Farrar, Son Volt became one of the leading bands in the alternative country community, attracting critical praise and an audience that was loyal if not always large. Their upcoming album Union will be the bands 10th studio album mixes present and past into strong confluence.The thirteen new songs written by Farrar confront our turbulent politics and articulate the clarity and comfort music can offer in the tumult.

Strumbellas, The "Rattlesnake" CD (Glassnote/AWAL) 
Fourth studio album from The Strumbellas, a six-piece collective who rocketed to success with the breakthrough hit "Spirits". For the group, which consists of Simon Ward (lead vocals/guitar), David Ritter (keys), Jeremy Drury (percussion), Isabel Ritchie (strings), Jon Hembrey (guitar) and Darryl James (bass), Rattlesnake marks a stylistic turn from their melancholy, introspective releases. While staying true to their roots, the band has delivered us an album that elicits the feelings of joy and the promise of hope.

Tamaryn "Dreaming The Dark" LP (Dero Arcade)
Tamaryn has been crafting gothic dreampop and soaring shoegaze records for the better part of a decade. With each subsequent release she has both expanded her sonic palette and playfully deconstructed it, the project itself an iconoclastic exploration involving a variety of collaborators and genre-melding that has spanned three previous albums, an EP and a handful of singles. While 2015's lush Cranekiss marked a synth-inflected left turn for the artist, Dreaming the Dark pushes her sound even further. It's simultaneously her hardest, darkest record and still somehow her most accessible, landing squarely in the sweet spot between between pop and post-punk.

Thee Oh Sees "Cool Death of Island Raiders" LP (Castle Face)
Reissue of their first LP, originally released in 2006.

Utada, Hikaru "Face My Fears" 12" (Masterworks) 
Hikaru Utada worked with Skrillex to compose songs for the hit Anime-game Kingdom Hearts III. Includes four tracks.

White Denim "Side Effects" CD (City Slang) 
Side Effects sees White Denim unmasking the darker side of themes from their previous album, Performance. The bands 9th studio album, Side Effects includes the first studio recordings by their current touring roster a formidable lineup that is selling out shows on both sides of the Atlantic. As always, the album is heavy on musicianship, but it also marks a return to the wilder, weirder side of White Denim.

Yano, Akiko "Japanese Girl" LP (Wewantsounds) 
Reissue of Yano's landmark debut album from 1976. Backed by Little Feat with Lowell George and by top Japanese musicians (including Haruomi Hosono), Japanese Girl is one of the most important Japanese albums of the '70s, mixing pop, rock, and Japanese folk together with Little Feat's superb classic sound. First international release. Remastered sound. LP version comes in tip-on sleeve; includes download card and original four-page insert with lyrics and line-up.

Fike, Dominic "Don't Forget About Me Demos" LP (Columbia) 
The music on 'Don't Forget About Me, Demos', evades convention, as the 22-year-old effortlessly weaves between hip-hop, rock, reggae, and R&B profiles.

Swizz Beatz "Poison" LP (Epic) 
150 gm red vinyl with black and white splatter effect

Creedence Clearwater Revival "s/t" LP (Craft Recordings) 
Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing housed in a handsome tip-on jacket replicating the packaging of the original pressing. A 50th anniversary edition of Creedence Clearwater Revival's 1968 debut studio album, featuring the band's classic hits "Porterville" and "Suzie Q," plus their iconic cover of "I Put A Spell On You." The album has been mastered at half-speed at Abbey Road Studios, benefiting from an exacting process that allows for an exceptional level of sonic clarity and punch, bringing these classic recordings a new vibrancy.

Jethro Tull "This Was" LP (Rhino/Parlophone) 
Digitally remastered edition of the Steven Wilson remix of this classic album. Jethro Tull is a British rock group, formed in Luton, Bedfordshire, in December 1967. Recorded at a cost of £1200, it is the only Jethro Tull album with guitarist Mick Abrahams, who was a major influence for the sound and music style of the band's first songs. When the album was released the band was already performing at the Marquee Club in London, where other successful British groups, such as the Rolling Stones and The Who, had started their careers.

Journey "Escape & Frontiers-Live In Japan" 2xCD+DVD (Eagle Rock Entertainment)
2019 live release from the AOR icons. Journey return to Japan for a very special concert filmed at Budokan. This concert film captures the iconic rock band recreating their legendary albums Escape and Frontiers, in an explosive rare performance. Opening with the iconic "Don't Stop Believin'", the band rips through a 2-hour set featuring songs such as "Who's Crying Now", "Separate Ways" and "Faithfully". After the close of their performance of Frontiers, Journey returns to the stage to perform two blistering extended encores.

Richards, Keith "Talk Is Cheap" LP (BMG) 
Reissue of 1988 solo album.

Champs, The "Go, Champs, Go!" LP (Sundazed) 
Composed of legendary Los Angeles session men, The Champs are responsible for one of the best instrumentals ever recorded, the ultra-infectious "Tequila." Their Tex Mex longplayer is full of driving guitar and propulsive rhythms, accompanied by the punctuating persistent sax sounds of Chuck Rio (who penned the boozy bruiser that became their biggest hit). Cut all analog directly from tape by Kevin Gray, presented in glorious mono, and pressed at RTI on colored vinyl.

Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. "Sacred And Inviolable Phase Shift" LP (Bam Balam) 
Japanese psych band Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O present Sacred And Inviolable Phase Shift. In another league from the others, the album has a distinct Canterbury/Gong/Can feel.

Opus Minor "s/t" LP (Monster Melodies) 
Unpublished recording of Opus Minor, an underground Parisian group with undeniable musical qualities. Opus Minor performed numerous concerts from 1970 to 1973, but never had the opportunity to publish its recordings. This collection consists of an instrumental track, seven songs sung in French and three more songs in English, in which the band, beyond its influences, creates its own musical universe. Gatefold sleeve; Includes two posters; Color vinyl; Edition of 1000.

Petards "Pet Arts" 2xLP ( Bear Family Records) 
Reissue of the German band's fourth album, originally released in 1971. 'Pet Arts' finds the band at its most experimental, with longer and more unusual psychedelic tracks than on previous albums.

Harrison, Kevin "Inscrutably Obvious" LP(Superior Viaduct) 
Originally released in 1981, Inscrutably Obvious covers a lot of ground on it's seventeen inscrutable tracks-from analog synth workouts to mutated disco and shimmering guitar improvisations. The album maintains a late-night vibe, filtered through a post-punk lens. Harrison clearly wears his influences on his sleeve-major debts are paid to Brian Eno, Robert Fripp and Manuel Gottsching-yet finds his own unique voice, combining quirky instrumentals and surrealist sensibilities. This first-time reissue is recommended for fans of Chris & Cosey, Cupol and The Normal. Inscrutably Obvious sounds as fresh today as it must have nearly 40 years ago.

Xeno & Oaklander "Hypnos" LP (Ghostly International) 
Eight new songs of sparkling electronics from duo Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride (Martial Canterel) blur the lines between 60's French Pop, 80's wave and contemporary modular synth pop. Romantic and mythic, the album presents a dreamlike journey through dense harmonies and complex polyphonic compositions. As a musical act, Xeno & Oaklander conflate a rich love of analog synths, melody, and mythology with eloquent nuance and a nod to the heritage they draw from.

Giuda "E.V.A." LP/CD (Burger) 
Giuda is a five-piece band from Rome, Italy, that play an air-punching mix of anthemic 70s rock hooks delivered with the brutal force of early UK punk, all interpreted in a contemporary and original way with relevance for todays discerning listener. Fuelled by the sounds of bands like Slade, Glitter Band, Hector, Third World War and Slaughter & The Dogs, Giuda offer fresh, powerful rock and roll with attitude in spades.

Giuda "Overdrive" 7" (Rise Above) 
Rome's finest exponents of Junkshop Glam and bovver boy Punk Rock return to the decks with a cosmic twist. 'Overdrive' (taken from the forthcoming album, E.V.A., released April 5th) is perhaps their catchiest anthem to date. The B-side, 'Lunar Eye', is exclusive to this 45 and displays a cosmic disco vibe, new to the Giuda sound. All in all, an absolute blinder of a 7".

Lost Sounds "Memphis Is Dead" LP (Big Neck) 
Repress of the Lost Sounds classic record "Memphis is Dead" on Smokey Clear vinyl!

Show Me The Body "Dog Whistle" CD (Loma Vista) 
The second full length album, following on from 2016's Body War. Recommended if you like IDLES or Drug Church. "A lot of people have said to us this is a perfect time to make a Punk record," the band say. "We are disgusted by this prompt. This album and our music does not belong to a political party. No authority, political movement, or side may claim the function of our music in this society. This album is personal. It is about and for the disenfranchised youth of this city, of this country, and of this earth. It is for our community and anyone who may find shelter within it."

Brutus "Nest" LP (Sargent House) 
To describe the last two years as a whirlwind for Brutus is something of an understatement. 2017 saw the release of their debut album, 'Burst', which set them on a path of, award nominations and album of the year accolades. Having toured with Sargent House label mates Chelsea Wolfe and Russian Circles, Brutus also hit the road as main support to Thrice through Europe. Taking time out from the live circuit, the trio headed to Vancouver to record their second album, once again returning to Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung, Baptists) at his Rain City Recordings studio in September 2018. The resulting 11 tracks throw a net over post-rock, hardcore, metal and pop, gathering defining facets of each to form the unique sound of Brutus new album 'Nest'

Iron Maiden "Powerslave" CD (Sanctuary) 
Iron Maiden "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" CD (Sanctuary)
Iron Maiden "Somewhere In Time" CD (Sanctuary)
Remastered from the original analogue source to deliver the music to listeners exactly the way the Artist and recording engineer intended.

Malmsteen, Yngwie "Blue Lightning" CD (Mascot Label Group) 
Malmsteen highlights not only his enduring dexterity and diversity, but also pays homage to those from the blues world who have fuelled his artistic spirit for so long. Anyone who is expecting Malmsteen to copy exactly the way the original versions sound is in for a shock. Because that is not what he has done. He has masterfully transformed classics like Smoke On The Water, Purple Haze and While My Guitar Gently Weeps into his idiom, and wrote and recorded 4 new tracks for this album.

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard "Yn Ol I Annwn" LP (New Heavy Sounds) 
The new album, Welsh for 'Return To The Underworld', is the third part of a trilogy of albums that began with 'Noeth Ac Anoeth' in 2015 and 2017's 'Y Proffwyd Dwyll'. The eight songs that comprise the album see the band delve deeper into their collective influences; embracing full on space rock, atmospheric film soundtracks, melancholic acoustic interludes, psychedelia, cosmic moogs and percussion, moments of introspection and light ... and of course, large helpings of doom.

Melvins "Pinkus Abortion Technician" 10" (Ipecac) 
2018 album features both ongoing Melvins' bass player Steven McDonald (Redd Kross, OFF!) and Butthole Surfers', and occasional Melvins' bottom ender Jeff Pinkus on bass. "Stop Moving To Florida" is a medley of the James Gang's "Stop" and Butthole Surfers' "Moving To Florida," the band also covers the Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and Butthole Surfers' "Graveyard" on the eight-song release. Colored double 10" vinyl in gatefold packaging.

Motorhead "Everything Louder Than Everyone Else" LP/CD (BMG UK) 
Reissue of Motorhead's late 90s live album.

Motorhead "Overnight Sensation" CD (BMG UK) 
Motörhead's 13th studio album, 'Overnight Sensation' was originally released on 15th October 1996 and saw the band revert back to the three man line-up, with which they originally started. Overnight Sensation was the first album since Ace Of Spades to feature a band photo on the cover and musically headed in a heavier style than it's predecessor, Sacrifice.

Motorhead "Sacrifice" LP/CD (BMG UK) 
Sacrifice is Motörhead's 12th studio album and was originally released on 27th March 1995. It is the second, and last album to feature the four man line-up of Lemmy, Phil Campbell, Würzel and Mikkey Dee.

Motorhead "Snake Bite Love" LP/CD (BMG UK) 
Originally released on 10th March 1998, Snake Bite Love is Motörhead's 14th studio album. The album shows the less heavier side of the band, with several tracks that are slower than one might expect from Motörhead. However, Snake Bite Love still retains the classic mix of true heavy metal and rock n'roll that Motörhead do so well.

Motorhead"We Are Motörhead" LP/CD (BMG UK) 
Marking their 15th studio album, We Are Motörhead features a cover of the Sex Pistols song God Save The Queen for which the band recorded a video atop an open top London Routemaster bus. The album is indicative of the bands grimy attitude and is tight, blistering and typical of their long established sound.

Obituary "Cause of Death" LP (Listenable)
Obituary "Slowly We Rot" LP (Listenable)
Colored vinyl reissues.

Rotting Christ "Thy Mighty Contract" CD (Peaceville) 
Reissue of the debut album by Greek extreme metal band, originally released in 1993.

Vltimas "Something Wicked Marches In" CD (Season Of Mist) 
The new band featuring Rune "Blasphemer" Eriksen (ex-Mayhem, Aura Noir), David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel) and Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), unleash their powerhouse debut album 'Something Wicked Marches In'. A behemoth of death metal extremity, this album sees these titans bring their prodigious talents to bear on a commanding synthesis of their storied histories. Vltimas is nothing short of extreme metal royalty, and 'Something Wicked Marches In' is a forceful statement of intent.

Whitechapel "The Valley" CD (Metal Blade Records) 
Since their 2007 debut, Whitechapel's output has been mired in darkness but they have never inhabited blacker territory than where we find them on seventh full-length, 'The Valley'. The Knoxville metal titans will of course be hitting the road hard again now that they have a new collection of songs. For Wade, every record the band drops is an important stepping stone as they continue to build Whitechapel's legacy, and 'The Valley' is no exception.

Baker, Chet "Angel Eye's" LP (Wax Time ) 
Set recorded in Milan in 1959 backed by an Italian big band & strings formation conducted by Len Mercer (artistic name of Ezio Leoni).

Rivers, Sam "Contours - Blue Note Tone Poet Series" LP (Blue Note) 
Saxophonist and flutist Sam Rivers followed-up his striking debut Fuchsia Swing Song with the tremendous album Contours, which was recorded at Rudy Van Gelder's Englewood Cliffs, NJ studio in 1965 with a top flight band featuring Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Herbie Hancock on piano, Ron Carter on bass, and Joe Chambers on drums. Blue Note Records' Tone Poet Audiophile Vinyl Reissue Series is produced by Joe Harley and features all-analog, mastered-from-the-original-master-tape 180gm audiophile vinyl reissues in deluxe gatefold packaging. Mastering is by Kevin Gray (Cohearent Audio) and vinyl is manufactured at Record Technology Incorporated (RTI).

Szabo, Gabor "1969" LP (Modern Harmonic) 
Masterful '60s pop by Hungarian jazz guitar guru Gabor Szabo! The guitar master's 1969 platter of folk and pop music standards is highlighted by the rock 'n' bossa spin on "Sealed With A Kiss" and nuanced takes on the handful of Lennon-McCartney gems "Dear Prudence," "You Won't See Me," "In My Life" and "I've Just Seen A Face."

Miramar "Salida b/w Urgencia" 7" (Daptone) 
A "miramar" is a place from which you can see the ocean. The bolero group, Miramar, chose this word as their name to evoke a place of peace, reflection and solace for a broken heart. Even the bolero, a romantic music born in Cuba in the 1800's, might have been conceived by the seaside. In the 50's and 60's it became the quintessential musical expression of romance in Latin America. It is this era of the music from which Miramar draws their inspiration. "Urgencia", or "urgency", tells of the desperation a heart feels when it is swept away by romance, but risks all for fear of not having another chance at love. The flip, "Salida" means "a way out." It is a song about the surrender that comes after trying to break free from the darkest of places, of endless frustration and sadness. The lyrics allude, but never tell. Produced by Victor Axelrod & Giancarlo Luiggi.

Gaye, Marvin "You're The Man" 2xLP (Motown Records) 
First-ever planned lost Tamla/Motown album from Marvin Gaye. 15 of the album's 17 tracks make their vinyl debut and three tracks are newly mixed by SaLaAM ReMi. The album also includes a rare long LP version of Marvin Gaye's cancelled Christmas single, as well as an unreleased vault mix of it's instrumental B-side, and new essay by Marvin's biographer, David Ritz. You're The Man was the album originally proposed to follow-up the monumental What's Going On.

Love Unlimited "From a Girls Point of View We Give to You...Love Unlimited" LP (Mercury) 
2019 sees a celebration of soul legend Barry White and his landmark orchestral soul albums with the Love Unlimited Orchestra. From A Girl's Point Of View We Give To You... Love Unlimited is the debut studio album of American soul vocal trio Love Unlimited, released in 1972 on UNI Records. Produced by Barry White, for whom the trio served as a backing group, the album was arranged by White and conductor Gene Page. Reissued on high quality 180g vinyl, the LP is remastered from the original analogue tapes for the first time and cut at Abbey Road to guarantee the highest possible audio quality.

Love Unlimited "In Heat" LP (Mercury) 
2019 sees a celebration of soul legend Barry White and his landmark orchestral soul albums with the Love Unlimited Orchestra. In Heat is the third studio album by Love Unlimited. Released in 1974 on 20th Century Records, the album charted at #15 on the US Billboard R&B charts, while the single, I Belong To You, was a #1 hit on the US Billboard R&B singles chart in 1975. Reissued on high quality 180g vinyl, the LP is remastered from the original analogue tapes for the first time, and cut at Abbey Road to guarantee the highest possible audio quality.

Earle, Steve And The Dukes "Guy" LP/CD (New West) 
Steve Earle was nineteen and had just hitchhiked from San Antonio to Nashville in 1974. Back then if you wanted to be where the best songwriters were you had to be in there. Guy Clark had moved to Nashville and if you were from Texas, Guy Clark was king. Flash forward more than forty years. In the fall of 2018, Steve and The Dukes went into House Of Blues studio in Nashville and recorded GUY in six days. 'I wanted it to sound live...When you've got a catalog like Guy's and you're only doing sixteen tracks, you know each one is going to be strong.'

Strait, George "Honky Tonk Time Machine" LP/CD (MCA Nashville) 
The King of Country Music, George Strait, has sold over 70 Million records to date and has 33 different Platinum or Multi-Platinum albums as well as 60 #1 Singles more than any other artist. He returns to the spotlight here with his first album of all new material in 4 years. This new album has 13 brand new tracks including the first single- "Every Little Honky Tonk Bar" features one track with a duet with Willie Nelson, as well as the powerful song- "God and Country Music".

Uncle Walt's Band "s/t" LP/CD (Omnivore Recordings) 
Remastered reissue features eleven previously unissued bonus tracks. New liner notes include a history of all the 1970s reissues and their variations.

Lee, Bunny "Dreads Enter the Gates with Praise" LP (Soul Jazz) 
New collection featuring the heavy 70s roots reggae of Bunny Lee - a living legend, one of the last of the great Jamaican record producers who helped shape and define reggae music in the 1970s from a small island sound into an internationally successful musical genre. Featuring some of the heaviest Jamaican artists including Johnny Clarke, King Tubby, Dillinger, Prince Jazzbo, Tommy McCook, The legendary Aggrovators (featuring Sly and Robbie), The Mighty Diamonds and more, the album is a rollercoaster ride of rare, deep and classic 1970s roots, dub and DJ sounds.

Mighty Maytones, The "Boat to Zion" LP (Burning Sounds) 
180 gram vinyl re-issue of classic Maytones album first released 1976. Produced & Arranged by A. 
Ranglin. Original LP Illustration by Tyrone Whyte.

Thompson, Linval "Love Is The Question" LP (Burning Sound) 
Originally released in 1978 on Burning Sounds, Linval Thompson's Love Is The Question is a reggae masterpiece. Out of print since it's original release, this album is now being reissued on vinyl.

Moctar, Mdou "Ilana (The Creator)" LP/CD (Sahel Sounds) 
Born in a nomad camp in Niger and now a leading figure of desert rock, Mdou Moctar has enjoyed one of quickest rises to success. In contrast to the polished style of Imarhan or Bombino, Mdou Moctar trades in unrelenting gritty rock and has no qualms about going full shred. Recorded in Detroit at the tail end of a tour, his band jumped right into frenetic non-stop sessions. Accompanied by an all-star band with Ahmoudou Madassane's lighting fast rhythm guitar, Aboubacar Mazawadje machine gun drums, and Micheal Coltun's supportive low-end bass, the new album captures the spirit of an Agadez wedding, a studio recording with just the right amount of grit.

Rupa "Disco Jazz" LP (Numero) 
Barely disco and hardly jazz, Rupa Biswas' 1982 LP is the halfway point between Bollywood and Balearic. Tracked in Calgary's Living Room Studios with a crack team of Indian and Canadian studio rats alike, Disco Jazz is a perfect fusion of East and West. Sarod and synthesizer intricately weave around one another for 37 transcendent minutes, culminating in the viral hit "Aaj Shanibar." Remastered from original analogue source material and issued with permission and blessing of the producers and performers.

v/a "Nigeria 70: No Wahala: Highlife, Afro-Funk & Juju 1973-1987" LP/CD (Strut) 
As part of their 20th Anniversary celebrations, Strut present the rst new volume in their pioneering Nigeria 70 series for over 8 years, bringing together rare highlife, Afro-funk and juju from the 70s and early 80s. Compiled by collector and DJ Duncan Brooker, this new selection of tracks is receiving it's rst international release outside of Nigeria.

Curran, Alvin "Canti Illuminati" LP (Blume) 
Reissue, originally released in 1982. Canti Illuminati, composed and recorded between 1973 and 1977, stands as one of the great documents from the golden era of Curran's singular brand of creative radicalism. The two side-long pieces combine a deep sense of social and political consciousness, with creative humanism and visionary compositional ideas. Expanded liner text written by Bradford Bailey. Fully remastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. 

Eastman, Julius "The N*gger Series" 2xLP LP (Blume) 
Julius Eastman's story is as fascinating as they come: black, angry, and queer in an all too polite, straight white musical world. Eastman belongs to a generation of composers who inherited the mantel left by minimalism, but despite being highly respected by his peers, he was given few chances to record his work. The Nigger Series is the vinyl debut of some his most thrilling and controversial work: three compositions for four pianos: Gay Guerrilla, Evil Nigger, and Crazy Nigger. Double LP in bundle, 180 gram color vinyl. Includes printed inner, Nagaoka anti-static record sleeve, plus and Obi-style insert in a fold-out outer sleeve. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

Giordano, Jacky "Pop-In Devil's Train " LP (Le Très Groove Clu) 
Reissue, originally released on Mantparnasse 2000 in 1976. A true "holy grail" of French library music. This record is a pure example of the Jacky Giordano style, European jazz-funk with a kind of low-fi sound.

Gorecki, Henryk "Symphony No. 3 (Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs)" by Beth Gibbons & the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra CD (Domino) 
Recorded at The National Opera Grand Theater in Warsaw on November 29th 2014. Following an invitation to collaborate at the concert, Beth Gibbons undertook an intense preparation process, including tackling the challenge of learning the original text (and the emotional weight it carries) without speaking the mother language. Typical to Beth though - the elusive yet iconic frontwoman of one of the most important British bands of the last two decades - the challenge was met and exceeded. Her performance alongside the maestro Krzysztof Penderecki has been hailed as triumphant, as you can see and hear on this release.

Stockhausen, Markus / Alireza Mortazavi "Hamdelaneh Intimate Dialogues" LP (Dark Companion)
A 2016 performance by Markus Stockhausen and santoor player Alireza Mortazavi. Mixed and mastered by Simon Stockhausen. LP version comes in a gatefold sleeve; Edition of 500 (hand-numbered).

Asian Dub Foundation "Rafi's Revenge (20th Anniversary Edition)" 2xLP (London) 
Reissue, originally released in 1998. ADF's breakthrough album remains a fascinating chapter in the real, complex, unwritten history of Britpop. Expanded CD version includes bonus tracks selected by Adrian Sherwood; also features remixes by Dylan Rhymes and Russell Simins. Double-LP version comes on white vinyl; gatefold sleeve printed on reversed cardboard; printed inner sleeves; four-page insert.

Harcrow, J. "Scamoflage" CS (Growth In Decay) 
Two new releases from Austin electronic label Growth In Decay.

Kinder / Yimsock "20/20 Vol. 3" CS (Growth In Decay) 
Back In Stock.

Swwwisha "Vortex" CS (Growth In Decay) 
Two new releases from Austin electronic label Growth In Decay.

v/a "Berghain 09" (by Dominick Fernow) 2x12" (Ostgut Ton) 
Since becoming a Berghain resident in 2017, Dominick Fernow's risk-taking hybrid live/DJ sets as Vatican Shadow have become conduits for infusing techno with contrasting musical ideas -- from noise, industrial, and ambient to distorted melodies and rhythms that push the club's borders in unexpected ways. Both the Berghain 09 mix and accompanying exclusive 2x12"s reflect Vatican Shadow's composite musical influences and relationship to Berghain as a club.

v/a "Escape From Synth City" LP (Numero Group) 
A hero's quest worth of staccato synths, crack house Casios, off-brand drum machines, minimal Morricone, four-track fantasia, and a variety of other speculations on what the 1980s thought the future would sound like. Packaged in a 12x12 Nintendo Entertainment System-styled jacket, replete with game sticker, die-cut outer sleeve, debossed cartridge inner sleeve, and art from our first video game, playable from the comfort of your PC.

"Goonies" by Dave Grusin LP (Varese Sarabande) 
One of the most beloved scores of the 1980's, by Oscar winning composer Dave Grusin, is finally making its first ever wide release on black vinyl with this double-LP including four bonus tracks and a four-page booklet of notes from Mike Matessino.

"Revenge of the Nerds" v/a LP (Real Gone Music) 
Loaded with synth pop and guitar wave gems, the film soundtrack to 1984's Revenge of the Nerds featured New Wave bands such as Gleaming Spires and Bone Symphony. Other contributors included Ya Ya and power-pop combo the Rubinoos imitating Devo on the movie's theme song. "Pocket Protector Brown" colored vinyl pressing.

"Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" by Daniel Pemberton LP (Sony Masterworks) 
Limited double picture disc vinyl pressing with different images on each of the four vinyl sides and featuring original music by multiple Golden Globe nominee Daniel Pemberton.

"Velvet Goldmine" by v/a LP (MVD) 
First time on vinyl for this glam drenched soundtrack featuring Placebo, Shudder to Think, Lou Reed, The Venus In Furs (featuring members of Radiohead and Roxy Music), T Rex, Pulp and more. Orange and blue vinyl pressing of 1500 copies.

"We the Animals" by Nick Zammuto LP (Captured Tracks) 
Soundtrack to the award-winning new film from Jeremiah Zagar (In A Dream). It reunites Zagar with Nick Zammuto, the renowned composer and co-founder of beloved collage-pop pioneers The Books. Inspired by the film's setting in rural upstate New York - and influenced by the early ambient electronic music that galvanized the Books two decades ago - Zammuto pairs that earthen, wooded isolation with dynamic pulses of customized electronics and sparse, crystalline layers of melodic soft synths. The juxtaposition is arresting and gives the soundtrack a unique heft befitting of its subject matter - and betrays its minimal instrumentation. 

Controlled Death "Black Box" LP (Urashima)
Controlled Death is a new project by the Japanese noise legend Maso Yamazaki, aka Masonna. In this release, Maso Yamazaki tried to commit to the dark side of psychedelia deepest in his own projects history and surprised the fans, but as soon as it gets excited, it is the second work the wooden black box Journey Through A Dead Body and Deathwish Tapes 1-3. The wooden black box comes with LP, CD digipack, and two cassettes plus postcard, insert, business card, and sheet with notes in Japanese by Tamotsu Mochida. Edition of 199.

Dome "Dome 1" LP (Editions Mego)
Reissue, originally released in 1980. Previously issued in the out-of-print Dome 1-4+5 box set in 2011. Now available as standalone LP; Includes download card. With the demise of the group Wire in 1980, founder members Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis joined forces to create Dome. With the assistance of engineer Eric Radcliffe and his Blackwing Studio Dome, they recorded and released three Dome albums on their own label in the space of 12 months: Dome (July 1980), Dome 2 (October 1980), and Dome 3 (October 1981). Floating-point re-master by Russell Haswell, August 2011; Cut at Dubplates & Mastering by Rashad Becker, August 2011

Haters "Forti" 2x10"+Flexi (Influencing Machine)
To celebrate the 40 years of The Haters' entropic transmissions, G.X. Jupitter-Larsen extracted and refined previously unused sound pieces drawing from some of his most significant source material. Each side of this double 10" release (the 10" vinyl record is Jupitter-Larsen's preferred musical format) features a previously unreleased recording reflecting each decade of The Haters: the slow erosion of a calculator against sandpaper (1989); the amplified sounds of Jupitter-Larsen's Untitled Title Belt (1999); the use of a balance scale as a sound source (2009); and an entirely new recording using an instrument called the Totimorphous Ubiety Guide recently created by Jupitter-Larsen.

Melchior, Letha Rodman "Mare Australe" LP (Feeding Tube Records)
Mare Australe is another brilliant posthumous album by Letha Rodman Melchior. Letha created a very warped music, with whacked sonics; Siltbreeze released both Handbook for Mortals in 2013, and the posthumous Shimmering Ghost (2015).

MSBR "Ultimate Ambience" LP (Urashima)
MSBR (Molten Salt Breeder Reactor), aka Koji Tano, was one of the most respected noise artists to arise from Japan's exciting noise/experimental music scene of the 1990s. Ultimate Ambience is his debut album, recorded in February 1991 and released the following year on its label in 400 copies. Two long tracks filled with excellent harsh noise with strong influences of musique concrete and electro-acoustic. 140 gram vinyl; comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on Fedrigoni black cardboard sleeve; Edition of 199 copies. 

Phew / Oren Ambarchi / Jim O'Rourke "Patience Soup" LP (Black Truffle)
Patience Soup presents the entirety of a live performance from the trio of Oren Ambarchi, Jim O'Rourke, and Japanese underground legend Phew that took place at the Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center on November 4th, 2015. Known to many listeners outside Japan primarily for her early collaborations with members of Can, Phew has been undergoing something of a creative renaissance in the last few years. Presented in atmosphere-enhancing room fidelity, Patience Soup finds the trio inhabiting an uneasy landscape of moans, howls, and smeared electronic sonorities. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

Kingdom of the Spiders BluRay (Code Red) 
Their food sources eradicated by pesticides, thousands of tarantulas descend upon a small Arizona community looking to feast on the locals. Now, it's up to veterinarian Dr. Rack Hansen (William Shatner) and arachnologist Diane Ashley (Tiffany Bolling) to crush the army of angry eight-legged eating machines before the whole town is wiped out. Woody Strode, David McLean, Lieux Dressler co-star in this creepy-crawly cult classic.

Perfect Blue BluRay (Shout Factory) 
"Excuse me, who are you?" Rising pop star Mima has quit singing to pursue a career as an actress and model, but her fans aren't ready to see her go. Encouraged by her managers, Mima takes on a recurring role on a popular TV show, when suddenly her handlers and collaborators begin turning up murdered. Harboring feelings of guilt and haunted by visions of her former self, Mima's reality and fantasy meld into a frenzied paranoia. As her stalker closes in, in person and online, the threat he poses is more real than even Mima knows. The debut film from legendary director Satoshi Kon (Paprika) has frequently been hailed as one of the most important animated films of all time - an intense psychological thriller for the social media era.

Pet Sematary BluRay (Paramount) 
Spirits moan among the tombstones as Stephen King adapts his own best-seller about a mysterious Indian burial ground with resurrective powers. After the graveyard brings the Creeds' cat back from the dead, the family patriarch hopes it will do the same for his recently deceased son. But when the boy returns as a bloodthirsty murderer, it's up to dad to stop his reign of terror. Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby, Brad Greenquist, and Fred Gwynne star.

Suburbia BluRay (Shout Factory) 
Suburbia is director Penelope Spheeris's study of the Los Angeles punk rock scene in the early 1980s. Evan and his younger brother leave their broken home in an attempt to escape their alcoholic mother. They fall in with "The Rejected" (aka T.R.), a group of punks who live as squatters in an abandoned shack by the side of the highway. With the T.R.s, the boys find a new family. But their new family will be tested when they become the target of "Citizens Against Crime," a group of unhappy suburbanites. Featuring live performances by T.S.O.L., The Vandals, and DI., Suburbia "combines intelligent social comment with the conventions of the teens-in-revolt ... to gripping effect" (Time Out)!

The Deadly Mantis BluRay (Shout Factory) 
What's worse than a horde of locusts? A gigantic man-eating praying mantis, released from a million years of deep, frozen sleep and ready to claw its way to world domination! This menacing insect kills everything in its path while scientists and military men work feverishly to stop it. Craig Stevens (Abbott And Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde) stars as the commander in charge of putting an end to this beastly insect with William Hopper (20 Million Miles To Earth) as the paleontologist and Alix Talton (The Man Who Knew Too Much) as his beautiful assistant, a photojournalist, assigned to help in this epic battle between man and mantis!

The Iguana With The Tongue Of Fire BluRay (Arrow Video) 
One of several 'animal-in-the-title' cash-ins released in the wake of Dario Argento's box-office smash The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, The Iguana with the Tongue of Fire is a gloriously excessive giallo that boasts a rogues gallery of perverse characters; violent, fetishized murders, and one of the genre's most nonsensical, red-herring laden plots (which sees almost every incidental character hinted at potentially being the killer).

Friday, March 22nd

American Football "s/t" LP (Poly Vinyl Records) 
The long-awaited third album from the emo post-rock group.

Avey Tare "Cows On Hourglass Pond" LP/CD (Domino) 
The new album from Avey Tare, a.k.a Dave Portner of Animal Collective.

Bad Suns "Mystic Truth" CD (Epitaph) 
The third full-length from L.A. band Bad Suns.

Bird, Andrew "My Finest Work Yet" LP/CD (Loma Vista) 
New album finds Bird grappling with themes of current day dichotomies and how to identify a moral compass amidst such divisive times. "I'm interested in the idea that our enemies are what make us whole-there's an intimacy one shares with their opponent when locked in such a struggle. If we were to just walk away would our enemies miss us? How did we get to this point and how can we, through awareness of it, maybe pull ourselves out of this death spiral," says Bird.

Cinematic Orchestra "To Believe" 2xLP (Domino) 
Cinematic Orchestra "To Believe" 2xLP (Domino) 
Guest vocalists on To Believe include the art-soul singer Moses Sumney, legendary UK rapper Roots Manuva, longtime vocal collaborator Heidi Vogel and many more. To Believe is the product of a long period of gestation, a reflection of the kind of album they wanted to make - the kind of album, that is, they've always made: deep, textured, and layered with meaning.

Devo "Smooth Noodle Maps" LP (Futuro) 
Long out of print and never reissued, this year FUTURISMO invite you to snake through the chaos with a deluxe limited edition of DEVO's 1990 album - Smooth Noodle Maps! Each gatefold LP set includes 2×180g limited edition colored vinyl in the choice of 'Brain Drain', 'Postmodern Chaos' or 'Donut Glaze' as well as a 2xCD gatefold digipak version. Included alongside the original album are remixes, demos and unheard tracks unearthed from the archives. The records come in a die-cut gatefold sleeve that enables an interchangeable cover, it contains a huge double sided poster with unseen pictures and new liner notes by Gerald V. Casale, plus a sheet of cut-out finger spinners.

Dickinson, Luther and Sisters of the Strawberry Moon "Solstice" LP/CD (New West Records)
New album from the Americana artist.

Duster "Capsule Losing Contact" 4xLP/3xCD (Numero) 
San Jose's sonic cure-all for the Y2K hangover that never materialized, Duster emerged from a cloud of lonely bong rips to take indie rock to the moon, and beyond. Scotch-taped guitars toggle between a chorus of brittle winter trees and a blanket of distorted fuzz. The low rumble of a cardboard box being kicked in a dead mall keeps pace in the background, as muffled, sung-spoken vocals ponder the great mysteries of modern mundanity. Three years of home recording accidents and blown-out 2am studio experiments are spread across four LPs, gathering the short-lived trio's Stratosphere and Contemporary Movement albums, 1975 EP, singles, demos, and other miscellaneous debris into one escape pod, now free to drift in the endless void of space.

Ellis "The Fuzz EP" 12" (Fat Possum) 
A faint voice and a fervent guitar make their match in a cluttered bedroom, each song finding itself in a growing folder of recordings stamped by initials "L.S". Ellis is the music project of Linnea Siggelkow. Daughter to a traveling book salesman and a piano teacher, Ellis flips the words from the books she once read, intertwining vulnerable with bold into the songs that she now sings. Having already made her mark as a solo performer in the Toronto DIY scene, the project has evolved into a 4-piece band, inspiring a grittier take on the same solemn refrain.

Ex Hex "It's Real" LP/CD (Merge) 
On It's Real, the band's second album, Ex Hex's commitment to larger-than-life riffs and unforgettable hooks remains intact, but the garage-y, postpunk approach that defined Rips has grown in scale and ambition. What started as a reaction to the blown-out aesthetic of Rips would test the sonic limits of the power trio and lead the band on a quest for a more immersive and three dimensional sound. Vocal harmonies are layered ten tracks deep, solos shimmer and modulate atop heaving power chords, and the codas linger and stretch toward new frontiers of sound.

Faint, The "Danse Macabre" LP (Saddle Creek) 
Do you remember a time before the words "dance" and "rock" were linked by a hyphen and the synthesized sounds of the '80s were a regular part of the modern musical landscape? The members of The Faint do, because they were there when it started to happen. In fact, you could even say they're one of the main reasons it happened at all. The Faint's third full-length is filled with lyrics of death, betrayal, paralyzations, and murder. The 'macabre' subject matter is easily forgotten as Todd Fink and Jacob Thiele's keyboards overdrive the vocals with hooky, synth lines, in addition to the ferocious drum machines, spastic outbursts of noise, and edgy tension that will have you shaking out to the dance floor.

Frazer, Paula & Tarnation "What Is And Was" LP (Slimstyle) 
Paula Frazer's first album in ten years.

Garrett, Kevin "Hoax" CD (KG Music LLC/AWAL) 
Kevin Garrett twists up soulful tradition with singer-songwriter spirit, lush instrumentation, and alternative adventurousness.

Guided By Voices "1901 Acid Rock" 7" (GBV Inc) 
Guided By Voices  "Umlaut Over the Ozone" 7" (GBV Inc)
Two limited edition 7" EPs previewing 6 songs each from the upcoming Warp And Woof long-player. Recorded at soundchecks, hotel rooms and in the tour van, all dozen songs clocking in at 2 minutes or under, recalling the spontaneous spirit of 1993-94 eps Fast Japanese Spin Cycle, Static Airplane Jive and Clown Prince of the Menthol Trailer.

Hardy, Francoise "Personne D'Autre" LP (Arts Music) 
Her 24th studio album and first in six years.

Her's "Invitation To Her's" LP (Heist or Hit) 
New album from the UK dream pop group.

Ibibio Sound Machine "Doko Mien" LP/CD (Merge) 
Fronted by London-born Nigerian singer Eno Williams, Ibibio Sound Machine is a clash of African and electronic elements inspired in equal measure by the golden era of West African funk, disco, and modern post-punk and electro. Evocative Nigerian poetic imagery set against an edgy Afro-Electro soundscape gives the band a unique space within the wave of modern Afrocentric sounds sweeping the globe.

Iron & Wine "Our Endless Numbered Days" LP/CD (Sub Pop) 
This reissue features the original album, plus eight previously unreleased demo versions and a 12-page booklet with an essay about the album by Amanda Petrusich.

King Kong Paradise "Atsusa Mo Samusamo..." LP (Studio Mule) 
Reissue, originally released in 1984 on Johnny's Disk. Following a cult classic jazz fusion album on Bourbon Records, King Kong Paradise delivered Atsusa Mo Samusamo... an album of alternative, left-field Balearic rock that was way ahead of its time. An anomaly that sticks out in the Johnny's Disk's catalog, this rare record may appeal more to new wave, reggae and rock fans than jazz heads.

La Dispute "Panorama" LP/CD (Epitaph) 
New album from the emo group.

Lambchop "This (is what I wanted to tell you)" LP/CD (Merge) 
Lambchop continue to establish themselves as forerunners and innovators of what was once called Alt Country. Their sound has morphed to encompass multiple genres, blending folk songwriting with the tones of urban soul.

Lewis, Jenny "On The Line" LP/CD/CS (Warner Bros) 
The 11 all-new original songs were written by Lewis and recorded at Capitol Records' Studio B, and feature a backing band of legendary talent including Beck, Benmont Tench, Don Was, Jim Keltner, and Ringo Starr.

MacKay, Bill "Fountain Fire" LP (Drag City) 
Fountain Fire' is Bill MacKay's second solo album on Drag City. The Chicago-based guitarists continued sonic journeys in conversation with himself follow a travel-worn map written in his own hand. Bill has followed the trail from familiar confines to unknown places, catalyzing a style equally enamored with the traditional and the avant-garde to make his most expansive and forceful music to date.

My Disco "Environment" LP (Downwards) 
My Disco drill down to concrète/industrial styles with visceral, thrilling style for Downwards. Gutting out the driving, math-y repetition of their prized early work, the Melbourne-based trio now recall the ungodly offspring of Raime and Swans. On Environment, they operate with an increased appreciation of space, rhythm, and tone that will shock even the hardest to please explorers of avant-rock and industrial fault lines.

New Order "Temptation" 12" (Rhino) 
Featuring the full versions of both tracks this 12" was first released in May 1982 and were the first self-produced released recordings. With 'Temptation' being a cast iron New Order classic, this is an essential part of any New Order collection.

O, Karen & Danger Mouse "Lux Prima" LP (BMG) 
Lux Prima is the debut album from Yeah Yeah Yeahs vocalist Karen O and acclaimed producer Danger Mouse. Includes the single, 'Woman.' The straightforward rock stomper puts the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman's vocals on display as she screams and croons.

O'Rourke, Jim / Not Waving "Side A/Side B" 12" (Diagonal) 
In a dream hook-up for Diagonal, Jim O'Rourke reimagines material from the vaults of Alessio Natalizia AKA Not Waving and turns in a magisterial kosmiche synth-scape, backed with a sprawling slab of mazy rhythmic brilliance. O'Rourke has been a long-time admirer of Not Waving, and what started out as more of straight remix project quickly turned into a collaboration-at-a-distance, with Natalizia sending extra material and pushing O'Rourke to stray as far from the original material as possible.

Palmer, Amanda "There Will Be No Intermission" LP (Cooking Vinyl) 
Amanda says this is the most personal and painfully vulnerable album she has ever made and her songwriting has climbed up a few notches. This is the most honest record she has ever written, and was fueled by everything that was going on around her to dig deeper, try harder, and be less afraid. Included on There Will Be No Intermission are some songs that have been longtime live favorites, like Amanda's cover of Dillie Keane's "Look Mummy, No Hands," as well as more recent releases like a tribute to Judy Blume on her 80th birthday.

Peck, Orville "Pony" LP/CD (Sub Pop) 
Combining the lulling ambience of shoegaze with the iconic melodies and vocal prowess of classic American country music, enigmatic outlaw cowboy - Orville Peck, croons love and loss from the badlands of North America. The resulting sound is one completely his own, taking the listener down dusty rose-colored desert highways, through a world where worn out gamblers, aloof road-dogs and lovesick hustlers drift in and out of his masked gaze. Orville's upcoming debut album, Pony, delivers a diverse collection of stories that sing of heartbreak, revenge and the unrelenting tug of the cowboy ethos.

Place to Bury Strangers "Fuzz Club Session" LP (Fuzz Club) 
For over a decade, Brooklyn's A Place To Bury Strangers has been dealing in pure sonic destruction. The band's contribution to the 'Fuzz Club Sessions' series is available on 180-gram green vinyl!

Spiral Stairs "We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized" LP (Nine Mile) 
For his feel good third solo album We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized, Pavement co-founder Scott Kannberg best known to the musical world as Spiral Stairs concocted some of the most fun and accessible music of his storied career by expanding his musical repertoire. We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized is fun, infectious and musically compelling, while still managing to cover some hefty topics like the current rambunctious political climate.

Strand of Oaks "Eraserland" LP/CD (Dead Oceans) 
In December 2017, Tim Showalter was uncertain about his next record and the shape it would eventually take. With no new songs written and lacking any clear vision, he was unprepared for the message he would receive from his friend Carl Broemel, the conversation that would follow, and the album that would become Eraserland.

Wallows "Nothing Happens" LP (Atlantic) 
Recorded at Los Angeles' Sargent Studios, the album sees Wallows reunited with Grammy award-winning producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Alvvays, Future Islands) and captures the band's journey towards adulthood through 11 intimate, introspective tracks.

White Denim "Side Effects" LP (City Slang) 
Side Effects sees White Denim unmasking the darker side of themes from their previous album, Performance. The bands 9th studio album, Side Effects includes the first studio recordings by their current touring roster a formidable lineup that is selling out shows on both sides of the Atlantic. As always, the album is heavy on musicianship, but it also marks a return to the wilder, weirder side of White Denim.

Yanya, Nilüfer "Miss Universe" CD (ATO Records) 
Taking her inspiration from iconic songwriters such as Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley as well as modern influences Connan Mockasin and The Strokes, Nilüfer's music incorporates the city's urban edge with beautiful wandering guitar lines, downtrodden soulful and jazz flickered melodies, on top of minimalist and atmospheric beats.

Yellow Magic Orchestra "Solid State Survivor" LP (Sony Japan) 
Solid State Survivor is the second album by Japanese electronic trio Yellow Magic Orchestra. A synthetic cornucopia featuring compelling sounds across their unique electronic palette. Compositions are key here in direct contrast to the sounds of their German counterparts of the same era. Never released in the US, Solid State Survivor, became a cult favorite and a catalyst for the techno genre around the world.

Yellow Magic Orchestra "YMO-Japan" LP (Sony Japan)
Yellow Magic Orchestra "YMO-USA" LP (Sony Japan) 
The first official studio album by Yellow Magic Orchestra. Pioneers of the synth-pop genre, YMO helped inspire the future of hip hop, techno and electro music. The album broke conventions from their sampling of video game sounds to the use of a music sequencer to create new electronic sounds. The US version features unique cover art and special mixing for the American audience.

Lennon, John / Yoko Ono "Wedding Album" LP/CD (Secretly Canadian)
Originally released in 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Wedding Album was the couple's third experimental, album-length record, and one of the most remarkable of the duo's testaments to an intense romantic and artistic partnership that would last fourteen years, until Lennon's tragic passing in 1980. Wedding Album's innovative, original packaging, created by graphic designer John Kosh, included a box filled with souvenirs of John and Yoko's nuptials: photographs, a copy of the couple's marriage certificate, both Lennon's and Ono's drawings, a picture of a slice of wedding cake, and more. Now, with a faithful recreation of Wedding Album in limited-edition, white-vinyl LP; compact disc; and digital-download formats, Secretly Canadian and Chimera Music are making one of the most unusual and emblematic recordings of the Sixties available again - fifty years after John and Yoko were married - to mark the golden wedding anniversary of two of the 20th century's most emblematic cultural figures.

Morrison, Van "The Healing Game" LP (SMG) 
Vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered edition. The Healing Game is the twenty-sixth studio album by the Northern Irish singer/songwriter, originally released in 1997.

Trower, Robin "Coming Closer To The Day" CD (Mascot Label Group) 
New album.

Perfume Azul do Sol "Nascimento" LP (Pedra Temple Animal) 
Recorded In 1974, "Nascimento" was the first and only album of the band Perfume Azul do Sol, mixing the talents of Pedro Baldanza (bass), Jean (guitar) and Gil (drums), the voice and piano of Ana Maria Guedes and the Nordestine influences of Benvindo (voice and guitar). Husband and wife Ana And Benvindo were the heart and soul of the album a brilliant songwriting team. On the album Ana's melodies mix with Benvindo's natural swing soaked in Baião, Forró, and psychedelia.

80s POP & ROCK 
Prefab Sprout "I Trawl The Megahertz" LP (Legacy) 
Originally released as a Paddy McAloon solo album in 2003, the totally original, spellbinding I Trawl The Megahertz is now reissued with new artwork and captivating liner notes written by Paddy McAloon. I Trawl The Megahertz was conceived and recorded after Paddy was diagnosed with a medical condition that seriously affected his vision. Not surprisingly, the album is a testament to the healing power of music. The album is comprised of nine compositions; the lengthy 22 minute title track, a series of shorter instrumental pieces and a couple of songs originally intended to accompany a short film. Though the record originally appeared as a solo album, it seems fitting to now classify it as a Prefab Sprout project.

Ritual Howls "Rendered Armor" LP/CD (Felte) 
Ritual Howls create a cinematic blend of twangy industrial rock that could fuel a post apocalyptic dance floor. Their most mature offering to date, 'Rendered Armor' finds the band further carving out their own eclectic mix of organic instrumentation and pulsing electronics, distinguishing them as a unique force in the current landscape of underground music.

KVB "Only Now Forever" LP (Invada) 
After raising their profile in Europe and having played with the likes of Ride, The Cure, Fat White Family, The KVB are heading to USA to tour their latest album 'Only Now Forever'. This is their debut US tour, with an extensive list of dates below: Whilst holding evident inspiration from previous times, the sound this London-founded duo present is progressive and distinctly new in every sense. Idyllic at times; gritty in others, each bar is as enchanting as the last, leaving you in a melancholic trance.

Short-Term Memory "Plus or Minus Two" LP (Seance Center) 
Plus or Minus Two compiles four songs from Kansas City wave pioneers Short-Term Memory's first cassette album, Every Head Needs Cleaning, with two previously unreleased tracks recorded in the 90s. This EP focuses on the group's prescient dance-floor DIN-sync workouts which share sensibilities with contemporaneous early Detroit experiments by Juan Atkin's Cybotron, Ron Hardy's visionary Kikrokos tape edit, Shoc Corridor's extended 808 exercises, and 90s Techno Pop by Haruomi Hosono. Rounding off the EP is the existential electronic soul ballad Words. Remastered from the original reels, 45rpm DMM pressing.

Teenage Bottlerocket "Stay Rad!" LP (Fat Wreck Chords)
X "Wild Gift" LP (Fat Possum) 
Fat Possum Records and punk icons X team up to reissue newly remastered versions - courtesy of Jason Ward and Chicago Mastering - of four of the band's classic albums including Los Angeles (1980), Wild Gift (1981), Under The Big Black Sun (1982), and More Fun In The New World (1983). Four decades after their inception, one thing is clear: X was not only one of the most influential bands to crash out of the punk movement of the late '70s, but the group's music continues to be sonically groundbreaking today. Songs written during the group's inception are as relevant and inventive today as they were in 1977. The band's early albums, Los Angeles, produced by Ray Manzarek of the Doors, Wild Gift, and Under the Big Black Sun explored dark love and an even darker L.A. with the unflinching eye of a Raymond Chandler novel. Subsequent efforts like More Fun in the New World found the band continuing to grow musically and politically, fearlessly mixing genres without ever losing it's center.

Blood Incantation "Starspawn" LP (Dark Descent) 
Picture disc repressing of Blood Incantation's monumental debut album Starpsawn, originally released in 2016. Comes with die-cut jacket, insert and poster. Limited to 1000.

Cannibal Corpse "Gore Obsessed" LP (Metal Blade) 
Cannibal Corpse "Live Cannibalism" LP (Metal Blade)
Reissue of early 2000s material from the death metal stalwarts.

Left Hand Drive "Jailbait / Motorway Crow" 7" (Splattered) 
Back after 40+ years of obscurity is Left Hand Drive's first single! Originally released in 1977. Now professionally and officially reissued on it's original format in glorious 45rpm. Both equal parts NWOBHM and UK Punk, but full on rock n' roll.

Magic Circle "Departed Souls" LP/CD (20 Buck Spin) 
Magic Circle's self-titled debut hit the true doom scene like a revelation in 2013. Without hype or hyperbole the band effortlessly invoked fundamental rock 'n' roll truths putting their own stamp on early heavy metal darkness. Joining 20 Buck Spin for follow-up Journey Blind, the band again offered that unmistakable classic sound with natural unforced evolution. On their third album, Departed Souls, they present an expansive hard rock vision, adorning their signature doom with seamless psych and prog ornamentation.

Malevolent Creation "The 13th Beast" LP (M Theory)
Long-running and highly influential extreme metal group Malevolent Creation - whose trio of albums released by Roadrunner in the early-90s helped pioneer the "Florida Death Metal" sound - release The 13th Beast, the group's first since the passing of original vocalist Bret Hoffman. Musically it expands upon 2015's Dead Man's Path yet also incorporates a brutality known from albums such as The Will To Kill and Eternal, which is further accentuated by new vocalist/guitarist Lee Wollenschlaeger's (Throne of Nails, Imperial Empire) understandable yet deeper vocal tone and songwriting contributions.

Motley Crue "The Dirt" LP/CD (Eleven Seven Music) 
Dirt, the film, is the story of how Mötley Crüe came to be one of the most notorious rock 'n roll groups in history. Motley Crue release the 18-song soundtrack for The Dirt film. Bassist Nikki Sixx says: "During the filming of our movie we got excited and inspired to write new music. "Getting back in the studio with Bob Rock just fueled the creative fires for us. To me, the music sounds like classic Motley. The lyrics were written for the movie and are a reflection of our life."

Pestilence "Consuming Impulse" 2xLP (Hammerheart) 
The best Old School Death Metal album from the Netherlands gets a well-deserved re-issue. A landmark release in Death Metal, unmatched brutality and intensity now re-issued with the original artwork and the "Live in Veghel 1989" recordings on a second LP. Includes poster of the horrific artwork.

Ayler, Albert "Bells" CS (Personal Affair) 
The celebrated set that overjoyed the audience at New York's Town Hall on May 1st, 1965. It's a ferocious, twenty-minute romp containing excellent group improvisation and Ayler's signature military-themed melodies. The performance marks an important shift in Albert's music: towards blurring the lines between composition and improvisation. It is also the debut recording of Charles Tyler.

Evans, Bill "At The Montreux Jazz Festival" LP (Analogue Productions) 
This album occupies a unique place in the Bill Evans discography. It's the only album to document drummer Jack deJohnette's too-short stay in the trio. By the time it was recorded, live in Montreux on June 15, 1968, Eddie Gomez and Evans had been playing together for two years. Gomez provided a different brand of virtuosity to that offered by Scott LaFaro in Evans's classic trio of five years earlier but he was clearly the best bass player Evans had worked with since LaFaro's tragic death. The groove between the two was deep and comfortable, so comfortable that in this set, Evans did something he hadn't done before, at least on a recording: he showcased Gomez for an entire piece, the almost seven minute long "Embraceable You."

Hicks, John "Hells Bells" LP (Pure Pleasure) 
John Hicks (1941-2006) gave much to jazz over several decades but never really received the appreciation he so richly deserved. As a pianist, he proved himself in the Art Blakey and Betty Carter universities. He was also the prototypical musician's musician, a first-call pianist for many jazz greats and a magnificent accompanist to the art's best saxists, including Pharoah Sanders, Arthur Blythe, Chico Freeman, Archie Shepp, and David Murray.

Nerija "s/t" EP (Domino) 
NÉRIJA are are a collective of London-based musicians playing exciting and original music inspired by Jazz, Hip Hop, Afrobeat and South African Township.

Ranelin, Phil "The Time is Now" LP (Pure Pleasure) 
Phil Ranelin's first record as a leader is worlds away from his later 1976 offering, Vibes From the Tribe. The Time Is Now is a vanguard jazz record, full of the spirit, determination, and innovation inspired by John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Cecil Taylor, Pharoah Sanders, and Archie Shepp. Recorded in 1973 and 1974 and released at the end of 1974, the set shows Ranelin to be an imposing composer and frightfully good trombonist.

Ruby Rushton "Trudi's Songbook: Volumes 1 & 2" LP (22A) 
The Tenderlonious led jazz quartet Ruby Rushton and their 22a imprint have been at the forefront of the UK jazz scene since the release of their debut album Two For Joy in 2015. The band transport you back to the 70s Headhunters era, whilst still adopting the spiritual concepts of John Coltrane and Yusef Lateef. Audiences can expect to be treated to high energy compositions, fusing flavours of afro beat, hip hop, and Latin jazz.

Texier, Henri "A Cordes et a Cris" LP (JMS) 
A longtime fixture on the French jazz circuit and known for his work during the 60's and 70's opposite Don Cherry, Louis Sclavis and Didier Lockwood among other notables, bassist Henri Texier also had a sideline as a member of France's godhead folk prog merchants Total Issue back in the early 70's and the downy wistfulness and deep sweet soul ache that he nailed during his tenure in the outfit seems to have left a lasting impression, as his three solo missives that followed over the course of the 70's (this being his third) are all suffused with the same sort of profound beatific glow that he established with them. That said, the form of it's manifestation here is rather different from Total Issue's M.O., being principally concentrated on the emotive force of bass and voice, hewn through judicious multi-tracking into luxurious webs of pluck/bow motion through which Texier weaves breezy but emotionally weighty wordless vocalizations to dazzling effect.

Sexteto Miramar "Salsa! Mi Hermana" LP (Vampisoul) 
Reissue, originally released in 1968, of the first recording to come out of Discos Fuentes in the salsa genre. Featuring several originals as well as cover versions of New York Latin and Cuban songs, the album's wonderful mix of guajira, mambo, charanga, bolero, guaguancó, guaracha, boogaloo and salsa soon became hugely popular and helped update Colombian music tastes. Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

Brainstory "Dead End b/w Mnemophobia" 7" (Big Crown Records) 
Big Crown is proud the present the debut single from the one of the newest acts on the roster; Brainstory. Born and bred in Rialto, CA, the trio is made up of two brothers, Kevin & Tony Martin, and drummer Eric Hagstrom. Their music is a mix of jazz, funk, and psychedelia shrouded in a cloud of weed smoke and California soul. 

Howard, Barbara "On The Rise" CD (Colemine) 
Barbara Howard's On The Rise is more than just another rare soul LP. It's a love story. It's a dream. It was an attempt to break through. And although Barbara certainly never became a star, one song did become a staple in rare soul and funk DJ sets, keeping interest in Barbara Howard just under the surface.

Pollak, Judy "In Togetherness (feat. 33 1/3)" LP (Athens of the North) 
Judy Pollak's late 70s LP is extremely rare and charming piece of music. Not just a soul or funk album, sprinklings of folkiness in Judy's vocal make this a fairly unique and fantastic listen.

Spaceark "s/t" LP (Mr. Bongo) 
This is the super-rare debut album from SpaceArk, a band of brothers on an interstellar voyage to discover "electrifying new sounds". It's another one of those private press treasures - a dynamic group of talents seizing the moment and making magic in an astounding 12-hour turnaround at the legendary Sunset Sound studios.

Allen, Terry and the Panhandle Mystery Band "Pedal Steal + Four Corners" LP+3CD (Paradise of Bachelors) 
Collects, for the first time, Terry Allen's radio plays and long-form narrative audio works - two and a half hours of cinematic songs, stories, and country-concrète sound collage - in a deluxe gatefold edition, including one LP, three CDs, a DL code, and an exhaustive 28pp. Color booklet boasting the first in-depth essay to explore this body of work; dozens of images of Allen's related visual art; and full scripts and credits for all five pieces (a total of 33k words.) Pedal Steal (1985), originally composed as a soundtrack to a dance performance, appears on vinyl for the first time, as well as on CD. Torso Hell (1986), Bleeder (1990), Reunion (a return to Juarez) (1992), and Dugout (1993) comprise the Four Corners suite, radio plays broadcast on NPR and never before released, now spanning two CDs.

Ellis, Alton "Treasure Isle 1966-1968" LP (Kingston Sounds) 
After Ellis and Eddie Perkins recorded for both Studio One and Randy's, they parted ways and Eliis went solo with Studio One and recorded with Duke Reid's Treasure Isle Studio as Alton Ellis and The Flames. As the more upbeat rhythms of the earlier "ska" period slowed down, the top singers shined through, and Alton Ellis reigned supreme. One of his tunes featured on this set, "Get Ready (Do The Rocksteady)", even gave this period in reggae's history its name "rocksteady".

Akoussah, Akofa "s/t" LP (Mr. Bongo) 
Rich, deep, percussive soulful folk album from master Togolese singer, Akofa Akoussah. The album was recorded for release by French label Sonafric in 1976.

Rob "Hellfire" LP (Tambourine Party) 
After many years the long lost Apocalyptic Disco Funk offering has been unearthed and re-released for the world to hear. Rob's prophetic pre-apocalypse disco message, Hellfire, was originally released as a promotional LP by Nigerian label Taretone. Though a seminal work by Rob, disco stylings had fallen from vogue on the Nigerian dance floors. With the local airwaves dominated by artists like Félix Lebarty, Rob's promotional release was shelved, and never got to see a full-scale commercial issue. Ultimately the master tapes were lost by Taretone and the album was doomed to obscurity for decades until its recent rediscovery by Tambourine Party Records.

Fukuda, Teruhisa "Japon" 2xLP (Disques VDE Gallo) 
Ambient/traditional flute music from Japanese shakuhachi Master, Teruhisa Fukuda. For this release, Master Fukuda chose a series of seven pieces from a repertoire dating back to the seventeenth century. These were originally performed by monks belonging to the Fuke sect of Zen Buddhism, who viewed their instrument as means for meditation. Double-LP version comes on 180 gram vinyl; gatefold sleeve; includes download code.

Célia "s/t" LP (Mr. Bongo) 
Célia was a Brazilian vocalist who worked frequently with master arranger-composer Arthur Verocai in her early years and many other heavyweights over the course of her extensive career. This, her second self-titled LP from 1972, features an all-star line up including Arthur Verocai, Erasmo Carlos, Roberto Carlos, Marcos Valle, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Nonato Buzar and Vinicius de Moraes amongst others. Célia's version of 'Na Boca do Sol' - taken from this album - is arguably her most well-known and well-loved song. An incredible take on Verocai's original, featuring waling fuzz guitars, strings, piano, horns and drums.

Kalsoum, Om "El Hob Kollo" LP (Souma) 
Reissue, originally released in 1971. They call her "The Rose of the Nile", "The Queen of the Nile", "The Daughter of the Nile", or even "The 4th Pyramid of Egypt" since she's known as the greatest Egyptian singer of all times. Together with the immortal Alf Leila We Leila, El Hob Kollo must undeniably be archived under the best recordings ever made in music history. High-quality pressing in vintage inside out die-cut sleeve; printed inner sleeve with liner notes.

Mesquita, Ronald "Bresil 72" LP (Mr. Bongo) 
Classic Brazilian album from master drummer, Ronald Mesquita, originally released in 1972. Featuring songs by Jorge Ben, Antonio Carlos-Jobim, Gilberto Gil, Edu Lobo and others.

v/a "Brazil Primitivo Vol.1: Rhythms, Legends & Styles (1899-1963)" LP+CD (Sound Miracle)
Features lundu, chorinho, capoeira, samba de roda, xaxado or toada by artists such as Pixinguinha, Ataulfo Alves, Monsueto, and many others. Also features Carmen Miranda and Raul Seixas. Fully remastered; Audiophile transparent clear vinyl; Includes linter notes; Includes CD which features two bonus tracks by Bahiano and Almirante & Grupo Velha Guarda.

v/a "Cumbia Beat Volume 1" 2xLP (Vampisoul) 
Originally released in 2010. The first volume of Vampisoul's Cumbia Beat series dedicated to the Peruvian '60s sound. Peruvian cumbia, also known as "chicha," brings together tropical music styles from Colombia and Cuba, Western influences such as '60s beat and psychedelic rock, and mixes them with indigenous melodies from the Amazonian jungle and traditional Andean songs. Features Los Mirlos, Los Beta 5, Los Sanders De Ñaña, Los Diablos Rojos, and more. Includes extensive liner notes in English and Spanish, photos, and memorabilia. 

v/a "Cumbia Beat Volume 2: Tropical Sounds from Peru 1966-1983" 2xLP (Vampisoul) 
Originally released in 2012. The second volume of Vampisoul's Cumbia Beat series, once again including tracks by the most important bands of the genre. Features Los Destellos, Los Beta 5, Los Ecos, Juaneco Y Su Combo, and more. 

v/a "Cumbia Beat Volume 3: 21 Peruvian Tropical Gems" 2xLP (Vampisoul) 
The third volume of Vampisoul's Cumbia Beat series includes again tracks by the some of the most important bands of the golden age of Peruvian cumbia. Peruvian cumbia brings together tropical music styles from Colombia and Cuba, Western influences such as '60s beat and psychedelic rock, and mixes them with indigenous melodies from the Amazonian jungle and traditional Andean songs. Features Los Diablos Rojos, Los Beta 5, Los Girasoles, Los Ecos, Los Demonios Del Mantaro, Los Sander's De Ñaña, and more. 

Attilio "Art Takes a Holiday" LP (Musique Plastique) 
Performing throughout the 1980s as Art Carnage to the gloomy hipsters of Portland, Attilio Panissidi III decided he needed a vacation. The result of his creative escape became Art Takes A Holiday, an album of fabricated FM synthscapes and MIDI environments that embrace elements of smooth jazz, new age, and pop. Although originally intended as soundtrack music, the album retains its own momentum, narrative and evocative imagery that betrays Attilio's years of crafting songs. Attilio found a perfect ambience on this mythic retreat, somewhere between William Aura's summer cottage on Half Moon Bay and DJ Alfredo's Balearic island getaway.

Chikuma, June "Les Archives" LP+7" (RVNG) 
Taut instrumentals snap you into movement. A whooping gonzo record of synths, samplers, string quartet and drum machines, Les Archives is composed, arranged and produced by illusive Japanese artist June Chikuma. Her neon-vibrant aesthetic would be at home with films like After Hours, Repo Man, Gleaming the Cube or Teknolust. If it scored an action movie this record is a tale of mistaken identity (hijinks ensue). Les Archives bares little trace of it's Picture Label 1986 origins in name or sleeve design, but makes an emphatic entrance at the end of Freedom to Spend's 2018 archiv-ities.

Ditto, Charles "In Human Terms" LP (Telephone Explosion) 
In the mid-80's, an original form of music was discovered on the midi-capable little planet of Austin, Texas. At the age of 32, Charles Ditto would release his first solo album applying cutting edge computers and synthesizers of the era (Roland DX7, Roland MKS-20, Roland MKS-80, Sequential Circuits Profit 2000 along with a Macintosh SE), creating a unique and detailed world that was inspired by Cluster, Eno & The Residents.

Laraaji & Lyghte "Celestial Realms" LP (Morning Trip) 
Morning Trip is a new imprint under Telephone Explosion dedicated to releasing ambient, experimental and generally optimistic sounds. Originally released on cassette in 1986, Celestial Realms is a collaborative album from New Age figurehead and Brian Eno-collaborator Laraaji, and fellow cosmic traveller Jonathan Goldman (aka Lyghte). Laraaji conjures his typically vivid soundworld of shimmering electric zither, while Goldman inhabits that world with pulsing guitar and droning synthesizer. A trance-inducing ambient voyage. Celestial Realms provides a 46 minute blissful ambient voyage featuring zither, bells, synthesizer, and guitar.

v/a "INASOUND: retour aux sources de l'électro avec l'INA GRM" LP (Diggers Factory) 
Pioneer of electro-acoustic and experimental music, the French Groupe de Recherches Musicales (Musical Research Group) created by Pierre Schaeffer right after World War II still influences current electronic music. This selection of tracks from 1949 to 2004 invites its listener to discover the various directions taken by the most influential musicians of the Groupe.

v/a "The Noise of Art: Blixa Bargeld, Luciano Chessa, Fred Mopert, Opening Performance Orchestra" LP (Sub Rosa) 
Contains seven compositions, created by the Opening Performance Orchestra, Blixa Bargeld, Luciano Chessa, and Fred Möpert. All the pieces relate to the theme of futurism and employ intonarumori, instruments invented and used more than a century ago by the Italian Futurists in their noise compositions. CD version includes 16-page booklet. Double-LP version comes in embossed gatefold sleeve; Includes four-page booklet.

v/a "Wire Recorded Pieces: Precocious Noise and Early Electronica Pt. 2" LP (Sound Miracle Recordings) 
This is a compilation for those who are not familiar with the fascinating world of primal electronica, noise, sound design, industrial, avant-garde, tape-music, etc. Including a track recorded in 1921, almost a hundred years ago, and ending in the early 1960s, this selection includes artists of very different nationalities such as Egypt, USA, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, and even the USSR. Features Johanna M. Beyer, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Pierre Henry, Else Marie Pade, György Ligeti, and more. Fully remastered; Audiophile transparent clear vinyl; Includes CD.

51717 "Paranoia Star" 12" (L.I.E.S.) 
A longtime fixture in the NYC D.I.Y. electronics scene and previously appearing on L.I.E.S. back in 2013 with her collaborative Shadowlust project, Brooklyn based artist 51717 now returns to the fold with her debut 8 track solo LP, Paranoia Star. Releases on Silent Servant's Jealous God imprint in 2015 and the 6-1-6 cassette on Total Black in 2016 served as formative sonic gateways leading up to this album, as we hear 51717 expand on her cold minimalist sound design.

Apparat "LP5" LP (Mute) 
Apparat's new album, his first release since 2013's Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre), is sublime and delicate, finding greatness in small things and in unexpected twists, it joins musical fragments together and glows from the cracks in between: this is Sascha Ring's best work to date.

Asuna & Jan Jelinek "Signals Bulletin" LP (Faitiche) 
This album brings together joint improvisations and compositions made over a period of three years in Berlin, Kyoto, and Kanazawa. Asuna's meandering organ drones merge with Jelinek's pulsating synthesizer and field recording loops to create dense superclusters that span broad harmonic arcs. Includes download code.

Bradock, Pepe "Burning" 12" (Kif Recordings) 
Originally released by the Parisian back in 1999, the 12? features 'Deep Burnt' - possibly the greatest deep house track of all time - as well as the sizzling cuts 'Burning Hot' and 'The Right Way'.

Clarence G. "Hyperspace Sound Lab" 12" (Clone) 
Valuable reissue of killer 1991 J. Stinson produced Electro-Hip-Hop.

Convextion "R-CNVX1" 12" (a.r.t.less) 
Immense, spaced out Techno trips.

DJ Joe Lewis "Love of My Own" 12" (Clone) 
Invaluable, heart-stopping reissue of Larry Heard-touched Chicago House holy grail from 1986.

Edwards, Delroy "Wagon Wheels" 12" (L.I.E.S.) 
Delroy Edwards follows up his smashing "Aftershock" lp from 2018 with a new six track ep of pure old school 80s style Chicago House. While many may have moved on, Delroy Edwards steers the course, carrying the torch like not many cannot do, as he executes stripped down 808 beat tracks with a Gherkin bounce to perfection.

Elecktroids "Kilohertz" 12" (Clone) 
Uber-funky Drexciya prod. Electro EP previously on Warp reissued with additional track.

Gramm "Personal Rock" LP (Faitiche) 
Re-release of Jan Jelinek's debut album Personal Rock, originally released by Source Records in 1999. Under the pseudonym Gramm, it brings together eight tracks that have not been available on vinyl since their original release. Personal Rock will appear as a double-LP, featuring the original cover artwork. Includes download code.

Halo, Laurel "DJ-Kicks" LP (!K7) 
The 68th edition of the DJ-Kicks mix series is another landmark one, with experimental producer Laurel Halo taking the reins. The American's adventurous 29 track trip features seven exclusives, including two of her own plus those from Rrose, Machinewoman, FIT Siegel, Nick León and Ikonika.

Kumulus "Cloud Chaser" 12" (Frame of Mind) 
Reissue of 1992 techno 12".

Logos "Imperial Flood" LP (Different Circles) 
Nexx grime mutant Logos checks the electric blue pulse of UK hardcore music on Imperial Flood, the stunning follow-up to his pivotal underground grime/electronica classic, Cold Mission. Setting a new high-water mark for UK dance-related albums, Imperial Flood stakes a claim for Logos as a key dramaturgist of all things darkside, techy and schooled in the hardcore continuum.

Prism "Metronome Melody" 2xLP (Sublime Records) 
The masterpiece album originally released in 1997 by Prism aka Susumu Yokota, Japanese originator of techno and house.

Shlohmo "The End" LP (Friends of Friends) 
Shlohmo is acclaimed electronic producer, designer and composer Henry Laufer, a staple in the independent Los Angeles music scene since the release of his seminal 'Bad Vibes' LP in 2011. His high profile collaborations with artists like Chance The Rapper, Jeremih, Joji and others as well as the Wedidit Collective (RL Grime, Ryan Hemsworth, D33J etc) in which he founded has and roots in the Low End Theory movement brought him international acclaim and a cult-like following clammering for 'The End,' his third full-length and first since 2015. Dread and angst and an eery sense of calm merge together to create something truly special as this one of a kind artist takes his next step forward into his unique genre-defying depths.

Sound Stream "Love Remedy" 2xLP (Sound Stream) 
The ultimate "Disco House Bomb" from one of the all-time greats, Frank Timm, aka Soundhack, aka one half of Smith N Hack - whose debut album now arrives almost exactly 20 years after his debut 12" was released back in 1999.

Torn Hawk "Time is a Scam" 2xLP (L.I.E.S.) 
Torn Hawk returns to L.I.E.S. and flips everything on its head broadcasting live and direct from a New Jersey basement.

v/a "Eminent Domain" 3xLP+7" (L.I.E.S.) 
Massive 22 track compilation spanning three vinyl lps and one 45 showcasing a wide scope of subterranean American electronics. This is just a small look into the the massive contemporary underbelly of odd-ball sonic bottom dwellers making noise across the 50 states. These transmissions come from remote government outposts, booming overcrowded metropolis', outskirts of America's South and even the long forgotten muck and sleaze of Northeastern suburbia. This America in its glory, a nasty place rife with tension and division, ready to boil over into complete chaos at any given moment and these are artists that walk among it. Absorbing it all and spitting it out, moments of clarity and tranquility go head to head with dramatic clashes, attempting to make sense of it all or simply to isolate oneself and escape this morbid world. A definitive sonic document of modern life in a nation on the decline.

"BlacKkKlansman" by Terence Blanchard LP (Waxwork) 
Deluxe vinyl release featuring the complete film music by Blanchard pressed to 180-gram vinyl. The deluxe packaging details include 1970's inspired design work by Aesthetic Apparatus, a heavyweight printed insert, old style tip-on gatefold jackets and red & black smoke colored vinyl.

"Taxi Driver" by Bernard Hermann LP (Music on Vinyl) 
Bernard Hermann's score is comprised primarily of a brass section mixing with a saxophone theme. The music swings back and forth, to amplify Travis' deteriorating mental state. Layered atop the two key components are harps, woodwinds, and even noises of the city, like a nearby drum kit or the music of a theater.

"Vertigo" by Bernard Herrmann LP 
Bernard Herrmann (Citizen Kane, Psycho, Taxi Driver) was one of the most original and distinctive composers ever to work in film. Vertigo is arguably Herrmann's coup de resistance, and the inarguably one of the greatest pieces of film music ever released. For Vertigo's 60th anniversary, this LP has been remastered from the original analog tapes pressed at RTI on to 180 gm vinyl, and slipped into a classic tip-on jacket from Stoughton Press. Vertigo has never looked or sounded better.

"Gone Home" by Chris Remo LP (iam8bit) 
Chris Remo's score for Gone Home isn't just ambiance; it's a vibrant and flourishing character in itself. The album is a journey - one of loss, love and mystery - that unravels without words. There is an evocative intimacy to the music, expressed with subtlety and occasional swells of grandeur, while always remaining grounded in the humanity of it all. Over its 32 minute run, you'll become so lost in its loveliness that when complete, it'll seem like days have passed. This very special 5th Anniversary vinyl will remind you just why Gone Home is such a historic feat of storytelling in games.

"Grim Fandango" by Peter McConnell LP (iam8bit) 
Jazz isn't dead. Well, actually, in this case, it is... but in the most thematically appropriate way for the 20th Anniversary edition of the Grim Fandango soundtrack. Composer Peter McConnell's trumpet-y and rambunctious big band lounge act can finally be listened to the way it was always intended - on vintage black vinyl. Real human orchestras were rarely used for videogame music back in the 90s, but in this Remastered Director's Cut, every note was re-recorded and performed by actual fleshy people. The results are foot-tapping and chill, turning your living room into a veritable smokey club (smoke not included).

"Mortal Kombat I & II" LP (Enjoy the Ride) 
Composed by Dan Forden (some of you may remember him from the game - he's the dude who appears in MKII and says "Toasty!" in a perfect falsetto), the iconic music for one of the 90s most popular video games is now available for the first time on vinyl. The music to the games was previously only available on CD via mail order - fans had to send a check and pre-paid postage to Forden's PO Box in order to secure the score. In celebration of 25 Years of Mortal Kombat II, this release will be available on colored vinyl and all housed in a 400 gsm gatefold jacket featuring iconic images from the first two MK games.

"Undertale: Japan Edition" by Toby Fox LP 
Recipient of multiple "Game of the Year" awards and countless 10/10 review scores, Undertale was amongst label iam8bit's most requested vinyl soundtracks. For good reason - as Toby Fox's original score accentuates the odyssey of Undertale beautifully - a nostalgic, chip-riffed plummet down a 16-bit rabbit hole. Allusions to classic RPGs like Earthbound and Final Fantasy are certainly obvious, but the magic of Undertale's music is that in the wake of all its retro references, it deftly crafts a unique, emotional identity all its own.

Switched on SNES "Secret of Mana" LP (Subtropic) 
The second installment of analog synthesizer Super Nintendo soundtracks from Switched On SNES. Hiroki Kikuta's classic 1993 Secret of Mana soundtrack has returned in an all new way - played on Moog and other classic synthesizers, reminiscent of Mort Garson's "Plantasia" and Isao Tomita's "Snowflakes Are Dancing." Old tape machines and and echo units create a warbly and rich analog texture, imparting a dreamlike feel to Kikuta's compositions. The new instrumentation feels otherworldy while still invoking the nostalgia from the original soundtrack. The LP comes in both black and green/white on 180g with a run time of 38 minutes.

Deaf Center "Low Distance " LP (Sonic Pieces) 
Low Distance is Deaf Center's third full-length studio album and perhaps the most focused effort by the Norwegian duo to date. Erik K Skodvin and Otto A Totland's first new full-length studio album since 2011's Owl Splinters draws their sound back into something quieter and more minimal. Full tone cover artwork; Includes printed inner sleeve. Includes download code.

Deep Cross "Somewhere Below b/w Warm Rain" CS (Somatic) New cassette single from Austin Industial/Doom/Sludge band.

Desiderii Marginis "Deadbeat" 2xLP (Cyclic Law) 
Remastered reissue of the long unavailable 2001 follow-up to Desiderii Marginis first album Songs Over Ruins. Work on Deadbeat began in 1999 and one specific aim was to create an album with a strong sense of unity and cohesion, to keep building on the sacral atmospheres of previous work but to aim for added depth and a darker, colder, more industrial sound throughout. At a time when dark ambient music was very much finding its way it certainly felt of the essence to create something with a wider expanse than before, and to try to make it personal as well as emotional amidst the gritty soundscapes.

Esplendor Geometrico "Selected Tracks 2. 1995-1998" 2xLP (Geometrik) 
Machine and hypnotic rhythms, metallic sounds, tribal sonorities, distortion, collages with voices, which show Esplendor Geométrico's influence on the current trends of industrial techno. Ten of the thirteen tracks appear for the first time on vinyl, and some rarities only released in very limited CDR editions during the '90s and without distribution, are also included. Gatefold sleeve; Edition of 700.

Ex Confusion "I Remember When" LP (n5MD) 
The sixth album from Tokyo based nostalgic ambient soloist Ex Confusion. I Remember When finds Omori carefully carving music out of hazy memories. Emotive, abstracted, and overcast (as the cover art itself alludes to). Omori excels at his brand of heart to hands clouded ambient by utilizing faded repetition with ghostly percolating guitars printed to old formats.

Executioner's Mask "True Blue" CS (Somatic) 
New EP from the Philiadelphia Electronic/Deathrock band.

Soren Roi "Failures in Passion / Evenstance" 7" (Primitive Languages) 
For his debut 7" on Primitive Languages, Soren Roi delivers a rougher, less polished approach than on his previous releases. "Failures In Passion" centers onimously around the voice of artist Reba Maybury. Reba's stern voice rides on top of bass drones and falls in between the short breaks of snare drum and high hats. Subtle but emotive passages are imbued in the heavy bass work. The flip side of the record blasts off with "Evenstance", taking more cues from the UK sonically. Moody and uptempo, the track juxtaposes moments of serenity with that of leveling stabs of synthesis.

The Black Drumset "charged" LP/CD 
Their much-anticipated sophomore record... features seven tracks of powerful, cinematic post-punk, centered around tribal drum patterns, polyrhythmic synthesizers, and shoegaze and psychedelic textures.

McCarville, Meg "Four Circles" BK (Amphetamine Sulphate) 
Join your lusty host Meg McCarville for a hellishly undivine comedy as she leads you through a quartet of blazing infernos in modern America. Witness in horrified fascination the madness and drug-fuelled obscenity to be found in the decaying streets, crackhouses and trailer parks of Chicago, Oakland, Miami and New Orleans.