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Friday, May 11th

Arctic Monkeys "Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino" CD/LP (Domino) Arctic Monkeys' sixth album.

Beach House "7" CD/LP/CS (Sub Pop) New album from Beach House.

Birth Defects "Everything Is Fine" LP (Ghost Ramp) New full-length from the LA punk band.

Bozulich, Carla "Quieter" LP (Constellation) Quieter is an enchanting collection of previously orphaned and one-off tracks, a couple left over from the bountifully productive Boy sessions, others featuring collaborations with the likes of Marc Ribot, Sarah Lipstate (Noveller), Freddy Ruppert, Shahzad Ismaily and more. The album is the result of Bozulich sifting through unreleased/unfinished material, recovering from tour-inflicted ear-damage, and being drawn to the quieter stuff (relatively speaking) in her abundant archives.

Brian Jonestown Massacre, The "Hold That Thought" 10" (A Recordings) New 10" with two tracks from two different forthcoming BJM albums.

Chadwick, Sarah Mary "Sugar Still Melts In The Rain" CD/LP (Sinderlyn) Chadwicks 4th solo work. It was recorded and mixed by friend, musician and filmmaker Geoffrey O'Connor in Vanity Lair and Phaedra Studios in Melbourne. The album came together so quickly partly as a result of the duo's commitment to efficiency and partly due to Sarah's lack of attachment to the idea of "the perfect vocal take." She knows she isn't a virtuoso; tongue firmly in check, she is quick to reference those limitations mockingly. Yet, it's within those boundaries that she thrives, disinterested in the perfect take in lieu of her best take - unique, somber and raw.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard "Polygon wanaland" LP (Fuzz Club Records) Deluxe version of King Gizzard's 'open-source' album.

Kozelek, Mark "s/t" CD (Caldo Verde) Recorded at Mark Hopkins Hotel, Seal Rock Inn, Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco May 11, 2017 through January 26th, 2018. All music by Mark Kozelek except drums on 'Sublime' by Steve Shelley.

La Luz "Floating Features" CD/LP/CS (Hardly Art) For this, their most ambitious release yet, La Luz consulted landscapes both physical and psychological. Only La Luz could conjure up Floating Features' Leone-on-LSD vibes, and the album finds the L.A. band at the height of their powers.

Las Cobras "Temporal" LP (Fuzz Club) Las Cobras is a two-piece band hailing from Canelones, Uruguay that's comprised of Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebellato. Despite being a totally new band, forming in the summer of 2016, this album is certain to pin the duo firmly on the radars for psych-heads across the globe. Still fully immersed in their latin roots their groove-ridden, mystical psychedelia is totally enthralling - a hypnotic journey through warped synths, tropic percussion, lysergic bass-lines, smoky vocals and chiming, fuzzed-out guitars.

Las Rosas "Shadow By Your Side" CD Greenway Records The 2nd album from Brooklyn's Las Rosas. With their sophomore LP, Shadow By Your Side, Las Rosas puts on full display the bands growth as performers & songwriters. Shadow By Your Side brings you into the world of Las Rosas and takes you further into their universe.

Lubelski, Samara "Flickers At The Station" LP (Drawing Room) Lubelski's first solo album of all new material since 2016's "The Gilded Raid". Mastered by Josh Bonati, the 180-gram LP comes in a high-gloss full colored sleeve along with an inner-sleeve and poster.

Night Beats "Fuzz Club Sessions" LP (Fuzz Club) Fuzz Club Sessions gathers some of the best, most exciting names in the international psych/rock and roll scene. Each band has been invited into the studio and asked to play a 30-minute set that could be made up of improv jams, new and old songs, covers and just about anything. Using entirely analogue gear including a Neve console, 2" Ampex tape machine and the whole shebang. The aim: to distill some of the best names in underground music to their absolute fundamentals - just raw, unkempt rock and roll, recorded in one take. The first instalment is the psychedelic garage-rock of Seattle's Night Beats.

Puth, Charlie "Voicenotes" CD (Atlantic) 2018 release, the sophomore studio album from singer/songwriter and producer.

Sea And Cake, The "Any Day" CD/LP (Thrill Jockey) Latest album from the long-running indie pop group.

Spacemen 3 "Playing With Fire" LP (Superior Viaduct) Reissue. Appropriately preceded by the mind-melting crunch of the "Revolution" single, Playing with Fire proved to be the end of Spacemen 3 as a functioning band, but in truly spectacular fashion. Exploring both the depths of serene, agog beauty and sheer tape-shredding chaos, Playing with Fire pushed the extremes of The Perfect Prescription to an even further edge.

Spacemen 3 "Recurring" LP (Superior Viaduct) 1990's Recurring, the fourth and final studio album by Spacemen 3, is often considered the introduction of two brilliant solo projects (Spectrum and Spiritualized) rather than the work of a functioning band. While Spacemen 3's departing statement surely reveals a deep divide within the S3 camp-each side of the LP was written by Sonic Boom and Jason Pierce separately and, unlike previous releases, the two do not play on each other's songs-Recurring maintains a cohesive, dreamy feel with its chief sonic officers backed by fellow travelers Will Carruthers, Mark Refoy and Jon Mattock. Includes download card and new insert with liner notes by Marc Masters.

Waits, Tom "Nighthawks at the Diner" LP (WEA) Recorded in front of a live audience at the Record Plant recording studio in Los Angeles in 1975, Nighthawks at the Diner debuts some of Waits' greatest classics like "Warm Beer, Cold Women" and "Eggs and Sausage" with a crack Jazz ensemble backing him up and some of the greatest stage patter ever committed to record.

Waits, Tom "The Heart of Saturday Night" LP (WEA) Expanding beyond the folk and pop stylings of his first album, Waits' second studio release Heart of Saturday Night established his reputation as a versatile and distinctly American songwriter. Its bluesy jazz arrangements featured bass, drums, sax and Waits on piano. The title track, a melancholy ode to Saturday night rituals, and the tenderly romantic hymn-like San Diego Serenade are enduring classics covered by an array of artists from Diana Krall and Nancy Griffith to folk hero Eric Anderson. The album also features Diamonds on My Windshield, the first of what would become a signature for Waits', the spoken word-poetry song. Waits' delivers these lyrics as pure beat jazz in the stylings of Kerouac, Langston Hughes and Bob Kaufman.

Williamson, Jess "Cosmic Wink" CD/LP (Mexican Summer) On Cosmic Wink, Jess Williamson's third album following the self-published Native State and Heart Song, an artist emerges as another self in love, under California's influence, and a part of an even wider consciousness. Cosmic Wink is a record about how vulnerability can feel something less vulnerable when love - true, deep love - creates a latticework of strength underneath the frame of our humanity.

Winslow, King Luke "Blue Mesa" CD (Bloodshot) Luke Winslow-King's' latest album is an example of craftsmanship at the highest level, radiating a warmth and timeless elegance. Adept at mixing country, blues, R&B, rock 'n' roll, and folk influences intuitively and masterfully, Luke shapes a mood from many sources and shepherds it to a unifying place of acceptance and hope. 'Blue Mesa' is both stately and approachable, manifestly proficient but deeply personal.

Eminem "Revival" LP (Aftermath) Vinyl edition of Eminem's 2017 album.

v/a "Black Panther: The Album" 2xLP Kendrick Lamar LP (Interscope) Vinyl edition of the start-studded soundtrack. 

Cooder, Ry "The Prodigal Son" CD (Fantasy) His first album in six years. It features a mix of Cooder originals and interpretations of songs by Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Roosevelt Graves, the Stanley Brothers and other traditional recordings.

Garcia, Jerry "Before The Dead" 5xLP BOX (Caroline) features a meticulously researched and curated compilation of recordings the iconic Grateful Dead founder made prior to forming the legendary band. Before The Dead includes never before heard performances, recordings that have never been commercially released and a small selection that have. From intimate live recordings to live studio recordings to field recordings, Before The Dead serves as a historical document in the spirit of renowned releases by Smithsonian Folkways and influential field recordings by Alan Lomax. The 5-LP boxed set is pressed to 180-gram vinyl in a limited edition of 2,500 pieces and includes a special in-depth 32-page book featuring essays by McNally and Miksis, rare photos and memorabilia along with detailed listening notes and commentary on each track by Dr. Neil V. Rosenberg.

Grateful Dead "Cornell 5/8/77" 5xLP BOX (Grateful Dead Production) The most celebrated Grateful Dead show in history available now in a 140 gram, 5-LP vinyl set.

Dwarfs of East Agouza, The "Rats Don't Eat Synthesizers" LP (Akuphone) Hailing from the Agouza district of Cairo, Egypt, this brilliant trio consists of Alan Bishop, Maurice Louca, and Sam Shalabi. LP comes in a beautiful hot-foil stamped sleeve; Includes download code. Edition of 1000.

El Polen "Cholo" LP (Buh) First vinyl reissue of El Polen's Cholo, originally released in 1972. The legendary Peruvian band, formed in the late 1960s by brothers Juan Luis and Raul Pereira, was a pioneer of the fusion of Andean music, folk, and psychedelia. Named after a film about soccer player Hugo "Cholo" Sotil, on Cholo rock roots, symphonic, progressive, psychedelic tints emerge from these songs combined with Peruvian folklore.

El Polen "Fuera de la Ciudad" LP (Buh) First vinyl reissue of El Polen's Fuera De La Ciudad, originally released in 1973. The legendary Peruvian band, formed in the late 1960s by brothers Juan Luis and Raul Pereira, was a pioneer of the fusion of Andean music, folk, and psychedelia. Fuera De La Ciudad was recorded with all of the musicians at the same time in two short sessions at El Virrey studios.

Johnson, Robert "Love in Vain" LP (Wax Love) A collection of 12 alternate take recordings by Robert Johnson. Beyond the classic sides that were released on 78 rpm at the time, there were numerous unreleased outtakes and alternate recordings that went uncovered for decades after their recording.

Johnson, Robert "Me and the Devil" LP (Wax Love) A collection of some of the finest moments from Robert Johnson. Collected from the only two known recording sessions by the King of Delta Blues, made in Dallas and San Antonio in 1936 and 1937.

Louise, Sarah "Deeper Woods" LP ( Thrill Jockey) On Deeper Woods, the verdant forest that surrounds Sarah Louise's North Carolina home can be felt with each note. Louise's poetic depictions of nature both lyrical and musical are animated and reverent. Lauded for her work as an accomplished 12-string solo guitarist, Deeper Woods is the first album to prominently feature her voice. Louise enriches her warm singular vocal sound with a lush variety of instruments as well as layers of harmonies that together create a tapestry of texture. Steeped in Appalachian folk traditions, Louise's influences are much broader with shades of psychedelia and experimentalism, pushing her beyond genre constraints.

Cobb, Brent "Providence Canyon" CD (Atlantic) 2018 album from the Georgia-based country music singer/songwriter. Cobb's musical style has been described as "blue collar country" with "bluegrass-leaning inclinations."

Hays, Christy "River Swimmer" LP (Nine Mile) New album from the Austin-based singer/songwriter.

Jackson, Alan "Precious Memories Collection" LP (EMI Nashville) Vinyl edition of this 2006 album featuring nothin' but hymns.

Prine, John "The Tree Of Forgiveness" LP (Oh Boy) The highly-anticipated album, The Tree of Forgiveness, is Prine's first collection of new material since 2005's Grammy-winning Fair and Square. Rather than going out on a limb, Prine cultivated the themes that have brought international acclaim since the 1970s. For example, he can take a topic like loneliness and make it funny or heartbreaking.

Altar of Perversion "Intra Naos" LP (Ajna Offensive) Herein are 6 songs of profound introspection and honesty, unbridled by norms or trends, adhering to tenents of belief that should resonate with the seeker, the curious, the outsider. Altar of Perversion emerges from the void after twelve years of searching, reflection, shattering the known and invoking the unattainable in the quest for the numinous.

Body, The "I Have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer." CDLP (Thrill Jockey) With each release, the duo of Lee Buford and Chip King continue to defy the constraints of what it means to be a "heavy" band, seamlessly combining composition or production approaches from hip hop, pop, classical, as well as rock and electronica resulting in a rich and utterly singular sound. Equally at home on festival stages, art spaces, or in DIY basements, they transcend musical boundaries. Their ambitious creativity shapes their bleak worldview into propulsive, affecting, and even danceable music often drenched in distortion. On I Have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer The Body challenged themselves again by turning their compositional approach on its head, choosing to build the record on their own samples rather than recording the basic tracks of drums and guitars and processing those. The results carry the listener towards the brink of emotional and musical extremes. I Have Fought Against It... conjures the sublime from an unexpected and incomparable variety of sounds.

Darkthrone "Sardonic Wrath" CD (Peaceville) Initially released in 2004 and was Darkthrone's final album for the Moonfog Productions label. With a suitably raw sound, the album delivers a wholly grim selection of black metal greatness courtesy of Nocturno Culto and Fenriz, with a dose of pure 80s metal influence as ever coursing through their veins.

Ingested  "The Level Above Human" CD (Unique Leader) The band's most exciting, brutal, and interesting material to date. The Level Above Human is a career defining album from these titans of British death metal.

Melvins "Bullhead" LP (Boner) Available again with updated artwork and a new gatefold sleeve! Melvins' follow-up to 1989's Ozma was 1991's groundbreaking Bullhead. The songs are longer, the mood is calmer, yet more menacing.

Signs Of The Swarm "Disfigurement Of Existence" CD (Unique Leader) Pittsburgh death metal squad present their latest full-length.

Skinless "Savagery" CD (Relapse) The US Death Metal veterans return with their pulverizing sixth studio offering. Nine slabs of rotting, aural remains across 37 minutes of titanic slams, untouchable grooves, mauling riffs and blood-thirsty, bestial growls.

Pierce, Jeffrey Lee & Cypress Grove "Anarchic Blues" 2xLP (Bang!) Extended version of vinyl edition of this magnificent recording from Jeffrey Lee Pierce & Cypress Grove, all pure acoustic blues, recorded in Slovenia in 1994 for a radio show. Includes extensive liner notes from Cypress Grove speaking about those days and tour. Gatefold sleeve.

Scientists "Mini Mini Mini/Perpetual Motion" 7" (Bang! Records) Kim Salmon is back with his Scientists -- Boris Sujdovic, Tony Thewlis, and Leanne Cowie (the mid-80s line-up) -- and delivers their first recording in 30 years.

Spazz "Sweatin' to the Oldies" LP (Tankcrimes) Reissue of the powerviolence classic.

Boy Harsher "Pain II" 12" (Nude Club) Features a Soft Moon remix on the B-side.

Nexda "Words & Numbers" LP (Mannequin) Coming from Haarlem, Nexda -- consisting of Ivo Schalkx, Karin Hueting, Martienden Nijs -- played music on handmade drums, metal, organ, saxophone, and voice. Word & Numbers features music taken from two 12" EPs, a split 7", and a flexi 7", all released in 1982. Striking compositions, part of, but in some way removed from their contemporary post-punk bands coming out of the Dutch "Ultra" scene of the time.

v/a "Dutch Wave: A History Of Minimal Synth & Wave In The Netherlands" LP (Onderstroom) The first chapter of Onderstroom digging into the history of Dutch minimal synth and wave. Call it minimal wave, synth-pop, or experimental electronics. Onderstroom call it the real Dutch treat. Features The Actor, Störung, S.M. Nurse, Das Ding, and more.

v/a "Crying Bamboos: Ceremonial Flute Music from New Guinea Madang" 2xLP (Ideologic Organ) Collection of previously unreleased recordings made by Ragnar Johnson in 1979. Sacred flute music played for male initiation in the Madang region of Papua New Guinea. Flute cries with occasional garamut percussion, vocals, and hand drums.

Milito, Osmar "E Deixa O Relogio Andar!" LP (Vinilisssimo) First vinyl reissue of Osmar Milito's debut album, originally released on Som Livre in 1971. Includes his amazing cover of Herbie Hancock's "Cantaloupe Island" plus several classic Brazilian songs by Marcos Valle, Jorge Ben, and Ivan Lins, among others. Features Quarteto Forma on vocals, Luis Eça, Marcos Valle, and Pascoal Meirelles. Fierce samba jazz and bossa all the way through! Presented in facsimile artwork; 180 gram vinyl.

v/a "Ed Motta presents: Too Slow to Disco Brasil" CD/2xLP (How Do You Are?) Too Slow to Disco take a dive into an often-overlooked side of Brazilian music: Brazilian soul, funk and AOR. The compiler of this Too Slow to Disco release, is the young nephew of Brazil's legendary soul icon Tim Maia, the "Colossus of Rio", as he's known: Ed Motta. Motta is a refined practitioner of jazz, funk, soul, AOR, and much else besides, having worked with everyone from Gilles Peterson to Roy Ayers, 4Hero, Seu Jorge, and many others. Too Slow to Disco Brasil features Rita Lee, Carlos Bivar, Zeca Do Trombone, and more. Double LP version includes download code.

Los Supremos "Atiza y Ataja" LP (Vampisoul) Reissue, originally released on Discos Fuentes in 1971. The only album released by Los Supremos, Atiza Y Ataja was the debut recording for Edulfami Molina Díaz, aka Piper Pimienta, who would soon make his mark as Fruko's lead singer and later with The Latin Brothers and his own orchestra. Grounded firmly in the Cuban style of La Sonora Matancera, Los Supremos were also influenced by the NYC salsa dura and bugalú of Willie Colón, while managing to include coastal Colombian tropical music like cumbia and currulao, throwing in some improvised descarga jamming as well. A varied and hard-edged mix -- one of Discos Fuentes' first, and finest, forays into making salsa records. Presented in facsimile artwork; 180 gram vinyl.

Coleman, Ornette "At the Town Hall, December 1962" LP (Wax Love) Reissue, originally released as Town Hall - 1962 in 1965. A true artistic statement of pure free energy, this live date is both totally unhinged and completely in control.

Davis, Miles "Greatest Hits" LP (Legacy) Limited vinyl LP repressing including digital download. Miles Davis' Greatest Hits is a compilation album by Miles Davis released in vinyl in 1969. This collection includes tracks from the albums Seven Steps To Heaven, My Funny Valentine, Someday My Prince Wil Come, In Person Friday Night At The Blackhawk, E.S.P., 'Round About Midnight and Kind Of Blue.

Eriksen, Espen Trio with Andy Sheppard "Perfectly Unhappy" LP (Rune Grammofon) Eight new songs by the pianist, all written with this collaboration in mind. Espen Eriksen Trio was formed in 2007 and released their first album in 2010. Their music relies on highly melodic and lyrical instrumentals and a "less is more" approach and is often credited for its unique voice within today's jazz scene. With a career spanning over four decades, working together with the likes of George Russell and Gil Evans, Andy Sheppard is truly one of Europe's leading saxophonists.

Singer, Hal & Jef Gilson "Soul of Africa" LP (Super-Sonic Jazz) Reissue, originally released in 1974. Considered one of the most important Afro-Parisian jazz records of the '70s, Soul Of Africa sees Texas tenor sax giant Hal Singer team up with French pianist Jef Gilson, and his Afrocentric, big jazz band. Full of rhythmic modal jazz, Soul Of Africa plays off the talents of Singer and Gilson with great panache, all the while supported by the sublime percussive talents of Gilson's finely directed band. Comes in a heavyweight tip-on sleeve.

Harris, Dave and the Powerhouse Five "Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals" LP (Sonitron) Reissue, originally released in 1961. Recorded in 1958, Dave Harris's only release as a band leader was a magnificent tribute to Raymond Scott. Harris was a highly considered studio musician and played tenor sax in Scott's legendary Quintette during the late 1930s. A space-age-gem. Edition of 300.

Blais, Jean-Michel "Dans ma main" CD (Arts & Crafts) Jean-Michel Blais is a Canadian pianist whose primarily improvised work recalls composers such as Erik Satie and Maurice Ravel as well as minimalists like Philip Glass. His works are spontaneous and emotional rather than clinical and technically precise, and he often incorporates experimental production techniques into his recordings.

Electronic Modular Orchestra "s/t" 2xLP (Soave) A combination of seemingly distant sounds, old analog synthesizers, a pedal steel that recalls the American folk tradition, and the modular synthesis that leads back to the so-called concrete musical research, was the challenge to face. Freedom of expression, contemporary quotations, improvisation, Stravinsky, Bartok, Reich, psychedelic rock, jazz, all that is musical emotion is taken as a stimulus for this research.

Flores, Miguel "Primitivo" LP (Buh) Member of the classic Peruvian hard rock band PAX in his foray into experimental music. Returning to Lima after an intense tour to Japan in 1980, Miguel Flores was commissioned by choreographer Luciana Proaño to write the score for her new contemporary performance Mitos Y Mujeres. Miguel Flores called Corina Bartra, Arturo De La Cruz, Manuel Miranda, and Aberlardo Oquendo to play the music which brought together folklore and psychedelia, free jazz, electronics, tribal music and ashaninka chants. Originally recorded in 1983, Primitivo is presented here for the first time on vinyl.

Polonio "Bload Stations - Syntax Error" LP (Vinilisssimo) Reissue of the second solo album by Eduardo Polonio, one of the great pioneers of electroacoustic music in Spain. Originally released in 1987, includes ten tracks composed between 1977 and 1985 and recorded at Laboratorio Phonos, Estudiomar, and Laboratorio Alea using the Minimoog, Polymoog, EMS Synthi AKS synthesizers, and the Yamaha CX5MII computer. Sparse, repetitive and hypnotic, the record's minimal melodies make it irresistibly addictive. Presented in facsimile artwork; 180 gram vinyl. A co-release with Geometrik Records.

Ruiz del Pozo, Arturo "Native Compositions" LP (Buh) Native instruments of Andean and Amazonian music used to compose concrete music. Based on sounds that came from native instruments and diverse manipulations, Ruiz Del Pozo creates a collage of sounds of Andean reminiscence, echoes and abstractions. These recordings were named Native Compositions (Composiciones Nativas) and they were released in a cassette tape format in 1984 by the author himself.

Bicep "Opal (Four Tet Remix)" 12" (Ninja Tune) Four Tet has remixed Bicep's 'Opal', taken from the Belfast duo's 2017 debut album, a crowning work (so far) from a decade-long career, distilling the influence of halcyon days club culture into their own unique sound. Likewise, Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden) brings a distinctive track record to remixing. His rework of 'Opal' sees subtle rhythmic tweaks and additions: overlays of texture and hinted melodies, giving the track a more tender, contemplative feel. He also extends its running time, drawing out each of its component parts, and giving them space to breathe.

Black Deer "Nowhere Man" LP (No 'Label') New LP from outsider house artist.

Hopkins, Jon "Singularity" CD (Domino) Singularity marks the fifth album from the UK electronic producer and composer and the follow up to 2013's Mercury Prize nominated Immunity. Where Immunity charted the dark alternative reality of an epic night out, Singularity explores the dissonance between dystopian urbanity and the green forest. It is a journey that returns to where it began - from the opening note of foreboding to the final sound of acceptance. Shaped by his experiences with meditation and trance states, the album flows seamlessly from rugged techno to transcendent choral music, from solo acoustic piano to psychedelic ambient.

Loveland, Jasen "My Medicine" 12" (Acid Camp) Acid techno featuring Silent Servant, BMG and Patrick Russell.

Mount Kimbie "Love What Survives Remixes Part 1" 12" (Warp) In a near perfect pairing, Mount Kimbie give over their driving, krautrock heavy Blue Train Lines track for three driving remixes from Nina Kraviz. Over each of the three versions on offer she pulls and twists the very best elements of Kimbie's rolling rhythms to morph them into her standardised high-level techno tool production mode.

Mount Kimbie "Love What Survives Remixes Part 2" 12" (Warp) Marcel Dettmann rolls Four Years And One Day right off the bone for a killer sort of grey area techno pressure leading up to a shoegazing squall, whereas Gerd Janson reframes the same original elements as a tuff acid house groove.

Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois "s/t" LP (Timesig / Planet Mu) First collaborative journey of Canadian musicians Venetian Snares and Daniel Lanois. What started as mutual respect for one another's work, led to several years of a creative germination resulting in this eight-track full-length exploration.

Dedekind Cut "Tahoe" CS (Hospital Productions) Dedekind Cut's second full-length collection Tahoe swells with widescreen grandeur, evoking vistas both inner and outer. Northern California producer Fred Welton Warmsley III's solo work as Dedekind Cut has evolved from fractured industrial design into increasingly subdued and sublime ambient meditations across two years of dedicated activity. Includes cassette-only exclusive bonus track. Art by Micki Pellerano.

Flu "Patsy: A Collection Of Absolute Insanity" LP (Artoffact) Between 1986 and 1989, cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy) and the late Alan Nelson (Hilt) spent countless hours recording out of Nelson's third story apartment as The Flu. The music they produced blended electronics, guitars, live drums, drum machines, live singing by cats, and recordings from tele-personals, all with Al's inimitable lyrics and vocals. At the time, The Flu's recordings had been available only as self-distributed cassettes sold by Alan around Toronto. In the mid 90's, many poor quality bootleg copies of a cassette called "The Flu - Patsy" were being floated around European record shows, but nobody had ever seen or heard anything about an official release and one of the former owners of Osmium said that he couldn't remember if it had actually been dubbed. Now, Artoffact Records is proud to offer a limited edition, double LP reissue of what is the absolute rarest cEvin Key-related album of all time, remastered for vinyl and using audio digitally transferred directly from the original masters.

Hilt "Minoot Bowl Dropped The Ball" LP (Artoffact) Formed by Vancouver rocker Alan Nelson, as well as Skinny Puppy members cEvin Key and Dwayne Goettel, the band signed with Nettwerk in the late 80s for two albums, and Key's Subconscious Communications released the third Hilt album, Minoot Bowl Dropped the Ball, in 2007. All three Hilt albums are now out of print. For the first time, Artoffact Records presents Hilt's third album on beautiful double vinyl.

Youngs, Richard "Endless Futures" LP (Glass Redux) RSD 2018 release. Brand new album from UK musician Richard Youngs, exclusively released for Record Store Day. White-colored 180 gram vinyl. Edition of 500.

Bloodthirsty Trilogy: The Vampire Doll, Lake of Dracula, Evil of Dracula - BluRay (Arrow Video)

Death Smiles On A Murderer - BluRay (Arrow Video)

Puppet Master II - BluRay (Wizard Entertainment)

Two Thousand Maniacs! - BluRay (Arrow Video)

Friday, May 4th


A Perfect Circle "Eat The Elephant" LP - Back in stock. This is the band's first album release in fourteen years.
Belly "Dove" CD/LP (Belly Touring LLC) Brand new album from the US dream pop group, their first since 1995's "King".
Black Moth Super Rainbow "Panic Blooms" CD/LP (Rad Cult) Panic Blooms, the long overdue sixth album by Black Moth Super Rainbow, is an account of depression and the shadow side of human frailty, full of gorgeous warped melodies that exist as their own genre, somewhere between late 90s Warp Records, dub, and chopped and screwed codeine drip. It's not drug music, it's dragged music, oozing through the muck of the present moment, past mutating the present, demon melodies filtered through the vain search for light.
Blanck Mass "Odd Scene / Shit Luck" 12" (Sacred Bones) Euro RSD 12"
Cut Worms "Hollow Ground" CD/LP (Jagjaguwar) New album from Brooklyn garage rocker.
Eno, Brian "Music for Installations" 6CD/9LP - Collection of new, rare and previously unreleased music, all of which was recorded by Brian Eno for use in his installations covering the period from 1986 until the present and beyond. Over this time, he has emerged as the leading exponent of "generative" music worldwide and is recognized as one of the foremost audio-visual installation artists of his time.
Epic Soundtracks "Good Things" LP+7" (Mapache) Stunning last Epic Soundtracks recordings available on vinyl for the first time. Insert with liner notes by Kevin Junior. Includes a facsimile reproduction of Epic Soundtrack's first 7" single "Popular Classical" with his first three solo recordings and featuring Robert Wyatt on vocals.
Friedberger, Eleanor "Rebound" CD/LP (Frenchkiss) Records New album from ex-Fiery Furnaces member. "Rebound" displays an entirely new sound for Eleanor, exchanging live instrumentation for programmed drums, a Juno synthesizer, and muted guitars, creating a sonic landscape where influences range from Stereolab and Suicide to Lena Platonos and Yellow Magic Orchestra.
Gat, Yonatan "Universalists" CD/LP (Joyful Noise) New album from guitarist, producer and experimental composer based in NYC. A conceptual and crafted snapshot of an artist evolving and experimenting, fusing the physical garage punk and freewheeling improvisational sounds of Gat's past with elements of avant-garde composition, electronic production and the signature sound of his genre-bending guitar.
Goddamn Gallows "Trial" CD (Sailor's Grave) New album from the gypsy-punk group.
Jimmy Eat World "Love Never/Half Heart" 7" (RCA) Indie exclusive "Love Never" b/w "Half Heart" 7-inch vinyl.
Jurado, Damien "The Horizon Just Laughed" CD/LP (Secretly Canadian) Damien Jurado's new opus extends the hot streak ignited by 2012's 'Maraqopa' and its 2014 follow-up 'Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son'. Cut once again with label mate and super producer Richard Swift at his National Freedom recording facility in rural Oregon, 'Visions of Us On The Land' completes the tale of an individual who disappears from society to discover universal truths.
Lake Street Dive "Free Yourself Up" LP (Nonesuch) New album from pop group.
Mano Negra "King of Bongo" LP+CD (Because Music) Reissue, originally released in 1991. Mano Negra is the legendary first band of French singer Manu Chao. King Of Bongo features the tracks "Out Of Time Man", "King Of Bongo", "Madame Oscar", and more. Printed sleeve and printed inner-sleeve; Includes CD.
Mano Negra "Patchanka" LP+CD (Because Music) Reissue, originally released in 1988. Mano Negra is the legendary first band of French singer Manu Chao. Patchanka features the tracks "Mala Vida", "Ronde De Nuit", "Salga La Luna", and more. Printed sleeve and printed inner-sleeve; Includes CD.
Matt & Kim "Almost Everyday" CD/LP (Fader) Their sixth studio album includes guest vocals from the band's friends including Mark Hoppus, Clairo, King Tuff, Flosstradamus, Santigold and more.
Millsap, Parker "Other Arrangements" CD (Okrahoma) New album from the singer-songwriter.
Nocturnal Projections "Complete Studio Recordings" LP (Dais) First ever vinyl reissue collection from storied New Zealand post-punk outfit. "Complete Studio Recordings" comprises the band's three original highly sought-after vinyl releases on one record fully remastered.
Nocturnal Projections "Inmates In Images" LP (Dais) The first ever live and rare vinyl collection from storied New Zealand post-punk outfit. Formed in Stratford, near New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1981, Nocturnal Projections was the explosive project of legendary and prolific brothers Graeme and Peter Jefferies (who would later form This Kind of Punishment before launching their solo careers), who along with friends Brett Jones and Gordon Rutherford, created some of the most energetic and influential avant-garde punk rock to emerge from the country.
Okkervil River "In The Rainbow Rain" CD/LP (ATO) Latest album from from the Austin, TX indie folk group.
Parks, Tess & Anton Newcombe "Right On" 12" (A Recordings) The third offering from Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe, contains four tracks. "Right On" is on the forthcoming Tess and Anton full-length LP, the three other tracks are exclusive to this EP. White vinyl; 180 gram vinyl.
Phair, Liz "Exile In Guyville" CD (Matador) Reissue.
Phair, Liz "Girly-Sound to Guyville: The 25th Anniversary" 3xCD/7xLP (Matador) 25th anniversary box set contains the first official restored audio of all three 1991 Girly-Sound tapes from the original cassettes. It also contains the 1993 Exile In Guyville album remastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge. Also included is a lavish, thick book, which contains an extensive oral history by Jason Cohen, plus essays by Liz Phair and journalist Ann Powers. The vinyl version of the book also contains never before published photos, unseen artwork, and ephemera.
"Revelation" CD (earMUSIC) Brand new album from the Britpop group, their first since 2000's "Getaway".
Risker, Jessica "I See You Among The Stars" CD/LP (Western Vinyl) A wood-grained, amber-hued world respectfully orbiting influences like Nick Drake, Sibylle Baier, and the softest moments of Broadcast. Paisley fabrics fade beneath an uncovered window, while dust and smoke billow gently through the sunbeams that never fully reach the dark half of the room. I See You Among the Stars achieves what the best music in the genre does: pictures with tangible depth, color, and detail painted with only a few well-chosen pigments.
Shakey Graves "Can't Wake Up" CD/LP/CS (Dualtone) This ambitious, audacious work heralds an artistic metamorphosis for the 30-year-old veteran, whose risk-taking in painting outside the lines has been rewarded tenfold.
Smith, Kaitlyn Aurelia "Abstractions" 12" (Make Noise Records) Electronic Series is an annual offering, and each volume will consist of a musical recording, accompanied by a short episodic comic about two friends - a plant and a human being - having an existential conversation. Each volume will focus on a different theme and context intended to nourish inquisitiveness. The theme of Volume 1 is "abstractions" - based on a collection of works by filmmaker Harry Everett Smith.
Sugar Candy Mountain "Do Right" 12" (People In A Position To Know/Joyful Noise) Their 4th LP. The duo knows how to compose some sweet and sugary 60's-inspired psychedelic sunshine/indie-pop. The first available track "Split In Two" follows in the vein of their previous album "666", and plays around with various synths and studio-trickery on a lovely groove which brings to mind the sounds of Melody's Echo Chamber or Tame Impala's "Lonerism".
Telescopes, The "Splashdown: The Creation Days 1990-1991" 2xLP (Radiation Deluxe Series) RSD 2018 release. A crucial collection from the early shoegaze British band, The Telescopes. Complies all four of their 12" singles on Creation as well as a 1991 John Peel session and other bonus tracks. Deluxe double-LP includes double-sided poster insert. 180 gram vinyl; Limited edition (numbered).
Tenniscoats "Music Exists Disc 4" LP (Alien Transistor) The vinyl-version of Volume 4 of Tenniscoats' masterpiece Music Exists, originally released in 2016. The final piece in this magic quadruple release by the Japanese experimental folk luminaries. Includes double-sided fold-out insert.
Trampled By Turtles "Life Is Good On The Open Road" CD/LP (Banjodad) The welcome return that the group's legions of passionate fans have been waiting for. Led by the songwriting of lead singer Dave Simonett, the new songs touch on key elements from the entire spectrum of Trampled By Turtles body of work, while creating something that sounds fresh and invigorated.
Turner, Frank "Be More Kind" LP (Interscope) New album from the English folk singer.
UT "Live At The Venue Nov. 24, 1981" LP (Out Records) First time on vinyl. Part of the ongoing UT remaster/reissue series. Originally released in 1982 as a cassette only release. Features five tracks recorded in November 1981 at the Venue.
Vive la Void "s/t" CD/LP (Sacred Bones) New solo project of Sanae Yamada, co-founder and keyboard player of Moon Duo. The dense, shape-shifting atmospheres of the seven songs grew out of late-night basement experiments in the layering of synthesizer tracks, a process that also led to meditations on the changeable nature of memory and perception. The result is an undulating blend of ethereal swirl, low end thrumming, and electric crackle, buoyed by Yamada's understated but captivating vocal melodies and her striking lyrics.
v/a "Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991"  LP (Music From Memory) Drawing material from cult experimental artists alongside one-off independent musical projects rescued from the fringes, 'Uneven Paths' focuses on a selection of tracks that go beyond the confines of mainstream pop music but which also transcend expectations of much of the 'experimental' music of the time. This is music with one foot in the avant-garde and another foot firmly rooted within the sensibilities of Pop; where Jazz musicians detour into Synth-Pop, Punk bands break into Boogie jams, and student doctors jam out on odd melodies with synthesizers and drum machines during their night shifts.

Dynospectrum, The "s/t" 20 Year Anniversary Remaster 3xLP (Rhymesayers) The 20th Anniversary edition of this classic hip-hop album. The group's formula was largely centered on the four MCs, Slug of Atmosphere, I Self Devine of The Micranots, Beyond (better known as Musab), and Mr. Gene Poole of Phull Surkle. Each of them had already made a notable impression on the Twin Cities scene, so the idea of them coming together was easy to view as a force to be reckoned with. However, an essential element of The Dynospectrum was its production, as Ant (of Atmosphere) was digging deep into his explorations of painting sound with dark and moody strokes.
Nas "I Am.." LP (Legacy) Reissue of Nas' 1999 album.

Santana "Caravanserai" LP (Legacy) Reissue, includes digital download.

Heldon "Live in Metz '77" LP (Bam Balam) RSD 2018 release. A selection of live tracks from French band Heldon, led by Richard Pinhas. The three tracks on side A are previously unreleased. Color vinyl; Edition of 1000.
Popol Vuh "Messa Di Orfeo" LP (One Way Static) Messa di Orfeo is Popol Vuh's twentieth and last album, released in 1999 and features music played during the audio-video-light installation as performed in the Labyrinth of Molfetta (Bari-Italy). Healing energy via sound (very reminiscent of the ambient pieces on Fitzcarraldo and Cobra Verde) makes these recordings spine-tinglingly beautiful. Deluxe color vinyl edition exclusively for Record Store Day 2018. Strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide this release also comes with an insert containing lyrics, liner notes and rare photographic materials.
Sensation "s/t" LP (Folk Evaluation) First ever authorized reissue of this private press collection of lo-fi, folk-rock power-pop from the songwriting duo of Donald S. Fisher and Jeffrey L. Engel. Exact repro, heavy duty tip-on jackets with gold foil de-bossed covers. Bonus 45 rpm 7" containing Sensation's two collaborations with little-known Milwaukee soul singer Tina Smith, plus two never-before-heard outtakes. All audio remastered from the original tapes by Josh Bonati. Edition of 500 copies includes insert with never before seen photos and full digital download.  

Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra "Black Sun" 2xLP (Far Out Recordings) Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra returns with Black Sun, their second full-length album of 100% original, unadulterated disco sophistication. Featuring all three original members of pioneering Brazilian jazz-funk trio Azymuth, and arrangements split between Arthur Verocai and Azymuth's late maestro Jose Roberto Bertrami. Double-LP version comes on 180 gram vinyl.

Bridges, Leon "Good Thing" CD/LP (Columbia) Long awaited 2nd album. Young soul sensation adopts a more contemporary R&B approach while staying true to his signature style.
Sparks, Melvin "Texas Twister" LP (Tidal Waves Music) Originally released in 1973 on Eastbound Records, super rare and fetching large sums on the collectors market, now finally back available as a limited deluxe vinyl edition (1500 copies) featuring the original art by Neil Terk, known for his work for Muddy Waters, Dire Straits, Funkadelic, Grace Jones etc.
Simone, Nina "Nina At Newport" LP (Wax Love) Reissue of Nina Simone's Nina At Newport, originally released in 1960. Recorded live at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1960, just after Nina had her first Top 20 hit with "I Loves You, Porgy". A truly marvelous live performance from one of the most original voices in 20th century music.

Martyn, Beverley "Where The Good Times Are (the lost 1967 album)" LP (Fly) Unearthed recordings by Beverley Martyn which would have constituted her debut album had they not been scrapped following a dispute between Martyn and her producer.
Simon & Garfunkel "Greatest Hits" LP (Legacy) Reissue, includes digital download.

Cash, Johnny "Blood, Sweat And Tears" LP (Wax Love) Reissue, originally released in 1963. The Man in Black's 15th long player. Features The Carter Family on backing vocals and longtime guitarist Luther Perkins.

Corrosion of Conformity "No Cross No Crown" LP (Nuclear Blast) Limited 140gm splattered colored vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve.
Hell "s/t" LP (Sentient Ruin) New album from Salem, Oregon-based sludge-doom behemoths.
Ihsahn "Amr" CD (Spinefarm) Ihsahn's 7th solo album is his most eclectic and challenging to date. Morphing from mellifluous art rock ambience to vicious extreme metal and covering all points in between.
Kalmah "Palo" LP (Spinefarm) New album from the Finnish melodic death metal group.
Pestilence "Spheres" LP (Hammerheart) Reissue of the Dutch death-metallers' 4th album.
Pestilence "Testimony Of the Ancients" LP (Hammerheart) Reissue of Pestilence's classic third album.

Come Holy Spirit "Asters and Disasters" LP - CHS wields the age-old trifecta of guitar, bass, and drums in unexpected configurations. The six songs (seven including the digital download bonus track) embody a complex aggregate of musical influences, ranging from the angular deconstructivism of early experimental anarcho-punk (think Dog Faced Hermans and Poison Girls) to the tender repetition of far-flung folk music.
Hank Wood & The Hammerheads "s/t" LP (Toxic State) Their third LP, finds the band entering new territory, harnessing the innate grooves that run through their songs and drawing them kicking and screaming into a whole cacophonous symphony. The songs still draw on the original Hammerheads formula - twisting together garage hooks with pummeling hardcore punk - but utilize their years of experience to craft a more deliberately orchestrated madness rather than merely speeding up the tempo. A more dynamic catchiness is at work on this album, interspersing tense moments of softness and sorrow to build up into their most pounding, powerful work yet.
Iceage "Beyondless" CD/LP (Matador) Latest album from the Danish post-punk quartet.
Kina "Irreale Realta" LP+CD (Spittle) Reissue, originally released in 1985. Available for the first time in a remastered edition. The record is a truly classic in the vein of early Hüsker Dü, fusing heartfelt melodies with a fast and furious approach.
Kina "Nessuno Schema Nella Mia Vita" LP+CD (Spittle) Reissue, originally released on tape in 1984. Available here for the first time in a remastered version, these 11 pieces of pure hardcore punk baptized one of the greatest band in the Italian scene. Includes CD.
Nandas "s/t" (2nd) 7" Toxic State 2nd EP from this New York City punk band.
Randy and the Randies "s/t" LP Randy And The Randies were a Portland garage-punk band formed in 1979 by ex-Neoboy Jennifer Lobianco. This album offers two live tracks with Jennifer at the Urban Noize Club in 1980 and then finishes out the side 1 with four tracks from 1981. Side 2 features a soundtrack from 1982 with Leonard McCain and Eric Stotik working with three original members, Randy Moe, Steve Reade and Philip Zimmerman. Side 2 finishes with a short recording of Jennifer from 1980.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Talk About The Weather" LP (Radiation Deluxe Series) RSD 2018 release. Radiation Deluxe Series present a reissue of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry's Talk About The Weather, originally released in 1985. The debut album from one of the finest post-punk groups of the mid-80s, founded in 1981 in Leeds by chief member Chris Reed. Includes four bonus tracks. 180 gram vinyl. Limited edition of 500 (hand numbered).
Soft Kill "Savior" CD/LP (Profound Lore) New album from Portland post-punk trio
Tribal Noise "Citta in Fiamme 1983-1987" LP (Spittle) Collection of recording from the Bolognese band Tribal Noise. The group was noted for the lyrics in Italian, their goth and post-punk approach and a series of compositions akin to the mastery of Joy Division, The Cure, or Siouxsie & The Banshees. A great discovery of the earliest Italian underground of the mid-eighties. Includes CD which features five bonus tracks.

KVB "Always Then" 2xLP (Invada) Debut album of The KVB, originally released in 2012 on Clan Destine Records. This anniversary edition features the re-mastered full-length debut album and includes bonus tracks 'Always Then Revisited', 4 brand new reworked and rerecorded songs from the original album.

Campbell, Ambrose Adekoya "London is the Place for Me 3" 2xLP (Honest Jon's) 2018 repress; 2006 release. Volume Three of London Is The Place focuses on Ambrose Campbell, the acclaimed as the founder of modern Nigerian music. Volume Three draws on the 78s he cut in London over ten years, starting in 1949. Nearly all the tracks assembled here come from recordings made for the Melodisc label and originally released as 10" 78 rpm singles. Features: West African Rhythm Brothers, Nigerian Union Rhythm Group, and more.
J.M. Tim and Foty  "African Funk Experimentals (1977-1979)" LP (Africa Seven) Tim (aka Jean Marie Tiam) and the sadly departed Maurice Foty who died in 2011. The musical cousins hails from Bafoussam in Cameroon. Their signature vocal harmony sound may be the first thing you hear, however they also have produced a host of funkiest African funk around. They sing in their native language Ngomâlah, as well as Duala and English.
Fariz RM "Early Tapes 1977-1982" LP (Hitam Manis) Originally trained in classical piano through his mother and some of Indonesia's legendary classical music virtuosos, Fariz RM made his own historical moment when he became Indonesia's legendary pop icon of the eighties. A stunning compilation of incredible and hard-to-find tracks covering the early years of Fariz, from 1977 to 1982. Features Iis Sugianto and Anita Carolina Mohede. Edition of 500.
Marijata  "Pat Thomas Introduces Marijata" LP Mr Bongo 'Pat Thomas Introduces Marijata' is a seminal Ghanian album that fuses highlife, reggae, folk, funk and soul, from legendary vocalist Pat Thomas. Originally released in 1976 on Gapophone Records.
v/a "Divine Horsemen" LP Soundtrack to the Haitian Voodoo documentary by Maya Deren.

Cliff, Jimmy "Harder They Come" LP (Island) Reissue of the classic reggae soundtrack album.
U-Roy "The Originator" LP (Radiation Roots) Reissue, originally released in 1990. Ewart Beckford, aka Daddy U Roy, changed the focus of Jamaican popular music by turning the sound system deejay into a major star whose rhyming toasts were as important as the lyrics for any singer. The Originator gathers some of the greatest tracks U Roy cut for Bunny "Striker" Lee. Voiced at King Tubby's studio over hot hits by Johnny Clarke, Cornell Campbell, Gregory Isaacs, and others.
v/a "Linval Thompson Presents: Dub Landing Vol. 1" LP (Greensleeves) Only authorised reissue of this classic dub album.
v/a "Linval Thompson Presents: Dub Landing Vol. 2" LP (Greensleeves) Volume two of this classic.

Baker, Chet "Chet Baker & Strings" LP (Wax Love) Reissue, originally released in 1954. Features a veritable who's who of West Coast cool jazz including backing from Zoot Sims, Bud Shank, Shelly Manne, as well as arrangements from Jack Montrose and Shorty Rogers. A beautiful and airy collection of some of Baker's most sultry trumpet work.
Coltrane, Alice "Carnegie Hall '71" CD (Hi-Hat) Alice Coltrane, live at Carnegie Hall, New York on February 21st, 1971. Lady Trane joined by legends such as Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp, and Jimmy Garrison on stupendous form. Includes the entire WQXR-FM broadcast, digitally remastered and accompanied by background notes and images.
Davis, Miles "Young Man With the Horn, Vol. 1" LP (Doxy) The first volume in a stunning collection documenting the early years of the great Miles Davis. Vol. 1 features Sonny Rollins, Lee Konitz, Art Blakey, and more.
Davis, Miles "Young Man With the Horn, Vol. 2" LP (Doxy) The second volume in a stunning collection documenting the early years of the great Miles Davis. Vol. 2 features Kenny Clarke, Jackie McLean, Oscar Pettiford, and more.
Davis, Miles "Young Man With the Horn, Vol. 3" LP (Doxy) The third and final volume in a stunning collection documenting the early years of the great Miles Davis. Vol. 3 features Horace Silver, Jimmy Heath, Percy Heath, Art Blakey, and more.
Holiday, Billie "At Jazz At The Philharmonic" LP (Wax Love) Reissue, originally released in 1954. Jazz At The Philharmonic was a concert series produced by the legendary Norman Granz all the way from 1944 to 1983. These sides were recorded in 1945 and 1946 with backing from legends like Illinois Jacquet, Lester Young, and Barney Kessel.
Lateef, Yusef "Jazz for the Thinker" LP (Wax Love) Reissue, originally released in 1957. Lateef's groundbreaking debut album as leader is made up entirely of Lateef's own original compositions. Lateef, on tenor sax, is backed by Curtis Fuller on trombone, Hugh Lawson on piano, Ernie Farrow on bass, and Louis Hayes on drums.
Mingus, Charles "Pithecanthropus Erectus" LP (Wax Love) Wax Love present a reissue of Yusef Lateef's Jazz For The Thinker, originally released in 1957. Lateef's groundbreaking debut album as leader is made up entirely of Lateef's own original compositions. Lateef, on tenor sax, is backed by Curtis Fuller on trombone, Hugh Lawson on piano, Ernie Farrow on bass, and Louis Hayes on drums.

Mitchum, Robert "Calypso - Is Like So" LP (Cornbread) Reissue, originally released in 1957. An amazing experiment of pure Caribbean calypso reflecting Mitchum's trip to Trinidad in 1957 where he soaked up local music talent like Lord Melody and Mighty Sparrow. Complete with the requisite steel drums, congas, and backing horns, along with a few Elvis-styled rockers. 180 gram vinyl; Includes download code.

Davachi, Sarah "Let Night Come On Bells End the Day" LP+CD (Recital) Recital present the newest record by Canadian composer Sarah Davachi, Let Night Come On Bells End The Day. Recorded mainly with a Mellotron and electronic organ, Davachi was the only performer on this album. Davachi both splays her compositional architecture and re-contextualizes the essence of her early output. Includes three 9"x9"photo-prints by Davachi. Includes CD; First edition of 600.
Deas, Cam "Time Exercises" LP (The Death of Rave) A complex study in amorphous polymetric rhythms by UK artist Cam Deas for The Death of Rave. Cam Deas is a guitar virtuoso who has switched to modular synth and computer productions with incredible results. His first LP since Strings Studies on Alter comprises six staggering studies in polymetric, mercurial, and dissonant tunings. RIYL: Rashad Becker, Roland Kayn, Fis, Coil, Xenakis, Autechre.

Bone, Richard "Brave Tales" Richard Bone LP Medical Records Medical's fourth reissue from the UK's Survival Records (see also the simultaneously released ECT Vol 4 compilation) is Richard Bone's cult classic 1983 LP "Brave Tales". Richard is considered one of the founding members of the New York electronic scene. This is the first time the LP has been reissued on vinyl. The album is a quirky and bombastic synth pop / new wave masterpiece. Containing such hook-filled tracks as "Alien Girl" and "Monster Movie", the LP is a great listen front to back and will dazzle even the most discerning dance floor.
Empire Line, The "Rave" LP (Northern Electronics) Comprised of Posh Isolation's Christian Stadgaard (Damien Dubrovnik, Vanity Productions), Jonas Rönnberg (Varg), and with Isak Hansen (Iron Sight) on tantrums, the trio's marauding live shows have been translated into a slippery set of pummelling techno works, watermarked with florid noise.
Glitch Mob "See Without Eyes" CD (Glass Air) New album from the LA beat-makers.
Jelinek, Jan & Computer Soup "Improvisations And Edits, Tokyo 26.09.2001" LP (Faitiche) First vinyl issue of Improvisations And Edits, Tokyo 26.09.2001, originally released on CD in 2002 on Soup-Disk. Jan Jelinek and the Japanese trio Computer Soup present eight tracks, all recorded in one three-hour session in the trio's living room in Tokyo. The recording session formed the basis for Improvisations And Edits. Over the following months, they separately chose passages from the recording that were then edited and assembled into an album. Computer Soup at the time of this recording consisted of Satoru Hori (trumpet), Osamu Okubo (toys and electronics), and Kei Ikeda (toys and electronics). Includes download code; Edition of 500.
Jelinek, Jan "Zwischen" LP (Faitiche) A short version of the radio play Zwischen (German for "between") devised and produced by Jan Jelinek for German public broadcaster SWR2, Zwischen brings together twelve sound poetry collages using interview answers by public figures. Each collage consists of the brief moments between the spoken words: silences, pauses for breath, and hesitations in which the interviewees utter non-semantic sound particles. Features non-semantic sound particles from John Cage, Yoko Ono, Lady Gaga, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and more. Includes download code; Edition of 500.
Kagami "s/t" LP (Root Strata) Kagami is the duo of Jared Blum (Vision Heat, Gigante Sound) and Maxwell August Croy (En, Root Strata). Their eponymous debut, recorded between 2014 and 2017, evokes summertime ambience, widescreen electronics, anthemic pop instrumentals, and windswept romantic gestures. Perhaps a spiritual successor to the miniatures of Yasuaki Shimizu's Music for Commercials (1987). Includes download code.
Linell, Anthony "A Sense of Order" LP (Northern Electronics) Linell has put his toolkit for summoning euphoria aside here, instead sculpting a glowing, diaphanous fog that swells into pensive melodies and arpeggiated whispers. Graceful for the way in which it makes the bleak hospitable, the charm of coldness invites us toward the empty and the beautiful, and away from the miserable.
Long, Will / DJ Sprinkles "Mint / Clay" 2x12" (Comatonse) Will Long and DJ Sprinkles' second session, Mint / Clay, on Terre Thaemlitz's Comatonse Recordings. Two extended original productions from Will Long, and two accompanying versions from DJ Sprinkles. Will Long, best known as Celer, uses sparing samples of T.R.M. Howard and nods to current Georgia congressional representative John Lewis in his two pieces. DJ Sprinkles goes on to contribute another pair of incredible overdubs, lending Long's minimal elements a richer, fleshlier feel.
Long, Will / DJ Sprinkles "Purple / Blue" 2x12" (Comatonse) 2018 repress; 2016 release. Will Long's deep house debut on Terre Thaemlitz's Comatonse Recordings. Two extended original productions from Will Long, and two accompanying versions from DJ Sprinkles. A stripped-yet-full sound that reacts against overproduction -- made with a simple setup of rhythm composer percussion, polyphonic synth chords, and rack sampler vocals. DJ Sprinkles' overdubbed contributions involve deftly applied daubs of glutinous sub-bass pressure, airy strings, and subtly shimmering FX. Mastered by Terre Thaemlitz, cut by Dubplates & Mastering. Artwork by Tsuji Aiko.
Long, Will / DJ Sprinkles "Yellow / Ivory / Rust" 3x12" (Comatonse) The third and final volume in a series of three, offering the broadest yet most subtle, spine-tingling session of the lot. Three extended original productions from Will Long, and three accompanying versions from DJ Sprinkles. "Deep" is the key word here on many levels, from their poignant use of historical samples by civil rights pioneers Bayard Rustin, Jesse Jackson, and Kathleen Cleaver, to the unfiltered innocence of Will Long's productions and Sprinkles' corresponding, pensile overdubs
Pink Rhythm "Melodies of Love" 12" (Be With) Pink Rhythm were a mid-80s evolution of Rocca's London-based band Freeez, featuring the great Andy Stennett and Peter Maas. Gliding serenely, its epic, melancholic synths appeal to fans of Italo, whilst its stabbing Moog bassline and wall-shaking drums retain an unmistakable boogie / electro-disco feel. Rocca himself delivers a memorably androgynous vocal that only adds to the majesty.
Sterile Hand "s/t" LP (Ecstatic) Hypnotic new EBM techno project from Juan Mendez, aka Silent Servant, featuring vocal contributions from Ori Ofir (Lower Tar). The two L.A.-based artists push each other down tightening alleys of EBM and industrial techno, with Ofir's stark, blunted declamations haunting and highlighting the most fetid corners of Mendez's rolled-steel productions. RIYL: Nitzer Ebb, DAF, Boy Harsher, Phase Fatale. Master and lacquer cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy. Edition of 500.
XOR Gate "Conic Sections" LP (Tresor) XOR Gate is the brainchild of Heinrich Mueller, one half of Drexciya and Dopplereffekt. Conic Sections is composed of eight themes, or shapes, over which waveform and synthesis entirely merge with human emotions. These eight themes are intertwined, forming one long musical string. 

Boli Group "N.P.D.S." LP (Posh Isolation) Boli Group is a new ensemble spearheaded by Copenhagen-based composer and producer Asger Hartvig (Synd Og Skam). Hartvig pirouettes at the edge with the sorrowful string arrangements and the pristine timbre of the piano, the immediacy of the acoustics always binding the listener tightly to the risk. Pastoral and meditative, the electronics don't tamper with the delicate fabric being woven.
Dalt, Lucrecia "Anticlines" LP (RVNG INTL.) Lucrecia Dalt's Anticlines is a volume of poetic theory and sound contemplating the bodies of self above and beneath the earth's surface. On Anticlines, Dalt conjures a sonic space of speculative synthesis and spoken word where South American rhythms rattle contemporary composition recalling Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley, and Annea Lockwood. LP / CD version comes with lyric booklet documenting Dalt's collaborative work with Regina de Miguel and Henry Andersen alongside a multi-format digital download code.
Space Lady, The "On the Street of Dreams" LP (Mississippi) New recordings from the legendary street performer. Transmitting messages of peace and harmony, The Space Lady began her odyssey on the streets of Boston in the late 70s, then San Francisco ten years later, playing versions of contemporary pop music with an accordion and dressed flamboyantly. Following the theft and destruction of her accordion , The Space Lady invested in a then-new Casio keyboard, complete with a phase shifter and headset mic, birthing an otherworldly new dimension to popular song that has captured the imaginations of the underground and its leading exponents ever since.
Talia, Joe "Tint" LP (Black Truffle) First new solo recording from Australian-born but now Tokyo-based Joe Talia in over a decade. Tint is an album-length electroacoustic suite that brings together Talia's expertise as percussionist, studio engineer, and performer on analog electronic instruments. Drawing inspiration from Jean-Claude Eloy's epic concrète love letter to Tokyo, Gaku-No-Michi (2010), Tint is compositionally controlled yet retains spontaneity. A maelstrom of analog synth zaps and tape manipulated percussion that reflect Talia's engagement with the constantly shifting dynamics of free jazz. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

"Boccaccio '70" by Nino Rota and Armando Trovajoli LP (Doxy) Reissue of Nino Rota and Armando Trovajoli's soundtrack for the 1962 Italian anthology film, Boccaccio '70. Two of Italy's top soundtrack musicians score films by Fellini, De Sica and more. Features vocals by Sophia Loren. Edition of 500.
"Indio Black (Adios Sabata)" by Bruno Nicolai LP (Dagored) Reissue of Bruno Nicolai's soundtrack for the 1970 spaghetti western Adiós , Sabata. First time complete soundtrack on vinyl. Orange vinyl; Edition of 500.
"Night of the Comet" by v/a LP (Pure Destruction) Soundtrack to the sci-fi horror comedy. Includes poster.
"Requiem per un Agente Segreto" by Piero Umiliani LP (Dagored) Reissue of Piero Umiliani's soundtrack for the 1966 film Requiem Per Un Agente Segreto. Composed for the Italian spy thriller starring Stewart Granger and Bond-girl, Daniela Bianchi. First time complete edition on vinyl. Green vinyl; Edition of 300.
"The Lost Continent" by Angelo Lavagnino LP (Doxy) Soundtrack for the 1968 film, The Lost Continent. One of the legendary Italian score master's favorite soundtracks to make, the music created for The Lost Continent took Lavagnino ten days and sees him develop scales using bamboo. Edition of 500.
"Ganja & Hess" by Sam Waymon LP (Strange Disc) First ever release on any format. Strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide (color vinyl), comes with obi strip. Original soundtrack composed by Nina Simone's brother, Sam Waymon. Comes with insert featuring unseen pictures and liner notes.
"Old Boy (Vengeance Trilogy Part. 2)" by Cho Young-wuk 2xLP (Beatball Music) Two-LP edition that includes all tracks that were composed for the film (with the exception of the Vivaldi piece by Kyung-wha Chung).
"Squadra Antigangster" by Goblin LP (BTF) Soundtrack to the Italian cop film. Features Asha Puthli.
"Sympathy For Lady Vengeance - (Vengeance Trilogy Part. 3)" by Cho Young-wuk LP (Beatball Music) This vinyl edition is the first reissue of this soundtrack. The film's score, composed by Seung-hyun Choi, is heavily baroque-themed, featuring many pieces with harpsichord, baroque guitars, and other instruments.
"Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance - (Vengeance Trilogy Part. 1)" by UhUhBoo Project LP (Beatball Music) The soundtrack was provided by UhUhBoo Project, an experimental unit by Hyun-jin Baek (singer) and Young-gyu Jang (producer / bass) who seek to fuse local traditional music with avant-garde /contemporary rock. This is an astounding soundtrack that includes several experimental tracks that fully embody the unique style of UhUhBoo, as well as some folk songs and contemporary pieces. The soundtrack, which was released at the same time as the film, was sold out almost immediately. This left no more copies in circulation, making it nearly impossible to find in its entirety. This vinyl issue is the first reissue of this soundtrack since its original release in 2002.